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Abracadabra Higherside Chatters, let’s talk magic. Because magic is one of those things they just don’t want us to know about, and the power to craft and influence your own reality is one the shadowy puppet masters of the power pyramid would rather just keep for themselves.

But we’ve talked with many guests over the years who have preached the magical worldview, the power of visualization, abundance generating exorcises, deep meditation, deal making with ethereal entities, sigil magic, ceremonial magic, astrology, subconscious strengthening, developing spirit allies, and a whole Pandora’s box of magical systems, tools, and disciplines that all insinuate the same thing:

You’re not just a victim of an insane system and the constant bombardment of the capstone cabal- but really, a powerful co-creator in a wavy universe of probability & potential just waiting to be tipped in your favor.

Though it does take work – it’s also good to get reminders of this esoteric & necessary knowledge because everyone is ready and waiting to tell you – there’s nothing to see behind door number 3 and ladies and gentlemen- I disagree.

Here to talk about these things through his own experiences and research is a powerful advocate of the power of magic- Thomas Sheridan. Thomas is an independent alternative artist, author, satirist, comedy writer, musician, public speaker and researcher from Dublin Ireland. He’s probably best known for his book Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath. But he’s also done work on a plethora of interesting and alternative topics- including his latest book Sorcery: The Invocation of Strangeness. From the land of Ire- a student and teacher of many strange aspects of the construct- a true Sorcerer extraordinaire’ -Thomas Sheridan.

PLUS Content

-The Fairy Family Tree -Thomas’ magical worldview & personal experiences -Creative ways to generate magical charge -The attack on imagination -The magical importance of salt and quartz crystal

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  1. Fan god damn tastic show. This hits on all my interests. He mentioned industrial, ever consider getting Genisis p oridge. I feel like thier work with TOPY etc is perfect thc material especially with the connection to early Acid House techno. Maybe if they wolnt do it….I could?

    Sorry I had to try
    Awesome show gnarlwud mcGregtron

  2. Yes Yes Yes . Been waiting for ages for this????????????.
    An interview with my favorite Mage.
    Thank you Greg!!!!!!!
    And “fek em, if they can’t take a joke”

  3. This was so awesome!!!
    Thankyou- I very much loved listening to Thomas, he touched on the Tuatha de Danann with more accuracy than Tsarion can in a 9hr lecture lol- big love for this one!!!
    – and blessings from The Good Folk to the Good Folk 😉

    1. I’ve been hooked into Tsarion and his recent cohort, Whitehead for a while now. I am about to read Origins as well. What is your take overall on Tsarion. He is brilliant in my view but has this angry vibe with racist overtones which get under my skin. I loved Sheridan’s take on racial bloodlines thing… much more intelligent imo.

      1. I was really into Tsarion when i was learning Tarot, but same as you, I quickly jumped ship when he started interviewing notorious far right people. Glad to hear im not the only one that cant get with that stuff.

  4. I hope you read this Greg. I cannot express how grateful I am for this show. It would have been amazing as it is, but as it happens, I am leaving this weekend for a 2 week long hike here in the UK on a national Park famous for its Celtic history. The whole point of the hike was to find my roots in this landscape which has stone rows, standing stones, holy wells, and stone circles around every corner. This is a significant show for me, I am going to have it on repeat while I walk. Listening to this very learned man is so inspiring, I will not forget this one! Thanks again Greg and Thomas, you are heroes.

  5. I cant complete the download on android for this or the last show. So i cant listen. Boots me off then won’t resume download. Sigh. Guess ill have to find a computer somewhere

    1. That’s strange. You know there is a better way to listen if you’re on mobile. Have you looked at the FAQ page? I have some step by step instructions for how to plug THC Plus into most of the popular podcasting apps. The only factor is if you’re Apple/Android. Hope that helps!

  6. Great show. Just purchased The Druid Code: Magic, Megaliths, and Mythology. Back in print (Lulu) Thomas Sheridan
    Man, Greg all these excellent guests over the past year, I’ve acquired quite the occulted library. Also, just received Arcon Controllers tee. Thanks again, be well.

  7. lapineron:
    I’ve been hooked into Tsarion and his recent cohort, Whitehead for a while now. I am about to read Origins as well. What is your take overall on Tsarion. He is brilliant in my view but has this angry vibe with racist overtones which get under my skin. I loved Sheridan’s take on racial bloodlines thing… much more intelligent imo.

    Lapineron! 🙂
    I’m going to be ‘ diplomatic ‘ in my answer lol- I have sort of delved into Tsarion on and off- more as per topic of research rather than from an avid fan/follower who just eats up whatever subject/ view hes dishing up at the time.I also find people with cult like followings rather off putting lol (cough)

    – The archetypical stuff he was great for- but I went back into his “Irish Origins of Civilisation” stuff/ lectures researching the Tuatha de ( again) a couple of yrs ago.Though for anyone interested who can take in info without either becoming fanatical or alternately becoming offended, and who’s also interested in the flow of similar knowledge between Vedic and Druidic philosophies- Id suggest sitting through the many hrs of an intense Tsarion- it is worth it. There’s a few dividing points between Tsarion’s take and Sheridan’s- however- there’s also way more they’re both on the same page with- so that ‘s interesting.
    I can really see how someone can get the impression Tsarion’s angry and somewhat racist-at the time I also listened to a radio interview done a few yrs ago with Tsarion- I remember feeling sorry for the presenter/ interviewer , poor guy really got ranted at! haha.

    ( note to self to go back and listen to Greg interviewing Tsarion a few yrs ago )

    – We should ask Greg what Tsarions like to talk to !
    I try to stay focused on the information conveyed rather than whos conveying it- but of course some peoples delivery style I feel more comfy listening to etc.

    1. Great reply and very helpful…thank you. I am basically on the same page with in how I view Tsarion. There is a lot of valuable knowledge to take away from his research and I will continue to mine it. Also his knowledge of traditional philosophy is vast and has inspired my recent investigation into western philosophy… something I always avoided in favor of eastern philosophy.

  8. Thanks for having Thomas Sheridan on, I’ve been waiting for this interview! Always enjoy listening to him he has a fresh take on things (he really lets lose on his channel, his rants are epic).

  9. Listened to the Podcast while tattooing today and it was bomb!!! Sheridan’s gots that mad-Magickal-gnosis! However, he did call me insane and said I needed to see a doctor when I got into it with him about Flat Earth (on Facebook). Tsarion and Sheridan are some of my favorites, but both have called me names on Facebook, for merely presenting information (with no fuckery). I just want Tsarion and Sheridan to wake up to the Fact that this bitch is Flat, it ties so many things together… but I digress… Planets and Space Travel and shit!

    Love the work The Carlwood! Kill’n It as always!

    1. As a fellow Flat Earther I just translate the information I hear into my growing knowledge on the Flat realm that we live in.
      Whenever I hear ‘extra terrestrial’ I translate that as ‘person from the extra terrain’ (or land outside our walls) …space also.
      Thomas spoke of the Druids and Vedas coming out of Atlantis and to me that translates as the center of the Flat Plane, the True North.
      I like that you don’t dismiss information just because the researcher isn’t a Flattie, it’s easy enough to decode it.

      1. I think I don’t dismiss information (even if it’s delivered by a muppet) because I don’t buy-into the Cult of Personality. People are flawed, inherently… People (including alt-researchers) get locked into thought paradigms… but Truth is Truth and it’s self-evident, it doesn’t matter who delivers it. And I’ve been called names my whole-life, made-fun-of, and I’ve been misunderstood… so that shit just rolls off my back. I know that if Tsarion and Sheridan are true “Truth-Seekers” (whether they ever admit it or not) they will eventually see that we don’t live on a Spinning Ball, flying through a void… and how nonsensical that notion is. Thanks for the comment though! It’s good to know they’re are others out there!

  10. Fantastic show! Loved it. Would love to hear more from Thomas.
    Two things from this show that really struck me was how he talked about how the ancient Vedas and the Druids came from the same core philosophy and possibly even the same original region. I had never heard about their similarities like that before.
    Second was how he uses the heightened energy of people gathered together to propel his own creative manifestations. It’s something I have always done without knowing why or that it was even a thing.
    It just felt natural to feel the built up energy in crowds of people and direct it towards good. I do it for music too and it was a little shocking to me to hear that Thomas does it also.
    Great show. It flowed beautifully and I was left wanting more.

  11. GREG!!!!!!
    This is the kind of show that makes my continued subscription more than worth it! 🙂

    I really appreciated Thomas mentioning cultural magic practices and how each ancestral lineage has their own, and just because it’s trendy, it’s not a good thing to jump into ceremonies and practices that are of another’s culture. I used to look into Native Earth Magic until realizing it’s very inappropriate for someone of European and British descent to practice those rites, and actually can be very offensive to do so. I really love nature and earth magic, so that seemed the best fit at the time. When I began researching my lineage, I discovered nature based Druidic and Germanic practices, and now feel more aligned with my spirit.

    Thanks Thomas, also about explaining chaos magic a bit more. I have had instances in my life where I have a thought or vision and then “let it go”, forget about it, just to have it manifest.

    Great show! Keep up the good work- can’t wait for the next episode.

    Take care,

  12. Excellent show!
    Could someone please tell me the name of the book and author Sheridan mentioned around the 17 minute mark? I can’t quite make it out…sounded like The Dark and Engaged by Cynthia Nicksy, but I’m failing to pull anything up online.
    Thank you!

  13. His theory about Nessie and Crowley was the best that I’ve ever heard honestly. It really made sense in my mind. I hate to sound repetitive, but this was a great show Greg. Thanks brother! Peace

  14. great show. I can’t help but speak with an Irish brouge after listening to sheridan.

    regarding his comments on ogham, the ancient, magical Irish language….. there are signs of ogham throughout North America.

    highly-controversial Harvard professor Berry Fell wrote about ogham in north america extensively in the late 70s and 80s. books like America BC and Bronze Age America provide huge clues to north America’s cryptic past. taken in concert with Sheridan’s insights on ancient Irish magic, the story of “America’s secret destiny” (as manly p hall put it) gets richer, deeper and definitely stranger!

  15. Fantastic show! The guest had a ton of interesting points, but the obvious hatred of all things christian was kind of off putting. No one here is ignorant of the fact that anything in this world can and will be corrupted when human greed plays a hand. That includes religions both monotheistic and polytheistic. So let’s not give paganism a complete pass. I’m sure Thor had a bunch of dickheads that worshiped him.
    The lochness, Jimmy Page, and Crowley stuff was interesting. Overall, I was entertained by the banter and smooth operations of Mr. Carlwood as always and on that note would never dream of cancelling my subscription at this time. Have a good one.

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