Massimo Mazzucco | Marijuana, Moon Landings, & The Cancer Conspiracy

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Join, Greg Carlwood, for a new episode of The Higherside Chats with guest, Massimo Mazzucco, where they discuss marijuana, moon landings, and the cancer conspiracy

Folks, as we assess the situation, across many different seemingly separate subjects and areas of interest, we realize much of what’s there is not the result of the best research, the purist motives, or even randomness to say the least…..

No, ladies and gentleman, unfortunately it seems a carefully crafted tapestry of propaganda, has turned everything into a funnel to keep the funds flowing up to that shadowy cabal at the capstone of the precious power pyramid and keep the people in ignorant servitude.

Because whether we’re talking about education, the medical field, the energy industry, the space program, regulatory agencies, UFOS, geo-politics and even world events— the result seems to be largely the same.

Well we’re not alone in our realization because today;s guest Massimo Mazzucco is an award winning italian filmmaker who’s been through an awakening of his own, and after finding success making commercial films, he decided to switch gears and use his talents to tell the tales they’re rather he not with documentaries like: The New American Century, The True History of Marijuana, Cancer: The Forbidden Cures, Global Deceit – which was the first Italian documentary on the truth about 9/11, and September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor a 5 hour plus film that looks to make the definitive case on 9/11, and point by point dismantle the paper thin arguments made by debunkers.

In this episode:

10:00 Greg and Massimo discuss the impact his 9/11 documentary had, having actually been aired on national television in Italy. They also discuss the Italians people’s feelings towards 9/11 and state sponsored terrorism in general, as well as how different their mindset is, given the history.

16:15 In honor of 4/20, the conversation moves to Massimo’s cannabis conspiracy documentary, The True History of Marijuana, and the real reason wealthy industrialists focused their attention on removing hemp/marijuana from the culture.

26:10 Massimo talks about his latest project, still in the works, American Moon. He details the process behind it and explains how any trained photographer or videographer should clearly see the forgery in what was shown to the people as the Apollo missions.

47:30 The conversation shifts back to Massimo’s documentary Cancer: The Forbidden Cures, the dangers of conventional cancer treatments, and the infrastructure in place to discredit alternatives and keep them suppressed.

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-Where the medical benefits of cannabis and cancer solutions converge.

-Differences between European and American health care systems and how that effects access to alternative treatment options overall.

-The store behind the Essiac cancer treatment, the nurse, and the medicine man that started it all.

-The shark cartilage cure and it’s controversy.

-The Asbestos element of 9/11.

-The Syria Saga, Russia, and current events.

-The history of the struggle Russia has had with UFOs.

-Massimo’s assessment that the “competition” between Russia and the US during the space race and probably other areas, is simulated to some degree.

A few valuable resources from the interview:

Van Allen Radiation Belt:

Kelly Smith -Radiation problem

Post-Mission Press Conference with the Apollo astronauts:

Neil Armstrong’s Speech at the 25th Anniversary of the Apollo Missions:

Discover the enormous benefits of shark cartilage therapy:

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The New American Century:

Cancer: The Forbidden Cures:

UFOs & The Military Elite:

The True History of Marijuana:

September 11th: The New Pearl Harbor:

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16 Responses

  1. One show makes you larger, one show makes you small; and the ones that are on TV don’t teach you anything at all. ….
    Remember what Greg Carlwood said; feed your head!

  2. During the 60s I was a teenager living in Florida. Now with a view from 50 thousand feet it’s easy to see why NASA had to make sure that we succeeded. The Vietnam War was at a fever pitch, protests were happening everywhere. Mangled bloodied bodies on the news every night, our boys slaughtering & getting slaughtered & they couldn’t even vote for the ass that sent them there or have a beer because they were too young, But not too young to slaughter. There had a be a positive, if NASA came out with the truth there may have really been a rising up.

  3. Feel free to use my five bucks for whatever. I also have to agree with your insights on the use of fear regarding establishment vs alternative treatments. Disturbing but also hopeful.

    1. I’ve been there and the fear is real and so is the pressure to slash, poison and burn coming from the ones who love you and are terrified of losing you. Then all I wanted was to protect them from their own fears. But I’ve now warned them, when the cancer comes back, I won’t do it again. Ten years later & my quality of life sucks from what they did to me. Now I’m more afraid of the doctors and their barbaric treatments than I am of seemingly uncharted waters. Or of cancer for that matter.
      And I’m so fucking mad at all of them & their psychopathic greed. I was 22 when my dad died and 45 with my mom, both from cancer. I watched them both waste away in agony. And now my beautiful sister is trying to survive a rare and agressive brain tumor. (she somehow survived melanoma 20 years ago.) She and her husband won’t even consider trying something else even if it won’t interfear with what little they can offer. It’s quackery you know. She’s had this tumor removed and it grows back. Fast. Three surgeries so far in under a year. The last one was followed a week later by a massive stroke. She’s paralyzed on her right side and you can’t understand a word she says. She doesn’t bother much to try anymore. As if it wasn’t hellish enough already, I can’t imagine what kind of hell she’s going through now trapped inside her body. It’s so difficult to stand by and watch, not being able to do a damned thing about it. My beautiful, caring siStar.
      Those fucking motherfuckers.

  4. Loved the show and MM’s courageous work. But what I love most is Greg ALWAYS asks the questions I have of the guest; so intuitive, so engaged, so thorough.
    So many reasons to drop out of the system.
    Lucinda from Canada
    Born Again Hippie

  5. As always, great show and phenomenal hosting! I try to listen to other podcasts and they always fall short compared to THC. You really get the most out of your guests. Thank you.

  6. “With this knowledge would you ignore mainstream treatments and put your life in your own hands?” (Paraphrasing) Me, myself yes 100% no doubt in my mind cancer won’t be my cause of death. Maybe suicide by door knob tho…

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