Ole Dammegard | False Flags, The Caravan of Crisis Actors, & Their Global Terror Tour

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Ole Dammegard returns to THC this week to talk about the false flags all over the world in the last year or so: Paris, Copenhagen, Sydney, Ottawa, and more. Ole has been tracking the moves of the New World Order for over 30 years, which gives him a high level of insight when it comes to analyzing the latest moves from their fear creation playbook.

Check out the vast amount of work Ole has done, and his book, Coup D’etat In Slow Motion at his website:


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    1. Yeah, I feel like an idiot for that. I just assumed “took off life support” meant “died,” but she’s still in a coma surviving without the machines, I guess. My bad! I try to be pretty accurate about things when I can.

  1. ohhhhoho i am ready for this one… i hope the omission of newton CT from the episode summary was a clerical error and not an accurate portrayal of all topics discussed.

    heads up greg, your link to is not working right but the url is valid.

    1. Fixed the link, thanks for the heads up. I feel like I covered Sandy Hook enough at the time. There was a good older episode with Sofia Smallstorm.
      I think it gets a mention a time or two in this one, but the focus here was really overseas attacks. I do think Sandy Hook is another example of the same pattern, but it’s not talked about much here. Sorry!

      1. my bad, you clearly said “in the last year or so” ! i feel a lot of my issues with sandy hook mostly go un addressed at large so i was just hoping for more on it. i guess thats a thread for the forum !

  2. I’m really glad there’s someone like Ole Dammegard that’s keeping tabs on all of this. Once I realized most of these events are staged I stopped being so reactionary and digging into every false flag for the minutia / symbolism (that would be a full time gig these days). His work would be a great entry point to get people into alternative topics.

  3. Interesting show as always.

    While I do believe there are definite false flag events, I’m not convinced that every “terror-related” attack is a false flag. Take the Sydney siege for example: I believe this was a poorly thought-out and orchestrated attack by what Australian politicians and the media called a “lone wolf” attack (their favourite catch-phrase of the moment). I worked directly across from the Lindt Cafe for a couple of years and know it well. I believe the two victims who lost their lives were real people, as they were both well known – the manager of the popular cafe and a highly regarded and well-connected lawyer. The guy who orchestrated the attack had a troubled past, was a known radical and had been implicated in the murder of his former wife (for which he was out on bail at the time). Whether he had any “help” I don’t know, but any help he did have would have been from someone as equally incompetent.

    The Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, on the other hand, is another story. The one thing I can’t get past though is that those reportedly killed were relatively well-known cartoonists (at least in France) so I don’t know how you could fake their deaths. My guess is that those reported to have been killed in the office actually were. By who, or why, however, remains a mystery.

    Ole has obviously done a great deal of research over the years and presented his case well on the show. As someone with a marketing background, I loved the product placement angle. I did have trouble with a couple of points, in particular, though:

    1. The recorded nil murders in relation to the Sandy Hook event have previously been explained in that the figures for 2012 were compiled prior to the event taking place. Therefore, you would have to look for the 2013 figures to see if they were included then before citing this as evidence.
    2 . In relation to “crisis actors” there is probably a legitimate purpose in advertising for crisis actors for use in emergency drills etc. In high school (back in the mid 1980s) our class was bussed down to the local aerodrome to act as either victims or a crowd while the emergency services responded to a simulated plane crash. I assume, they would now use “crisis actors” instead of a bunch of unruly school kids (my classmate faked a heart attack and the paramedics didn’t know whether he was being legit or not).

    I’m not convinced that you would sign up with a crisis actor agency and suddenly be drawn into the murky underworld of false flag attacks and psy-ops. Although, if you’d been doing it if for long enough, and you could be trusted … you may just end up getting a tap on the shoulder. Who knows? Perhaps that’s a question for Robbie Parker?


  4. Very enjoyable show. I love how Ole has no animosity towards the perps and murderers in these false flag events. He is ready to forgive and welcome the evildoers into a better state of consciousness.

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