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David Mathisen | Consciousness, Twisting Texts, & Secrets Of The Stars

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Author extraordinaire, David Mathisen drops in on THC to talk about the content of his book, The Undying Stars, where he discusses the true esoteric messages of ancient religious texts. He also lays out  the infiltration of the Holy Roman Empire, and the aggressive campaign to force a literal interpretation of these texts onto the resistant masses, and with it, wipe out humanity’s natural ability to understand and appreciate the esoteric and symbolic messages within and the shamanic  cultures of old.

In the Plus show, David expands on his own journey, the details of the  infiltration of the Roman Empire, shamanism, the holographic nature of the Universe, and The Lego Movie. Boom.

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PLUS Content

Hear more from our guest in the ever-deeper 2nd hour!

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  1. Thought this was a great episode, Greg. Just ordered David’s book. It’s great to have an occasional guest remind us that sometimes not everything is to be taken literally.

    I also appreciated his comments about the esoteric as a tool for conveying information rather than suppressing it. People all along the good/bad spectrum would have reasons to encode messages using esoteric means, including to ensure that important information outlives the reach of the suppressors.

  2. This is one of my favorite interviews on THC. Really loved that David is not boxed in his beliefs and he does not say that this and that is not possible. I like how he analysed step by step, very logicaly and always staying on the question and not wandering off.

  3. Yes, I noted that too. It was when we was talking about us all being co-creators and the we are one.
    I think this is excellent knowledge. I have always wondered why I so adore Marcus Aurelius and still despise most things Roman, past and the present Vatican. I am Gnostic, owning the Nag Hammadi Library since 1989. It IS my bible. Would love to hear from him again. and maybe there is more. I am working my way from past episodes to present one, while still listening to the newest episode. Keep it up, Greg.

  4. Fantastic interview – just subscribed to Plus, and have slowly been digging through the archive – this episode is a real jewel! Mathisen is operating in the same line as James Frazer, Joseph Campbell, and Jung, with some valuable advice on freeing ourselves from the spells institutions try to cast on us to enslave our minds. Excellent!

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