Nick Redfern | Secret Societies, Strange Beings, & Hidden Codes

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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks secret societies, conjuring beings and hidden codes with returning guest, Nick Redfern.

With the influence of elite circles interfering in almost every aspect of our lives, from education to economics, and secret space programs to hidden ancient knowledge, unraveling this twisted web of control can seem almost impossible.
And while these puppetmasters continue to pull the strings of reality behind a fortified veil of secrecy, the masses aimlessly carry on as if there is nothing afoot.
But, today’s returning guest, Nick Redfern, joins The Higherside to help peel back the curtain to shed some light onto these secret societies, including their role in the deep state, their participation in occult rituals and their use of alchemy, just to name a few.
In this episode:
2:30 Nick discusses whether his extensive research into secret societies has changed or altered his perspective in any way. Nick explains how our understanding in today’s world is simply the tip of the iceberg, with the overwhelming majority hiding beneath the surface. Nick also details the layout of his recent book, “Secret Societies: The Complete Guide to Histories, Rites and Rituals”.
6:30 Tackling the topic Nick has researched extensively, he and Greg discuss the role of the Collins elite and their approach to the E.T. and UFO phenomenon from the perspective of demons. With his first work on the Collins elite culminating in his book, “Final Events”, Nick elaborates by discussing the ultimate evolution of a Department of Defense program into a secret society focused on the study of ancient occult rituals, and contacting inter dimensional beings.
22:55 Continuing with the discussion of ancient magical rituals, aliens encounters, and demonic influences, Greg and Nick discuss the possibility of the Loch Ness Monster being related to magical workings. Nick talks about his book, which focuses on the paranormal aspects of the monster mystery, “Nessie” , as well as Crowley’s connection to the Boleskin House.
32:45 Greg and Nick discuss the legends of underground cities and civilizations, including Dr. F. Bruce Russel’s tale of falling into a subterranean city in Death Valley. They also discuss Antarctica, the speculation surrounding it, and the suspiciously long list of global elite flocking to it.
40:00 Greg and Nick discuss the importance on ancient knowledge in today’s world, the position of the gatekeepers and how the quest to uncover it acts as the driving force for civil unrest throughout history, including the Middle East.
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– Alchemy and the Men In Black of the old world
– Shamanistic shape-shifting cultures and traditions from around the globe
– The story of the Hexham Heads
– Cannibalism and groups that practice it
– Groups and sects that have formed around UFO sightings and being encounters
– Heaven’s Gate & UMMO
– The curious connection between fascism and the occult/UFOs
– The case that the cattle mutilation saga could be more related to ritual than ray guns
– Nick’s thoughts on the state of the Secret Space Program
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    1. Question, if dark matter does exist, then at which point would it terminate? Is my person, myself a singular entity? Could I possibly have that other component to myself? If dark matter is true for the material world, well then we are all included automatically into that theory. So what if the contact with the other beings we are making is just a reflection of the dark self. The evil twin that we all have, one in the light world where we have consciousness and the other in the shadow that crosses at times when provoked

      This was hard to explain but maybe you people catch my drift

    2. Actually, if you look at the player above, on this page, you’ll see a subscribe button that opens up to a series of options. One of those options is email. Just click it, add yours, and you’ll get notified!

  1. Dude!! Awesome show yet again!! Hung out at sunset cliffs and smoked up and listened… you are the man ! Thanks for your time and thanks for filling mine with great knowledge. And the 2 hour stuff is awesome!!!!!

  2. I’ve read Chupacabra Road Trip and spent sometime in Puerto Rico for work, from what I’ve seen down there I can buy the dark santero’s being the culprits.

  3. Very interesting that He postulates channeling are not aliens from outside this world. It does lean towards the inescapable prison planet idea that I can’t seem to shake from my thoughts.

  4. Redfern is the Altred Hitchcock of esoterica. I’d read his grocery lists. Tremendous THC+. So for all of your Fortean educational/recreational joints, choose THC+ brother and sisters ;]]

  5. I love hearing Nick talk, and combined with The Carlwood style of interview, makes paying for the Plus subscription worth every penny! For something completely scary, but in a different way, checkout Dr Karen Hood on to blow your paradigm out the window. Its mind boggling stuff about the hi tech means the cabal is destroying our lives, our country and our world. This is important info that everyone needs to hear and puts many topics covered on THC episode into context like never before. If you get to read this GC, check her out and consider her for the THC touch. As many here listen to Grimerica, check out their episode 221 and tell Greg if you think we need to know more.

  6. It’s a good interview. Love how The Carlwood got through the entire thing without using the “F” word. That would be an obvious reason as to why there has been no advancement in space travel. And sometimes, the simplest answer is the correct one. Keep on spinnin’.

  7. Nick Redern always delivers and this episode in particular was right up my alley. Had to put on the ceremonial robes for this one. Ritual magick, automatic writing, even Quija boards- I must admit I haven’t dabbled for somewhat of a fear of going too deep. Whether our thoughts are our own or demonic whispers from the bicameral mind, it’s good to know small groups of weirdos are doing strange work out in the world.

  8. Greg,

    Can you link to the source of that Brazilian guy’s story? The one who disappeared recently who had the Giordano Bruno’s statue…
    Interesting show.


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