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Michael Wann | The Esoteric Kobe Bryant, Skull and Bones, & Ritual Cycles

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Michael Wann is the man behind Susquehanna Alchemy and one of the best around when it comes to breaking down magic, ritual cycles, and the etheric pathways that drive reality. Today, he turns his attention to an eerie set of circumstances and esoteric connections that weave through several big stories of past and present, including the crash of Kobe Bryant. Follow him on Instagram for more great stuff.

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Follow along with the slides that Michael has provided below:




PLUS Content

-Michael’s personal synchronicity rabbithole when it comes to this potent etheric thread, as well as Greg’s. -Scranton, Joe Biden, John Heinz, & The Bonesmen. -How Micheal sees other THC guests and topics relating to the big picture.
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Another great show. Gotta marvel at which reality is called forth. Excited for the upcoming Ras Ben.


Fantastic episode and I’m only half way though haha. Just have to comment. Ok my thoughts.
1. I think the missing link in this ritualised sacrifices is location. Through a combination of time/date and place I truly believe these ‘tragic events’ are being used to invoke earth energies. It is a known fact that astrology is the science of planetary influence so what if such ritualised sex or sacrifice is performed at a certain site at a certain time then a desire or will can be realised?
2. I have a hunch that what I describe above is the missing link between Epstein, the Santa Fe Research Institute, Les Wex and the technocratic future we seem to be entering. Or maybe I’ve been eating too much cheese?
3. Your comment about your head being the centre of your universe is something I have been thinking about for years. I got pretty into tai chi 20 years ago and had some amazing revelations, the Kabbalahist nature of the human body being one of them. The point I’m making is I believe the Crown of Thorns is a metaphor for the crown and its position among the stars. Think about it. Keep em coming Greg! Fantastic.


I’m from Philly and lived in Lower Merion as a teen and went to LM high school. I met Kobe when we visited the high school – he was our tour guide. I am friends with a few friends and a teammate of his. My feeling is that he wasn’t into dark magic but was targeted by the elite for not going along with their agendas in some way , which is what happened with the rape allegation in 2003. What do I know, but that’s just my feeling.

Philly is a major occult node in the US and the Quakers have a lot to do with it, along with the Jews and Jesuits who have been here for a while as well. The Pews (Sun oil/Sunoco) and Drexels are known families from here. The University of Pennsylvania seems to be the hotspot for the elite here, being a very important intellectual center connected to the thinktank American Philosophical Society and to Ben Franklin and his cadre. It was part of the MK-ULTRA network of universities and I believe still is, in the latest incarnation of mind control programs. More relevant to the discussion is that St. Charles Seminary AKA (to me, at least) The Vatican of the East Coast, a massive complex of buildings ostensibly used to train a few priests, sit right down the street from Merion elementary, where the helicopter crashed in 91. This Seminary sits on land where Indians lived until the Catholic church (i assume Jesuits) came in and wiped them out and buried them, stealing the land. The area is haunted to this day and there is some very weird energy there. This is was the current Pope’s destination when he visited Philly a few years ago. From my research, this is a major ritual site where everything you can imagine probably happens. I also came across accounts of SRA in underground rooms connected by tunnels. Also, Akiba Jewish school is very close in Bala Cynwyd, which I believe is a satanic cult hotspot. Plus the Jesuits have their St Joseph’s University across City Ave, right nearby, with a Bahai center a few blocks away. Lots of religion, lots of spiritual warfare, lots of bizarre high fuckery!


Just an all around great comment my friend. Just full of nuggets of information and interest .


Read his Alister Crowley dark ritual books for children he wrote. Itll change your perception on Kobes feeling toward dark arts. Or look into Isaac Weishaupt breakdown.


Not saying you’re wrong but I think it’s very possible the books were ghostwritten by someone else, as many books are, especially for high profile people such as Kobe. Big money deals like that are made all the time for celebrities to promote agendas.


Also Villanova university is just a mile or two up the roud on rt 30 (Lancaster Ave/Pike).
Lancaster Ave(rt30) begins on the Campus of Drexel University. Drexel was an industrialist but his daughter was cantonized a Catholic Saint.


Villanova is sketchy. I had a satanist neighbor who was a professor there. Also Bryn Mawr college is nearby which has Pew connections. All these colleges are on or near Lancaster Ave. Haverford and Swarthmore colleges are Quaker colleges and the early Quakers set up cults in the area, including in Arden, Delaware, where Jay Parker is from and where Joe Biden moved to from Scranton, PA, which Michael has written about. Delaware County, PA is known for being haunted and has some very dark history. There’s a good reason for that.


I’ve been waiting for this show, and it was a great interview. It was a strange death to me from the start. The night before his death my wife and I were geating ready for bed and she got really sad, I asked her what was bothering her and she told me that Kobe had died. I hadn’t heard anything that day and so we searched to see if there was any news on it and we found nothing. The wierd thing is that this was the night before he had died. Very strange but interesting.


They way Kobe’s wife is acting is strange, it’s a show…


Another great one Greg!


Voice is very high, hard to listen to. Turn up the bass or something, too pitch.


Malkovich malkovich


This was hilarious –>

WANN: …All three of the other gentlemen names that you mentioned. Ras Ben, Chris Knowles, and Corey Goode. I’m so inspired by their…

CARLWOOD: Cory Daniel.

WANN: Cory Daniel. I’m sorry. Corey Goode, pheew!

CARLWOOD: Hahahaha!


amazing gravy

In a universe constructed in patterns and compounded endlessly it only makes sense that we see signatures of that fractal showing up everywhere in what we think is separate and distinct… And it only makes sense people would want to tap into it and control it. A kind of immortality or omniscience. Fountain of youth. Touching the eternal. Love melding these ideas into what so many think they understand as the ET paradigm as it just makes it ever so conceivably inconceivable and strange. Very interesting times. Loved the section on Michael brainstorming how this is a way of navigating reality as something people could generally understand. Which would require cooperation as so many think of these areas as secretive and controlling but it doesn’t have to be. Powerful stuff, it ain’t just physical or historical wars, the spiritual plane can be a battlefield too and many would rather have others weak and self unaware of their participation in building reality.


Another little weird “etheric synchromysticism” is that Greg released this show one day before Joe Biden won in South Carolina. And Uncle Joe is definitely in this show….

Not to attract any attention to the political puppet show. Keep your intentions pure and personal.



Very cool Greg!
Some incredibly simple yet deep philosophical points.
And the best paraphrase of spiritual advice ever…
“Don’t even read it if you are not in sound mind and character because this shit will fuck you up!”

Ken the helpful guy


Does anyone else think Michael Wann sounds exactly like Michael Douglas….? Loved this one Greg, you have knocked it out of the park this month! Great job as always. And I promise not to flood your inbox with messages that gravity is not real… lmao!


Ohhh yeah… Bend the knee… excellent 👍☀️💖


Hi Greg,

After listening to the episode this number plate ‘MOM.332’ caught my attention on my drive home.

Etheric synchronicity or a wink from the universe?…either way another killer episode!


I definitely love this interview I find him a very passionate and also he does not seem to have a big ego he gives you props when you come up with good things and I like that he gives you props when they’re due. I love synchronicity and all of this is right up my alley thank you so much I personally retweeted your your demon cabal tweet after you had sent it out and I personally felt that it was true and perhaps I was tacky for doing that but I felt that it was right so I agreed so I retweeted it anyway I love all your work and I love this song Michael Wan he’s wonderful he’s really right on with his research thank you for having on and let’s smoke more pot


Had a feeling. My first thoughts and words were ” and we’re sure they didn’t kill him?” Them sports fans I was talking to didn’t respond well. Peps be nuts about peps they never met. Just a ride bro 😎


Insane episode! So good. Michael Wann is probs my favorite THC guest.
If someone asked me ‘what Esoteric information do you need to hear for 2020’? This would be it! The etheric , interconnected web of things. I hope he comes back for another ep soon.


I’m always amazed at how the dots are connected. Glad I’m a plus member so I could hear the entire program.
Thanks again Greg for a great show. Of all the shows I subscribe to, Higher Side is my favourite.


Very interesting thanks both.

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