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Dan Winter | The Physics Of Magic, Language, & Plasma Beings

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About Today’s Guest:

Dan Winter’s background spans a broad spectrum of disciplines, but he is probably best known for advancing the science of fractality.

He graduated with honors at the University of Detroit, then he pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology, and the origins of languages. He has worked as a Systems Analyst with IBM, an industrial metallurgist and a crystallographer. Dan also studied at the Gurdjieff School of sacred gymnastics, in Florence with Buckminster Fuller, and at Findhorn.

Dan draws on many sources, including science, mythology, popular culture, and even channeled information, looking for ideas about the deep connectedness of all things and how the profound nature of our oneness can be approached from architecture or art, math or biology, electronics/computers or myth.

You can find most of his diverse work spiraling out of his main hub at

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  • Advanced hygiene for bliss.
  • The best places to be born and die.
  • Black goo, black cubes, and super sentient A.I.
  • Will, thought, manifestation, & magic.
  • Elementals and an intro to rainmaking.
  • Sacred architecture & nerfing the energy.
  • The artificial moon and the hollow earth.
  • Building stargates and portals.
  • The Sun’s orgasm.
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Yes, a bit rough. He seems like a good guy but it seems like he trailed off and mumbled deliberately. In his defense, I’d be a little reticent to give everything away too. On the other hand, if you commit to speaking about a subject, you should follow through.

Your Telegram channel is pretty cool, by the way


Rambling and trailing off is what Dan does…!!😂😂 There is so much in his dome, he has forgotten more than we have learned put together.😁
Catch his YouTube, you’ll get used to his style. 💛


Being unfamiliar with him definitely made for a rough first half hour to enjoy or digest. Still interested to finish though 💯🤷‍♂️, got it.


found it

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el gallinazo

I am a hearing impaired geezer, but my hearing is not so impaired that I cannot make out every word that Greg speaks in a two hour interview. I am of the opinion that there are two primary causes for the terrible sound quality of the majority of guests. The first is that the typical mics (and speakers for that matter) in most laptops suck. And the second is that the average guest doesn’t appear interested enough to address the mic setting in the app which is being used (Skype), which Greg could easily remedy in a few minutes before going on-line, if necessary.

Out of curiosity I just checked Amazon for a low priced USB headphone mic combo. At the top of the list is one for $25, the Logictech H390.

It has a rating of 4.5* out of 5, based on 28K reviews, with 87% in the 4 or 5* group. Perhaps in this age of the “new normal,” Greg could mandate the use of these headsets.
While I am admittedly in a minority in regard to my hearing impairment, I find roughly half the of the interviews unlistenable, which doubles the price per interview of my subscription.

Despite being a physics minor in college, I will not comment on this actual interview as I didn’t listen to it for more than a few minutes due to the lousy sound quality.

Last edited 1 month ago by el gallinazo
Andrew Taverner
Have u ever heard of Dr John V Milewsky? In this interview he tlks of Ormes, im sure Dans gotta know of him, he says u can structure water using magnetite and gathered this info frm Phil Calahan and his books on magnetic lode stone rocks and how the Irish used this to grow plants insanely dopely, but also u can grow Gold at home using recycled beer bottles


I like the ones with the bad audio in a weird way because I have to get past some preconceived notion hang up about how it needs to sound and I can chuckle at myself.
We always want it to sound as good as possible but no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater because someone’s on a landline with birds in the background I love that guy he was awesome because his track phone ran out of minutes in the middle of the interview that’s still some great stuff that would never be captured if we were worried about audio quality all the time. 💙 ✌ 🔥

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Cancel everything; two of my favourites are chatting together!!
Can not wait to see where you take this one!
”His work, spiralling out of his sites…”
I see what you did there…😉😂💛


P.S. the audio is fine.
You boys have been spoiled for too long!😁


There’s no where in hell Hebrew is useful. There’s plenty of other ancient languages to use and invoke


This fellow is definitely top tier. Good show. It was hard for me to understand because it was so rushed and dense. I feel like each section where he talked he could of slowed down. I am a cannabis farmer and does anyone understand and can articulate how his client got those growth rates? Or atleast a link to a explanation of technology and where to get it? He did pack in alot of info but I wish he could of slowly explained a few subjects instead of going over everything like a speeding bullet in such wildly technical terms. Everything he talk about I would kill to completely comprehend this is how people must feel when I talk about soil science but I can direct info and explain alot with analogies or breaking it down. He cut It short advertising links every time he spoke but failed to completely express the science and concepts in a digestible manner. I still loved it absolutely 💯. Please if anyone can link to this technology for better growth rates. It was hard to understand what any of his inventions are because he spoke about them in major technical terms.


If you think his talking is dense, wait until you hit his websites..!!😂😂
I believe the growth rates are to do with the “implosive”, or enlivened water. Have heard the same claims from the Greenwood crew about their ‘water enliveners’.

Michael Congleton

I believe he achieves those growth rates by using Dan Winter’s bullshit for fertilizer! 💩

Eoin Kinsella

It was an interesting episode allrite.. although I find 99% of what Greg covers interesting 😆 From what I can find this is the link to the explanation of technology they used and a discounted link to the product


When is THC going to have a show for dumb guys?
I assume Dan Winter’s academic credentials are verifiable. He certainly can talk eruditely and with air of physics-competency confidence and other scientific jargon that, for all I know, might be legit. His linked-to website looks content-cluttered, but also intriguing (again, in that mad scientist vein) and plausibly even scientific and mathematically accurate (or possible). When he starts talking about ‘the king of the moon’ and the Pleiadeans and other Project Camelot-tier talking points, however, I lose confidence in whatever other reported scientific contributions, discoveries or studies he discusses.

I would withhold a statement of suggestion that the guest is a ‘bullshit artist’ (albeit, probably an adept one), but I wonder (especially with some of those more outlandish claims and opinions he has) if mental health doesn’t come into play with some of these guests/characters. I’m sure if it is semi-difficult to track down the graduation or institutional verification of academic accomplishment, it would be exceptionally more difficult (not to mention intrusive) to ask the guest about, or search out any medical record diagnosis of, say, a ‘history of schizophrenia’, or this being a familial trait, etc. Like Andrew Kaufman talked about on THC, however, maybe there is something more to a mental illness like schizophrenia than Western medicine and psycho-science gives credit to (incidentally, I have a childhood friend who, I think, could legitimately be considered to have ‘suffered’ with that illness, as so many other unfortunate individuals with a similar condition have. On the other hand, I would be interested in more content or exposition related to a perhaps more optimistic and otherwise alternative interpretation of or analysis of that classifiable mental state of being, either from Kaufman or other knowledgeable individuals).

I listened to Freeman Fly’s guest interview with a flat-earther, too, so I’m open to the woo, I suppose. I still remember trying to understand Clif High’s web bots and prediction algorithms in the early years of the previous decade. Inb4 all the Pleiadean and Galactic Federation of Light and Ben Fulford Fan Club attack my skepticism of MST3K-tier 1950’s moon men sci-fi movie plot narrative as de facto historical reality.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go convince a cadre of Nazis and white nationalists that there is, in fact, graphene oxide in Pfizer ‘vaccine’ vials…

Last edited 1 month ago by SteveD

Best last line ever🤣🤣🤣


I enjoy the comments and yours was by far a true joy to read. From the initial “For the dumb guys” to the … “vaccine”, simply a great reflection! Can’t wait to listen to this one.


There is plenty of ‘woo’ around Dan, but that’s because he actually noticed woo as a young man, and wanted to try and describe it in electrical engineering terms.
He is the real deal, from all I can gather. He doesn’t just talk it; he walks it, and gets results. 🙂

Jennifer Gray

Im having more of a problem with progressive woke snowflakes myself ! Maybe we should just stop using these labels ?


well said….Bigfoot approved woo!


excellent thank you….

Drew Carter

Really looking forward to wallowing in this episode. If it’s plasma vortex’s for breakfast, I’m in!

Initially the episode discusses controlling weather by shamanism!

Is anyone else on this forum young enough to remember Don Nicoloff’s radio show every Friday night, from an undisclosed location in Ohio – Don would have his listeners tune in and help him steer thunderstorms, live in real time. Don who is famous for having the Galactic Collective on his Friday night show, telling us how mankind was being taken care of by The Galactic Federation is sorely missed, rest in peace Don.

Thanks, Greg for delving deep, and deeper.


Love u Greg! I’m calling bullshit on this guy. He’s using a lot of mumbo jumbo and while yes I get what he is saying about a zero point but check out this video, he is saying in some cases you need vaccines and genetic modification!? Another thing , I don’t buy into all this sovereignty from a galactic federation bullshit Laura Eisenhower or Corey Goode push, maybe some truth but mostly a distraction. I agree with crrow more on what space may be, js! Have u checked out Lavette Hawkins YouTube. I’m not a huge bible god believer but she’s a wealth of knowledge. I’m worried about her channel bc she one of the last who I’ve followed on YouTube that has not been shut down, yet… seems like most left on that platform pushing facts are on their last leg.. fucking.technocrats.


We need freedom here first Alphonse Faggiolo has a good head start I’ve been following


Thank you.

Andrew Taverner

I am checking this out right meow, but am very lost rite meow because im not understanding how a man on ormus becomes schizo… is he smart because the world is schizo? Tesla said his inventions were dumbed down by their surroundings hence people not understanding his tech made his tech fake or farfetched to the dumb people… now eye dont truly understand Dans Tech but i know he is influential in the ormus field because hes referenced in the only Ormus making book tht exists… given to us by Emmons from episodes past. And then again if Dan is pushing vaccines i cant be listening to him anymore 😔 😈 thank you!!!!!!!


So,I’m really skeptical about Dan Winter too.If I’m not mistaken Red Ice Creations before they predominately started to cover White Nationalist stuff had Dan on.At some they had a message on their podcast site stating that Dan’s episode had been removed due to alot of things they discovered about him being false.This to my knowledge had not happend before and has not since.I’m inclined to think they had good reasons and would like to hear from anyone who may remember that happening.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sunnyd1322

I am a red ice refugee. Red ice was amazing back in the day. I’m glad Greg does what he does or I’d have nothing to listen to


I agree! Red ice was a go to, I was such a fan of Henrik and Fredrik. I did not expect white nationalism. So sad.


Woot woot! Stay true, stay loyal and keep it real


P.s Henricks voice was badass. I always loved Swedish accents haha.


You can thank John Lamb Lash for that, sadly.


Me too.

Jennifer Gray

Great post Tahalia I agree !


He seems pro-Pleiadean, and that’s dangerous.


Welp the research continues. Dan Winter’s work is way over my head but I am excited to begin the learning. Thanks Greg.


I listened to the first 30 minutes 3 times and it’s all Greek to me. I’ll happily wait for the next show. Ultimately what are any of us doing anyhow but waiting? Waiting for what I don’t know, but even if you’re proactive in every sense of the world we’re ultimately just waiting.


Solid gold Greg thank you bunches and tons. The “hands off” approach to early child development you touched on really resonated. Made me see it in an entirely new way. How ignorant and harmful can one be, to deny a child (before they can speak in complete sentences) of their imagination?

John Makay

This guy is all over the board. It was hard to sift through all the bullshit on this one. He did have a lot of good things to say. He seems to be on to something. Sounds like he found a thread, but when you start talking about ET’s like fact, it gets hard to follow. I was ok with it until he used landing on the moon or anything that NASA said as evidence. I was reminded of the interview with Jared Murphy about his book “Its not aliens, worse, its us” book. We do not need to hide behind alien tech. Everything he or anyone has said can all be done by us.


I personally agree about the tech. We can do it all.


I’ve listened to some of his other stuff, and one of his lines is, “If your aliens turn up in nuts and bolts flying machines, they are the wrong aliens…”
So, I gather when he is talking about that “Outer space” stuff, he is actually talking about astral stuff, or “inner space”.
Just my take on it.

Ceven Seven

had a lucid astral dream of a vortex hurricane.
Flew into it, passing as close as possible to build speed and use the vortex to travel and escape the matrix.
Woke up as I passed thru the vortex.


Wow this dude is nuts in the very best of ways. So much information and thoughts. We’ll done.


The bed at Machu Picchu he mentions is real and very relaxing despite being made of stone…

Andrew Taverner

Ayo for yayo sound quality totally works for me when ur spreading information like peanut butter and jelly my heart hears all without issue, thnk u for all this amazing content. Thnk u for DaneyeEl thnk u for Chris Emmons. Thank u for you. Love u PeePoles!!!

Andrew Taverner

Man. Amazing song at the end there. Phuck YES


Packing the HEAT with this one fellas! Thanks for having him on Greg.

@The Carlwood- I never a quick favor. I’m trying to track down a past episode where the guest talked for a good part of the episode about spirit balls or orbs. Can you point me to it?


Some of what he is saying sounds like a cross between Macrobiotics and Orgone theory. I’ll have to look into his stuff on his website to see if the similarities are more than superficial.


kidnapping blue eyed blond boys that ucid dream for montauk chair ;is he serious about lucid dreaming and growing souls?

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