Peter Mark Adams | Game of Saturn: The Sola-Busca Tarot, Bloodlines, & The Demiurge Deal

Show Notes

Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats as he talks the Sola-Busca Tarocchi, elite bloodlines, magic, and deals with the Demiurge with guest, Peter Mark Adams.
For centuries, stories and rumors involving the elite’s use of ritual magic have been swirling. From a fascination with occult arts and securing power through magic, to preserving bloodlines with selective breeding and reptilian origins, each new wave of hearsay can make it feel like we are drowning in the conspirasea.
And, with only small bread crumbs and strange symbolism left to analyze, we are understandably left with the nagging notion that things are not exactly as they seem.
Fortunately one of those breadcrumbs has broken free of it’s closely guarded exclusive chain of custody to find itself on display in Milan. This aristocratic, Renaissance heirloom, dubbed the Sola Busca Tarocchi, contains aspects of some of conspiracy’s darkest claims and acts as an elite grimoire illuminating the Cult of Saturn.
But, today’s guest, Peter Mark Adams, an esoteric scholar of the Sola Busca Tarocchi and occult symbolism decoder, joins The Higherside to shed some light on this deeply encoded tarot deck of unknown origins that was carefully crafted and engraved onto metal plates during the late 15th century and depicts some of the most heinous rumored rituals of the elite.
2:30 Diving in head first, Greg and Peter begin the monumental task of unpacking this ancient occult relic. An elaborately illustrated antiquity that shares the basic structure of a tarot deck, the Tarocchi is heavily coded and shrouded in symbolism. Adams details the imagery of the deck and the historical  significance of it’s quality, contents and lack of provenance.
10:42 Greg and Peter provide some historical context surrounding the belief and practice of magic during the Renaissance in Italy when the Tarocchi was assembled. They also discuss the influences and global perspectives found in the deck, including it’s cosmology, metaphysics and ritual use.
22:00 Greg and Peter examine aspects of Gnosticism within the deck. They also discuss the pervasiveness of Saturn throughout the deck and how the creator displayed their wide array of knowledge about theology, mythology, and cosmology.
33:30 Greg and Peter discuss the importance of the d’Este family, their global influence and world view, as well as their influence in this deck. Adams gives his take on curious gaps in the deck’s chain of custody.
44:45 Continuing to follow up with the lineage of the cards, Greg and Peter discuss their current location on display in Milan and the path to get there. They also examine the continuity of elite power and their long held occult beliefs as well as Plato’s philosophical impact.
55:00 Peter continues discussing the impact of different theologies, and offers insight from his experiences as an energy healer.
Become a Plus Member at to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week’s included:
– the Trump cards and why the point to Northern Africa

– the mysteries of the suit cards

– the deck’s codes and levels of encryption

– the science of the homunculus

– Demonic fellatio

– the details of the card refereeing human sacrifice

– Troy, realm of the serpent-born

– the court cards and the emphasis on half-reptilian origins for certain elite bloodlines

– how to tell if you were pledged to a dark entity in a previous life

– the elite of the elite pledging large groups of people to demons in mass ritual

– dragons

– the importance of positive polarity

A few valuable resources from the interview:
– “In Darkness and Secrecy” by Whitehead and Wright:
-Plato’s ” The First Alcibiades”:
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44 Responses

  1. Holy freaking amazing Batman! My paradigm was just shattered, yet again. Fantastic! Going back for a second listen. Much gratitude to you both for bringing this to us. ??⭐️??

    1. I would suggest going to Scarlet Imprints journal to see exactly what their viewpoint is. It is intimately related to the Babalon/Lucifer/Parsons current. Perhaps bringing the oppositions weapons into the light can help to diminish their effects somewhat?

      1. Why not? They are apart of our history and should be treated as such.
        For me its worse if they are kept in secret for ellite. Exposing it often takes away their power from them.

  2. This episode is EVERYTHING! Its amazing to hear the connections coming from someone who has done the research. And I love how Peter referenced the importance of energy healing. He’s so right about cleansing your energy and focusing on the light, it’s really something I forget about when depressing conspiracy topics are what i find interesting. (57:46) This is definitely the episode that let me know you deserve my money. Thanks for what you do Greg.

  3. Would fit with the idea that there was a traumatic event which made us vulnerable to a “virus” which infected us with the dark side. This virus puts an overlay or copy over the light using its energy but with VERY different agenda

  4. Greg have you tried to get Steve Richards from Holographic Kinetics – he has info from aborigine philosophy which is a healing modality removing entities from peoples fields and stresses the power of spirit and has a few warnings about asking any entities for help – they can be VERY tricky and have had LOTS of practise at it!

  5. Holy fuckin wowza Greg. Never get tired listening to Peter discuss this deck. Fascinating on so many levels.

    My guess as to why the Demiurge shifted from a Platonic entity of light to one of darkness — the original Jewish Gnostics were completely rebelling against every aspect of religion, society and politics. Damning the God of the OT (let’s face it, not the most benevolent deity) would have been a big slap in the face to the priestly class, and in turn the entire societal structure. Miguel Conner would probably have a precise answer for this one.

  6. Great show Peter and Greg, thank you! Love the discussion of the demiurge switch from light to dark, hearing about the light/white entities, Plato and how he’s been co-opted by the elite and of course this fascinating deck of cards.

  7. Man this was a killer episode. I wonder if there’s any connection with the Chinese and their history with dragons? I’ve gotta check out this Constellation Therapy! Mind blowing shit!

  8. Congratulations Greg.
    This was a real special episode, and it could’ve gotten bogged down in, y’know, esoterica extremus.
    Your questioning was smart, researched and on song.
    Peter was a real find — what a fascinating and polymathic guy.
    The tarot stuff was remarkable (book sold out BTW, dammit) —
    But his energy work insights were what really made it.
    DEFINITELY worth a second visit.
    Thanks, man. Excellent.

  9. Wow, I applaud all whom have worked on this chat.
    Never do I listen to topics again but I’m half way through the second listen to and I’m already excited for my third.

    This is incredible. As someone … ‘experienced’ in Magick I’m very wary of ‘light’ work as when you get into Will there is no difference BUT this is simply incredible (not saying there is no outright evil out there).

    Carl, thank you. I had to leave the conspir-a-tianment as it got so ‘righteous’ and right wing years back, finding you through Gorden has been so refreshing. Please remain open minded and cheerful, we really appreciate your approach and please for God sake interview more people like this. Seriously wow.

    Thank you

  10. And yet for all this help of head and brain How happily instinctive we remain, Our best guide upward further to the light. Passionate preference such as love at sight.

  11. Who knew this would be such a revelatory interview. Topics I tend to think might be a bit boring like the owl show end up being pretty amazing. All the credit can’t just go to the guest, the questions asked were insightful and you give the guests lots of room to develop their case. Just another great show.

  12. Hello from Wales (Helo o Gymru). Fairly long term subscriber, not so frequent lurker but just had to comment on this show. Absolutely fantastic information, totally fascinating. The implications mentioned are just….mind blowing!! Hats off to your interview style too Greg, you’ve got it nailed – homework done as ever and knowing exactly how to get the best from the guest. Kudos man.

    Drinking a little drink here in Swansea on a Friday night – peace to all 🙂

  13. Such a great episode. I enjoyed listening to Adams’ interview on Rune Soup, and found this interview to be the badass sequel. Greg, your commitment to thorough research, deep listening, and asking exceptional questions really informs each episode in such a potent way. Respect. My girlfriend recently experienced Constellation Therapy, and her recounting of it gave me the sense that it is truly profound: a psychedelic journey through the nature of space and time…perhaps where the notion of “acting” or theater originated. Listening to Peter make the connections to the themes in his research to his healing practice excites me even more about tarot and Constellation Therapy. By the end of the year I’m going to experience CT with a friend who is a practitioner and will report back. Thanks, All!

  14. Very interesting show. Like most of your other ones, this reminds me why I don’t mind supporting you to help keep you out of the 9-5. Keep up the good work.

    I also wanted to point out there is no such thing as dark (vs light) shamanism. Shamanism, like similar type traditions such as animism, Vodun, etc don’t see a demarcation like that. That’s just someone looking in from a zoroastrian mindset needing to neatly split things into light and dark. In those type magical systems the magician does what needs to be done to help their client. For instance in modern medicine and surgery, cutting decaying parts out of a living body is regular done, but you don’t call that dark surgery. Tl;dr shamanism views things much more wholistically than dividing itself between light and dark.

  15. Now mowing the lawns isn’t my favourite thing in the world to do, just putting it out there.
    But everytime i do i’m listening to THC.
    Kinda like killing two birds with one stone.
    Great interview, loving your work man.

  16. Greg, as always, you shoot for the stars!
    Buy a copy of the Azoëtia, it will blow your mind. I wonder how things would be if the Sola-Busca is used together with the Azoëtia?

  17. More interesting than the tarot deck for me were the guest’s musings on the nature of obsession, possession and power. I feel like there’s some weird-but-practical advice in there. Love it!

  18. This episode really is centering me too get my energies correct Thankyou for letting me listen to these amazingly smart people it is truly something unparalleled on this plane

  19. I’m a survivor of MKUltra Monarch mind control programming and I can verify that what this man is saying is true. My family bloodline comes from Irish and Scottish sorcerers. But my soul was born into this bloodline specifically because I was sacrificed in my previous life. I saw visions of this ceremonial death, where I was killed by a ritual athame, but I didn’t want to accept the truth. Then, a psychic told me I was bound to a GOD or powerful being not from Earth, and she saw the same vision of my death, but still I didn’t want to believe in reincarnation. But now after listening to this I can finally accept the truth. The song at the end made me weep with tears of relief and understanding and pain. For it is a lonely path I walk and it was chosen for me even before my birth. 

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