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Michael Wann | Reality, Consciousness, & Escaping The Matrix

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Nature Of Reality, Synchromysticism

Show Notes

If you like the first half of THC episodes, jump in and enjoy the whole show:

THC listeners have tasted the fruits of Michael Wann’s knowledge & worldview several times, so today we take a step back and explore the tree that grows them. Meaning, we get a better sense of the big picture & the philosophy that guides Mike through this life. We explore the best ways to think and navigate, & we hope that it’s all good medicine for these troubles times.

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PLUS Content

  • Techniques to recalibrate consciousness outside of the Matrix.
  • Why the zodiac is in the Federal Reserve building, & 3 other official buildings in Washington DC.
  • Matrix Astrology vs Natural Astrology.
  • Balum & BLM.
  • Current & Currency.
  • How living outside of the Matrix might be different than the stereotype of the prepper survivalist.
  • Do we need food as much as the Matrix has us believe?
  • Mike’s radical thoughts on the moon.
  • The value of ceremony & bring more of it into your life.
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