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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks owls, aliens and synchronicity with guest, Mike Clelland.

Many of us have heard the stories of weird, ranging from missing time, alien encounters, frequent visitations and even experiencing other dimensions and beings through altered states, but what we may overlook is the peculiar presence of owls during these paranormal proceedings. Adding fuel to this fire is the ever obvious use of the owl peppered throughout both the worlds of occult and conspiracy. This hidden symbol suggests not only the importance of the owl in elite esoteric symbolism, but an otherworldly essence associated with these nocturnal creatures. Let’s get into it.
2:42 Mike begins by giving an overview of the relationship of the owl to high strangeness. As Mike points out, while he may not be the first researcher to take note of the owl, he has coupled this with his personal experience to establish a connection between UFO contact and owls. He also elaborates on a particular pattern, known as screen memories, in association with owls during missing time events or alien abductions. Mike contends that owls show up regularly during highly charged human experiences as a totem animal, and have been recognized throughout ancient cultures as the messengers.
15:59 Returning to the more mystical realm of “perceived owls” during out-of body incidents, Mike details one story of an owl encounter by a woman during a “heroic dose” of mushrooms and the significance of it’s appearance during this spiritual transformation. Clelland continues to drive home the power of the owl by detailing various accounts of owl sightings in connection to unearthly experiences.
22:42 With many of the stories have a connecting thread, it is easy to see how one might wonder is there is a particular type of person more susceptible to supernatural encounters. Mike describes the work of researchers, Dr. Kirby Surprise and  Gibbs Williams, and their exploration of synchronicity prone people, as well as elaborates on his analysis of recurring UFO experiencers.
30:35 Another interesting aspect to the owl phenomenon is the owl acting as a messenger. Clelland details a few examples from his book involving these types of experiences and explains a possible agenda behind these cryptic telepathic messages.
 37:35 Greg and Mike discuss in depth one gripping story from his book, involving a woman named Ashley haunted by strange dreams after her UFO sighting and the frequent owl encounters and odd text messages that followed.
43:15 Dr. Joe Lewels takes an interesting approach to these supernatural encounters. He contends in many cases, experiencers are being dragged into a shamanic apprenticeship where their holistic healing abilities are awakened and refined. Mike explains how this very line of thinking appropriately sums up his work on the owl’s importance and symbolism.
48:50 With owl appearances ranging from UFO sightings to the presence of glowing orbs, Mike helps to clarify if there may be an unseen frequency attracting owls to these strange occurrences.
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– the conspiratorial angles of Bohemian Grove, the hidden owl symbol on the dollar bill, and the owl at the center of the Pentagon- owl mythology and it’s relationship with Athena- more great and strange owl related stories from Clelland’s book- Chris Knowles’ owl connection and his part in “The Messengers”- the Trickster elements of this phenomenon- Mike’s time spent with Kevin Booth, a close friend of the famed comedian Bill Hicks, who discussed their shared UFO experience and owl symbolism related to Bill’s death- charged areas and owls; sacred spaces and crop circles

– Greg’s own owl related syncs and preparing for the interview

A few valuable resources from the interview:

Owls in Mythology and Culture:

Dr. Kirby Surprise’s book “Synchronicity: The Art of Coincidence, Choice, and Unlocking Your Mind”:

Rebecca Hardcastle Wright’s website (Exoconsciousness):
Want more Mike Clelland? Check out his website or grab his book “The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee” from Amazon:
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  1. At this point I think I’ve listened to every single episode of the Hidden Experience podcast. But never again at night with an ear bud in while walking the dog through a wooded lane under a sky full of stars while the owls are talking. One time is all it takes!

    I bought the book, it’s pretty heavily mind expanding. Anyone interested should give it a go. Thanks guys!

  2. This topic brought be back to right before I have my first child. My husband and I went to the movies and saw The 4th Kind. Then every night right before I went to bed, my husband would ask me if I saw that owl outside the window just to scare me. What a dick

  3. Owls hunt silently. If an owl hoots at night, it means it has been disturbed.
    Way back, this often meant an enemy was creeping up on the village. Hence the harbingers of death. Blessings

    1. don’t some shriek before taking flight to spook and paralyze their prey for a moment long enough to grab it? In all honestly, I read this in Nite Owl’s essay in Watchmen. Allen Moore’s not known for being scientific, but I just assumed that was true. When I disturbed a large horned owl one night coming home, that shriek had me still as a board for a couple of seconds.

  4. This episode is one of my absolute faves! Epic! I loved listening to Mike discussing these ideas, probably because they resonate so personally for myself and my friends. Owl sightings and symbolism as well as psychedelic experimentation, the desire to learn reiki / energy healing / hypnotherapy & shamanic journeying has been such a huge and sudden part of our lives this past year in particular. Not to mention my obsession with Bill Hicks. Such a good episode! 🙂

  5. Ive got a hoot owl in my woods that I will hoot to and he will hoot back, every Spring. Our conversations go on for hours. True story. I howl with the coyotes too. And yes. My family thinks ive lost my mind.

    1. I have a huge pack of Coyotes that live right next to my herd of goats and they never bother even the wee ones. But yeah I asked them not too and bring them meat snacks at the edge of the woods.

      1. Every predation I was first to suspect coyotes of when I started into my country living (as a displaced suburbanite) always turned out to be some neighbor’s dog/s, though the coyotes are everywhere and in close all the time. It’s dogs and raccoons that most wreak havoc around these here parts.

  6. Damnit Craig… When Mysterious Universe, the “pop station” of conspiracy/aliens podcasts, according to my friend and I, covered this I was terrified enough of my own memories. Now here I am, on the “alt rock station” of conspiracy/alien podcasts hearing about this again… thanks…

  7. Surprised you didn’t mention Simon Parkes – his was the show with you that got me to sign up here, April 3, 2015, if it was. But you did mention another great guest where I thought you should/might have mentioned SP… so that was rewarding to be reminded of – obviously I needed it since I cannot try as I may to recall them now. I love your show Greg. It’s as if I was born to love this show, amongst so many other things, but this show is one part of it all… I feel it ‘pulsingly’. Can you even imagine what weirdness you are at a center of, to mention CLK, The Great White, Clelland, and so many others… fucking a dude… looking forward to raising a glass and smoking some grass… bless and fortune my brother.

  8. Oh man. The mushrooms and UFO part speaks to me personally. First time on ‘shrooms I was camping with a group of buddies and one of the sober friends was playing with glow sticks in a large open field. I was dropping into some heavy shit and got uneasy about it because I was worried he would signal a mothership. So I made my way back to the tents and fire pit for safety. What. The. Fuck.

  9. Great show. Didn’t think I was into the topic, but it was very engaging. Really curious about the How to Find Your Animal Totem, book. Can you send a link to how we can find that? I hope this guy does go down the deer road. Had a creepy deer experience, like to have reference for it.

  10. I’ve been waiting for this episode since Greg dropped a teaser in his 2nd Q&A. Owls got my attention. My mother has a lot of native blood, but she always warned me and my siblings whenever she seen an owl. Deaths come in threes, and a hoot owl outside your door gives warning to death coming. I sincerely believe this as I have seen it happen many times unfortunately. But my mother says the owl prepares the person for a tragedy in a way, warning bad things to come or death. The owl is a messenger. Now time to start the show.

    1. On a side note to my last comment, yes in many native American lore, Owls are harbingers. They are communicators. Iv heard of Owls from my great grand mother, and her grand parents walked the trail of tears. It’s sad so much native culture is lost, but Owls defiantly have a very strong importance in these beliefs.

  11. I live in the woods and can’t be letting owls spook me or I would go nutz. Many varieties of owl here. Once a few years back, sitting in my easy chair, right out the window, on a tree branch, was a pygmy owl. This was so cool to see. These are about the size of a robin. I have had screech owls bounce off my car and get knocked out and come to in my hands, or back home in the house, after not knowing it wasn’t dead. These are the size of a very small crow.

    We have barred owls, great horned owls, barn owls, and back in the ’70s when it still got cold here, in the coldest winters, snowy owls. I hear owls outside very often. I really love owls, and pretty much any wildlife that comes around. We have many of the daylight raptors here as well. I have issues with the stellar jays taking all the walnuts, filberts, and chestnuts, but I love their big cousins, the ravens.

  12. This is amazing to hear this guy. I have an owl totem with some similar sightings with owls and UFOs and the synchronicity afterwards. The reason I am writing this is the one sentence he just said about what is he really and is this owl manifestation from himself? I too am wondering about this connection and deep truth. I am trying to reconcile why I am here and yet why am I not able to heal this back injury. I do know we have many aspects of self that can and will manifest in many ways.
    Great show Greg as usual.

  13. Interesting that owls & deer have been printed all over soft furnishings, art prints and as ornaments for the past few years here in the UK. Has this ‘trend’ happened elsewhere?

  14. An excellent, fascinating show. I havent read the book as yet so dont know if he mentions what follows. In the show he talks about the owls relationship to Athena. Owls have a much older linkage in mythology however, dating back to Sumer. In the bas relief, commonly attributed to be Lilith, she is flanked by 2 big owls. However, questions have been raised as to the possible mis attribution
    of the sculpture to Lilith, whereas it is fairly likely to be Inanna, possibly the oldest named deity in existence. This would imply that the owl has positive associations which generally are overshadowed in the west due to the demonisation of Lilith in the Jewish scriptures ie the baby killing “screech owl”/witch etc etc. In Sumerian lore, Lilith was an Otherworld entity, one of the Lilitu (possibly similar to western faery lore) whereas Inanna is the supreme goddess of Sumer whose lineage follows through Ishtar, Astarte,Aphrodite/Venus and on through Dee, Crowley and Parsons as Babalon. Just a few peripheral thoughts. Great show!

  15. Just subbed to THC Plus for this full interview. Been very intrigued with his work in the past. Been meaning to join for a while, but this one gave me the push. 5 stars!

  16. I’ve listened to a couple dozen shows now… and this is the first to give me chills! Wow! (“Owl! Owl! Owl! Owl!”) Really great interview, thanks!
    Requisite story: Once, as a night watchman in a near suburb, I was outside on foot rounding a corner when I see what registered as a person out of the corner of my eye. I was immediately spooked, and found that a 2-3ft tall owl was perched on a handrail not more than 5ft in front of me. Sitting on the handrail like it was, it was about my height. Scared the shit out of me… First experience with an owl.
    I didn’t realize at the time they were harbingers of death, but I wish I’d have taken note of it. There may have been a sync, though it is lost to me now.

  17. Greg I just shared this with you on twitter (bird noise) (the twitter is not what it seems?) but you MUST read this post-haste (at your earliest convenience) (go get a copy now) (please) (thank you)

    This is coming together, and we are in the middle of it, it is living itself out through us.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your courage and tenacity and your dedicated clear-mindedness. You are a treasure of this age. Blessings and fortune upon you.

  18. The first night that I had listened to this episode, as I’m watching a regular YouTube channel about UFOs, the host in the video talked about the movie The Fourth Kind and shows the movie cover that is a picture of an owl!
    Synchronicities that seem small yet they’re fascinating and very hard to explain.

  19. Good episode! I was getting a bit weary of the pizzagate shows and surprising number of guests that seemed to come for the ‘Alt-Right’. I appreciate the difference in opinions in the conspiracy field, but, recently, it feels like a lot of this stuff has been co-opted and manufactured by people with very conservative agendas that I definitely do not agree with. Perhaps you could find some more some liberals, or hippies, or artists, or visionaries…? I’m sure the people on the ‘Right’ are just as willing to listen to those who don’t share their opinions as I and the other listeners have been willing to listen to them….

  20. …owls huh. I have always had a strong hate and fear of spiders. Only thing in nature that sends chills up my spine. 1st ever time I saw a owl is am event I shouldn’t even remember. It was on a power line as I was walking home from scoring drugs. One of this Florida owls with a 4ft wing span. It just sat on the line and watched me walk, being a dumbass in my mid twenties. I went to jail for 5 months and lost everything to my name like an hour after that sighting. Later while living in a tent alone a mile into the woods because I’d lost my house. My second sighting was a owl that looked just as I remembered swooped down and caught a mouse a foot from my tent. Idk what if anything this meens. But it sticks out in my memory.

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