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Dr. Pam Popper | Fighting Medical Tyranny, COVID Policy Consequences, & How We Win

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About Today’s Guest:
Pam Popper is the founder and President of Wellness Forum Health. The company offers educational programs to both consumers and providers that facilitate informed medical decision-making, diet and lifestyle intervention, and improved long-term health outcomes. Through its own network of providers, Wellness Forum Health offers direct-to-consumer healthcare services.
Pam is also a public policy expert, and continually works toward changing laws that interfere with patients’ right to choose their health provider and method of care. She has testified in front of legislative committees on numerous occasions, and has testified twice in front of the USDA’s Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.
Pam is also the founder of Make Americans Free Again, a growing grassroots organization standing up against ineffective and damaging COVID policies and mandates.
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PLUS Content

  • Swine Flu test run.
  • The latest data and numbers regarding the covid vaccine damage.
  • Profiling the guilty party and key players.
  • Fauci & AIDS.
  • The consequences of going along to get along.
  • The importance of connection with community.
  • Cancer industry testing scams.
  • Homeschooling facts and myths.
  • MAFA’s small business rescue plan.
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Great episode. The schools have been crazy with all of this. My wife is a therapist at 3 schools Sacramento. When they first reopened kids were trembling in fear if they had gotten close to someone or vice versa. She had been overly busy with crazy stories. It’s so sad and frustrating. We had taken our son out of his daycare due to so many insane requirements. Masking children under 3, social distancing and the list goes on. We moved to a more rural area and found a great school that has a no mask policy and they aren’t fear mongering parents. All the parents seem to be rational about all of this. We have had a zero covid case at this place. The last one with all the protocol has out breaks around 2-3 times a month.

Very informative episode and I’m ready to make Amercians free agian as well.

William Christie

Sacramento is a major metropolitan area. You state that you moved to a rural area. So there is no big surprise that Sacramento would have outbreaks while your little rural area doesnt.


There wouldn’t be any outbreaks anywhere had it not been released on purpose.


There is no outbreak other than people being sick as always and “testing positive”.




I was skeptical of what Dr. Popper might say because she supports ‘Plant Based Diets’ per her documentary “Forks Over Knives”. Even though I am in the ‘Ancestral Diets’ camp of meat eaters, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and listened because I trust Greg’s judgment.

I very much appreciate all of what Dr. Popper has to say in response to all the great questions Greg asked. I like her approach to challenging the bio-security tyranny through legal action.

However, I looked further, and found a video from February of 2021 where she does a poor job substantiating her claim that “SARS CoV 2 Does, Indeed Exist“.
I was going to leave a link to this video of Dr. Sam Bailey that I believe adequately rebuts Popper’s claims, but she has comments turned off.

Once Upon A Time in Wuhan…. (

I agree with previous guest on THC Sol Luckman. URGENTLY NEEDED: Truthers to Wake up Half-truthers Capable of Disseminating This Paramount COVID Truth

I believe we need to get clear on the fairy tale of contagion used by the medical mafia to rule the world.

There is no virus. Look for other causes when you see someone sick is and dying, the cause is probably some industrial poison in combination with cell phone frequencies, or poor nutrition.

William Christie

So there is no such thing as a virus? Wow. Is the earth also flat? Could disease then be caused by curses and invisible demonic entities?


Maybe so.


Viruses are exosomes produced by the diseased/dying cells. Saying viruses ’cause’ dis-ease is like saying rats cause the mess at the landfill.


see dr andrew kaufman’s What I believe Covid 19 is”. you can find it on under the scamdemic videos collection.
a better analogy would be seeing the fireman putting out the fire and thinking they are causing the disease.

el gallinazo

I don’t agree with everything Kaufman says, but he does a superlative job toward the end of the first hour of this interview linked below showing just how the SARS-COV-2 was invented. Even The Onion in collaboration with Rube Goldberg couldn’t make this shit up. Bottom line is that it is a computer fabricated “virus”, based on algorithms arbitrarily tying thousands of short strands of RNA pulled out of a sick Chinese guy’s lung soup and never purified, and then trying to make it appear similar to the original SARS virus. I am a chemist and it is total bullshit. Total fraud.


i got in on one of those calls and you cannot speak, only listen to pams polished talk. I had one simple question, is there already a case against the governor/admin of my state that I can support?

Both Popper and her staff refused to answer such a simple basic question. I emailed many times to get this simple question answered. I didnt want to join a call. I would have been happy to start my own group but my question was basic and they refused to answer it.

I listened carefully to her background read out by Gregg on this show, and wonder, controlled opposition? she is a brilliant speaker, says all the right things truly.

And of course there is always the fund raising. Something smells bad. So I am done with them.

Samuel Dean


Last edited 1 month ago by Samuel Dean
Paul Pringle

Just what I needed. Thx Carlwood

Steven Sopaul Lal



I know times are too important for a comment like mine but this guest and I are on different wave lengths or some such. Information is fine but I just get the vibe that she is very impressed with herself. Maybe I’m in the minority. Been here for years and have never written a comment like this. Serves no purpose I know but felt the need to say so anyway.


Someone needs to stand up for all the bullshit. At least she has viable and indeed workable ideas.


I don’t disagree with that a bit my friend. I tried to explain even I see the silliness in my comment. I can’t explain why but for me it was truly very difficult to get past her personality. All the props in the world for her work and effort. I was just trying to explain that as long as I’ve been here I’ve never experienced such a thing.


Community power, I think finding like minded motivated people would help.


see my comment above


Just read it my friend. Thank you for sharing. That does seem odd indeed. What a headache.

Justin Bracciale

Excellent interview, great to know an organization like hers is around and growing. Love her determination.

Kathy Utting

That was amazing. I’ll be emailing her. Thank you! New hope!


Brilliant !!. Best 2 hours I’ve heard in a very long time. Absolutely agree 1000% with everything Dr..Pam Popper stands for and her envision of a much better World. Thank Goodness for Good people which believe it or not most people are. We are Good by Nature.


Why is she putting Hitler in the same page as Stalin or Mao? Is it really that hard to figure that the holohoax is put in place by jewish propanganda machine? After all, this virus hoax we are living is put in the place by the same bolshevik’s who run the mainstream media control.

I think Pam does a pretty good job and has great ideas and initiative but she has to dig a little deeper on who is actually behind this.


Controversial – but I’m glad to see the comment hasn’t been taken down.


Great Show!
I would Love to hear Laura Airica on your show
from World magic global….🙏🏻


This and Alison’s episode were some of the best shows in relation to the “situation”. Great job Greg!

Janice Phillips

This may be the most important two hours of my time that I’ve spent in a very long time, and that’s saying something, because like Pam, I too can make thing’s happen when I set my mind and efforts to it.
As my future will include helping my loved one’s learn how to take control of their own heath, their kids, and their lives, I will be looking into the resources on her websites.
Thank you again, Greg. Thank you for your open mind and sharing this with us.


She is so practical; and brave ; I really enjoyed this interview….
She reminds me of Catherin Austin; basically we need social alternatives to this NWO!
And community base societies seem to be the only practical solution so far!!!
thank you 🙏 !!

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