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Alright Higherside Chatters, it’s easy to feel disenfranchised with our cog in the wheel society and the life sucking Empire perched above it. Draining us spiritually, emotionally, and in every other sense of the word. Stifling our innovation and development., and filling us with the aggressive indoctrination that if you seek a path outside of normalcy you will no doubt, crash and burn.

However, we still see some people outside of that cage who seem different: Freer, happier, enlightened and at peace – and we hear these outliers telling us that freedom is only a few brave choices away. That the Universe rewards the bold, and there isn’t much holding us back except our own fear. It’s a tough message to adopt, but there’s no denying the persistent call to tear down those cubical walls, shatter the shackles of the Empire, and orient our lives towards our True Will and the path of the Esoteric Tradition.

Well people, today we’re going to try and get the message through your heads one more time- as we’re joined by two people who know it well: Neil Kramer and Niles Heckman. You might remember Neil Kramer from the THC archives, as he was here once before almost 5 years ago. But for those who don’t, Neil is a philosopher, teacher, and esotericist. His work focuses on spirituality, mysticism, and metaphysics. He is a faculty member at the Omega Institute in New York, where he teaches spiritual philosophy, mysticism, esoteric studies, and self-development.

Today, in a rare trilog for this show, we’re also joined by Niles Heckman. A talented film maker and documentarian who has worked on several projects in line with the spiritual path including his Eposodic Series “Shamans of the Global Village. Together, they’ve just released a new documentary entitled Transmutation. Written and Narrated by Neil and Directed by Niles, Transmutation is a documentary about becoming your best self, rejecting the Empire, discovering the beauty and dangers of a hidden spiritual path, and hearing from those who have transformed themselves by walking it. Two individuals aligned with the esoteric, champions of the Divine Mysteries, and the one-two punch of Transmutation. Neil Kramer and Niles Heckman.

PLUS Content

-Alternative spacial models for the Earth: Flat Earth and Hollow Earth. -The Sun as a portal. -A view into cultures existing beyond the Empire’s influence. -EMF avoidance and cell phone radiation.

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  1. Well here’s a fine mess. Something it’s too late to participate in to total fulfillment, for much of the population doesn’t have two decades or more left just to arrive at this level of equilibrium. Assuming a start from the very beginning.

  2. this is absolutely one of the finest episodes to date. I’ve gone all through the archives and this one in particular I think is so relevant to your listeners. Or at the very least this one resonates with me more than any other has thus far. I’m right in the middle of this process and it’s just right on the money Greg. Thank you for all that you do and the magnificent wisdom that you are able to share and explore! Your podcast is like none other. I love Gordon and Grimmerica and all the homies out there, but your perspective is always honest and earnest and the questions you ask are so thoughtful. Love that this episode touched in how great you are!

  3. “Individual explorers of the divine mysteries…your fucking move.”
    Hey, that’s me! That’s us! Our fucking move! Awesome 1st time for that.
    Great show. I like their no-bullshit manner of presentation. Like, learn how to astral project, it will take about 2 years…
    I can see where they might be correct in the 30 year span of awakening hypothesis, I’m 20 years into my “awakening”(for want of a better term), and I do get the sense, and have for some time, that it will reach some sort of peak in about another 10 or so. Something told me a few years ago to let my hair grow out after shaving my head since since high school, in preparation for my future endeavors. I don’t know, maybe hair makes you more receptive or something, I think Nikola Tesla talked about that.
    Great descriptions of the dimensionality of the heavens and inner earth, very much in line with how I often describe it to globers and non-globers alike.
    Oh yeah, and they just discovered 12 new moons around Jupiter. Probably debris from the ever-elusive Nibiru…
    But I digress…
    Going to get away from this computer for a while and work on my light body.
    P.S. Loved the last episode as well, just been too busy to comment.

  4. If being an “adept” means 30-40 years of conversations with new age tony robbins types like this…there is no f**king way. Ive also been told that e clampus vitus initiates go through a stargate too…haha

  5. Loved this one! Only been a short time member, but find great value in your project here Greg. Hearing your story of your own life is inspirational and keeps me motivated to continue seeking out the truth and knowledge to help free myself and better my own life. I’d honestly pay $10 a month to be a member, as supporting you and this endeavor are totally worth it. Keep it up!

  6. Such a timely show. I personally thank you, and came home to see my wife had ordered the documentary. She really is my best friend, and sharing the insight of “The Carlwood” and guests has been a great way to explore our innerselves together. Bringing us to a level plane of existence to share thoughts. Thanks for all you don’t know you do Greg.
    Ps. Thrilled with the quality of the tee from clothing line. Gonna have to snatch another!

  7. AMAZING!! Absolutely loved this episode.
    For those who like ‘Conspiracy only, nitty-gritty, the worlds-a-fucking-mess and these are the people messing it’ shows will probably have issues with this one. But for those who are walking the walk and DOING the inner work; this is a diamond amongst lesser jewels.
    So good it requires a second listen.
    Also a fantastic follow up to Thomas Sheridan.

    Really appreciate the diversity of your shows Greg.

  8. I would love to know what Neil and Niles’ take is on Mark Devlin’s work, Beatles conspiracy theories, etc. Also their
    views on Crowley. Any insights on this, Greg?…. Bueuller??

  9. Another great perspective delivered! I’ve always believed we must use our own decernment in seeking our paths to the creator. Wisdom is definitely attained through experience and not necessarily beneficial to the recipient when delivered on a platter. I’ve been a conscious seeker since I was a child. Now in my late thirties the wisdom attained through the journey traveled has led me to living, and experiencing, a full life of emotional, physical, and mental quality. Definitely not saying a life of complete health and balance. But one in which I can appreciate my mistakes, for they have bestowed upon me wisdom, and I continue to build on that evolving wisdom.

    I am a firm believer that “what” we believe is of ultimate importance to each person. The more I seek and experience, the deeper the roots of this faith grow.

    G. Carlwood, Thank you once more for providing opportunities to this material and more! I subscribed yearly so won’t be on the front end of your rate hike but am supportive of your adjusted fees and will be glad to pay just a little more for your quality services. Your work is performed professionally, your preparation skills are evident, and your verbal delivery and inquiries are always respectful and considerate. Much appreciation!

  10. Blimey – the ego has landed. I listened deep into this but ended up getting tired of Kramer’s voice. Something Kramer clearly never does. Why use small words when a big one will do, is his mantra. I was waiting for gold but got the Neil Kramer philosophy and his lowdown on his path to enlightenment instead. He drowned out Nils, who could hardly get a word in edgeways. All that glitters is not gold.

  11. A very simple way to tell the Authentic from the non is…think of a person who has harmed you, note how your body reacts. Does the stomach tighten? Do the fists or jaw clench? Then think of someone who is loved within your life. Does your stomach relax? Your chest area open?
    Now, look at your “Guru” for want of a better term, does your stomach tighten? Now here is the trick, because the sacral contains karmic memory and stored memories from this life, place the left hand over the center of the chest, breath. Does the stomach relax? If your stomach stays tight, walk away, this is not your path at this time. If the stomach and heart centers remain open and relaxed, it is safe to progress further.

    Greg, my membership was up for renewal. I know it was cheeky but I grabbed a year, ahead of the price change. It’s not that you aren’t worth the extra, I simply don’t have it at the moment, and the feeling of a bargain was irresistible and felt magical.

    A wonderful show, Much love xx

  12. I really enjoyed this show, Greg! Thank you! I get all smiley when the guests are super appreciative of the really great questions you ask. Your hard work shows!

    I have a questions anyone who feels like answering – when talking about inner work and doing the hard mental work to create equilibrium – what are some practical things a person can do?
    I’ve changed careers and so has my husband, we are about 5 years into it – And still at the struggling financially and sometimes emotionally stage, but I wouldn’t change a thing. It is difficult to go against the norm!
    So my next thing would be to work on closing my “aperture” to a 4 and I’m not sure where to start.
    Thanks! I know this isn’t a self- help page but I often read really great stuff on here 🙂

  13. THIS WAS AN INCREDIBLE CHAT!!! Greg, thank you for introducing them to me. I had no idea about their work. I just downloaded the Transmutation movie. I gave them $33.33 so I hope they find that fun haha. These 2 hours you had with them resonated so much with me, I cant wait till my download finishes.

  14. Hello, Great show, loved the movie. I would like to know, if possible. Where did the number that the activation of 140,000 or so people would elevate or break through this consciousness entropy? Does anyone know the basis for that estimate?

  15. I appreciated the interview. Shortly after listening to the entire interview, I watched the documentary – I was not impressed. It seemed to be for the person who is newly considering to wake up – a neophyte to this material.

  16. A beautiful realization I had it is very true is that truth is traceable to the source so if you want to find out if someone is a fake or they are experiencing the real deal you go out in the same fashion as they did and you say to yourself truth is traceable to the source and you seek out the information that they obtained and you see for yourself if it is real or not. But beware for even sources we do not understand can give information that might not necessarily be true they must be tested and Truth is always traceable to the source for actually exist in the fabric of everything. Also if information is given by some higher Force then they also have a form if they do not show that form to you then you should discredit that information because if you’re worthy to hear it you are worthy to see them always.

  17. It seems to me that this is an episode where the interesting stuff comes in the second hour. Don’t bail just because hour one seems a little unfocused (i.e., a lot of ambiguous talk about what the true path is and is not, etc.)… the second hour, which starts around 1:10, gets really wild, fast. The sun is a portal? Love it.

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