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Thomas Sheridan | Sorcery, Druidic Culture, & The Christian Steamroll

Topics Covered: Christian Conspiracy, Cross Cultural, Magic, Mysterious Places, Nature Of Reality, Occult

Show Notes

Abracadabra Higherside Chatters, let’s talk magic. Because magic is one of those things they just don’t want us to know about, and the power to craft and influence your own reality is one the shadowy puppet masters of the power pyramid would rather just keep for themselves.

But we’ve talked with many guests over the years who have preached the magical worldview, the power of visualization, abundance generating exorcises, deep meditation, deal making with ethereal entities, sigil magic, ceremonial magic, astrology, subconscious strengthening, developing spirit allies, and a whole Pandora’s box of magical systems, tools, and disciplines that all insinuate the same thing:

You’re not just a victim of an insane system and the constant bombardment of the capstone cabal- but really, a powerful co-creator in a wavy universe of probability & potential just waiting to be tipped in your favor.

Though it does take work – it’s also good to get reminders of this esoteric & necessary knowledge because everyone is ready and waiting to tell you – there’s nothing to see behind door number 3 and ladies and gentlemen- I disagree.

Here to talk about these things through his own experiences and research is a powerful advocate of the power of magic- Thomas Sheridan. Thomas is an independent alternative artist, author, satirist, comedy writer, musician, public speaker and researcher from Dublin Ireland. He’s probably best known for his book Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath. But he’s also done work on a plethora of interesting and alternative topics- including his latest book Sorcery: The Invocation of Strangeness. From the land of Ire- a student and teacher of many strange aspects of the construct- a true Sorcerer extraordinaire’ -Thomas Sheridan.

PLUS Content

-The Fairy Family Tree -Thomas’ magical worldview & personal experiences -Creative ways to generate magical charge -The attack on imagination -The magical importance of salt and quartz crystal
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