Jay Parker | Satanic Ritual Abuse, Entity Invocation, & The Power of Consciousness

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Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats as he talks satanic ritual abuse, entity invocation and the power of consciousness with guest, Jay Parker.

While may of us are familiar with the dark and nefarious deeds of elite occultists, most of these accounts of satanic rituals involving rape, sacrifice, and mind-control come from second-hand sources, making them vague and hard to verify.
Today’s guest, Jay Parker is a multi-generational Satanist, who spent the first seven years of his life, deeply entrenched in The Church of The Marquis of Hell. Forced to withstand a plethora of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of his parents and other cult members, Jay joins The Higherside to expunge past atrocities and shed light onto elite occult families, their systemic abuse, and his uphill struggle to re-program his subconscious mind.
3:30 As a man who has lived through some of life’s greatest traumas, and come out the other side, Jay begins by describing his frightening and horrific childhood. Born into a multi-generational, Satanic family, with elite parents whose powerful occult knowledge and ability included mind control, rape and killing, Parker details his ancestral connection to Satanism stretching back on his mother’s side 3,000 years to the Amalekite people of the Old Testament.
10:00 Providing some background for the circumstances he grew up under, Parker details the rich history surrounding his family’s roots and the pre-Atlantean connection to his family’s beliefs. He also touches on the true nature of Atlantis– it wasn’t a Utopian paradise, but rather a fascist state where it’s citizens were mind control victims. Greg and Parker discuss the magical implications behind conducting such nefarious rituals, the morphic field, satanic ritual abuse and their effects on epigenetics.
23:00 Parker continues describing the destruction of consciousness he experienced as a child. With every child in a “programmable state” during their earliest years of life, bombarding them with Satanic acts ideology, and imagery breaks down the subconscious. Greg and Parker also discuss the pre-Atlantean dark pact made by multi-generational elite families and entities.
35:00 An integral piece of Parker’s presentations is his descriptions of elite pedophile villages, such as Arden, Delaware and Rose Valley, Pennsylvania, where perverse practices were par for the course among residents and these communities were established specifically for these nefarious purposes. Greg and Jay discuss some of the horrifying details about the rituals and torture he endured, including electroshock to the base of the spine, drugs, rape, murder and imprisonment.
45:42 After detailing several Satanic rituals he experienced, Jay and Greg pivot to discussing the occult influence in towns throughout the country, an interesting statue of Quaker William Penn, and the current state of Jay’s family lineage.
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– trauma healing and EFT

– modern-day pedophile/sexual abuse/trafficking scandals

– mind control and Josef Mengele in Missouri

– the scope of the overall network

– Jay’s shapeshifter experience

– the new phase of the Big Cult’s plan

– the power of Rick Simpson Oil

A few valuable resources from the interview:
Allan and Delair’s “Cataclysm!: Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 95,00 B.C.”:
Allan and Delair’s “When the Earth Nearly Died:Compelling Evidence of a Catastrophic World Change 9500 BC. “:
Rupert Sheldrake’s “Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields”:
Rupert Sheldrake on The Higherside Chats “Animal Telepathy, Plant Consciousness & Morphic Fields”:
John Lamb Lash’s “Not In His Image”:
Dr. Bruce Lipton on The Higherside Chats “The Biology of Belief, Self-Healing and Epigenetics”:
Robert Sepehr’s “Atlantean Gardens”:
Lloyd Pye’s “Everything You Know Is Wrong”:
Mark Passio’s “Natural Law” seminar:
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67 Responses

  1. 54 minutes in and I’m calling bullshit. Fun story. Greg did his part as usual, but I’m just not buying this guys story. Not really explaining getting out, jumping ahead in line and so on. I’m still gonna finish listening. At least I’ll get a new song at the end!

    1. I’m right there with you. I found that he spent a great deal of time avoiding direct questions, and quoting other people. Having lived through hell myself, I’m sorry but I’m simply not feeling his pain. Could I be wrong? Of course. But my gut says no.

  2. Here we go again with this Trump savior bullshit! Going after the pedophiles? Campaigning for Roy Moore. Plenty of weird things to tie Trump to being a pedo himself.
    Instead Chump is going after our internet, trying to take away our healthcare AND fuck us all over with tax cuts for him and his 1% buddies! Prepping us for more wars! Anybody who sees this guy as a super hero is delusional.
    I find it strange how many conspiracy theorist support this President so much.

    1. I agree. I find Trump supporters suspect. Look st Alex J. He has morphed into the “we are legion pig”. Anyone who thinks a 1% er like DJT who said pedo remarks about one day dating 5 year old or about dating his own daughter should be eliminated from your mind as trustworthy. Don’t forget folks he is a personal friend of Jeff Epstein the Lolita Express pedofile.
      DJT is an elitist and a globalist.
      WTF people?

    2. Pretty sure Trump didn’t come out in full support of Roy Moore. As for pedophiles, you must not be aware of the large numbers of arrests related to child abuse and trafficking that have occurred within the past year…

  3. I agree. Greg is well prepared. Asked great questions. The guy can’t answer. Talks about bullshit new agey things. So frustrating cause the subject is fascinating, and the intro was sompromising.

  4. While I personally believe that Trump is part of the controlled opposition, and am not one of the truther’s who believed he would be a savior; I have met Jay personally and do not let his personal politics cloud the rest of what he is saying. He is kind, he disseminates information freely, he lives simply and humbly, and he practices what he preaches. He is honest, he works hard to share the information that he learns, and he lives by his ethics and not for money. He isn’t gaining anything in finance, notariety, or power for talking about his family of origin, except maybe ridicule by disbelievers.

    Jay helps to direct SRA victims to resources for help, and instead of complaining about how bad the world is, or giving a utopian whitewash; he works to not only educate people but also to help them resolve the issues of their programming and provides resources for people to heal and live better lives within the hologram. When he doesn’t know something he flat out tells you that he is still working it out, and when something is an opinion he will own that too, and when it is another’s work he will reference the author and cite the book.

    Someone commented that he didn’t speak in a linear fashion. As a clinician trained to work with trauma survivors; I would expect nothing less than a non-linear approach when a person bravely speaks out on a national platform about being raped and tortured. Quite frankly, he did much better than I would expect.

    I find it interesting that I’ve met people who speak of pedophilia in the elite, etc.; but when there is a real human face to go with the tales there is cognitive dissonance around accepting the possibility that it may be true. Just something to take note of within ourselves and consider. At the free your mind conference both Jay Parker and Jeanice Barcello were hard for people to hear. Imagine having a slide show to go with these topics. It’s a little too intense for the human mind to want to accept.

    None-the-less, I have sat at this gentleman’s table and looked him in the eye when he has recounted more than is in this podcast. I have no reason to believe he is lying. I respect him for his work, I applaud his bravery, and I appreciate his free sharing of wisdom.

    1. Years ago there was a guy by the name of Mike Warnke who claimed to be a High Priest in the a Satanic Church. He was very successful in the Evangelical Christian community during the Satanic panic of the 80’s.
      I was one of thousands that packed in to one of his shows.
      He had a long run on the Christian talk scene then Cornerstone magazine did some investigation into some of his claims and long story short he was found to be a fraud and merely milking the Satanic fear cow that was grazing at the time.
      I don’t know if Jay is a fraud but his story is very similar to Mike Warnke’s.

      1. With charlatans, all one usually has to do is follow the money. I can personally attest that Jay isn’t cashing in. He lives simply. He really is just a guy that is trying to tell his story in hopes that he can help others get out of it with EFT, etc. All you have to do is spend some time with him to see that it’s his personal mission in life.

    2. VictoriaPheonix I just wanted to say I agree with your comments. I have unfortnately not met Jay personally but have had chats with him on FB where he has been very helpful and given me his time. I have also listened to more than just this interview which I would always do to make as reasoned a decision as possible about what to think of a person. I have also studied psychology many years ago now but would agree that Jay definitely still shows many signs of his traumatic upbringing including memory blocking and avoidance. I do query his regard for people such as Sichen but I think this probably comes from his mother painting a picture of history which puts more power into her “gods” hands as many “religious” do. Having listened to a lot of his work I totally agree that Jay has no axe to grind and is very humble – I wonder if many of us would be able to come through like this from such a beginning. Harsh judgements which we seem so ready to make these days are playing into the hands of those who would control us. Thanks Greg for the in depth and varied subjects you cover and the amazing people you have on your show.

  5. Thanks for another great show! Fascinating topic. I’m so happy I subscribed to THC, it’s the most interesting and original show out there right now. Regardless of the guest each week there’s something to be learned. Thank you for sharing these different points of view and keeping the shows steadily coming. Loved the new song at the end.

  6. Spooky rituals are one thing. Torture, rape and murder are another. This man is a witness to crimes. Where is law enforcement? Jay is not afraid to speak out on podcasts , why not have a chat with the FBI ?

    1. Here I am commenting on my own thread. So in plus Jay does mention law enforcement somewhat. Basically that any position of power is taken by a Satanist. Then he goes on a tangent about North Korea and Iran.
      Never does he criticize the USA for war crimes and atrocities.
      The show only skims pizzagate but I appreciate Jay mentioning the scores of missing children that are a constant reminder that something very sinister is about.

  7. I like to listen first the Youtube version and then full version here on THC Plus.
    The comments that Greg added about Magic and etc. at the end of the Youtube version was very enlightening.
    Now I listen to the full version here o Plus. Great Show.
    I continue to be a proud member of THC Plus.

  8. Greg I have been a fan of yours for sometime now but my life never has conformed with the norm so I put off becoming a plus member till this interview, I think I know the Truth when I hear it.(will do more research) This guy confirms a lot of what I thought I knew but was still in the grey about it. I skipped school in the second grade to see the last “elected” President assassinated until President Trump was elected. Two major events happened to me in 68, First I had a conversation with the CREATOR or GOD, the crux of that conversation was keep your eyes and ears open and pay close attention and I will come to you later in life the second was I seen a guy sitting on a bench picking out seeds to roll a joint, that was the first time that I had actually seen marijuana, before that it was reefer madness story, when I saw those seeds though I thought to myself ‘somebody has been lying to me’. That’s when I started my research and fortunately at that time a lot of libraries still had turn-of-century encyclopedias, I never smoked until 75 after I was well knowledgeable and a demo-specialist in the army that give me the knowledge to see the Truth of Waco, OKC,911,ect.
    I never thought I would get to smoke a legal bowl but I now have a medical cannabis card, my guardian angel slipped me right past more than one Life+ sentence for growing. I never thought that I would see another “Elected” President but now we have President Trump and it is starting to look real that the elite or cabal will finally be held accountable for their crimes. Sure I am still sceptical but look at the Truth: President Trump is as different from past presidents as Cannabis is to petroleum.
    These are just my thoughts; everyone has the right to express their opinions but when they criticize or put down another person with out showing just cause- Karma will bite that ass.
    Greg you are a bright and shining light that emboldens an other wise deceived population.

  9. I believe this might be my favorite episode so far. The whole interview in its entirety was filled to the brim with information including some rabbit holes to dive into in the near future. Also the song at the end was the cherry on top! 😀 Keep on Keepin on Greg ^_^ do the damn thing!

  10. At times it seems its all made up. As if this man was put out by the so called “illumanti” to further perpetuate the idea of Satanic practices by these people. Moreover he constantly keeps referencing a few exact locations that if it were true the authorities would be able to go in and find these places of horrific rituals. I just find it all to unconceivable that he would remember this much from age 7. with no mention of psychiatric help.

    1. In the beginning he mentions that he has gone through a great deal of healing that has allowed him to speak about it and to spread the word about what these people do.

  11. I certainly think this is one of the most important issues of our day, but Jay Parker did the topic no favors in this interview in my opinion. He spent more time talking about other people’s theories and explanations, and past life regressions then he did on elaborating on his life experience. I was looking for HIS insights into the topic, not that of other well known researchers.

  12. Great interview and I must say Jay is totally legit. I’ve met and talked with him and there and I’ve had no doubt he was for real. This man has lived it and is one of the few people who isn’t afraid to come forward with this information, so when info like this does come out, it’s really difficult for people to believe. The skeptics don’t realize how valuable this is coming from first-hand experience. The argument that Law Enforcement would as a consequence investigate these crimes if they were true is a very weak one, due to the reality of the overt control these cults and connected governent/intelligence have over the system. Jay gave a good example of HOW it works when the 3 cops were murdered in the 1930s. Law enforcement is also notorious were covering up crimes of the elite.

    I’m glad he talked about John DuPont and what happened in 1996 when he flipped out and killed his boyfriend. A friend of mine lived nearby and said he was totally insane and painted one of his houses or barns completely black. The DuPont family is a disaster and one of the most powerful families in the States. One of them lived right near another friend of mine in a little castle house and would dress up in costumes of a fireman, soldier, etc. and walk around the neighborhood. Probably traumatized from all the loving attention he got growing up in the family.

    The story of Lewis DuPont Smith is a big story from the 80s when he broke away from the family and supported the LaRouche movement and the publishing of Dope, Inc., exposing the global mafia.

    Also, what he thinks about the President has no bearing on his story.

    I think “multi-generational Satanist” from the description should be changed to “from a multi-generational Satanic family” or something of the like.

  13. Fascinating. So many times the story is so bad I have had cognitive dissidence like for 911 and so many other things that have proven true, so I now find myself keeping an open mind. But it is very interesting. So many people have gone missing especially children and what do they tell us, ‘oh its usually a parent’, I just don’t buy that anymore. Its all coming out. I’d love to hear more about the theory of what our world really is in regards to a prison planet theory, but it doesn’t sound like he believes that. I mean, if we are just living out a fake world then who are these beings who say how many life times we have left?

  14. I’m on the fence about this one. Jay seemed to move around direct questions. But in saying that I follow Fiona Barnett who is an Australian survivor of SRA and VIP pedophilia and she too doesn’t say a lot on how she got out. I don’t think she is out as her family is still threatened, she is followed and harrassed. She too says she just made a decision to leave. My mind boggles that Luciferians, after so much investment in a child, would let them just walk away… and yet I am no expert on how all this SRA affects the way peoples minds work so I cannot judge him on how he answers questions. In so far as referencing others, to me he sounds like a guy who has done his homework trying to find the Truth and why he is here. Many of his sources I have found myself through trying to get answers and going down the rabbit warren.
    Jay commented how skilled his mother was at programming, who is to say he is not a ticking time bomb, he obviously still has supressed memories. I will definitely be checking out Jay on YouTube and in other interviews as well as his resources. Great show Greg as usual! Thank you!

  15. I thought it was a really interesting show. He provided some great links to other material and he clearly had and excellent working knowledge of a broad spectrum of interrelated topics. I felt sorry for what’s happened to Jay, but the guy has taken control and pulled himself and his life up by his bootstraps.

    I agree with one of the other comments. People seem happy to jump on to the conspiracy bandwagon at a concept level, but unhappy when it becomes about someone’s personal experience. We’re neber going to agree with 100% of what every guest says (Trump for example), but I don’t think we should throw the baby out with the bath water.

    I’ve been listening to THC for probably 18 months now and a plus member for 9 months (although my forum access hasn’t worked for a while – any help gratefully received). The shows cover a very broad range of topics, but a very high percentage of it is related by a vast spider web of connections. I thought this show highlighted that fact really clearly. Most recent shows have a healthy overlap and are building on each other. I’m looking forward to continuing progression.

    Anyway, the more I listen to the shows the more I’m starting to think we’re all player characters in our own world and that to a certain extent everyone else is an npc. I think that’s what syncronicities are all about and it’s the program helping us to manifest our own future.

  16. Jay sounds alike a humble, friendly guy, which makes it all the harder to say that, at least to me, his stories sound rather incoherent and farfetched. I def. believe him when he says that he had terrible stuff happen to him in his childhood – but the whole illuminati-multi-generational-satanist explanation sounds incredibly incoherent, both in its contents and the evidence presented (or lack thereof).

    He reminds me of another guest Greg had here a few years ago. Very smart and obviously traumatized British guy, who was convinced that he came from an illuminati/alien bloodline, was similarly tortured and tutored and then allowed to leave that whole lifestyle behind willynilly. His argumentation also had a lot of holes, closed-loops and could not really hold up very well.

  17. I agree with some of the previous comments that Jay’s testimony seems a bit dis-jointed, and some of the finer points of his escape were glossed over. However, I am well acquainted with a survivor of ritual abuse, who suffers from ptsd and did (disassociative identity disorder), and listening to this person speak about their trauma is very similar to the way Jay recounts his own. Like part of their psyche is disconnected from the experience. From what I understand this is a result of a coping mechanism which allows the abused person to deal with their trauma from a safe distance.
    I have also had first-hand encounters with members of high-ranking political and military families who I have no doubt were subjected to monarch style mind control, and in fact I believe this to be more common than the average person would believe. This, along with knowing just how fucked-up and creepy the state of Delaware actually is, leads me to believe that Jay’s testimonial is at least based in reality on some level.
    I found it fascinating what he said about children under 7 having only 2 distinct brain wave patterns, and then later developing a 3rd. This reminds me of how holograms are formed from the interference patterns of 2 sources or reference points, which overlay one another to form a more coherent pattern.

    1. Glad you liked it! It’s a far out tale, but I think Jay is a genuine guy. He’s talking about repressed memories that came back later in life when triggered also. What he talks about is just such a good conceptual match for a lot of the things I think happen, that I really appreciate him being so candid.

      Personal story aside, I also thing he’s great at picking out other good info in the alternative world: Rick Simpson Oil, Rupert Sheldrake’s work, the Electric Universe, etc. so I also like that Jay and I are on the same page on a lot of that stuff too.

  18. Wow! This is very intense! I wonder if there is background entity that sponsors Jay and keeps him out of harm’s way. It is one very unexpecred and deeply rich subject with jucy knowledge. The onlu thing to ask is why do those entities or people allow him to speak about this, have a website and just be.
    If rape is of such i mportance to break the barier of the reality, I wonder if the kama sutra, the tanric and other sex related traditions have anything to do with the subject.
    Greg, you are one of my most favorite hosts; so articulate and knowldeable. Thank you for another amazing show

  19. This was a fascinating interview. He connected a lot of dots, especially the Rh-negative blood. I would love to see a Higherside episode dedicated to that subject. I’m not sure if I buy into his stories of seeing entities and the Anunnaki, but that doesn’t mean his entire life account should be discounted. One thing he did mention that I found interesting was the statue holding the bag. That could be related to the images and statues all around the world that Graham Hancock has talked about that typically show a man holding a mysterious bag, seeding civilizations.

  20. When Jay revealed he was on board the Trump train I got off. If we are controlled trans dimensional sociopaths in a simulacrum then how can he find that guy to be the man to fix it? If anyone is being ridden by soul sucking demons it is our president.

    1. I’m always disappointed when I hear a person put faith in the Trump administration, but I try not to let my differences with them on politics cloud the rest of the conversation/information.

      1. I’m interested to know why you think someone shouldn’t put any faith in the current administration. So far, it seems like his main points of focus are economic infrastructure, national sovereignty, and security. That doesn’t mean every choice under his admin is correct, but I’d at least argue that no presidency is 100% perfect. With that in mind; do you think Trump is working towards a greater evil? If so, how?

        1. After half a year, Trump basically buckeled under the pressure of the Atlanticists and completely reversed his international politics. Instead of delivering his promises to get America out of the retarded Neocon power plays that overextend its resources and make wthe whole world hate the US, he now doubles down on the confrontations and imperialist intervention. No more exit date for Afghanistan, thousands of American soldiers in Syria, more bombing of Yemen, endless provocations of Russia, Iran and China…this is basically Neocon imperialism and warmongering. Lots of benefits to the private /deep state interests backing the Neocons, absolutely no benefit to the American population. So if he wasn’t before, he surely is a servant of the hidden elite now.
          And this even before we get to domestic matters.

          1. “No more exit date for Afghanistan” because the Taliban will turn it into a terrorist state within a year. “thousands of American soldiers in Syria” to defeat ISIS (mission accomplished btw). “more bombing of Yemen” which is an ISIS (CIA) controlled state hiding behind human shields. ” endless provocations of Russia, Iran and China” Vlad and the Don are on first name basis, Trump was the first Pres allowed in the Forbidden City, and Iran is another CIA front and funnel to North Korea.

            I’m sure to be in the minority here but I think you all need to give Trump some credit. The world has only improved since his run for the Presidency. Read up on QAnon on 8chan and leave your liberal bias and Media induced Trump Derangement Syndrome behind.

            Anyway, great interview Greg!

            1. I’m on board with non, I am very very cautious with the trump, but I’m still waiting for him to step on his dick. Out of the Paris treaty and trans Pacific partnership? These are all good things right? Iran and Yemen, Cia, controlled, on point. The argument should be he hasn’t done enough, but not he’s fucked up everything. How did he worsen anything? I don’t own a TV so I don’t exactly get worked up over this stuff. I don’t get annoyed either way, just curious what lens they look at him through. If the government is corrupt, why go for Bernie Sanders and give them even more money and power. It’s all bullshit but that’s my two cents on the bull.

            2. No offense, but so many holes in what you say. The only reason ISIS has been eliminated from Syria is because Russia stepped in. You are delusional if you think the US did that. ISIS was gaining territory by the day until Russia stepped in and put an end to that farce. And it’s even in mainstream news now that the US armed ISIS indirectly. Trump is just a cog in the corrupt wheel of the American gov’t. To think anyone in the two parties are trying to “do good” is a joke.

  21. I was intrigued with the story of the William Penn’s statue holding a scroll and a carpet bag. Graham Hancock among others hit on the bag motif. A quick search produced an empty right hand and a scroll in his left hand.

    When the verifiable stories don’t check out, what does that say about the rest?

    1. Yep, he got that wrong about the statue – he could have heard it second hand and trusted the source. I think it’s a minor mistake and often times traumatized individuals will make mistakes having to do with memory, language, writing, etc.

      1. That’s a good point. I don’t think Jay is being intentionally deceptive. I think he is sincere, but anyone went through the trauma Jay described, or believes they went through the trauma is probably compromised. Also, I sincerely doubt the power elite still call themselves “The Illuminati”.

        But all said, I agree with Greg, Jay is a very good disseminator of information. He effectively references solid and creditable resources.

  22. Greg, Thank You! I LOVE hearing Jay share his insights and experiences. So many parallels to Cathy O’Brien’s story. 5 stars by me. What a stellar example of the power of human spirit! <3 <3 <3

  23. The realistic term for what Jay is talking about is “ritual abuse and sacrifice”, not pedophilia because that term loses the point. What Jay went through is evidence that there is a group of oligarchs who run these things so that they will have their army of psychopaths and sociopaths that do their dirty work in government, that kill their enemies & whistle blowers and inventors of free technology, etc., Sex with children is the means not the end. Likely all or nearly all serial killers are in this group who also do double time killing those enemies of the PTB. They use these techniques in with solders to get them to disassociate when they are doing something cruel beyond words to their victim. The PTB put their own children through this so that they grow up with no conscious and then can do things that require no conscious.

    This is the world as it really is and has been for 10,000s of years at least. The flesh and blood self-proclaimed gods (at least three of them according to academia sources proclaimed themselves “gods”) are the giants and Anunnaki in the bible and also the gods his parents worship. Got news for you, so do most religious worship those same baby-eating gods.

    1. Also, calling them Satanists misses the point. They don’t worship Satan at all. (They do worship Saturn though.) The head giant psychopath called his own brother Satan, who was a friend of humanity, compassionate, nurtured us, built us universities, became our teacher, was opposed to war. All the cuneiform texts from all the ancient civilizations with the different languages tell the story. In fact the bible was taken initially from those texts, translated to ancient Hebrew and Aramaic, both of which have no vowels, which made their translation difficult at best, and perfect for an oligarch to change the meaning of that text as the oligarch wished for his purposes. The Greeks and the Romans were both into religion creation, along with others.

      This might be the last so-called “rabbit hole” humanity will have to go down.

      1. I have Rh-neg blood, and am not working to enslave humanity. The fact is all of us have the Anunnaki DNA. All of us are cousins and sons and daughters of them. They created us, and later some of them married us. That is our true history.

  24. Aside from thinking there is anything motivating Trump aside from ego and greed it was a good episode. I certainly hope his numbers are inflated when it comes to the number of people participating in such ritualized evil because it would be a terrifying prospect if it were near 10%.

  25. Fell asleep listening to this interview. Didn’t hear very much. Soon I woke from a nightmare. There was an evil voice speaking in a language I didn’t recognize, and even though I wasn’t fully conscious, I knew I was scared. I was awake enough to repeat, in my head, “Jesus Christ protects me; I am a child of God” over and over and over until it stopped. And I went back to sleep. Still have not heard this interview in its entirety; I believe that playing it welcomed spiritual oppression into my consciousness. I wish Jay well, though.

  26. Hey, that statue in PA, the guy whom founded the city with the scroll and bag, it reminded me of Graham Hancock’s (think it was him), where he was finding a lot of symbols of a bag, or seed bag showing up, I think on the Gobleke Tepe. Maybe it’s just one of the older symbols for the “learned”

  27. Another option for recovering from trauma is Trauma Release Exercise. It is easy to learn and once you do it is yours to use anytime you need it, no need to keep going to practitioners. So glad Jay has found healing. One of the things I appreciate about him is is humility and always giving credit to others in the Alt Research community for their work.

  28. Some really horrifying stuff in here. If it’s true, not sure how I feel about it. Basically, I would like to think that it’s not true. But, yikes.

  29. All these people saying he avoided Greg’s direct questions about the details of his experience have to really step back and look at what they are saying. This guy isn’t coming in this show to provide all the gory, lurid exciting details of his trauma. He is here to let everyone know that this stuff exists so that we can become more aware of the world we live in. If a friend decides to let you know they were raped by say a boyfriend in an attempt to help you understand how/why such things happen (for whatever reason) would you be more interested in asking them to give you details of the rape itself or details about what kind of a person her bf was, what the warning signs were etc…

    Yet here is Greg, over and over, “uh but like can you give us a first hand account of your abuse, details man, I want all the details, that’s The good entertainment right there, details about sadistic rape and torture of children by psychopaths, mmm yeah details man details”

    That stuff isn’t important for the context of this interview and the questions were really inappropriate and kind of tone deaf…at best.

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