Sofia Smallstorm | Cell Phone Radiation, The Machine Merge, & Glyphosate

Show Notes

Alright Higherside Chatters, if you’re paying attention, then you can see that our world is awash with poisons: Fluoride and pharmaceuticals in the water, aluminum and other heavy metals in the sky, a soup of toxins injected into our infants, a thick grid of high frequency signals in every populated area, genetically altered foods and animals and of course radiation boxes in our kitchens and in our pockets.

With so much happening at once, all the regulatory agencies properly captured, and most people living in ignorance- to pull apart, isolate, and assess these threads is nearly impossible- but many researchers are making the case that these shouldn’t be considered in isolation- but as multiple arms on one big campaign to permanently change our environment, and our bodies, as the capstone cabal makes room for their own building blocks of what today’s guest calls Pseudo-life.

Her name is Sofia Smallstorm and THC fans know her well. She was first here to break down the Elements of Sandy Hook that didn’t make sense in what became the first Higherside episode banned from YouTube…and then she returned a little over a year ago to talk about Biological Darkness, Techno-genetics, and the content from her presentation: FROM CHEMTRAILS TO PSEUDO LIFE: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology.

Well she is now has a part 2 in what is becoming the “FROM CHEMTRAILS TO PSEUDO LIFE SERIES” and it’s called “Living In The Manhattan Project” Tackling the history & horrors of Radiation – and why exactly the Nefarious Few have made sure there’s a cell phone in every pocket. Of course she is still going strong with her Monthly Newsletter: The Avatar Update, her website and her store full of products to beat back the bad guys and restore your health at It’s a real pleasure to have her back: A fellow So-Cal Conspiracy Chronicler, an educator at the big school of scandals, & a passionate advocate of Natural Life -Sofia Smallstorm.

PLUS Content

-artificial wombs and Kim Kardashian. -Jeanice Barcelo and her successful smart meter battle with the state of NY. -Spiritual karma and the legal fiction/corporation/commerce law issue. -Update on Morgellons.
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Great topic!
All this emf, cell phone, wifi, 5G, etc….is some serious sh*t with unforetold & likely horrific consequences. Once a week I’ll take a 15-20 min walk barefoot in grass field, dont know if it helps but this stuff is everywhere. Wish I could put my bed inside a faraday cage at night.


I hope she did some proper stretching before all of those mental gymnastics.. I personally have issue with these new-age people with 20 websites to sell their 1000x products who start off their rants with “it just hit me”.. I mean.. open floor plans and stainless appliances are the government spying on you? I thought I was the one hitting the THC a little hard.. it’s a trend. Just like shag carpet and wood paneling was then, and ugly granite counter tops and crappy laminate flooring is now. Trying my best to not be outright disrespectful because I think some of what she brings up is important – but it doesn’t help when you come off as a walking, talking click-bait link to your products page..


TinFoilTuxedo, did you do any research before your response, or are speaking from your gut? Its hard to research these topics, my gut says yes, there is something to this theory. I think they made up the whole children eat lead paint story back in the 70s to get everyone to remove their lead paint, just so they could xray homes from passing vans…

Can I prove it? No. But it coincides with the xray technology, and they do mount this technology in vans that rove the streets scanning homes. And I have yet to see or hear of any child ever eating paint chips. Wouldnt children still be eating paint chips if it was such an epidemic? Shouldnt all the children have little rainbow speckles of dried benjamin moore semi gloss around their mouths today? all while parents sleep easy knowing their children are safely munching away on non-toxic lead free plastic chips?


at 20:36 Sofia says uranium can hurt you… Are you aware of Galen Winsor’s claims? His credentials are insane, and his claims explain a lot…

Marie Curie – Mercury – God of Trickery… this is the game they are playing… hiroshima/nagasaki were faked… evidence is in the photos.


Much respect Daberman.. but no.. I don’t buy any of that whatsoever. I don’t think lead paint had anything to do with what you mentioned.. and I think we bombed Japan, regardless of whether it was exactly what we’re told it was.. If I had to put money on it – I’d bet that whole open-concept = big brother x-ray van spy machines concept is utter bullshit with zero evidence to corroborate..


Awesome. Thank you both. ????????????⭐️


Good stuff, thanks for another episode. I don’t always agree with everything anyone says, but I keep it in mind. At this point man, I believe its best to do so even if my immediate reaction is to reject it. You never know. Doesn’t hurt to just listen, and be aware of these different theories and ideas.


At the 9 minute mark she comments on open air floor plans being for surveillance… it’s the same thing with the lead pain campaign in the 70s, they couldnt xray your home from a passing van with all the lead paint on the walls, hence they use hagelian dialectic… lie and say children are eating the paint, so we gotta remove all the lead paint… I’ve never seen a child eat paint ever and no one I’ve ever asked has either.


You asked me if I researched before I posted… did you? I’ve never heard of this concept – and it doesn’t sound remotely plausible. You know that lead paint is actually potentially harmful right? Just like asbestos.. unless.. wait….. they can see through my roof now….. I have to go


So, forgive me if this is covered later in the podcast, I havent finished yet, but wanted to get this out before I forget…

They are using chemical cocktails on us… with glyphosate as the main base. Think of vodka, add sour, and its a collins, add orange juice a screw driver, add gin, rum, tequila, triple sec and a splash of coke and you have a long island ice tea…

For example, when glyphosate (round up ready, insecticide) mixes with diethyltoluamide (deet, mosquito repellent) you get a toxin 50 times more powerful than either chemical alone… its symptoms are rash, fever, headache, muscle pain, red eyes, and leads to birth defects. That toxin is what the media is calling the Zika virus.

This is the game they are playing… here are some mixers you can play with in your chemical cocktails… each combo has a different effect, cancer, estrogen markers, alzheimers, diabetes, aspergers, autuism, chrohns, heart disease, etc. (all of which are modern, as in less than 100 years old, diseases)

Just Mix ample helpings of Glyphosate and:
flouride (neurological)
chlorine (neurological)
sucrose (metabolic)
bisphenol A & B (hormonal)
sodium nitrate (hormonal, prostate)
aspartame (neurological) – Donald Rumsfields baby BTW!
etc. etc.
I have suspicions Monsanto’s Uruguayan GMO Cannabis is causing intestinal breakdown as well…

Organic food is no longer healthy, eat local, know your farmer. if you are suffering from a modern disease research Dr. Axe, Bone Broth diet, Westin Price, Gary Null, Gerson Method, then change your diet to see if you can improve your health. It’s astonishing how fast the human body can heal. Try it yourself.

This shits getting cray cray! Best of health to everyone!


This reminds me a little of part of the plot in Tim Burton’s Batman. The Joker poisoned different “consumer products.” Individually they didn’t have a huge effect, but when combined they became deadly.


Just curious, because I work on an organic farm and raise livestock organically – why do you say organic isn’t healthy anymore?


They now make organic Cheetos… they’re probably less unhealthy than regular Cheetos, but they’re still Cheetos – highly processed puffed starch paste with cheese powder.


Okay right, good point! You can have organic junk food, but it’s still junk food.


It’s about produce and whole foods not processed garbage. Big ag, industrial monocrop organic is most likely what they are talking about. I’ve researched it. Read the USDA national list of what is allowed in organic and it has gone downhill. However folks are foolish for thinking that monocrop industrial organic isn’t any better than conventional because it is! So buy local organic when you can but don’t be foolish and think that if you can’t do that there is no point in buying organic food. It’s too much for me to describe here. Big ag is lobbying for lowering the quality of organic foods, and has been slightly successful. When comparing the 2 though, after thorough research, industrial organic is still 50x better than conventional.


Husband just finished making us both faraday pouches for our cell phones.


This is very interesting what she’s saying about dreams and I agree, along with imagination I think it’s us common folks best way to tap into some sort of greater field, where the ‘elite’ must also be playing, right? I’ve always had powerful and vivid dreams and pay attention to them, but the thing is, it’s usually not some fun picnic of rejuvenation and renewal as the Sofia suggests. Often the same imagery is recurring again and again, things that are alien from my own life, that I’ve never experienced before and with otherwise seemingly strangers. The few family members who regularly chime in to my dreams, I have no idea why. But it’s usually stressful and crowded and nothing like the peaceful life of beautiful nature I have all around me in ‘my real life’. I have ‘forced’ myself to have good dreams before, and been able to direct my dreams in the moment, but it’s mostly tiring, not relaxing. But I do really think the Sofia (wise one according the name–makes me curious if it’s her real name, so true) is spot on with so many things and I keep meaning to subscribe, and now I definitely will.

The idea that these ‘nuclear bombs’ etc. are actually cover stories for other experimentation makes so much sense to me I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of it already. What a wicked web they weave! As a woman now middle aged and really feeling the effects of changes that seem unusual and rapid and insipid, of course the consumer and youth-obsessed culture dismiss such complaints as ‘just age’, but I think this is part of the plan. Arthritic pain at not yet 50 is not normal, and I think that the western claim that we are living longer and healthier in modern times is complete B.S. I’ve been an avid gardener now for 10 years, hard physical labor in the sun in TX (not for long, trust me, I’m not bragging, it’s always been tough!) but now just in the last 2-3 years the atmosphere is different, the heat and sun are different somehow, and why are there no mosquitoes this year, at all?! You sound insane when you complain there’s no mosquitoes, right?! But then we know to be aware of the canaries in the coal mine. Suddenly my skin is terribly sensitive, that’s ‘aging’ in 2 years?! Ok, sorry for blabbing, but thanks for reading and Greg, for your good work, I applaud you and learn from you and also agree you are a very gifted writer and orator, we are graced. 🙂


oh also Greg you mentioned a couple St. Louis area population warfare, but Times Beach was another that deserves much more digging. Truthstream Media did a good one on this. I also grew up there, my aunt lived in Times Beach and was forced out, has had loads of health issues as all my family, it’s like health issues are the new normal.


oh good heavens I must chime in once more! I was listening in segments and just now heard your outtake, dear Greg, the moon landing? ok, wow! I don’t doubt I/you don’t know the truth, but we do know a psy-op when we see one. You did just see the Buzzed Aldren tell the 8 year old girl we never went there, right? I get it ‘doesn’t matter that much’ in the big picture, but then again, it really does, when we are being manipulated and milked like cattle, no matter where the truth lies, the fact we can’t get at it through normal means should alarm you as an order to join the draft did to our grandfathers and great grandfathers.


I must admit I was a little bored and put off at first, but when she started talking about the cosmic contracts and the lady getting the smart meter removed, shit got really good. It just makes sense to me. I never fully bought into the karma loophole, but maybe I’m having a change of heart. Definitely shady shit going on. We gotta figure out how to break free!


This is a side argument she touches upon but thought I would bring it up.

Here is the part I don’t understand. So many talk about how there is this giant plan by THEM (whoever they are), to shrink population. Global warming (am I the only one on THC who believes this exists?) becomes a hoax to control population and shrink the numbers. Peak oil and peak anything (another thing I believe exists) is a plot for population control and and shrinking population. Vaccines to many are population control and a means to shrink population. Ditto GMOs.

First off, if this is the case, why has industry consistently and with little exception denied such things exist ( warming and peak) while secretly funding scientific studies to see if they do? So much coverup and disinfo and smear tactics and careers getting ruined by the corporate interests. Can someone explain that?

If someone said, “no really the Palestinians are the evil ones and Israel is doing the right thing” I could immediately look at how Israel covers up their actions, used bots to spread disinfo, kicks out critical journalists, murders opposition, buys politicians(etc) and think, I may not know Israel’s endgame but I certainly know they are trying to prevent certain narratives from being presented by those critical of them along with covering up their actions. WHY is it that we don’t look at fossil fuel and industry response to global warming and peak oil the same way?

Secondly, if the agenda was less humans…why? To me it seems more likely that elites know these things are very real and headed down the pipeline and are in a panic about them. They don’t want less people. Market economies, especially capitalism based on infinite growth on a finite planet, need more and more wealth to exist, meaning it needs more and more markets and more and more people participating in those markets, meaning it needs more and more people. Shrinking population means less wealth plain and simple. And global weirding and peak oil knowledge would terrify them and cause all kinds of insanity by elites.

I can buy all kinds of theories of changing our DNA and attempts to control us, but shrinking the population is not good sense on their part. It puts many of them out of business and out of elite control. It makes no sense. Unless they are convinced global weirding and peak energy is real. I think too many in conspiracy land put the cart before the horse.

The best explanation to counter a simplified version of my thoughts would be to come out and admit that you believe nonhuman archons control things and wealth is meaningless to them.


Or that the Hidden Hand is right and negative polarity is all they care about.


Joshinnenkamp: here’s my attempt to answer your good question.
“First off, if this is the case, why has industry consistently and with little exception denied such things exist ( warming and peak) while secretly funding scientific studies to see if they do? So much coverup and disinfo and smear tactics and careers getting ruined by the corporate interests. Can someone explain that?”
In my estimation it’s about playing both sides off the middle. The ‘middle’ is the sheeple, they don’t really care either way, they are just looking to stay centered in the herd, wherever that herd is. It’s really the industry and the state working together, but industries still are competitive with one another and the state still wants their biggest piece of whatever pie they create. Corporate espionage and government intelligence are quite the same thing, same game, same rules (or rather lack of them?). The big picture, the true ‘elite’ are not in these circles, they don’t ‘work’. The CEOs and the politicians do the bidding of the think tanks and those are run by the ‘old guard’ — these are the real string pullers, with infinite wealth and no need for more, only a need to keep themselves running the show. If you see someone making a paycheck, you can be sure this is not someone of the true elite. These folks haven’t worked for many, many generations. Does that help in your reasoning at all, or have I misunderstood your question?


While I agree that sticking microwave transceivers up to our ears and brains is not the smartest thing to do I get irritated with Sofia’s talks. As a telecoms engineer myself, I get annoyed at her confusion with basic electrical theory and physics which makes her comments on the more complex matters suspect. Then, most of what she does is just a collation of others work and looking for connections and patterns in that work which she should be commended on.
I took her good advice and turned off my fondle slab after about 40 minutes. Peace and quiet… I may listen to the rest once my brain cells cool down.


Thalmite- you realize these podcasts are just a brief primer to start you on a topic, you then have to research the ones you find interesting or valuable to your life. 5g is the first actual doomsday device I’ve found to actually exist. My research shows nuclear holocaust impossible, world wide outbreaks unfeasible, military genocide too slow/costly etc. But once all the world is covered in 5g transmitters, one could flip a switch and kill everyone nearly instantaneously. Research active denial systems, and imagine if that field was all around you in every direction… you said your brain cells need cooling, perhaps it was emf that heated them up and not smallstorm…


Thanks Sophia, just purchased a cell phone shielding fabric bag from your website. I rarely use it, but am happy to have some protection when having carry the phone. There were cheaper ones on Amazon, but figured I’d spring for quality.I also have been putting in airplane mode at night and unplugging router, waking up is delightful.


Good show – some interesting pieces of info and a couple of new theories!

However I feel like the part about the replicating synthetic life form (mo|2gello[\]s) is pretty much repeated from a Harald K4utz Vella’s presentation a few years ago. If some of the stuff in her interview doesn’t make sense, I recommend watching the video as it provides more visual information to the topic.


rockcity420, scroll to bottom of page, ‘My Story is where you will find the published email chain.


I’m not always ready for Sophia S. But, when I am ready she always blows my socks off. What a mind that can analyze and see everything. She is one of the few researchers I can say definitely is on the side of normal people. But this episode was great in that she goes into what can we do to help. Dreaming! I love her insight about the LGTB issue. Wow! Removing us bit by bit from the human race. And yes, I also check out Sage of Quay every morning, he is great. He’s a flatearther by the way. And good comments in the end Greg. Also, there are wifi timers that we can use to automatically turn the wifi off at 8pm at night and then on again in the morning. We just don’t want it on at night. I’d love to just be wired in, which My computer is and I have internet 24 hours a day, but have to have it off for the kids and we sleep pretty well.


Hey greg, you talk about book on money magic, can you tell me title of those books please ?!



Real interested in how to remove this smart meter I’m told I must have. Its been malfunctioning, not sending it’s reading and I’m being charged for 11,000 KWH. I know cause they had to come out yesterday
And read it manually and informed me of my lack of options. Not looking forward to getting that bill. What a coincidence this topic came up the next day on a random catching up episode I hadn’t heard huh. I’ve been having lots of serendipitous events since I found the show. Great conversation y’all had. I can hear the comfort and familiarity in both voices.