Wm Michael Mott | Underground Entities, Beings From Below, & The True String Pullers Of Humanity

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Author, Wm. Michael Mott, joins THC to talk about the years of work and research he’s put into his book:  Caverns, Caldrons, & Concealed Creatures now in it’s third edition.

We get into the idea that all the complex theories of aliens from other worlds, beings from other dimensions, divine revelation, non-human entities controlling the planet, and many other conspiratorial themes; could quiet possibly be manipulations from beings inside the Earth.

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  1. Greg, I never understand this “End all, Be all” mindset so many UFO researcher have, including your guest.

    Michael Mott basically implying that ALL ETs are basically beings native to planet Earth that lives underground since the beginning of time. They are just another being from planet Earth, the same way a White European person compered to Asian person. That statement implies that we ARE alone in the universe, that planet Earth is the only planet that can sustain live in the universe. And all “ET”s are really just Earthlings.

    Is it possible that these so called underground “Earthly” beings, are ET from another planet that came to planet Earth and SET UP SHOP here, alooooooooooong time ago??? Just because they have underground bases in Earth it doesn’t mean they are native of Earth. The same way as USA have 700+ military bases all around the world outside American continent. Just because we have white American GIs living in US military bases in Japan it DOES NOT mean they are native to Japan!

    I never understand this “End all, and Be all” attitude that people have. Just because some UFOs came from deep underground it does NOT mean that ALL UFOs came from underground.

    The politic in space is much much much more complex than Earth’s politic, because they involve 100s if not 1000s ET races with factions within factions, each with their own agenda for planet Earth. Each of these races may at some point in Earth history set up shop deep under the Earth, and your guest call these beings “Underground beings” that NATIVE to planet Earth. How simplistic minded he is!

    1. I fully agree, seems closed minded to assume they are earth based ONLY! could be some might be and some might not be. We dont know either way so we have to remain open minded about such things.

    2. I didn’t see any of that being done while I listened, and I listened 2X, back to back. The kind of personality that came across to me from this guy is someone that would tend to focus on what they are doing and not worry so much about explaining EVERYTHING or very much outside of what he is into.

      Did I miss him actually saying that there is no possibility of ET’s at all? Did he ever comment that a hidden race of humanoids are responsible for all things that could possibly be extraterrestrial in origin? I very well could have for having listened to it 2X in a row, I tend to multi-task, but I’m pretty sure he did not go on like that at all.

      Ah, I see it now in the OP, sounds like you just didn’t agree with how he stated his ideas since no mention was made of anybody showing up from the stars. Seems rather asinine to lambast the dude for excluding by omission, doesn’t it? I *know* he never claimed to have a “be all, end all” explanation to anything at all.

      Of course it would be close-minded to totally write-off the possibility that we are being visited by ET’s, but he never said that or anything like it. It sounds to me that you are quite hung up on your own ideas about the existence and presence of several ET races that are directly involved with the powers that be on Earth. I would have to say that a lot LESS evidence exists for that than the idea of a divergent race of humans that split off from us a long time ago, that has for millennia directly manipulated, misdirected, deceived and, to a point, parasitized humanity.

      Did you totally miss the part where he said that a lot of the old stories and myths make it pretty clear that these beings are very concerned with sex, reproduction with humans, bloodlines and babies?

      It would make about zero sense to assume that humans and any ET’s showing up could interbreed, make a lot more sense to conclude that since interbreeding seems to be a big concern of these beings, that we share a common genetic heritage.

      I did like what you said about the possibility that some ET’s showed up maybe hundreds of thousands or maybe millions of years ago and setting up shop underwater/underground, interesting to contemplate. Seems like they would have been fucking with us poor primitive apes a lot earlier if that had happened though, I always shudder when I think of the some hundreds of thousands of years that went by with pretty much zero change, that has been yet found anyway, in tool making and anything else that would have indicated early humans were doing more than living like animals and just surviving. If that scenario did happen, perhaps they slowly began to try and incorporate human genetics into their own to better adapt.

      1. Well said. I thought he was just making the point that it makes more sense that they are Earthly in origin because their technology has seemed to be only slightly more advanced than ours, they have to abduct humans to further their existence and their basic look; build; eyes; etc are more suited to have evolved from underground, in which he uses a multitude of ancient texts, myths and folklore to back up his hypothesis. He is trying to open up people’s minds to a possibility that contradicts the popular belief that has been fed to the people, but I didn’t get the sense that he completely rules out off-planet beings at all.

        1. I didn’t expect so much debate about this one, but some people here are already saying the same things I would say. I don’t believe Micheal is saying there can’t be aliens, just that all the major themes in Ufology might make more sense with a terrestrial intelligence, and we should give that possibility a fairer amount of consideration . There’s PLENTY of people arguing that the strange crafts and beings people are seeing are from outer space, Mike’s just making an alternative argument.

          It’s a position that I happen to love. It really strikes a chord with me. One argument is that everyone knows the elite have these layers of secrecy and tons of disinfo agents, but then we accept most of what we get from Ufology as if it couldn’t be tainted. How crazy it would be to learn that the entire field and history of Ufology has been a clever deflection to keep one basic truth from even the most alternative thinkers: This is something else’s planet.

          1. Ur right. THEY are always telling us the ET’s come from outer space. THAT in and of itself is cause enuff for further investigation. People would outright PANIC if they thot for one second that some alien species lives right under our feet. AND if people knew the earth was hollow, there would be millions of sheeple headed to “middle earth”. These secrets are for them and them alone = they are lying to us about them being from outer space. I too lean in the direction of this theory, but remain open. Greg, there’s no1 out there that does what u do in the way u do it. Ur awsome!!! DONT CHANGE!!!

    3. One simple reason why I fully disagree is because of kind hearted men & women and horses for example: beauty. Purity, goodness and beauty. None of them can even fake it properly. The extravagant beauty if this created world is so superlative and mankind’s yearning heart is so soveriegn yet so astounding & astounded when looking up at the stars, surely we were created lower than the angels yet are destined to rule among them as heirs to the gracious heavenly kingdom of love in Christ, ‘Jesus’ Yeshua “God” incarnate, King of All Kings, “most High” who stipulates that if we or they offend even ONE of these children: human little wee defenseless children – it would be better to have a millstone around the neck and be flung into the farthest sea than to fall into the hands of an angry Yeshua, God of Salvation, Father of ALL – so I don’t know about you, to me this seems to indicate Christ is not just a fluffy dashboard plastic idea but a passionate powerful Head of the Clan – over ALL of these uglies and entities who abduct and hurt the men and rape the women & try to use the growing babies to create their own kingdom on earth where they want to convince us that they are the gods. Yeah right, we are the Sons of God if we do step up to cliam our inheritance in Christ. Hmmmmph! I rest my case on this aliens hero worship error, Peace!

    4. Maybe you are just slightly uninformed. There is much proof that this is indeed the facts however, “modern science” has yet to evolve and embrace ALL facts not pick and chose what is the most PC mutton for the sheeple. They cannot be relied upon for knowledge.

    5. Oh but he is correct. You just haven’t been hangin with high strangeness long enuff. There are MANY theories, but in the end, only one is correct. U decide for NOW, the truth will come to light LATER.
      I’ve studied this for a loooooooooong time at all different angles and in my educated opinion, this gentleman is very much correct. I believe it to be an illusion “they” provide to throw us off the truth AS THEY ALWAYS DO. We are solely on our own when it comes to knowledge seeking. Seek some high strangeness Sir.

  2. Michael Mott raises a very good point and I agreed with him that there seems to be a concerted effort by the ETs to make the masses to look above, while actually these ETs have set up shops under the Earth. However, Michael made so many foolish statements which made me laugh so hard during the show.

    Foolish Comment #1
    UFOs are seen coming from underground, therefore ALL ETs are native to planet earth and lives underground.
    This is the same idiotic logic as: Apple is a fruit. Therefore ALL fruits are apple!

    Foolish Comment #2
    Aliens have big eyes, that proves that they lives underground with low light. If they came from outer space, they would have small eyes.
    If this is true then every Sailors and Fishermen on Earth who spent most of their time in open seas, would have gills and webbed feet.
    And Asians people must be aliens from outer space. What the hell Michael knows about the living conditions of other planets in the universe. Is it possible these grey aliens came from planet with low illumination???

    Foolish Comment #3
    Aliens have big eyes, that proves that they lives underground with low light.
    It is clear that he was referring to Grey aliens with a pair of big almond shape black eyes.
    That statement implies, that there is ONLY one type of alien in the universe (besides human race).
    Grey aliens is just ONE type of alien amongst Thousands of races in the universe.

    Foolish Comment #4
    Aliens look humanoid, therefore they must be Earthlings. Otherwise they would look outrageously weird (ie. jello body, 3 legs, 5 eyes, etc…)
    Look at Jellyfish, Platypus, or Bird, they look no more humanoids than cats and dogs and yet they are all Earthlings.
    Again, what they hell Michael knows about Alien planets and the lifeforms that developed out there to make this statement…?

    1. Quite a lot of foolish assumptions and statements in your comment, let’s see if I can effectively point them out in the same way:

      1. He never stated one way or another what he thought of actual ET’s, or that since he is making a case for a hidden offshoot of humanity living underground or otherwise hidden from the surface, that it means there couldn’t possibly be any ET’s around that came from another solar system.

      2. Once again, he never speculated on the conditions of other planets. He is speculating about a race or races that would have lived for several millennia in conditions a lot darker than the surface, why would you try and back up your point with such a ridiculous and absurd example like sailors and fishermen getting webbed feet and gills over an individual lifetime? That goes far past foolish on your part, and you are the only one blathering about Asians being aliens for having epicanthic folds, he never said or implied that. I see you enjoy using the words “implied” or “implies” to bash someone, because you have so precious little of what someone actually said to try and refute. Quite weak, son, quite weak.

      3. Again with the same nonsense. And again he said next to nothing about any ET’s or what they may or may not be like, he limited himself to speculation about what offshoots from the human line may be like. Pretty sure he made it clear enough that he allowed for the possibility of many different types of humanoid types, and, ONCE AGAIN, did not make ANY KIND OF CLAIM THAT THERE IS ONE TYPE OF ET RACE THAT COULD POSSIBLY EXIST. Youre putting words in this guys mouth for not having once brought up what you wanted him to talk about, probably because you just can’t accept any ideas or lines of research outside of what you have convinced yourself is the only possible reality behind the subject.

      4. Christ, I’m bored and wish I hadn’t bothered to reply now. Like the other guy above that was so thoroughly disappointed that no mention was made of his own pet beliefs about the many alien races present on earth, the case was made for these beings having a common genetic heritage with us because there is so much concern on their part involving interbreeding with humans.

      Of course nobody KNOWS what an alien that had its evolution in conditions quite different than what they are on Earth would look like, but it would probably be a bit different. What do YOU know about alien planets and the lifeforms that developed on them? He didnt MAKE that statement, YOU did.

      Sorry kids, not everybody researching UFO’s and the like are going to tell you what you want to hear and back-up your pet beliefs on what it all means. Trying to criticize people that go a different direction with such pathetic and unreasoned statements wont make it so, only makes you look childish and close-minded.

      1. Do you understand sarcasm???

        The sailors and fishermen example IS suppose to be absurd and I know that! to give a parallel absurdity example to Michael’s statement. I didn’t say this because I believe them! Get it? Michael believe these grey aliens cannot possibly come from outer space, because they have large eyes which (according to him) is a side effect of living underground. The idea that space faring race should have small eyes because they float around in outer space, is as stupid as saying sailors should have gills because they are sea faring people. Do you get the sarcasm?

      2. Like I said in my previous comment, I NEVER have a problem of his theory that aliens may come from underground.
        But what I have the problem is the guest put it in a way that Aliens ONLY come from underground, in fact aliens are not aliens at all, they are off shoots of earthling races.

        The following 3 groups CAN co-exist together on planet Earth.
        1. Offshoot (native) Earthling underground races.
        2. ETs from Outer space.
        3. ETs from Outer space, who set up bases underground. (who many people may mistaken as group #1).

        Instead Michael’s statements in his talk, seem to only allow possibility #1. And none the others.

        Let me repeat! I have NO problem WHATSOVER in believe that some of these UFOs came from underground bases. What I have the problem is… Michael made his statements AS IF there are no ET (EXTRA Terrestrial), the so called “aliens” are really just offshoot races on Planet Earth. I am open minded enough to ALLOW BOTH theory to co-exist together. ETs from outerspace AND Offshoot underground Earthling races.

        You misunderstood my meaning big time!

  3. The guest is definitely set in his theory and thats a trend im starting to see.

    I wish more guests would give me their “facts” and stories and instead of forcing their theory on me, make me question my theories. Maybe look into other fringe theories and see how they intertwine with those to validate further?

    I dont know…..Got a weird vibe from this guy. Hes overly certain.

    1. I understand where your coming from krazeeDD and bernardchu, but I got the sense that after spending so many hours trying to figure out the whole “alien-type beings” phenomenon he got the idea that maybe they are Earthly in origin, and the more he looked into his hypothesis the more it made sense to him and he is just trying to get his point across that its a logical point of view if you consider the points he makes with an open mind.

      With that said, however, I admit that I may show prejudice in favor of Michael’s arguements, approach and points of view because I have come to a simular conclusion in my thought processes, in that, what we have been led to believe are off-world, beyond our own solar system extraterrestrials may in fact be very ancient Earthly beings. Maybe WE are the aliens!?

      Reguardless, this was another fucking fantastic interview, great topic that (obviously) requires people to set they’re beliefs aside to ponder upon what I think I is a very solid and thought provoking hypothesis. Greg had great questions, comments and the interview flowed along smooth as always. Bra-fuckin-vo, bro.

      Greg, you have been on a roll with great topics, interesting guests and the interview structure and flow couldn’t be better, my man. Fantastic job and thank you!

    2. To avoid confusion. Lets take a look at exactly what Michael Motts said. Below is a snippet of the stuff he said during the interview:

      “They mainly come out at night, or at dusk. Just like the fairies folk of old, the trolls… whatever who fear the sun. So basically what they’re doing is they avoid sunlight as much as they can. Even with the so called Greys and other types of so called extra terrestrials we’ve seen.

      They usually have or often have this dark eyes, huge dark eyes… okay… if you have huge eyes, those are not the eyes of space faring species. Because space is the most hostile environment imaginable for the eye… okay… the radiations so intense that any creature that evolve or even design in deep space or travel throughout space a great bit will have smaller eyes… okay… these beings have enormous eyes and nocturnal creatures, creatures that dwell in the dark to a large extent are creatures have enormous eyes. And of course there are others that claim these beings take off the black covering, that basically like giant contact lense, there is enormous reptilian or humanoid eye beneath the covering. Again these are all indicator that these beings are subterranian.”

      1. “They mainly come out at night, or at dusk. Just like the fairies folk of old, the trolls… whatever who fear the sun. So basically what they’re doing is they avoid sunlight as much as they can. Even with the so called Greys and other types of so called extra terrestrials we’ve seen…”

      So basically Motts saying that the reason why the greys come out at night is because they AFRAID of the sun. Geez… has he consider that perhaps these greys don’t want to be SEEN by humans, therefore the come out at night. Has he even consider that???

      I got one for ya: “Street hooligans and petty criminals operate at night, because they AFRAID of sunlight.”

      2. “They usually have or often have this dark eyes, huge dark eyes… okay… if you have huge eyes, those are not the eyes of space faring species. Because space is the most hostile environment imaginable for the eye… okay… the radiations so intense that any creature that evolve or even design in deep space or travel throughout space a great bit will have smaller eyes…”

      Why can’t space faring species have huge eyes?

      Has he consider that maybe just maaaaybe these Greys have planets of their own with habitat that supports life? Has he considers maybe their planetary habitat makes them evolve into species with big eyes?

      Has he consider that maybe just maaaaybe these Greys have spaceships to travel in space with, and to protect them from the harshness of space??? What does Motts expect these Greys just floats in space for a million light years to get to Earth?
      Isn’t it “convenient” for him to use the Greys as example of (point.2) argument because the Greys have big eyes. How about those entities that don’t have big eyes like the Nordics and the Reptilians? Whatever happen to them? They don’t have big eyes. Well… according to Motts ALL ETs are some offshoots Earth native species that evolved underground.

      I got one for ya: “Human fishermen and seaman cannot possibly a seafarring people, because they don’t have gills and webbed feet”.

      3. These are just a small example of some of the ridiculous analysis Michael Motts made in his talk amongts probably dozens more. It looks to me Motts so invested and married to the idea that all ETs are not ETs at all, but rather some offshoot native Earthling species that lives underground. And he cherry picks factors and datas and only take those datas for consideration that supports his pet idea.

      To say, that there are subterranean native Earthling species is one thing, but to imply that ALL mysterious entities ARE subterranean native Earthling species are entirely another thing!

  4. Was just listening to this show and at the end of it you mentioned touching on the topic of the RH Neg blood types. Look long look hard, info on that topic is quite scarce. If you could do a show on something like that, that would be awesome. I’m a plus member, I promise to sis ribs forever if u cover that topic.
    Just for a teaser til then, would u give me a brief summary of your take on wtf is up with such an incredibly rare odd blood type? Very interested in what u think about this. Thanks in advance man.

    1. I would love to explore this more, there are several angles, but getting the right guest for the topic is the issue. Who would you suggest for a 2 hour talk on the subject?

      1. I would also love to hear more on RH neg blood types but I’m afraid this is one subject that you won’t find any authoritative persons in the scientific or medical field to talk about, probably because the research (real research) into it is off limits.
        Human blood and difference between the types of blood is strange and you cant get anyone who knows what’s ACTUALLY going on to talk about it. Although you might have better luck than I… you smooth talking, charming, ninja word-smith, you. 🙂

  5. He did say that he thought that there were other beings from our galaxy (about the 11, 11.5 minute mark) but that we may have many that live here. I don’t disagree with you guys/gals, but he did say that.

    1. That’s always been curious to me, the whole Annunaki story has really been bandwagoned to the point that I would bet a lot of the people that favor it wouldn’t even know who Sitchin is, or havent read the books. Lot of jokers jumped onto that saga, requiring a little twist of their own on it. But being able to spot and avoid those types and going back to supposed source material, in English anyway, it just did NOT ring true with me at all when the initial dazzle wore off and I really thought it over.

      Not looking to start an ongoing exchange about it, I just never could take it seriously, the motivations and time spans involved just dont match up with the overall picture presented. On top of Sitchin having some fairly dubious qualifications for the claims he was making.

      Yet….there is a deep chord that is struck with the overall theme, lot of powerful motifs, I wont deny that it had quite an effect on me the first couple times I got the story. It certainly did feel like something deep was buried in the narrative, even if the particulars just did not add up from where I was looking.

      It’s too bad not many have followed through on John Keels and Jacques Valles work, which also makes a case very similar to what WMM is saying here. Mac Tonnies has some stuff on Youtube regarding “Ultraterrestrials” that also goes along the same lines. I bring these three up to recommend checking out their work, readily available online.

      In short, once you see the connection between modern abduction experiences and myth/folklore about the various little beasties that also liked to mate with and “borrow” humans for various reasons that recur throughout history, it’s hard to deny there is a big piece of the puzzle in your hand.

  6. Very interesting show. in my experiences with dmt i have often felt as if i was deep underground, especially when encountering insect beings. An odd feeling that seems even more strange after hearing this episode.

  7. great show greg, its late but i came across this quote and thought of this episode:
    “The real mystery of Atlantis is the Island was submersible, it never sank, they rule from below”
    -Under Sea, Davy Jones’s Locker, David and Oanes

  8. I’m listening to Chris Rickman on episode 303 of Caravan to Midnight.

    He reports that a grey told him they’re demons, that they were thrown to earth by our god, that all of the flying saucers are human made, that the greys don’t build anything, and that NONE OF THE SAUCERS EVER LEAVE THE ATMOSPHERE, that the greys cannot leave earth, and that humans can’t leave the solar system.

    People lie.
    Demons lie.


    Just sharing.

  9. so why are they called ETs? surely this means more earth! Ive always wondered about this, I m sure the big secret is all about hiding another huge continent which is where they all retire to, this is where all our money goes. With the DUMBs being their travel hubs to get there.

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