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Dawn Lester & David Parker | What Really Makes Us Ill, Germ Theory, & The Four Factors

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With Coronavirus on the forefront of many minds, independent researchers Dawn Lester & David Parker join THC to talk about their deep dive into the history of western medicine, germ theory, viruses, and outbreaks. It was a long multi-year journey that has culminated in their great work, What Really Makes You Ill? Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong, a nearly 800 page detailed breakdown of everything they’ve found and the conclusions the data brought them to.

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-Reasons for deception, the economics and control mechanisms, and agenda 2030. -Travel vaccines and malaria. -The immune system fallacy. -SSRIs, psychiatric drugs, and the brain chemistry imbalance deception. -Over the counter drugs and how risky they really are.
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I’ve been waiting for something like this to appear here, having long suspected similarly (not through study, but at an intuitive, semiotic and gut level) re: the guests’ research on germ theory. Great topic, thanks.


Great interview I hope you have these two back again.


Anyone who has been injured or has had a loved one killed by the medical industrial complex knows there is something dreadfully wrong with what is called modern medicine. If we can all take a fearless and honest look at it all, we can discover that there is another hypnotism at play here. We have never been asked to examine these ideas that we have had put into out heads by the “authorities”. We need to boldly examine theories that are just that, theories. I would love to hear more from these guests, we barely scratched the surface. Thanks Greg


*Standing ovation”! This is how you empower people. God, its refreshing and timely hearing the truth. Be You To Full


Hi Greg, just FYI, it is SSRI (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors), not SRIs, for that class of drugs.


No prob Bob! Just wanted to let you know. Thank you for the acknowledgement! This was a truly informative episode and I got a lot out of it. So thank you!


Really enjoyed, thank you!


Excellent well done…..homeopathics … I went to Brazil 4 times & while it was suggested and encouraged to take vaccinations I was not going to take them… I researched and I had my homeopath / naturopath make me what was considered the appropriate homeopathics related to the trips and she also wrote a letter of authorisation that I could present if required…. 4 trips later and only once was I queried and it was brushed over and approved…. no drama and I walked away not filled with toxic crap…. that remains in your body ….
several more chats with these two to be had for sure 👍
I use therapeutic grade essential oils for lurgies (flu, cold and any outbreak of stuff burns stomach etc) and the like … meditate daily, eat good foods, have a great therapist to chat with , do the emotional work…& have great friends and love yourself and magic is good…….,..,,,,,
Shit happens but living like it’s our daily bread is not why we’re here….
Canned food is dead food btw
Ps: Peter Gorman has been going to the Jungle fir decades and wrote Ayhausca in my blood and Steve Beyer wrote Singing to the Plants either might have a take also on jungle bugs that might be helpful…. hopefully….


PS : Nadine Artemis (Ron is her Husband) is brilliant Re dental Care…. NADINE ARTEMIS is the author of Holistic Dental Care: The Complete Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums. She is also the creator of Living Libations, a line of serums, elixirs, and essential oils for those seeking the purest of botanical health…. I cut and paste part of that…. but her story and work is exceptional in healthy lifestyle…. I’m sure you do well chatting with her … they live up in Canada…


Sorry the thumb down was a mistake, I was aiming for the thumb up but my thumb was too big. But yes I would love more information on dental health.


Great interview, so glad to be introduced to their work, will for sure buy the book and follow their work. At first it seemed really crazy to me that something like chicken pox even might not be a ‘contagious virus’ as we think of it. Then I thought, now that I’m a gardener for many years, well, what happens to stressed plants, for example? You’re bound to get some ‘disease’ like powdery mildew—is that a virus? It will spread for sure, but what is causing the spread, exactly? Proximity, the wind, and poor conditions, maybe several more elements. Just makes me think, thanks!!


Makes more sense wat she said bout possibly fallout after kids r innoculted by the school.


great talk, looking forward to more with these guests


Loved this! Finally someone advocating for the plant based diet


Really great interview. Reinforced somethings I’ve learned. Put a different perspective on others and introduced stuff I didn’t know. Will buy there book for sure. Definitely would appreciate another or several interviews from both of them.


Excellent episode 👏🏼. Please have them back on!
I believe Corona Virus is the medical 9/11. It will either wake you up to the system or make you more entrenched and reliant upon it.

Also; just on a personal note regarding your trip to the Amazon Greg. The sickest I have ever been in a jungle was when I was taking anti-malaria pills. I eventually threw the pills out and felt better within days.


Great show; Gonna get these folks’ book and read it.

I have a feeling the truth is somewhere in between; The Human Body is a higher-order entity, with mental/spiritual capabilities that, if employed expertly, could direct and reinforce our microbiology as to make it essentially immortal.

Think about how many trivial, traumatic, and existential quandries people hold in their heads + hearts their whole lives? I’ve just done a bunch of personal digging on this myself; I have mazes upon mazes and fortresses in my head, all of which were built over the course of my life out of the ideas of other people… things I never cared about. Realizing that your entire life has been a construct of others is a horrible, gut-wrenching feeling… and I can see that those “Sad, Smothered Souls around the Office” (as Greg says), are carrying this void in their souls around, and desperately trying to pretend like it isn’t killing them.

Greg hit the nail on the head: the four legs of health: Nutrition, Toxicity, EMF, and STRESS. Stress controls a far greater domain of peoples’ health than the mainstream concedes… whether the effects are Hormonal-Chemical, Nervous, Scalar-Thought-Wave-Based, a combination, and/or something yet undiscovered.

Lack of self-actualization is its own disease process…. simultaneously a cause and a symptom of ill health.


Great comment. Very well said


I can’t think of any area in our public consumption that isn’t toxic.listened to latest show bout 10.21*glysophate soaked globally…very disconcerting.i need2 find my local chatters start pushing for smallstorms genetically natural people’s rights…I’m not saying it of clean genetic peeps…now I have another2listen2again🙄🤭😀😎blessings


Just ordered their book that is available on amazon, Greg do you have links to the other books you were talking about?


If it is not viruses then what in nature is it, one cannot deny the effects of disease in people -sickness. In a previous interview they spoke of people who had different beings in their physical body and one being in that body had allergies and one being in that body had no allergies. Follow that and maybe find something critical to our reality! Tks Greg.


That sounds confusing.i don’t touch multiple peeps in one body…invites trouble.u can imagine and manifest all kinds of stuff not all good..but I think the ones like chicken pox r toxins from innoculations.polio was from the medical establishment giving innoculation to soldiers for Spanish flu and taking to targeted countries. Or….elemental toxins in environment.and of course the placebo effect can be negatively done by listening to commercials on tv and becoming hypochondriacs.thats y u should eat organic and do sweaty cardio and things that avoid heavy 5g.blessings


I was introduced to this topic many year ago and then the researcher happens to show when a normal cell turned to a problematic bacteria responding the changes in the environment. Yes, this is like a cell from the blood turning in E. Coly… Anyhow, how we accommodate the research of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife in the zero bugs paradigm ? He was able to literally see the bugs dying by means of RF radiation in the right frequency and the person was cured. I can not accepts 0% bugs neither 100% bugs the responsibility for illness.


U r a fellow*genius.
Let’s raise money and build hs machine and start disrupting the paradigm!!😁


Interesting one; not quite on board with the non-contagious thing. I rarely get sick but at a certain age you’ve have enough anecdotal evidence to say, “yep, pretty sure it’s contagious.”


Super immune boost 15$wholefoods!been working great!essential personnel;)


With over 16k dead in the US this year from the “regular flu,” I can’t help but look at this coronavirus as a psyop designed to cause as much panic and hysteria as possible. BUT … with regard to your comment about not running out to stock up on canned goods, my feeling is that since I don’t know what the intent of this psyop is, it is probably safer to stock up than not to. I have a feeling that the government may use the current panic and hysteria to impose quarantines or otherwise limit our movements and I don’t want to be caught off guard. While I’m not particularly worried about the coronavirus, I am somewhat terrified by the panic and hysteria I see going on around us. Good show, interesting guests. I don’t know where I stand on infectious diseases, it’s hard to ignore what have looked to me like contagious spread of illnesses over the years. But on the other hand, I was diagnosed with an aggressive pneumonia last March that wasn’t responding to any treatments. Multiple biopsies determined there was NO viral, bacterial or fungal infection present. I quit vaping and almost a year later the last of the symptoms are about gone. So .. go figure.


Omg I went through that2!yes take all things into account in your environment.including crazy people taking vax and shaking your hand that same day.blessings


Brilliant. Thank you. Pathogenic bacteria exists in most guts, the good guys keep the bad guys in check. Such a shame though that their suggestion is veganism being the “healthiest” option. This cannot be true for all. When toxicity and deficiency are major factors in our homeostasis, if the damage has been done, the body can only affect repair and rebuild when it has the building blocks, ie with highly nutritious foods: stock, animal fats, eggs, fermented dairy, with plenty of fresh fruits and veg. I point you to Dr Natasha Campbell McBride and GAPS: GUT AND PSYCHOLOGY SYNDROME. This nutritional protocol is healing vaccine damaged children and adults and any one with autoimmune and inflammatory disease. By rebuilding damaged gut lining. Goes without saying food needs to come from a regenerative agriculture model from animals that are loved and allowed to express themselves as animals do. I point you to Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm to learn how organic farming CAN be more productive than intensive as soil is BUILT rather than eroded. Strengthening the web of life with holy shit! It’s the holy cow (antelope or zebra) that delivers the holy shit and other environmental stimulus that feeds the microorganisms in the soil that give us the foundation for healthy soil. We NEED the animals. You’ve GOT to get on Alan Savoury before he departs this realm (in his eighties?) check out his Holistic Land Management movement regreening desertified land that has been terribly suppressed. This beautiful short “One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts” on Vimeo gives a flavour of the regeneration. But Alan could really tell you some stories!! .

Love what you do Greg and deeply thankful for the education offered with such humour and humility.


One Hundred Thousand Beating Hearts… great recommendation!


Great episode! I would welcome another show from these guests. Particularly on the topics touched on near the end…the previous work/book that was produced under a pseudonym. One thought about the current virus scare has to do with the end of our “currency cycle.” All fiat currency “ends”. The dollar has had a good run as the world reserve currency, but may be breaking down? Virus makes a good cover story…not that there are no sick folks. Greg, I would love to hear a talk between you and Chris Dwayne of Greatest Truth Never Told.

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