Anna Clark Interview on Flint Water Crisis Lead Pipes On The Higherside Chats Podcast

Anna Clark | The Flint Water Crisis, Engineered Inequality, & America’s Big Lead Problem

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Anna Clark is a journalist in Detroit. She’s the author of The Poisoned City: Flint’s Water and the American Urban Tragedy, named one of the year’s best books by the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, Kirkus, the New York Public Library, Audible, and others. It is the winner of the Hillman Prize for Book Journalism and the Rachel Carson Environment Book Award. She also edited A Detroit Anthology. Anna has been a Fulbright fellow in Nairobi, Kenya, and a Knight-Wallace journalism fellow at the University of Michigan.

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-Just how much damage was done to children in Flint? -The lead problem in Washington D.C. -Personal stories of those affected. -The silver linings of such a tragedy. -How the EPA attacked those providing information.

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  1. In the book does she mention Obama showing up and pretending to drink the water for the cameras, twice? May just be an oversight of the interview but the seems like an odd thing to leave out.

    1. I really tried to listen to this but I didn’t last very long.
      I subscribe to THC because Greg is one of the best interviewers out there addressing cutting edge topics or any other issues that the MSM avoids.
      As a former chemist (who used to be involved in municipal water analysis) I was hoping to learn some intricate technical details about the Flint water fiasco.
      I did not expect to hear another ‘journalist’ talking about “how racist things used to be”.
      (All I have to do for that is to not be in a coma, since that is all we hear practically 24/7 from the corporate presstitutes).

      Yes, we get it.
      (Actually we got it a very long time ago).
      Things used to be very bad once upon a time.

      Concerning this episode of THC, I’m assuming that this ‘jounalist’ eventually got around to talking about the actual technical details about the water contamination, but her initial long energetic rant about how bad racism used to be and how “blacks were put away in closets” made me bail.
      No thanks. I’ve had enough “woke” journalism to last me for the next few lifetimes.

      1. Some may have the technical background and understand the infrastructure, but many of us don’t. I felt this was an informative interview and will encourage many of us to start our own research in our own city or town.

        Thanks Greg and Anna.

      2. Dude, you MUST be a white guy. I got news for you chief, we are STILL that racist. Flint’s water is STILL fucked up. I guess if you came down off of your high horse and listened to the podcast you would have learned that. Oh well. Have fun living in your mansion with your GIANT brain.

  2. At first view you may think this topic is off center for THC, but you soon realize it is bang on center as it highlights another path that shows our health is of no concern to the people (?) who run this world and that genocide is no conspiracy theory.
    Hats off to Anna for having the grit to share this with the world.
    Great show.

  3. Since I live in Michigan this is of interest to me and I learned some things that I hadn’t heard even though I was following the news pretty carefully.

    Michael Moore had said this type of thing wouldn’t happen in an affluent community like Ann Arbor, but he’s wrong. Our water has both dioxin and PFAS. Plus for decades we’ve had the responsible corporations downplaying the danger and seeking to avoid responsibility through government acquiescence. I’m grateful that we still have journalists willing to investigate I appreciate this interview. It would have been easy for Anna to identify villains by name. She showed great restraint so that she could focus on the larger story. Thanks.

  4. The term “L5” is the quantity of some substance to kill 5% of the lab mouses. But is you give to them L5 of lead together with the L5 of mercury you will kill 100% of the rats…

    What it will be needed to you ppl wake up !?!

    YOU are THE enemy of your “government”… “They” want you DEAD at all costs.
    If they can also profit from you death, fine. But if not, just have the decency of dropping dead in silence…

    This is not a conspiracy, is genocide. Plain and simple. Globally.
    But with special notes of sadism in USA.

  5. Why do all your episodes suck? I’ve, been a paying member for years and all of this shit is crap. What happened to the good stuff? every episode seems to be about the same shitty topics, it seems like ive been paying for crap. when are you gonna put out a good episodes again i don’t even know when the last time i listened to a full fucking episode its starting to piss me off

    1. Literally never done an episode about lead pipes or Flint. Curious what you consider a good episode from “years” ago, but feel free to stop paying for things you don’t like.

  6. Instant classic imo. This was an eye opening episode, and I found Anna to be very well spoken and insightful. There were many aspects to this story I was unaware of that I’m glad to have learned, several of which revolve around racism. For instance the media led me to believe that Flint was a small town comprised mostly of black people, which turns out to be completely inaccurate. Unfortunately, “othering” groups of people as a way to sway opinion, perpetuate harmful stereotypes, get away with all kinds of bullshit, etc is a really effective control tactic used by the elite. This should be old news for THC listeners! It’s very real and continues to happen every single day in all kinds of nefarious ways. Not all conversations about race (or feminism, or whatever else) are the same, and some are senseless blabber that just use inflammatory language to divide people further. This interview was not that. It was an intelligent, relevant, and much needed discussion about infrastructure in the US whose history begins with – but hopefully doesn’t end with – systemic racism. To leave that aspect out of the interview to cater to the delicate nature of a few people who *just don’t want to hear about race anymore* would be disingenuous at best. THC is not for beginner level critical thinkers and if y’all are so sensitive then you’re in the wrong place. Thanks Greg for a fabulous episode as per usual 🌿🍄

  7. I found this to be an eye- opening interview. Ontario, Canada had a similar situation some years back. I found it helpful to learn how devious
    our politicians & “powers that shouldn’t be” can be. Thanks, Greg. Excellent show.

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