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Alison McDowell | Graphene World Order, The Bio-Surveillance State & The Better Story

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About Today’s Guest:

Alison McDowell is a mother and dedicated researcher studying the working parts of the World Economic Forum’s declared “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and the global takeover of industries and public policies by the central banks, multinational corporations, big tech technocrats and billionaire funded foundations.

Follow Alison’s work at Wrench In The Gears & watch her recent presentations:

Biometric Health Passports And The Panopticon

Level Up: Life In A Post-Pandemic Video Game

Smart Cities, The Transhumanist Game and Lifelong Learning – Talk Given in Tucson June 10-11, 2021

Pt. 1 – New York Nano: Maple Nation Transmutes Neurotech Empire

Pt. 2 – New York Nano: Maple Nation Transmutes Neurotech Empire

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PLUS Content

  • Cryptocurrency weirdness & industry plotting.
  • Triggering the singularity.
  • Why it’s important to understand nano-electronics.
  • Why Texas and Florida are traps.
  • The metaphysics of energy, intention, & ritual.
  • Is Graphene the black goo or an alien AI.
  • Optogentics using light to control the brain.
  • Where we see the pilot programs around the world.
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Only 22 minutes in but stoked to hear her mention amazing polly, she took some harmful shots at the technocrat monopoly and quickly got banned from YouTube! She made incredible connections.


Greg! Congratulations on the baby! We’re thrilled for you here. BTW – Great show as always.


A friend and I were researching graphene oxide yesterday and came across an article online that said it was just approved for water treatment in the UK. Imagine how ubiquitous it will be if we’re all bathing, eating, drinking this shit.


Same in the us


I missed this and I’m in the US. Pulling out all of the stops it would seem.

scott patrick


Thank you for another great
interview/more information.

I didn’t realize how spiritual Alison is, until this interview.
She is definitely on the “cutting edge” life & the conversation of the “fucked-up-ed-ness” of science I’m trying to comprehend. 🤕

So far reaching…
Again WOW.
So much to digest…

I’ve loved your work for many, many years and have recently decided to support my favorites.
I am now a Plus Member. 🍺Cheers.
(I must confess that you came second to Freeman Fly.)
I hope you can forgive me.
I have decided to put my money where your mouth is. 😊

Congrats on a being a soon to be Papa!

Keep up the great work!

Thank you for being in my/our company.
You are greatly appreciated.

We can do this together,

Steven Sopaul Lal


cat gardner

very interesting conversation. it inspired me to look into emf-blocking clothing and hats (*someone* must be selling that by now) and indeed — there are a few.

Lambs seems to be the hipster version. Defendershield (which makes rfid blocking phone cases, wallets, etc.) makes hats as well as a stomach band for pregnant women, which hadn’t occurred to me but might be a good idea….


Fascinating. In college, 15 years ago, I was taught in several classes that Lamarck was an absolute moron whose science didn’t hold up at all in modern times. Same with Freud, actually…. I’ve since realized that anyone from history who they now mock as dumb or racist or wrong — these are the ones worth looking back into. Classic misdirection.

Nicholas Burnett

Fascinating as always good sir!

Fauz Blakely

Has there been more research done in the microbiologists/virologists, over 100 of whom were murdered or died under mysterious circumstances. Only thing I can find is old info from 2014


When that many people get knocked off: a) it speaks for itself, and
b) anyone digging into in in a reporter kind of way will probably suffer the same fate…
That info would have tripwires all over it.
We know what’s up.

dreamtime jedi

Great show. I’ll just touch on one topic for now. Time Bandits.
Very interesting to hear hear someone mention this, as it has been on my radar as well.
I’ll even take it a level deeper. Much of the subtext of that film is around the common citizen being dependent on smart appliances. The film opens with a commercial on TV about smart kitchens which prepare your pre-packaged meals for you in a matter of seconds. One of the very first words you hear in the film is the name of the company which produces the evil appliances.
The name of that company is, that’s right, Moderna.
The films of Terry Gilliam are riddled with things like this.

Moshe Diane Ramsay

She’s a genius. And she confirms my intuitions about society.
You are a genius too, Greg. And you are definitely the best interviewer around,

Keep it going.
Because, the dumbing down doesn’t apply on your podcasts.
I don’t feel so alone here.


Big Steiner’s 8th sphere vibe with this one; create the world/terrain that is exclusive, and then tweak a group of beings so that they are best suited to that world and that world only! If you get plugged in enough, to unplug would be way too uncomfortable.

A coup against God/ War in Heaven?

I also was reminded instantly of Sims/SecondLife, where they sucked up all that data around how people would behave if they could actually pilot their ‘digital twin’, and how repressing or rewarding the digital version created real time feedback in the “real life” human player…

Lastly, I got shades of “I, robot” coming through; not the book,( which I always thought was quite good if you imagined the robots represented us, and the humans represented the archons.) but the movie with Will Smith. It really leans into the ‘eventual coming to terms with’ robotised humans/humanised robots. Predictive programming much?!? The Evil Overlord A.I. is bad, but can be defeated by nice robots and transhumans…🙄

Another cracker Greg!!

Dandelions have been front and centre the last few months; now I have a little more of a clue as to why, perhaps.

Last edited 1 month ago by hamish3

Dandelions definitely has a great ring about it. Resistance is good , Here is a snippet According to Maud Grieve’s A Modern Herbal, the dandelion has a number of medicinal properties. The sap from the stems can be used to cure warts, and the leaves can be dried and made into a tea to aid in digestion. A tincture brewed from the bright yellow flowers is believed to help with complaints related to the liver, and the root can be dried and brewed into a tea as well.


Weirdly I’d just finished relistening to Alison’s first episode from December with a friend, and the next time I opened up my podcast app a new episode was there!


I’m only 15 minutes in but the technology of beaming hallucinations into your mind to see is the technology the Jim Carrey Riddler character developed in Batman Forever almost


Congratulations to you and your special lady. Being a parent is incredible. The whole process is so expansive and exhausting lol. You two will make great parents. Thanks for all the great resources you have provided over the years. Your show has helped me expand my awareness to great lengths.


the virtual twin thing is literally the plot of serial experiments lain, cool idea though. fun thought experiments, thanks greg!


Monsanto had something to do with the commercialization of LED lights. Hmmmm…..


Keep it coming!

The interviews are always primo and your outros are getting better every time!



I love Allison McDowell’s perspective !


Most homes have Smart Meters for electric, gas, and water. Each meter pulses several times per minute when once every 30 days would suffice for a monthly bill.

I’m convinced Smart Meters are programmed to play the tune resulting in the desired dance. Graphene injections are a scalar upgrade. Avoid smart meters and graphene laced jabs.

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