Michael Wann Culture Creation Rituals Interview on The Higherside Chats Conspiracy Podcast

Michael Wann | Culture Creation Rituals, Hijacking Reality, & The Saturnian Scheme

Show Notes


Our old pal Michael Wann of Susquehanna Alchemy returns to THC to talk about his most recent rabbit hole of synchronistic connections, power players, and conspiratorial events. Definitely follow along with the slides he provided if you’d like to get a better idea of the big picture:


PLUS Content

  • Thinking out side the box and the graduation cap.
  • The Saturnian and Uranian expression of the Aquarian Age.
  • How to move into the Uranian expression we want.
  • 3D, 4D, & 5D reality.
  • Why this might be Mike’s last research.
  • The electrical field and you.
  • The problem with legal cannabis.

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  1. Dude you’ve been landing every guest I’ve been thinking of lately, even though he was on earlier this year after seeing his last videos of Saturn I was like “yo he’s probably about ready for another Higherside episode!”. Right after getting Sylvie Ivanova again after I was thinking she’d be great too. 2020 vision maybe 

  2. I haven’t listened yet and am already cheering and bouncing in my chair! I LOVE this guy! Thank you Mr. Greg! Thank you Michael! Yaaaay! Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!! 😆😊

  3. Ok, ok. I see what you've done here Greg and, I can barely control my excitement. I may need reality dialysis after this run of recent guests. Top tier, thanks. Let's get in to it! /charge

  4. please do not use my name for the comments, make up a psudo name. I read the first half of  the above. All of the people listed are jews. Including alolf hittler. Josif stalin, and all the rest including winston churchell franklin deanorl rosevelt etc., The queen, the pope, all the kings and queens of europe and scandanavia pretty much the spys and all the industry giants. and war chiefs, including the rapistist torture er dwight d, eisinhauer. Including all the owners of all the news media , radio and papers. and bankers including rockerfeller evil scum, and rothchild. Covid is a jew creation, You can find 2010 videos of rockerfeller saying that they (jews) are going to control the world with a false pandemic, and henry kissenger saying they are going to control the world with this, as he holds up a syringe.

    1. There's an old Chinese saying: If you don't know, don't speak. You provide 0 evidence to support your generalizations that have hardly anything to do with this show, and your crude spelling and grammer indicates to me that you have no interest in even being taken seriously. So what is your motive then? Ask yourself this, and try to be better. 

  5. Oh shit, I was planning on listening to this while out wit the dog, but scrolling past all those slides demands a sit down listen instead. So glad to see Michael back again, his appearances have been some of my favourite shows.

  6. When he started speaking about Hydra and James Bond, my first thoughts(because I'm a Ex-Comic Geek) were the Captain America Books and his battles with The Red Skull. For easy reference just watch the first two C.A. MCU movies "Captain America : The First Avenger & Winter Soldier. "HAIL HYDRA!!!" 😉

  7. Read "Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare" by Michael A, Hoffman – pretty much will show why and how they do it. I'm almost done with the book and timing of this episode to me reading the book is pretty cool. They love playing games with us goyem. All occult and all staged to push us sheeple in a certain direction.

  8. Michael Wann makes my day each time! I even waited to listen until I knew I could give my full attention. Love his passion- you can hear his eyes light up as he makes his presentations and his enthusiasm and light radiates through his words. His energy alone is inspirational. No one does a rabbit hole quite like Wann. So sad to hear he may be leaving the digital game – only because this platform is how I received my introduction to the Susquehanna river ritual which is by far one of my favorite threads- but appreciate it’s not the end- only a move to another medium. A medium I think we are all trying to get back in touch with- the real… maybe he can make an exception and come back to your show occasionally… 😉 Greg- as always you rock my socks- keep fighting the good fight and sharing great content!

  9. RE: weed potency 

    Neither Wann nor Carlwood addressed the use of high potency cannabis product like hashish (made from kief) and charas (made from live resin) that have been used for millennia… huge oversight for that part of the convo. Other than that, great episode 😃

  10. Sometimes as a poor man, you think both once and twice about your subscriptions. Dudes talking to dudes and all that. But, these are seriously poignant discussions and I'm so happy to be a part of the Plus.

    I'm from Sweden but I've been to the states and I can relate to it as a focal point but this shit runs so deep, so it's obviously in every part of our world. And that's maybe what I would like to hear more of, as we don't have the "conspiracy" culture here, occasional episodes of information about the filthyness engrained in the rest of the world. I know that's not your job, but man do we need someone to enlighten us out here in the dark.

  11. It's always good to see Michael Wann back on! He, along with Gordon White and Chris Knowles, is one of my favorite THC guests. Thanks for doing what you do, Greg!

  12. Thank you so much Greg for the work you do.

    The THC podcasts are the highlight of my week, every week without fail. 

    I have the utmost respect and appreciation for your unwavering commitment and ability to consistently produce such top notch work- especially under the current crazy circumstances of our crazy ‘new normal’ world….

    All the best Greg, love your excellent work!


  13. Thank you Greg for this show.  I think Michael Wann is onto something.  My son, who is smarter and more aware than I am (okay, I admit that might not be saying much) is convinced that Trump is a reincarnation of General Patton because their pictures are exactly alike.  After this, I am starting to take this more seriously.  Our reality is entirely constructed by the so called intelligence services and the outcome of the election is already decided. All we can do is sit back and watch the show they are putting on. And hope we survive it.

  14. I have to point out that this show ties in with a recent episode of Crrow's with Elana Freeland on James Shelby Downard and "Revelation of the Method".  We are living this now and it ain't pretty.  Everybody please go listen to that.  (Is it okay if I say that, Greg?) 

  15. Hi All, I absolutely loved this show!  I have a few points to add to the discussion:

    * Microsoft has released a project called "A Planetary Computer for Earth" on it's YT channel on the 6th of December 2019… 666 is encoded with the 6th then December being the 12th month (1+ 2 = 3. I am just explaining my logic for those who are not familiar with numerology).

    Then there is the 19 from the year, which seems to be relevant to this show and it is also common for most western cultures to write the date as 6/12/19 or 12/6/19. But if you add all of the numbers for 2019 you get either 2 + 1 = 3 and 9 .

    It is important to note that in Luciferian / Satanic occultism a 9 can also be reversed and seen to be a 6…so it can be either 3 9's or 3 6's.

    Remember what Tesla said about the fabric of the universe being ruled by frequency and vibration? Tesla also said that if mankind was to understand the mysteries of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, that we would hold the keys to the universe.

    * My next point is to do with sacred geometry and Venus. The 8 year cycle of Venus through the sky is known as the Bella Rosa, or the Beautiful Rose.

    The rose is also used to represent female genitalia, as is the apple the apple.

    I also can't help but be reminded of the Rosicrucians : the order known as the Rose-Croix or rose-cross.

    * I have also been thinking about Dr Who and the Tardis: the Timelord's English phone box, time travel machine. Some anagrams which I have thought might be relevant are: STAR ID, SAT DIR (as in an abbreviation of Saturn or maybe Saturday which is named after Saturn and DIR for a computing directory). TRI SAD for triple sad, DIS RAT for disinformation 'rat' or informant….anyway, maybe I am overthinking things, but I do know that dark occultists LOVE sneaky word games, ciphers and sigils.

    Sigils are magickal codes for gaining power which leave out certain letters…so the code, if there is one, could be a bit more complicated: Similar to how Hebrew does not include vowels in written form…so the same word can mean multiple things which are totally different…Biblical scholars are well aware of this.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about my ideas? 

    Thanks Greg and the THC team for creating such amazing and thought provoking work and for having such brilliant guests.

    All the best, Emma from Sydney, Australia


  16. I have also been thinking about the Westworld series, in terms of Elon Musk's neuralace and AI being able to control the simulants dreams and memories…except for when there are glitches in the 'matrix'….which seems quite like what is happening to many people who experience the so-called Mandela Effect.

    There is a brilliant YT channel called Lifting the Veil which also discusses these issues and neuro-pharmacology potentially being a part of 'vaccines'. I think that there is absolutely a link between all of these concepts, including sacred geometry and the 'matrix' of all things…E8 potentially. A lot of these concepts also appear in work about potential time travel, how the platonic solids influence not only the structure but also the colour of not only objects but also emotions and the spectrum of light.

  17. Sounds like the solution might be permaculture? Instead of struggling while living in nature (3 dimensional) or completely subjugating and dominating nature (4 dimensional) [and subjugating our own nature, "take the vaccine wageslave"], we live WITH nature. I would love if you could get Geoff Lawton or other permaculturists on Greg, it's much more than just intelligent garden design.

  18. Wow this show really impressed me; this person had a lot of knowledge to share with the public; i really enjoyed it; great interview and thanks for having this guest on! 🦋🐝

  19. Hi Greg,

    Thank you and Michael for a truly interesting show which informed and also uplifted.  We do need hope that somehow we can choose the life we live and not the one the dark cabal are trying to force on us.. 

    Best wishes to you Greg and keep doing what you are doing


  20. A lot to take in!  There was actually an episode of Dr Who with David Tarrant when they worked out the world was a simulation because the same numbers kept coming up all ths time! And at first it was the most scary thing on TV so some trauma based mind control aimed at the children going on there. And in the 2012 olympic ceremony a huge puppet of BJ in a huge bed during the dancing nurses scene. Plus during the games there was an amazing picture posted everywhere of  London Bridge with the olympic rings hanging from it with a full pink moon sitting perfectly between the rings and the arch of the bridge. Thanks for the show.

  21. Whether Michael's compelling ideas are true or not, he's a great raconteur. Greg you're my favourite podcast space holder. Less is more, but when you speak, it's a pleasure to listen.

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