Crrow777 Returns | The Lunar Illusion, Space Magick, & The Bigger Conspiracy Puzzle

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Truth seeker and investigator, Crrow777 returns to THC just a few weeks after his first appearance, to elaborate on some of the ideas we talked about last time and see just how far these aspects of the big bamboozle might actually go.  It’s a personal favorite.

View all the interesting space footage Crrow has captures and more on his YouTube channel:

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  1. Just finished the episode and I could listen to you both talk for hours. I know this isnt a realistic option but I’d be all for Crrow777 joining the show weekly or even as a co-host because he is that knowledgeable about everything this show stands for. If possible for Crrow777’s next show I’d love to hear him debate someone who tries debunking his work so it can be really driven home how unbelievably insane&groundbreaking this Lunar Wave footage really is. If you could swing it I’d like to hear Stuart Robbins debate Crrow because he tried passing off Crrow’s work before equipment malfunctions(which we know is BS) before on his podcast “Exposing Pseudo Astronomy”.

        1. I have never met a better interviewer than Gregg. He is spot on, keeps things moving and has a wide knowledge base to back this up. I am happy to work with any time.

  2. Greg,
    sequel’s are rarely as good as the first,but you and Crrow nailed it.
    I’m already having the feeling you get after going to a movie.As your walking out of the theatre your thinking about all the different plots and twists and how you never saw that ending coming,then you turn to your girl and say”were gonna have to see this again”.I’m positive , I will be re-listening to this to give my brain a second chance to reel all I heard tonight in.
    I had to laugh ,because I agree 100% with what you said. In this last month I have come to a point that it’s seems necessary at the ripe old age of 53 ,to re-evaluate my perception of moon,planets,sun and even the earth for christ sake!.
    I can’t help thinking of that saying” life can be stranger the fiction”.Well,all I can say is ” on to the flat earth my friends,because it all seems to have been an elaborate illusion”. The one thing I can gleam as a positive about all the deception is,It makes the question of “what is the meaning of life?”
    A question that is a hell of a lot more relevant,then it was last month.

    1. I agree. At the age of 50 I am seeing everything completely different and there is no going back. I find it impossible to have those empty conversions to get along as I would rather be alone. The pothing is boiling and I love I am far from the only one feeling that. Best show. You are my favorite show and you are worth every penny for the membership. Thanks Gregg

      1. rosemajesty03 I am 38 and I mirror what you have wrote.

        Also crrow 777 said stuff in this interview that made me think I am on the right path, my dark times seem to have gone bring on the light.

  3. The meaning of life in my view is to treat all living things with respect and demand to be set free from the prison we find ourselves in. The more people that understand that we are, in fact, living in a system of control, the better chance we all have to gain freedom. This age is about breaking down boundaries and I said things today that would have died on the vine even a year ago. The times they are a changin’ and we all have a responsibility to the inevitable change on the horizon. The question will become, in my view, will the change benefit us or further restrict us because we did not act soon enough? The water is boiling and we are the frogs in that water but we now have the ability to understand our situation. Will enough of us stand up and demand our birth right or will the system of control fend us off for another long cycle?

    1. You my friend are setting off a Supernova of knowledge with these interviews that is long overdue. Keep up the legendary work and hopefully this current uptick in awareness of your work will fast track the imminent collapse of NASA and the entire system.

    2. Thanks for all of your videos and another great conversation with Greg here. I’m not surprised to hear you couldn’t get much said in your interview on Ground Zero…seems Clyde Lewis and others like him (Alex Jones, etc.) are much more enamored with hearing their own voices than hearing what their guests have to say. Honestly, I don’t know why they even bother with having guests. THC FTW!

    3. I agree Crrow ,a year ago ,I’m not sure I would have been willing to listen with a “clean slate”type of attitude.I think the Boston and Sandy hook fiascoes being revealed of a hoax on such a massive scale. Maybe this has given many people the permission in their own minds to look at the world with new eyes.Maybe this is humanities moment to” realize our birth right” ,as you have said.
      I hope the momentum continues,because these theories or possibly our new realities, are fascinating to ponder

    4. I agree with you, . Crrow, in the idea that the meaning of life is to respect and love all living things. I might add that living in the moment and enjoying life and reality as you perceive it as it unfolds in linear time is another gift of our existence.

      I also want to say how much I appreciate your explanations and how they are given directly with a scientific and factual grounding but also pulling from acient words and from a thought process of allegories and symbolism. Wise words, Sir.

      When you find one of the many rabbit holes and delve in to chase the White Rabbit of Truth and Deception you will no doubt realize that there is certainly a massive deception in play, and the more you look, the more you will find there’s more to the deception. At some point you have to make a decision as to whether you will empty your cup and continue on, or keep the contents and add to it… only to eventually have the new substance confront the old and spill over without getting a chance to be embraced by the confines of the cup so it can properly be tasted to see if its as sweet, or even more sweet, as the current substance. Great job, Crrow, on successfully empting your cup.

      After venturing after the “truth” in so many directions I ofter wonder if the very act of stringing us along following the bread crumbs, of what we figure are deeper meanings and more pure truth, is actually purposely elusive to quench our thirst for true knowledge and is only another vail of deception to keep us busy.

      Maybe the more we run around looking for answers, the more we weave our own web. A web of doubt, speculation and confusion.

      I must say, White Rabbit, this hole you have pointed out seems like it could be worth the journey. It almost seems like it might even connect all the rabbit holes together.

      Just keep in mind that there are those of us out there that will defend you before you get bloody stumps and patch them up and carry you if need be.


  4. The story of Human history is in the books (8) of a fellow called Chris Thomas who can read the Akashic records…….

    The moon is the inner core of one of the planets that exploded 3.9 million years ago and is full of lava tubes so kind of hollow.

    Planets use their consciousness to create the physical matter…..electric universe and holographic.

    The Earth adopted the moon to allow for more change….not sure of the exact date.

    The Moon Landings……

    First moon landing in 1959 using the back engineered technology from the Roswell crash where the American military capture 3 Grey Aliens after their ship malfunctions and an information exchange follows.

    We have been to other Planets in our solar system as well as other planets in our galaxy……there is a base on the moon.

    The Apollo moon landings…..

    Did Apollo 11 land on the moon…NO

    Did any of the Apollo missions land on the Moon……YES (they must have taken them on an anti gravity craft after the Apollo 11 press conference debacle)….I heard Sean David Morton say that he was around the astronauts during the Apollo missions and he said the were changed by the experience.

    This Solar system is in a bubble within the universal envelope the only way in or out is through the Orion and Drago gates……

    Cern Hadron collider and the Norway spiral were attempts by the Velon/Annunaki to break into the solar system by creating a wormhole from deep outer space to here on Earth.

    The Control system explained and the Reptilian thing…..(david Icke is kind of right)

    The “Reptilian ” thing…..Chris calls them “the Fourteenth Faction”

    3.6 million years ago the universe next to ours had reached its conclusion and was being collapsed and returned to the creator…

    A group of “Reptilian beings” found a way of protecting themselves by opening a portal or wormhole into this universe and taking energy from here to keep them going….

    there was a poisoning of the mind set of humanity 2400 years ago….some of us ….souls on the way to earth to have a physical experience……they go investigating a portal that had been opened up from the universe adjacent to ours….this universe was working on the opposite thought …total control…..the souls come out of the portal and here to earth with ideas of controlling everything…this has a hundredth monkey effect on the energetic frequency pool of ideas…this starts in Rome and the Vatican…..spreads like a virus…..causes all of the corruption.

    It is the mindset of humanity that gets poisoned….no physical beings get here.

    We get poisoned with Ideas of control….it is not supposed to be like this here…we should be cooperating not competing…..helping each other.

    The ideas of control create a new “human mindset”

    The kill or be kill personality…..instead of live and let live..

    The “Kill or be Killed” types work their way into positions of power…..but they have no basic intelligence ……they have gained their position by lying and cheating…..not through hard work and learning.

    These Frequencies of control have been identified and are being removed…..light is being shone upon the bad guys.

    The Velon or Annunaki ……they were the ones controlling the illuminati …..these guys have been removed.

    But there are still 25 Velon messing around on the planet……those charged with the task of finding and removing the remaining Velon are working hard towards this goal.

    Chris Thomas states that…….

    No Reptilians ( in this universe)

    No Mantis/Mantid beings in all of the Akashic records


    Creation of the universal envelope – 14,376,279,393 years ago

    Creation of the 6 non-physical races – 100 million years ago (THAT’S US!!!!)

    The non-physical races are pure energy. They number 148 billion.

    As we are only soul energy or spiritual beings ( your thoughts and emotions)….It was asked if we could experience physical reality…..we created our solar system with the intention of finding a way to create a body that would hold one of us…..

    40 million years ago – life begins on outer planets…life was on all planets…in our system.

    Life is “seeded” here by the NGC 584 (a galaxy number)…..these guy’s are “master ‘s at genetics…and hold the records of all life that has ever been created.

    30 million years ago creation of the 7 semi-physical races

    Crystalline life form up to 50ft or 17 m. They are stuck to the planet and do not physically travel but can project their consciousness anywhere in the universe.

    The Velon better known as the Annunaki 8ft to 14ft / 2.4-4.5m tall.

    The Greys 3ft to 3ft 6in / 1-1.1m tall. They number 72 billion.

    The Blues 3ft /1m tall . Covered in short blue hair.

    The Pleiadeans 8ft / 2.4m tall . They number 83 billion

    The Sirians 5t 6 in 1.7m tall.

    The N.G.C. 584 (masters at Genetics)…these are the guys who seed the planet with life

    20 million years ago – life begins on earth

    At the around the same time – creation of the Sidhe and faerie – planetary helpers so the earth could concentrate on human development

    John Lash in his book not in his image calls them Siddhis and siddha – one who is accomplished

    4.5 million years ago – Neanderthal man steps out from primates

    3.9 million years ago – 4 planets decide to leave the experiment. When 2 of the planets minds left the physical matter they blew up causing a catastrophe in the solar system, our moon is the inner core of one of these exploded planets.

    This disaster kills most of the life on all planets…..The Earth is the most resilient and decided to continue…..the other planets wait and see how Earth get along.

    The remaining 2 planets left our solar system before they removed their consciousness

    3.8 million years ago – Cro Magnon arrives from mars (Jay Weidner has mentioned this)

    Earth uses the energetic template designed by the planet mars, then follows genetic manipulation to arrive at the bodies we have now.

    98-88 thousand years ago – Lemuria established- an ice island off the off the bottom of South America. Trying to get spirit in bodies here.

    85 thousand years ago – Atlantis established

    Atlantis is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is around the size and extends too South America from Great Britain.

    Genetic manipulation is still going on and a mistake is made,……. a bacteria that can turn oxygen into hydrogen is released ……To save the rest of the planet from contamination…..Atlantis is flooded with magma and sank into the earth.

    The Sphinx is a marker for the underground tunnel system which extends for thousands of kilometers…..Was a lion

    The Earth is a big soul….spiritual energy or a big mind that condenses thought to create matter……That is how she can sink a continent.

    He confirms the expanding earth theory saying planets start at around 60% of their full size.

    The Earth first flooded the entire surface with water then grew with the success of the experiment ….but shrinks back around 10% after the destruction of Atlantis.

    Atlantis 85-65 thousand years ago.

    40,000 years for the earth to recover ….she now has a tilt ….a moon and 4 seasons….the Earth was sub tropical before …….with very little variation in temperature…fruit would ripen all year round…..she is re-seeded with vegetation that becomes dormant some of the year.

    20 thousand years ago we come back and try again. We used to spin our bodies from the dust of the earth by borrowing the etheric template, life span 1500 years.

    We have trouble keeping the full soul in the body for the entire lifetime, our abilities would diminish over time……telepathy and telekinesis…. that sort of thing ….we find that there is a mismatch between the Earths spiritual frequency and our own….that is why the Earths base note has been rising up from 7.56 to 14hz….with the main harmonic now at 3.5khz.

    18 thousand years ago the Pyramids are built around the earth as a resonant chamber to vibrate the soul back into the body…….you would lie in the box in the kings chamber and sing 7 tones known as the keys of Enoch….I heard Sean David Morton say it was 3 days you lay there…..

    15,000 years the entire complex at Giza complete

    12,000 Stonehenge used as a spiritual enhancer same as pyramids.

    7,000 years ago we divide the soul ….(25%….physical 75% higherself) to work on this “soul leakage” from the body problem.

    We now spent many lifetimes being “human”…and its possibilities.

    2012 we finish our 7,000 years of learning to be human…or Karma

    2012 on-wards….

    It is an agreement that we made with the planet…..after our 7,000 years of learning……we must now turn the Earth back to the beautiful paradise she should be

    The vibration change is waking up humanity to all that has been hidden….I hope that it snowballs quickly……we need educated leaders not clowns…..

    Youtube Chris Thomas Akashic have 3 hour long interviews.

    His Books……

    1. This place in the internet is for comments about THC and when some one uses it to post their own blog I feel angry at the ‘use’ of this page for other gains and the waste of my time also makes me feel like defending the original intent THC has so graciously created

    2. I find this information fascinating and thank you for posting it. I’ve never heard of this person or his books, but its stuff I am interested in learning about, true or not.

  5. I just knew there was a no-good reason why we (as a society) are still mucking around with this clock-changing nonsense twice a year. Thanks for confirming it! Now…how do we find out what the correct “time” is? Meaning, how do we go about undoing the added month of February, the extra day, etc.?

  6. I agree Crrow ,a year ago ,I’m not sure I would have been willing to listen with a “clean slate”type of attitude.I think the Boston and Sandy hook fiascoes being revealed of a hoax on such a massive scale. Maybe this has given many people the permission in their own minds to look at the world with new eyes.Maybe this is humanities moment to” realize our birth right” ,as you have said.
    I hope the momentum continues,because these theories or possibly our new realities, are fascinating to ponder

  7. Hi, Greg!
    Just finished watching the movie “Enemy” with Jake Gyllenhaal. What was interesting and weird is there were some smaller and one giant spider and some weird occult/secret society sex ritual stuff (?), and a girl with a spider`s or ant`s head. Totally weird especially after hearing you talking about “weaving spiders come not here”.

    BTW, I checked out the Flat Earth theory today and I was blown away, shocked and stupefied. It really looks like we are all Truman Burbank in this show called life on earth.

    Thanks for your work! I really enjoy your shows and you are an excellent host. After hearing this interview I felt sorry for those people who will not hear the Plus show.

    Greetings from Latvia 😉 !

  8. I want to thank you all for the positive responses. I hope I will be able to further this endeavor very soon by contributing articles here on THC. Gregg has built an incredible thing here. My goal will be to bring some fresh/interesting and forbidden information to the THC community.


  9. I agree with crrow on a lot of things … But telescopes can’t see the tire marks or the vehicles left behind on the moon. Not even the Hubble. The math doesn’t work. It would be tiny specs.

  10. Look up the lunar recon orbiter for pics Of the landing site. And crow your ripping off Bonacci. I agree that you’ve found something odd about the lunar wave, but we’ve gone to the moon . There is way too much evidence to say we haven’t.

    1. Look up the NASA sanctioned lunar recon orbiter pics of the “landing site” !!?!?!? Are you for real with this idiocy? There isn’t “way too much evidence” that says we went to the moon if anything there is an overwhelming amount of logic, physics and proof we never went and that no human has even been higher than low earth orbit. Why do you even listen to this podcast if you buy into the absolutely comical old wives tale about the Apollo Missions taking the most ridiculously low tech ever to the moon 45yrs ago… clearly can’t accept logic because someone showed you a 4th generation video where the “astronauts” landed on the moon…..don’t question how in 69 they built a spacesuit that could handle 250 degree temp swings or how they traversed through the Van Allen Belts unharmed or the 8 trillion other things that dont make an ounce of sense….Speaking of Van Allen Belts how is it that in 2003 a third one was discovered yet NASA allegedly went through them 6 times over 4 decades ago???? I could go on and on but given your responses to Crrow “ripping off” Bonacci you are a lost cause.

      1. Well, he does give off a Bonacci/Ike vibe. I think the moon landing may have been faked, and that we did go in the later missions. Just like they both said, the government is always at least 50-100 years ahead of us. So I don’t buy the whole ridiculously low tech one bit. They probably said it on purpose just to throw people off. I think this whole moon hologram is a bit far fetched and sounds alot like what David Ike says, but I’m watching Crow’s vids now with a very open mind. Some things he says also sound a lot like Bonacci whom I’m familiar with and agree with on many, many things. I wonder what Crow thinks of Velikovsky and his theories. It just sounds to me like Crow is just a bit one sided and biased. I’ll have to watch his vids to het his full perspective I guess. Still I find it interesting and thought provoking.

      2. Yeah I’m a lost cause. Just beacause I have a different opinion than you doesn’t mean you have to come at me like I punched your new born in the face. None of the things you state are proven. And in not saying that everything im saying is proven. But I look at everything with an open mind, and to be honest it’s none of your damn business why I pay the 5$ and listen to this podcast. Are you a scientist? What degree do you have? Have you been to space ? Do you know for a fact that humans can’t leave low earth orbit? There is a lot of evidence that we went to the moon. Don’t you think the Russians or Chinese would have exposed this by now? The radio signals were from the moon, the Russians made sure to confirm that. Crrow is one of my favorite dudes that has been interviewed but he is very one sided.

        1. I am not convinced that we are trapped under low Earth orbit but to play devil’s advocate we only get photos from NASA and other government ran agencies. Being that NASA was made into an arm off from the Department of De fen ce, you must wonder why NASA would give you all of the correct information. In fact, it would make much more sense to keep the lie going than to correctly inform the population of any abnormalities they have found.

          It would be easy to fake the lunar landings when you have the budget the DO D does. There doesn’t have to be a hundred things obviously wrong with the video footage of the moon walks, just a few (or even one) discrepancies is needed to question whether the landings were fake. We can put a small repeater infront of the moon with a delay to accomplish the signals.

          Russia and China both have threatened to provide proof that we have never went to the moon.

          One of the main German scientists that built our rockets that we used to “go to the moon” said that the rockets could not provide sufficient enough thrust to take our shuttles and their payload out of low Earthatmosphere.

          I certainly don’t know all the answers, but I believe there are enough things that support these controversialI ideas to keep an open mind and use my own critical thinking skills and discernment to deduce my own thoughts, opinions and hypothesis, instead of going by what I have been TOLD to think.

          Its difficult for me to accept all of Crow’s opinions as he un derstands the the situation to be with the information he has collected thus far, but I remain open to all of his thoughts, opinions and research because there is enough evidence that he could be on the right track to the truth… even if it goes against what we are TOLD to believe.

          Its still a difficult pill to swallow though.

          1. Chromerino- I agree it may be a tough pill to swallow for all the 60yrs old or older US citizens out there because they have some delusional sense of pride with the Apollo missions all due to them watching it on TV. Other than that there is literally not a single piece of verifiable science that backs up or proves that we ever left Low Earth Orbit, Went to the Moon or any of the other idiotic things NASA loves to lie about. People who defend the Moon Landings constantly and only point to 1 of 2 things saying we did it, either they point to the hilarious “footage” or the laser reflectors which is just comical on so many levels that I cant even comprehend why anyone would seriously point to that. The surface of the Moon is naturally reflective and can provide the same exact “experiment” if you find the correct spot to point a laser which completely derails this nonsense but if you are one who buys into there actually being a reflector box up there the Russians allegedly put the same ones up there via a rover. Speaking of the Russians why is it that they just miraculously gave up on their race to space??? I mean why would the US landing on the Moon ever stop them? If anything I think it would’ve provoked them to be the first to actually colonize the Moon yet we are supposed to believe that they just lost all interest because the US somehow leap frogged them in the “race to the Moon”??? None of it makes any sense. I’d rehash the why haven’t we gone since 1972 argument but I do believe you arent dumb enough to give me back the answer “it’s too expensive”. I’ve never heard one good excuse or explanation as to why we never went back other than we were told not to and that is all assuming we ever landed there in the first place…….

          1. Thanks for the response Eugene MRosa, but I think you misread my post. I am in agreement with you. The “though pill to swallow” was in reguards to Crow’s ideas that he currents holds when you think that all of the heavens are some kind of an illusion of some sort including our moon. I am trying to wrap my mind around the possibilityof it all and see if there might be something to it.

  11. More Crrow please. Aristotle said: “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Whether you accept Crrow’s theses or not, it is thought-provoking stuff. I especially like the way he just lays out his evidence without putting definitive, certain explanations. It lets’s you think for yourself. I also stood up and took note of his comments on David Icke (who I quite like).

  12. Really good show. I like Crow a lot. I think he goes to far with the heavens all being an illusion however. I just listened to Randall Carlson interview on Red Ice and he’s a guy that has gone out into the field first hand studying the impact of space weather on the Earth and to me with everything else I know about space I just think Crow has gone too far… but its all good because it really makes you think. However that doesnt mean there isn’t some high strangness afoot. This interview had me thinking of Michael Tsarion’s stargate thesis where there is an etheric barrier preventing mankind and any other from leaving high orbit. Well what if that barrier was dimensional? What if the whole planet was out-of-phase with local time space but still effected by the more subtle forces of electromagnetism. It might explain the lunar anomalies Crow’s been observing and also why such a broad array of UFO’s are sighted but never seem to make contact (For the most part)… maybe we are only just barely showing up on their radar (so to speak) because we’re out of phase with everything else. Might explain the loss of certain powers mankind was supposed to possess in the past. Anyway just a thought. Great show, great energy awesome insights. Thanks Greg!

  13. Very interesting! I never realized we still use flat earth theory for land measurement. That really cracks me up for some reason.

    Your theory sort of reminds me of Tom Campbell’s Big T.O.E. (Theory Of Everything)?

    Keep the faith Crrow. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

  14. Are you Greg or Crow familiar with the Thunderbolts Project, David Talbott, and Wallace Thornhill’s work? Have either of you watched their great film Symbols of an Alien Sky? Alien as is in foreign or different and not necessarily E.T’s. I think they explain a lot of things from a very interesting and scientific point of view. They predicted successfully what the Rosetta mission was going to be like. Their theory suggested that we would see exactly what was shown in the pictures. I’m curious to know if Crow is familiar with them and their theory and what he thinks of those images in their context, theory, and point of view. Their experiments show that there is electromagnetic plasma energies all over the solar system that explain many anomalies. What do you all think of the electric universe theory. I think Thunderbolts’ work really explains alot of things that are passed over or misinterpreted. Great show by the way. Checking out your youtube channel now Crow. Cheers! Please do a show with Thunderbolts Project Greg!

  15. It would great to have you interview Crrow, and Dr. Tom Campbell who is an expert on the virtual universe. My guess is that what Croww presents may have to do with the structure of the virtual universe which we perceive on demand. — Blessings of understanding to all.

  16. Greg check out the characters and plot in the TNT show Fallen Skies. It has the eight legged aliens and fish face overlords that have enslaved the spider race. Short story check out the full plot The main character is a human named Tom Mason. —– hmmmm mason Huh. Idk. Just wanted to create a visual that is not to far fetched for you. Cause you said you could not picture one. And also I would donate to help fund this project. . I can’t do a lot but I have to live vicariously through yall on the forefront.. Just want to point this out. May find it interesting

  17. Loved the two Crrow shows. A couple of quick comments…

    First, I don’t understand why folks get mad and rude when they have different opinions. It’s so counter productive. EugeneMRosa, I’ve had serious doubts about the Moon landing for a very long time and yes, I’m in the 60 something age group that you are so quick to disparage. Who the fuck are you to claim that ALL of us are part of some hive mind about the Moon landing?

    Second, Crrow, I believe this is the painting you were referring to. Et In Arcadia Ego, or the Shepherds of Arcadia by Nicolas Poussin and is often related to the Rennes le Chateau mystery.

  18. Plato discussed all of this in the allegory of the cave. The phrase knowledge is power is incomplete. The ILLUSION of knowledge is power. When you question the nature of fire, it does not burn forever. Fuel is necessary to feed the flames that drive illusions that keep all of us arguing about the arbitrary.
    Great episode.

    1. Hmm… interesting. I get it.

      So what are the right questions to ask, what’s the true knowledge, how do we see learn to see thru the illusions? Then we would have to ponder if our newly gained knowledge is true or if we are seeing another illusion.

      1. For me it started with realizing that everything I every thought that I knew was based on an assumption of some sort. Assumption that others knew more than I did, assumptions that information that I was gathering was factual. But in that statement lies another assumption. This charade has been manipulating our kind for centuries if not millennia, and what information previous generations were given is what has been handed to us. Look where you are not supposed to look and meet contradictions head on. When you can readily find the hidden assumptions and identify contradictions, that is the path to knowledge.

  19. Greg and Crrow, thank you so much. The info and insights you are sharing make me feel so hopeful. I think we are at a tipping point. I want to contribute to the momentum. I was given a Celestron telescope when a friend died. I trained it on the moon, but beyond that have no experience using it and no video camera. I am trying to get up to speed and will share anything I learn. When I imagine how life could be without this evil control system, I get so excited. We can solve every problem and everyone could be cared for if only….

  20. MerryMozart-(now giuliacan)

    Greg and crrow-congratulations
    It is important to keep posts short as i never read anything over 10 lines long-
    i do think chris thomas is interesting though…
    so i guess crrow believes chris knight and alan butlers book(who built the moon) is complete disinfo-, mixed in with interesting math-
    funny the last chapter is about barley-
    one weird question for crrow…
    what do you think about gluten?
    loved the show and thank you-

  21. Gregg,
    My wife and I love this show. I am 34, my wife a year younger. We have been questioning the system for quite some time. But Somehow,I think my real epiphany happened while watching the news on 9/11. I thought I was the only person on the plannet thinking” buildings would not fall that way” as soon as it fell. Then building number 7 fell out of nowhere. “You damn liars” I said. Since that day I have questioned everything I hear from our “system”.
    Hearing you and guests like Crrow777, makes me feel like maybe we weren’t alone in the living room watching the news that day. Maybe there’s others who refuse to burry their heads in the sand. And just like there’s brilliant minded people on the systems side. There’s brilliant minded people on humanity’s side. Who are not afraid to go do research. Or host a radio show. For the reason that we DO it have a right to know what’s going on around us.
    And for that we thank you!
    Sincerely, J&A. Mick

  22. Is it me or does Crrow sound a bit like the guy who called into the Art Bells show? He was that ex-employee at Area 51 calling in all frantically explaining what their plans were.

    Anyway, dug the return of this man. He’s got a unique perspective on the fickle-mistress of reality.

    Keep ’em coming, Greg.

  23. Hello Crrow!
    In regards to the topic of “spiders”, today there was a news headline about a NASA-funded program to use Spider robots to build a home for mankind in space.
    I don’t know if related to anything, but I thought of this podcast when I read the headline.

  24. What I find interesting is that certain Hindu deities look like the “spider people” and Shiva is one of them, which is erected in front of the CERN facility…..coincidence?

  25. (I apologies upfront for the longest comment I have ever left-I didn’t know I had so much to say actually)

    This interview is amazingly good. I’m pretty new to THC. I was always someone who actually dismissed any sort conspiracy theories without even giving it a second of attention. My reasoning for this was ” they said in the news that…” or ” I read in the news paper this and that…”, so it must be true right?! I just graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. In January this year we had the task to design a magazine about anything that would help people to understand a complex topic. I have chosen space and the moon etc. As we were not allowed to use any images from the internet I went to the observatory here in London and they even let me photograph the moon through their telescope. The remaining content of the magazine ( images of Venus, space, black holes) I decided to paint myself. Once I put the paintings into photoshop you could hardly see the difference between my images and lets say official images you could find online…And still with all my skills and understanding of manipulating images I never questioned images that NASA released, although subconsciously I knew, I saw they were photoshopped. My sister is the exact opposite of me … she always knew something is off in our reality. She showed me one of Crrow’s videos in April of this year. I think it was a UFO video or something… I didn’t give it much attention. She send me another link of an interview of the THC youtube channel which happened to be an interview with Eric Dubay. And for the first time I decided to actually listen for once with an open mind. I always thought of myself as an open minded person but I understood very quickly that really, I wasn’t. I realised how brainwashed we actually are. How we repeat what we hear/read with out even questioning it or looking into it a little deeper. To be honest I felt very stupid. I was observing the moon since I was a little kid. I have always been obsessed with space and when I begun to understand that everything I have ever learned in school, from the documentaries on TV, scientific magazines was a lie, I was very angry. Angry because of all the time I have wasted in learning and believing in lies. But strangely, at the same time I felt relieved. Knowing about what might be really going on, even if we don’t have most of the answers yet gave me a huge sense of relieve. I felt free in a way . I don’t even know where to begin to describe how much my perspective changed since April. I have watched Crrow’s videos about the lunar wave over and over again and it still blows my mind every time I see what I see. Every time I listen to the interviews I’m so grateful to be finally awake and to have gained the ability to finally start thinking for myself and asking questions and saying “no” when everyone around me is saying “yes”. All I wanted to say is thank you to Crrow777, THC and all other people who take so much time and effort out of their lives to help us to wake up. When NASA recently released the video of the moon orbiting the earth on facebook, many people started commenting and questioning if the “time-laps-video” was real. One woman just called it fake flat out and started talking about the flat earth. Soon she got slammed by people who just ridiculed her arguments and called her crazy. Anyway, I decided to post a link to the interview my sister has send to me of Eric Dubay talking about the flat earth. I posted: ” To everyone who is a little open minded can listen to this: (link). And guess what, there were 155 comments and of all comments NASA personally deleted only my comment. They accused me of name calling other people on this blog. I went to the U.S. this summer and (don’t know if there is any connection) but for no apparent reason I was taken into another room at the border and 3 different people started to investigate me what am doing here and why I’m here etc. I have been to the U.S. a few times and this never had happened to me before.
    Anyhow, once again thank you for doing this amazing work. I think you will help people with this. Apologies for the huge comment I left, I just had to let it all out 😀
    By the way where can I find Crrow’s written articles where he writes about his work and the Rushian research?

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