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Michael Wann | Reality, Consciousness, & Escaping The Matrix

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If you like the first half of THC episodes, jump in and enjoy the whole show:

THC listeners have tasted the fruits of Michael Wann’s knowledge & worldview several times, so today we take a step back and explore the tree that grows them. Meaning, we get a better sense of the big picture & the philosophy that guides Mike through this life. We explore the best ways to think and navigate, & we hope that it’s all good medicine for these troubles times.

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PLUS Content

  • Techniques to recalibrate consciousness outside of the Matrix.
  • Why the zodiac is in the Federal Reserve building, & 3 other official buildings in Washington DC.
  • Matrix Astrology vs Natural Astrology.
  • Balum & BLM.
  • Current & Currency.
  • How living outside of the Matrix might be different than the stereotype of the prepper survivalist.
  • Do we need food as much as the Matrix has us believe?
  • Mike’s radical thoughts on the moon.
  • The value of ceremony & bring more of it into your life.

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  1. I hope you guys like this one. I could see some people thinking it's a bit too fundamental, but I think in the 2nd half we get to some really interesting stuff. Mike's great and he wanted to go a bit broad and big picture, and I totally get why he would want to do it that way. Hope it's helpful, thanks for being members! 

  2. Michael Wann consistently brings the thunder when he graces our great podcast family here at the Higherside… Chris Knowles, Ras Ben, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and Michael Wann are my proverbial THC Mt. Rushmore… Thanks Greg and Mike for making being a plus member such an easy decision…

      1. I can see why you would take this stance, but for me there is was intuitive connection with it from my Mastering the Zodiac chart. I emailed Mike and he is more concerned with relationships of planets as opposed to the what constellations they are in front of. One could theoretically create dozens or more signs from all of the other stars that are sitting on the ecliptic, which makes a lot of sense to me at least.

    1. I endorse Ophicius as a light sign. It was spoke of in ancient times. It's on the Egyptian Dendara Zodiac. This guy saying it's disinformation obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. It brought in the Fifth state of matter Ether. Ether connects us more easily into the Unseen Relams, where all the good shit really is, in my not so humble opinion. 

      1. Interesting. In the sky the sign is slightly "above" the other signs; it's maybe not quite as directly on the elliptical like other 12 zodiac signs.  

        (Then there is the number 12 and the dualities, and how 13 would fit in relation.)

        Interesting to think about the spatial positioning and these ideas mentioned.

  3. From Infinite ‘All’ Cancelled to Void, Always/Already Done… Absolute Truth (i.e. The Greater Reality) comes Fire (i.e. Simulation/Dynamic Natural Organization). From Fire comes Ice (i.e. Matrix/Fixed Crystallized/Frozen/Slowed Perception). Within an Endless Void forms a Bubble of Extracted Perceptions into a Virtual Space… and within that Virtual Space, fake/phantom matrix stories of ‘us’ are told. We are Infnity’s Imaginary Friends.

    As separate beings (stories) we bounce between Fire and Ice – in distraction… so as to avoid ‘Done’… which is why we call it a-void-ance.. not-void… anti-void… a-stance-away-from-void. We Avoid Truth. We Avoid being Done.

    More interesting though… to bounce between Void (No Surprises) and Fire (Improvisation)… and only touch Ice (Scripted Ritual) in passing. The people in the Matrix might just ‘name’ you as a ghost… because the Matrix Dwellers believe so vehemently in their ‘approximated’ illusion. They have no clue that ‘Nothing Every Happens’… there is only ‘Always/Already Happened’ (I believe that ‘Nothing Every Happens’ statement was one for your lyric rewrites Greg.. Hello from the Higherside).

    Michael is probably correct with regard to ‘continuity’ without the Matrix. If you cut out from the Matrix… what you experience may be substantial… to you. But… the Matrix Dwellers will say you died… to the point that they may believe they buried a body… because the story in which you didn’t need to eat anymore is simply unacceptable to a Matrix Dweller… where you may slide into no-eating quite comfortably… through a simple process of ‘Cutting your Losses’.

    1. Agree 100% Brianu, though I prefer to describe it as bloviating to blabbering.  Where's the beef?  Fully synthetic fungal derived beef.  Greg had to add an unprecidented third hour in an attempt that some real substance would appear, and he always puts a good face on it.  To paraphrase heavy weight champ Larry Holmes in regard to our simulated reality, Michael Wann couldn’t carry David Icke’s jockstrap. 

  4. Goodmorning! Just clicked play bit the "serenity now!" Greeting had me cracking up. Just saw that Seinfeld episode last night. Can't wait to hear this one!

  5. You guys wove a lively gem in that episode..truly excellent.. l loved it when Michael said .. ‘and the size of your imagination.. I mean what are you comparing it to ? ‘ 

    ..At that point I felt simultaneously dumb and enlightened , fortunately in that order.

  6. The Name of the Wind is by far the best fantasy/fiction books I have ever read. They are actually making a movie and tv show out of them. I’ll have to read the other book he compares it to. 

  7. Most of my friends have also bought into the vaccine propaganda but they are totally cool with other people not getting it as they believe they will be protected. They thought i was joking when i asked if they would be willing to bring me supplies if i get cut off from participating in society because i won't have the covipass. They laughingly agreed but i was not kidding. 

    1. That's nice, and should be obvious, but for some reason several of our friends won't drop the issue. It's been frustrating. I try not to let my personal experience color the show too much, but I'm sure I'm not alone on this one. 

  8. Oi Carlwood. Do us a flavour. I get paid 19th each month. Each month there is this subs issue. I get the hump coz I'm restricted to the free first hour and there's a possibility that you have to fedunk about more than necessary. If your good self could manage to sort your system to take the subs on 19th or 20th I would be a very happy happy. Love the show and all that blah, cheers Andy O

  9. who has read 'balls of fire' by judy kay king?

    this book discusses 'mind crystal' that we transfer our dna at death( return to the quantum). enlightened


    "visionaries support that the act of observer-participation by a knowledgeable human agent at a death transition  that allows a transformation of matter into a quasi hybrid being or mind crystal…. the human being can anticipate and adapt to the quantum environment by changing its genome…elites have recognized the viral survival message but have concealed their survival knowledge and delivered soft core altruistic schemes to the masses…the choice of one informed individual can dissemble the pyramind power structure of the few over the many…p268-69

    additional info on dna wave computer

  10. the one thing that has always bugged me about the truth community was the childish attitude towards and about money and capitalism. I love money. I love capitalism. Both have enabled me to not only improve my life but also to help out my loved ones and to give generously to people all across the globe. I thank God for the privilege to able to help people.

    But, anyway, this filthy capitalist used some of his Doge coin earnings to buy himself a Higher Side tee 😉 Gonna order more stuff, too. I can think of nothing more poetic than buying THC merch with #Doge earnings. 

    Mr. Carlwood your show is worth more than you charge. I thank you for what you do and am happy to pay and am glad to see you getting more comfortable with stating that you deserve money for your work.

    Thanks, man. You keep me looking up!

    1. please consider getting something from Michael Wann's offerings. If I had money I would love a reading and all the wisdom and teachings this learned man could give me. I'm probably not saying that right, but I hope you understand my thought at least. 😇🦋

    1. Michael is ALOT in a little time/space, but the more I've watched his videos, the more I understand so I can tip-toe my way into the new offering he gives. He's definitely coming from a more YOGIC Type place than I. I only wish to get as much TRUTH as my Being can hold, no matter where it comes from. I am thankful for THC for offering up a great Real & the True buffet, where I can sample and gorge. Yeehaw Baby! 🎼Happy happy joy joy joy!🎼

  11. Yo… can I just say how stoked I am on Ras Ben and Michael Wann getting together for their own show!!! Is that a THC marriage?? I started listening to this episode but stopped to watch Wanns video on the matrix and came across their 40th parallel show and watched them all morning! Ty Greg for having such amazing and thoughtful people on your show. Hope you get Sevan Bomar on here again sometime, would be cool to see what y’all bring up so many years later. And also would love for you to check out Laura Walker from the… been dropping her name for a few years now on here… maybe one day. You’re the best Greg! 

    1. The 40th parallel series has been great (especially for someone living in the area).

      The 1943/1983/2023 Philadelphia Experiment to Montauk Project 40 year time portal idea tied into Chris Knowles last THC appearance.   

  12. So just the other day I listened to again the old episode about the Susquehanna, this morning I changed my work password to "timely intersections" and then checked to see if there was a new episode of THC.  Low and behold….

  13. Good show. Nothing seems very new for me here, except the stuff about sidereal astrology. But I like the enthusiastic and sane-sounding way he communicates his ideas, he makes cool analogies, so I enjoyed listening to the whole thing. It's shareable.

    I didn't like his evasion of that question you asked him twice at the end. Basically he says, well, it'll become a totalitarian dystopia, of course – but that's no problem at all, because it's not the true reality! … I am guessing Mr Wann does not have any children.

  14. I’ve been listening to THC since 2014-ish and it’s been a part of my journey and the ever persistent question: what are we doing here? I’ve been following Mike Wann and I really appreciate the ideas of exploring the inner world, exploring consciousness- rather than trying to precisely nail down the details of the “matrix”. WHO is at the top of the pyramid, who is flying the crafts, what do the invisible beings want?… Its interesting and entertaining and I love this shit in my earbuds while I’m working my slave job- but those questions don’t keep me up at night.  I really wanna know what I’m doing. Where am I going? How do I carve out my own best existence here, and what am I supposed to do? I looked at my sidereal chart and while my birthday is March 26, 1984 – as I’ve gotten older, I’ve identified less and less with this Aries type. I live next to a river with these incredible ancient mounds that I think are related to something early people were doing with sound frequencies that would travel outward from the mound complex to the high limestone bluffs surrounding it, and bounce back into to the mound complex. The sounds of the rushing water of this river (that winds around the entire perimeter of this circular complex), are super amplified. Who knows… but I’ve followed Mike’s inclination’s and have been trying to get to know the river as a being. Trying to learn what it has to say. When I sit by it for any period of time, I do feel like I have these insights pop into my head that I didn’t think of before, I do feel like it is teaching me something in a quiet way. 

    Great show. Keep ‘em coming. 

  15. Hello Greg!  Thanks for doing what you do.  Really thinking about the discussion around 2:30:00 where you talked about making your own feast days, your own calendar to mark your own holidays.  I moved to Germany just over 2 years ago, and combined with all of the lockdowns I've really lost touch with the usual celebrations and holidays, including my own birthday!  The holidays here are different, sure, and sometimes non-existent compared to what I'm used to, but it took awhile to shed the need for certain things like watching the Super Bowl, or just sports in general.  Instead of feeling remorse, I love the idea of changing my own timeline/calendar, like you mentioned.  Feast days for lost relatives and celebrations of the machinations within my own life and the lives of my children might be just what I need right about now.  Thank you Greg, and thanks to Michael for his insights and delivering another great show for the Higherside!

  16. I will ALWAYS support you, Carlwood!!! Happy Birthday, dude. Michael is one of my favorite guests. I can't wait til he returns. I know I never comment but I want to try and engage more because your podcast and this community of people who actually know what I know has been EVERYTHING to me for a handful of years.

    Cheers,  y'all💚

  17. When I heard the word "synchromysticism" I thought it was something I would like like to learn more about because I had never heard the term before.  That evening I grabbed a book off my to-read stack at random and got into bed to read.  The book was  the selected writings of John Keel "Flying Saucer to the Center of Your Mind".  I opened the book to look through it and there in the Editor's note on page 13 was that very word.  I have the feeling it is now going to be everywhere I look

  18. I loved the show! Just to really dig into the astrology, I very much like Wann’s description of the zodiacal choices as being lenses. I practice Hellenistic astrology and use both tropical and sidereal for different purposes. I personally don’t believe Wann’s characterization of the zodiacal matrices is based in traditional understanding of astrology. The reason behind using a tropical zodiac as I understand it has to do with planetary rulership of the signs and seasons and is not intended to be linked to the constellations, and there is ample reason to believe that ancient people understood this and built the system not to be linked to the fixed tars but to the sun’s motion and position at the equinoctial points. Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon, is the time of the Nile’s flood. Mars rules Aries, the arrival of Spring, the forceful emergence of life coming out of winter. Saturn rules the dark cold winter months. There are multiple ways to interpret the constellations, the ones we are familiar with are culture bound, they re by no means universal. Sidereal links the zodiac to the fixed stars- we clearly have affinity and derive great meaning from the fixed stars, but this system allows the rulership system to wander and the rulerships no longer make sense in a traditional way. The older Egyptian zodiacal system of decans was entirely tropical and each 10 degree slice of the zodiac told a story. Lunar mansion systems are purely sidereal and tell the story of the moons’ so relationship to stars and star groupings. 

  19. Connect the dots: King of the Gypsies, false history anecdotes individual to collective, re-figure your astrology in order to ground, don’t do anything now, just juggle 3 plates of reality for a while longer, lose your time by not losing your time—80/20 kids, double-speak, stop hearing what you want to hear and listen to what he’s actually saying!  Summarize it into 1 paragraph, the entire show, and you’ll see him for what he is. He is telling you Point Blank, you are not hearing it!

  20. I think his comment on zodiac definitions, as to define certain character traits, definitely has a lot to do with placebo. I find myself a Libra by traditional definition. And when I learned at a young age characteristics of libra, I would often relate my feelings or decisions based on the fact that I am balanced, or see both sides of the coin and try to be more fair and optimistic of my life. Is this honestly my true nature or the matrix version? It would be very interesting to see his interpretation of the stars of my birth. Thank you Greg for bringing this topic to light for me/us. 

  21. Thank you 😃 Greg for this show…. it was high quality….the Veda’s astrology  and philosophy seems to be the real deal!! 
    PS:  Michel’s voice sounds juvenile! 
     Blessings 🌹! 

  22. I don't get it. I love every THC show and have been listening for years. the only, I mean only shows I do not, cannot stand, are these. Micheal was great when talking about the river, but please, please, no more of these. I cannot stand them. They are like nails on a chalkboard. 


    I hate to be negative, but I am giving an honest review. All of the Mr Wanns shows from the Kobe one on, I try nd listen to and after 45 min, I want to jump out a window. 

    There are other guests that I roll my eyes on, but this dude needs to be on only like every 5 years. Please god no more of these show with him.

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