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This week, Canada’s former Minister of Defense joins THC to shed some more light on just how the bankers run their scams, largely talked about in his new book, The Money Mafia. We also discuss Paul’s insights into the ET cover up, the covert partnerships world governments have made with these beings, the hidden facts about 9/11, underground bases, chemtrails and what we can do to turn the page on centuries of control and secrecy.

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  1. Hey Greg, great show as usual man. I’ve been loving the last few shows except for one thing. Obviously you’re a big supporter of the Venus (FL) Project, right? Well they have a point to link crime and poverty : with a basic lack of resources; like food or money. So their solution is to somehow eliminate money over time, eventually replacing it with one based on math and technology and the carrying capacity of the Earth?Maybe I’m missing something here, but it sounds like Communism with robots. Not to sound too harsh, but it just seems like a borderless, Star Trek-like “utopia” is just replacing one type of centralized power (capitalists/economists/banksters) with another equally corruptible centralized power (transhuminists/technocrats/bio-engineers).

    Anyway, it’d be awesome of you could do a show sometime w A. True Ott, who talks a lot about the actual roots of Communism back in Russia at the turn of the last century. Have you read Anthony Sutton’s book “Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution”?

    Loved the show man, keep it up.

  2. Good show and great get for a guest but I gotta say it’s kind of sad that Hellyer seems to believe EVERY story he hears regarding fringe subjects, I mean Project Serpo?!? Really Mr. Hellyer….It’s not that I outright deny that this might have actually happened but you are one of the most important&highest ranking researchers/spokesman on this subject and when you claim this absolutely happened along with the 82(or whatever the number is now) different types of aliens that are on the planet it completely destroys the credibility of your message in the eyes of people who are skeptical yet might very well listen to a man who held a position as high as yours. It’s just kind of sad because he alone should’ve brought about disclosure by this point. Just my two cents…

    1. I agree with you. I did a show about Serpo a while back and I wasn’t really convinced it truly happened. I thought Paul kinda jumped the shark with that one, but maybe he’s seen more credible evidence for it than I. Thanks for listening!

  3. This one isn’t bad, but it’s kind of just conspiracy 101 stuff. We’re preaching to the choir. I respect Paul and greatly appreciate getting 2 hours of any 91 yr old’s valuable time, but what I think makes THC unique is straying from the typical conspiracy themes and into newer/weirder territory. I just want people to realize, that I realize, that this probably isn’t a lot of listener’s favorite.

    I like them all really, but my personal favorites lately have been Mike Mott, Crrow, Gordon White, Dean DeLucia, and I’ll even throw in Randall Carlson. Those would be what I consider top tier shows, and the topics that are my favorite, but it’s about finding those appropriate guests. Those are lesser talked about subjects, so it’s kinda tough sometimes.

    1. I agree Greg but there are only so many credible, mostly sane, well spoken researchers out there with mind blowing, way outside-the-box topic/points of view/hypothesis, so you can’t get one for every interview so don’t beat yourself up too much, man.

      When I furst heard about Paul and the information he was talking about I got excited, but then listened to him and realized none of the information he talks about is pesonal accounts or from his time in his government position. .. its the same information you and I get on the internet, which is disappointing. Although it IS nice that a person that has held a very respectable position in government has stepped up to share his ideas and thoughts on such a controversial subject.

      The money mafia, banking information and the like is great stuff though.

      I can’t wait for the upate with Crrow!!I have watched his new videos and can’t wait for the interview to delve deeper and get updates on the information he was emailed and the German website. I don’t have time to do my own research like I once did and wish I had the time to help out on this subject.

      Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see what you have lined up.

  4. I 1000000% agree that Crrow777 was one of the best guests and to be honest I’ve been tweeting&showing his youtube videos to anyone I can for over a year now because it all but confirms my belief that the Moon Landing were completely fake&that no human has ever been through the Van Allen Belts or at least with NASA technology. I also truly believe he has stumbled onto something massive with the Lunar wave&his work on chemtrails is equally as good. On a different subject Greg I think you should get Rebeckah Roth on the show, from what I see her work on 9-11 is very compelling and really drives home the fact that it was the second biggest hoax in history next to the Moon Landings.

  5. wow! what a great show, and from a fellow Canadian! 🙂 However, I’m skeptical on the number of ‘races” of aliens, especially when we’ve seen only the few that are reported, but then it’s a huge universe so what can we believe??

  6. Dug this one a lot.

    Whilst listening to it, I was struck with a passage from 1984.
    “The best things to read are the ones that tell you the stuff you already seem to know.” (or something along those lines).

    Keep letting ’em know, Greg.

  7. What Paul Hellyer has to say may not be pushing the envelope, but because of that his message could actually go mainstream and help stop tragic legislation like the TPP from going through. That will buy humanity some time to ponder the more interesting questions, like whether the moon is just a hologram.

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