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Today on everyone’s favorite fringe-y podcast, Steph Young joins THC to walk us through some of the strange scenarios and cases she’s uncovered in her long history of writing about anomalous, paranormal, and fortean topics and events.

We talk about a ton of strangeness including: missing people, areas of increased energy, occult rituals underground entities, ethereal encounters, skinwalkers, etc.

In the Plus show we talk about the “black goo”, tales of time travel and time slips, ancient time machines, effects of certain frequencies, and a whole lot more.

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  1. I honestly was beginning to worry if you were alive Mr. Carlwood! Havent listened to the episode yet but im starting it now so I just figured I would say welcome back.

  2. Was that Ballyboley forest she mentioned when referring to Ireland??? That’s absolutley amazing, I grew up about a mile from that forest and still live pretty close!!! It’s in County Antrim in Northern Ireland. I’ve done a quick search and there are other sources claiming it is an old druid site as well. Apparantly there’s a gateway to what the Celts called “The Otherworld”…..but it’s a creepy forest for sure anyway!! It’s fairly small though, even before a fungal infection led to a huge amount of trees being removed.

    I think it’s time for some fieldwork………. 🙂

  3. I find it kind of hard to understand the guest without some serious focusing.. maybe the combo of her accent, the speed that she’s speaking and the Skype connection or whatever she’s piped in on. Maybe it’s just me, dunno. I might have to d/l this one and find a player that’ll let me slow it down a touch.

    1. I had the same problem. I downloaded it, adjusted the audio a bit with a free equalizer have on my phone and put in a decent set of ear buds and I heard everything beautifully.

    1. Auto-tune?? Oh behave ye uncultured one, she speaks fine, you’re just struggling with her accent. As FlyinBuddha stated above, download it then use a program like VLC Player (which everyone should have anyway) and slow it down a little. And ask for advice next time instead of whinging about it.

  4. Yay, thank you soooooo much for having Steph on your show!!! I love hearing all the stories she’s collected throughout her research. And having YOU interview her just brought it to a whole new level of awesomeness! My favorite author and my favorite radio host together… I could barely contain myself, lol. Such a great show.

    Also, sorry about the doubters. This planet breeds all kind of mental patients. I see it as one big Insane Asylum, actually, and for whatever reason, some of us inmates are able to become self aware and thus begins our journey to find the way out. Unfortunately, we still have to deal with the other inmates who have yet to gain that awareness.

    Anyway, good vibes to you, and thanks for EVERYTHING you do!!!!! You rock!

  5. What….I kept checking back, figured Mr. GC was off in the EU somewhere, still enjoying the locals, heh. How did I miss all this about a DOS and the rest? Glad your back and this guest had some pretty cool, creepy stories, all good…….hope some of the more uptight among us can just appreciate some good stories and not worry about whether they are true or *the truth*. Relax mofus, breathe…yes breathe my friends =) I’ve seen comments about this guests voice, I’m automatically tuning her out at points, I just *CANT* hear her talking. Very odd combination of factors producing that effect…..just have to turn that shit up a little.

  6. Glad to see your still here Greg. I as well was beginning to wonder if the string pulling Ya-hoo’s got to you. Just saying man as we found out other people have been shut up and put down for much smaller reasons. I’m nearly caught up on all Plus shows and am digging back into the 1 hr archives. Great show and I like how you let the guests tell their own story and just keep letting the ones that are full of it hang theirselves. There’s at least an inkling of truth to all your guests, and some much more than the others. BTW, Im on board with the flat/hollow earth. Would like to hear from a geocentric astrologer named Dr. Robert sungenis. Peace

  7. Glad you’re back Greg. I was originally drawn to your podcast because of the Eric Dubay and the first Crrow lunar illusion shows. Those topics and the 440hZ topics have definitely been my cup of tea. Been THC+ for about a month now, listening to you about 3 months total. I have binge listened to EVERYTHING that you have up. Best $5 I’m spending a month. The plus membership is a steal in all actuality. I would pay $10/month for what you are giving us.

    This was a great show, and a good example of something I probably wouldn’t listen to on another show – which is a testament to you and your good vibes. I love your style, so refreshing. As for those who said they couldn’t understand Steph, I didn’t have any problems. Maybe they were drinking A LOT of drink, smoking A LOT of smoke? As for myself, I keep it in moderation.

    Keep doing your thing my man, and I’ll keep supporting!

  8. Hey Carl, glad you are back my man. I enjoyed the show. Yeah I gotta say I was a bit worried did not know what what was going on. Glad you are back and well. I decided to go ahead and sign up for the plus show in the absence of you being gone and the site being down. Glad that I did, you deserve my money for all of your hard work. Keep up the incredible work that you do, it is appreciated.

  9. It’s cool how the second thc plus ever is David Polidus who does siniliar research and the first is Nick Redfern who is also mentioned in this episode.
    Would really like to get hold of some of Steph’s work in paper back if anyone can help.
    Just also like to say to Greg that I hope enjoyed your excursion. Sounds unreal and looking forward to the pictures/footage and perhaps a Graham Hancock episode(!!!!) and even though I didn’t think you’d run off with my money to a faraway land forever it’s good to hear you again. You make my walks to work very pleasant listening to your show.
    There have really been some amazing episodes recently.
    Keep fighting the good fight.

  10. Yes, a little heavy on the accent . . a little bit rushed with excitement . . and quite a bit of low quality A to D conversion from the service provider (on the phone line). All the more reason to re-listen several times. And if I may speak for those who feel the same. . . . Greg, please don’t feel like you need to apologize to us for technical difficulties or traveling to do research or spending a few extra minutes in a hyperbolic decompression chamber. We trust you and we trust your creative process. Most of us have never met you. . . but we know you. cheers!

  11. Mr. Carlwood!! excellent to hear your back safe and sound. Excellent episode. Being a listener from down in New Zealand im excited to start researching the black goo that was mentioned. Just so you know my bro, your lack of sponsoring and huge amounts of adds really does help add to the integrity of this show. Like kingblackacid said we might not have met you, but we know you and we trust you! p.s I am not for a second regretting signing up to the plus show. Its pretty effing rewarding

  12. Sounds like your floating a wee bit…stay up there brother! YOU ARE THE EXCEPTION!!! Amazing woman! As usual mass amount of new information! Even your so called bomb interviews are great because of who you are! Always bugs me when you feel Ya need to spend your time talkin to the ones who don’t get it…your like what radio use to be like…wait all week…settle down after everything’s down…put on your magic decoder ring and really be able to enjoy a couple hours of……what if….I WONDER…waiting for the end when Carlwood gives his outlook on life not dealing with silly stuff. It great to hear a fellow sister who has got it together! Going to down load her books for my upcoming trip! Higherside is the BEST cause CArlwood follows his passion!

  13. Great interview!
    Glad you’re back. I was afraid you’d been nabbed by the “Tall Whites.”
    Keep the good content rolling, and I’ll keep spreading the word about your kick ass programs.

    1. Nordics don’t like eccentric people. That’s why they don’t contact humanity openly, we’re all eccentric. It’s totally downplayed and everyone loves to worship them. But their endless talk about “being one” tips their hand. You and I would consider their society amazing, but very homogeneous and boring, with people looking and acting much more similar than we’re used to. And they’re not as spiritual as they say. They’re obsessed with genetics and life extension as all aliens are. Earth is the spiritual fast track. They’ll be doing their thing for eons after we’ve moved on to something better.

      1. Also notice how their contactees are compromised in some way so as to be molded easier. Billy Meier was uneducated, Sheldon Nidle was beaten to DEATH by his father, he was revived by the Nordics I think. I mean come on, that’s the kind of human spokesperson they need? I don’t think they’re a physical threat, but don’t take advice from them.

  14. Thank you Greg for the interview. Btw, your guest’s voice sound muffled, it sounded like she’s speaking into a glass cylinder. It must be her microphone. It’s hard enough to follow her British accent, her muffled voice doesn’t help at all. Is it possible to edit her audio to sound more crisps?

  15. Sorry to break it to you all, but that there is one of the cleanest, straightest South England/London accents you are going to get this side of the BBC or central casting! 🙂

    Man, she has an abundance of crazy stories at her fingertips,(!) but I really liked they way she mixed it up with some positive weird tales.
    Too much negativity in this space becomes a bit of a drag. Good, freaky things happen all the time to me, it’s not all mutilated cows and symbiotic psycho-goo……. 😉

    1. You’re right, her speech was perfect. Just effects from low bandwidth connection. I don’t understand why people can’t tell the difference, but oh well.

  16. As time goes on and more researchers come to light more dots are to be connected like the constellations in the skies. Good interview and welcome back from the trip!

    I gotta say its pretty amusing watching people freak out when you said you were going away for a bit in a past episode~

  17. I rated this as poor, not because of content, but because her phone or Skype connection was terrible. I couldn’t understand anything she was saying through most of the interview. I play the podcast on my phone while working in my shop, and i usually have no issues, but this one in particular was bad.
    On a side note, Greg, got my shirts, and they’re awesome!

  18. Greg, good to have you back. The Steph Young show was awesome! She drew me in with her stories, and wow, did you cover a lot of ground in the plus show. I liked the time travel/John Titor reference, too, and I have a trove of information on that case dating back to approx. 2005, if you are interested. One comment on the discussion of John Titor: The dates “JT” spoke of were in reference to his own timeline, and it is possible that we are seeing some of the same influences on our own timeline, prodding us to war– although at a different point on that timeline. I don’t think you could make a whole show out of it, but it is interesting that in 2001 this guy predicted things like YouTube, armed standoffs with law enforcement, wavering Western support for Israel and an aggressive Russian empire. Most people believe he was a fake, but I still find some of the things he wrote to be unsettling.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Amazing show! Steph had such a lot of fantastic stories – I will have to listen again, there was a lot to take in. And so good to hear a British female voice on your podcast -nice one, Greg. (To the people having trouble understanding Steph’s accent, I hate to break it to you but that is a pretty clear and standard London/South UK accent – if you ever head over to the UK for a visit and you need a translator… let me know ; )

  20. This girl was blowin my mind-she talked so fast and had so much to say –this stoner had to back it up and listen again, because my mind was being blown over and over. Trippy for sure. Thanks Greg, you’re a top notch interviewer! I think my favorite ever.

    Paranormal is fun.

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