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David Mathisen | Consciousness, Twisting Texts, & Secrets Of The Stars

Topics Covered: Consciousness, Cosmic, Hidden History

Show Notes

Author extraordinaire, David Mathisen drops in on THC to talk about the content of his book, The Undying Stars, where he discusses the true esoteric messages of ancient religious texts. He also lays out  the infiltration of the Holy Roman Empire, and the aggressive campaign to force a literal interpretation of these texts onto the resistant masses, and with it, wipe out humanity’s natural ability to understand and appreciate the esoteric and symbolic messages within and the shamanic  cultures of old.

In the Plus show, David expands on his own journey, the details of the  infiltration of the Roman Empire, shamanism, the holographic nature of the Universe, and The Lego Movie. Boom.

Check out David’s blog and get “The Undying Stars”:

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Hear more from our guest in the ever-deeper 2nd hour!
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