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Longtime skywatcher, Crrow777, joins THC to discuss his insights gained from keeping his eyes to the sky. We discuss the things he’s filmed, such as- chemtrails, orbs, various UFOs, and the Lunar Wave.

Crrow was also a professional radio operator in the military, which leads him to share some thoughts on HAARP and the health risks of being bombarded with all the wireless signals of the modern age.

Crrow777’s YouTube channel:

Be sure to watch some of Crrow’s footage. Below are some of the videos discussed:


The Chem-tracking device explosion:

The Boomerang UFO

The Lunar Wave

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    1. I’m not exactly sure what isn’t working for you, but if it’s one of the video clips, those are just links from YouTube. Just go to Crrow777’s page to view any of them.

  1. Knock me down with a feather but I once saw this wave seam move across the whole visual field while I was walking along. To me I thought it was the reality time line shifting dramatically due to some change in the time/space continuim.
    Another idea about the moon, apparently moon planting makes a difference, tides are higher at the full moon so whatever it is, it is a vast conundrum and I am the better informed now – as at last some one else has seen this ‘seam’ thing.

    1. Wow, Hillaryhere, very interesting that you witnessed something simular. So what you witnessed was eveything here on Earth and all you could see had a simular seam wave go over it?

  2. Anyone remember when NASA nuked the moon? I distinctly remember seeing an article saying it was bombed but apparently that was bullshit. I thought it was in 2010 but the article this quote is from is dated October 2009 “It was billed as one of the most ambitious missions in the history of space exploration – two spacecraft smashing into the surface of Moon and creating a six-mile high cloud of dust visible from telescopes on the Earth.

    Instead there was disappointment for millions as live pictures relayed back from the Moon showed no sign of an impact.

    Now, however, Nasa has released a photograph showing the flash of light as its massive Centaur rocket struck the lunar surface.”

    From the Wiki article discussing “LCROSS” – “Contrary to media reports at the time, neither the impact nor its dust cloud could be seen from Earth, using the naked eye or telescopes.”

    A single photograph, eh?

    Some of the topics discussed just seem a bit out there to me, but it is very curious what Crrow said that with all the announcements of how the moon was being orbited or whatever else, and when they watched for it, they saw nothing. And then I remember this happening. Im sure there are other and better articles for those more curious.

    1. Yeah I remember that, it was a weird situation. I thought part of what came from that was NASA saying that the moon “rang like a bell” as to say it’s got a large hollow center, but I could be mixing stories.

  3. WOW! Another thought provoking, mind bending broadcast! Jeez, Im still getting over the last one!
    Nice one Gregg, electrifying show as usual… will never look at the night sky quite the same way again…

  4. Gregg, thank you for the interview and I must say – I have been interviewed a number of times and you are head and shoulders the best interviewer to date. I would rather bee answering then asking as I know it is not easy to keep the ball rolling smoothly down the track. Cheers sir. I hope we can do this again sometime.


    1. Yup, carl is by far the most spectacularly courteous & also thought provoking interviewer. I think it is because he does his homework. Just gets better with age. Very cool.

    2. I agree, Crrow777, Gregg is a well rounded and courteous interviewer that has pinpoint timing and a stack of well thought out questions to keep the show running like a hand-crafted Swiss watch.

      Great work, Crrow, not only with the videos but also with speaking out and bringing attention to this phenomenon. I enjoyed your intelligent point of view, scientific and skeptical approach and all around candor. Good job… although now you have forever skewed my hippy tree hugger-like love of the moon, being a Paganish Occult-minded Cancer and all, now I have to go try to piece togther my bruised and fractured mind and belief system. 😉

  5. Interesting CRROW777 work-in-progress premise (holographic moon) … great interview …

    FYI, first found your site via link from Project Camelot (Kerry Cassidy interview). Have been imptessed with your selection of interviewees and especially with your obvious preparation for and non-confrontative conduct of each interview. Just had to show my appreciation and support for your qualitative efforts by becoming a THC+ member.

  6. Great show Greg! Way better than I thought it would be simply because crrow was willing to roll about the general nature of reality.
    I’m a plus member and can’t encourage enough those that aren’t to get on board ( can they even see the comments?

  7. Thanks so much, this is one of the ways we will find truth and share…i had fun all the way thru, at 70 my wait for enough public to even want the truth is over, we’ve got it rollin now, keep up your wonderful works, well worth the small fee to be here with you and your guests…carry on!

  8. Such an awesome, genuine episode! you can really tell this guy is heartfelt and passionate about what he does. This one was super Greg. I would say I’m fairly obsessed with space and am seriously dubious about NASA’s intent and the integrity of the info they release. The dwarf planet Ceres (named after the Roman Goddess of Agriculture & Fertility) in our asteroid belt which is speculated to have more water than Earth is definitely worth reading about if you haven’t already and I feel like NASA’s been seriously holding out on us about it.
    Your show floods me with warm and fuzzies… Keep whacking them out and I’ll keep paying 5$ 😀 Lots of love, your biggest fan from Ireland

  9. Dear Greg,
    Ive been listening to your podcast for a couple of months now… I have to say the program is the most enlightened podcast i’ve listened to.. In a world full of certainty and conjecture yours is open to the possibilty of “what if?”… I’ve personally explored many conspiracy avenues and have yet to find the openness to which you approach the madness of the many fringe topics you discuss.

    Thanks for everything!

    Think about Joseph P. Farrell as a guest

    1. Kind words man, thanks! I’m actually in talks with Joseph right now. He’s in the process of a move apparently but we’re going to touch base again in April. He’s the man.

      1. I am very interested in hearing you interview Farrell because he seems to believe that Roswell was just a Nazi experiment/Nazi tech and given your interview with Kevin Randle it’d be very intriguing hearing you address the idiocy in that assumption in a non-Noory esque type of way.

  10. This was a great episode , I really enjoyed it . I would have liked to hear what Crow thinks is going on during an eclipse of any kind . It always fascinated me that the moon just so happened to be the exact size as the sun when they cross in front of each other yet they are thousands of miles apart, & we just happened to be alive at a time where we can see this phenomenon

  11. I’d encourage people who are interested in these topics to go take some physics classes–or do the equivalent by watching some youtube series, like “The Mechanical Universe”–I think that’s available. Another great series that tackles some of these topics is “How the Earth Was Made”.

    I’m all for the exploration of alternate history and alternate science, and there’s a lot of interesting information in this podcast. That said, the orthodox science story about the moon is also really interesting. AFAIK, there’s no 100% certain explanation for how the moon came to be. However, there’s a lot of evidence that seems to indicate it’s the debris from a collision between the ancient early earth and a Mars sized object. It blew some of the early crust of the-then earth into space–which then coalesced into the moon.

  12. I stumbled upon Crow on Youtube and have been hooked ever since. Genuine through and through and super-fascinating research. It was great to hear him in depth. If I’m not mistaken (I have Swiss cheese for a brain these days), it was he who mentioned THC, which made me come over here and check it out…which then led to a subscription. You are awesome! So glad I found both of you…keep up the good work guys!

  13. Incredible episode. Greg, you were spot-on in your epilogue, talking about how this is the caliber of guest who truly makes a terrific episode. After listening, I watched the video’s on Crrow’s channel and completely freaked. Scary shit. About two years ago I listened to a DMR episode with a similarly lucid guest named Vito Saccari who claimed to have seen a secret library at NASA in the 70s that contained images of structures on the moon. I was as blown away by that as I was with Crrow. I watched the moon from my bed last night with a little more wonder than ever before. I’ve also been watching the skies today as a completely cloudless morning turned into totally overcast afternoon after “contrails” crisscrossed overhead for hours…

    1. Crrow’s a diamond in the rough. He’s my Aladdin.

      I’ll check out that Vito guy, that sounds awesome. Any other recommendations for lesser known guests who would be good on some of these wilder space themes?

  14. Great show and a topic/video that twisted my mind, twerked my belief system and blew me away… I love it! (Yeah, I doubt “twerked” is an actual word but I fit and you get it so it serves the purpose.;)

    Excellent interview, Crrow. I have listened to many-a researchers, writers, scholors, scientist, PhD etc who couldn’t serve up they’re information and convey their thoughts in as clear and precise of manner as what you did. I enjoyed your intellectual and scientific approach and your candor was refreshing as well.

    Gregg, another home run. You have hit on nearly every topic I find so intriguing in the fringe area and have turned me on to a few things (including the Lunar Wave) that I had yet to come across. Your on a roll, especially of late, and I look forward to each one. Keep up the good work.

  15. When you and Crow were talking about a dome or barrier it reminded me of a book I am reading by Frank Herbert called The Dosadi Experiment (1977) which centers around a quarantined planet with a barrier around it called the *Godwall* to keep the people on the planet isolated from the rest of the universe. The people on the planet technologically devolved from their ancestors and ignorant of this barrier or how to defeat it. Its an interesting concept to consider and the book lays out at least one path for how and why such a system would be setup and maintained.

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