Nita Hiltner | Giant Skeletons, Modern Pterosaurs, & Missing People Mysteries

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California journalist, Nita Hiltner, is kind enough to join THC to talk about the articles she’s written for DCXposed and read some of the newspaper clippings, eye witness reports, and odd case files that contribute to the growing number of accounts within these weird realms.

Closing track by Marty Leeds:

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  1. Awesome, awesome show!

    One of the best shows I have heard since I subscribed. Thank you!

    Here’s an interesting video on YouTube you may appreciate. However, I would disregard the religious overtones. It has to do with modern accounts of dinosaurs… A MUST SEE-The Secret History of Dinosaurs:

  2. Greg, how the hell a human woman have sex with 20 feet tall giant!??
    How big his ding dong would be???
    It’s like an elephant f*ing a chuahuahua!

    It makes no sense at all, unless they’re talking about in vitro fertilization.

  3. I loved that show.

    One of the great points that Greg made was that the western world has no oral tradition. Totally true.

    But hey! The it seems like this–the Internet–it ~is~ our oral tradition.

  4. Absolutely loved this episode. I love these topics… and how they connect with the NWO/illuminati topics. Thanks so much it was a real treat. Also happy birthday man!

  5. Just wait till Cern runs full tilt on March 20th this year. The Norway spiral appeared one the last times they fired up. Spring equinox, new moon, solar eclipse (over Europe none the less) and Cern full tilt all the same day. Cern’s logo is a 666 portal and they have a large statue of the Kali the Hindu Goddess of destruction on site. We might start seeing more than we want to or maybe the full run will get derailed, who knows?

  6. Hello
    Am a brand new + listener… thought I’d share some ideas and links to references to this very interesting show 🙂

    I now live in Sweden (since 2004) and have been interested in native culture for many years….not just native american but all native tribes.
    Its very interesting how there are cultural and spiritual similarities with these geographically distant groups. For instance the Lakota and the northern europeans. The Lakota have the inipi (sweat lodge) and old norse tales tell of before the “viking” would go out on raids…they would build an upside down basket …cover it with hides…heat rocks in a fire and bring them in to the “basket” and pray to their gods…. interesting…that describes an inipi. 4 of Lakota “gods” are the directions. The west is the thundered…All the gods are huge and ride on big black horses. Thor is the norse “thunder god”. Here is an interesting link from wikipedia with an interesting description of thor –
    He was a giant…with red beard and red hair…sound familiar?ök
    Ragnarok is a great battle in the future…that Thor “saw” in a vision. In the battle many gods were killed and some escaped. Later it foretells two humans and the gods will re-populate the earth.

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