Clive de Carle | Holistic Health, Big Pharma Failures & The Self Repair Path

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The great Clive de Carle returns to THC! Clive is a specialist in the field of health mastery and has helped tens of thousands of people to restore their health through talks, retreats, broadcasts, videos and personal consultancy.

Recognized as one of the world’s leading health researchers, Clive has spent over thirty years studying the most effective natural health solutions available. As a consultant, Clive specializes in identifying the root cause of illness. Clive defines health mastery as understanding and facilitating the conditions that your body and mind need to self repair, by eliminating blockages such as physical and emotional toxins and providing the correct micro and macro nutritional elements to restore health, harmony and wellness.

Clive is a leading curator of high-grade nutritional supplements, and the director of the Secret Health Club, a valuable member’s only educational resource.

Learn more about his work and offerings at


PLUS Content

  • Putting on muscle with Fulvic Minerals & Amino Acids.
  • Removing heavy metals with Silica.
  • Most common deficiencies and the solutions.
  • New discoveries and technologies Clive finds most interesting.
  • Pulsed EMF & Scalar devices
  • Deuterium.
  • Hidden truths of dentistry.
  • Tryptophan & happiness.
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Loved hearing Clive again!!!
Has anyone been able to find the YT vid with the lady teaching kids to see blindfolded? maybe its in his Secret Club thing or I missed it in the scrolling-
Also he mentions  Dr Tent- I've listened to many of his lectures over the years ( Randall Tent/ Diverse health Services)  definitely worth checking out his  lectures if people havent already- I think he'd also make a great guestwink

-Thanks! really loved this one Greg


Superhuman: The Invisible Made Visible. It's a documentary for purchase, unsure it it's available on "ThemTube"

renee Belisle

Holy Moly, it'd be cool to have Dr. Tent as a guest. We've been watching his videos lately and he is widely knowledgeable. His vaccine talks paint a sinister picture of what was and is going on. 


Not sure if this is the one but is the same thing


Jasper Beechwood

Excellent show Greg. Clive's a mine of information and I learn something useful every time I listen to him. On the subject of heavy metal removal, there are other useful easy to find supplements that can help. L Theanine which is extracted from green tea, not only helps remove aluminium but also chills you out. Zeolite is a form of clay that pulls heavy metals out of the body. Coriander / Cilantro and Chlorella are also effective.
I’d love to hear a shoe with Peter Ragnar the taoist master.


Hi Greg can you provide more info on this special breathable mask? I've been trying to find a good one for months.


Greg do you have a Wolfhound or a Great Dane?


Please stop wearing masks. They don’t work and are a control mechanism. Stop complying. Covid is the common cold. Look it up in a book. 

Brian Jacobson

What a fantastic episode! Thanks Greg!


A nurse in Calgary got the vax and got totally ill.  They told her to go home and quarantine and DONT TELL ANYONE YOU'RE SICK!!  They never told me tho!

One friend I have had a grandpa die if COVID in Nov. 2020. They told everyone he died of Covid and months later the doctors admitted he never had Covid??? So the lie was perpetuated by the family telling everyone for months why he died. 


Did they say what he actually died of?

Jasper Beechwood

Just listened to the first Clive show after this and loved that too, though he did repeat a lot of things this time.

One thing that stood out for me in the first show was his reflection – pun intended -on a self illuminating Moon. The Armenian mystic G I Gurdjieff said that humans are "food for the Moon" and in my own mystical experience I understand what he means. I'd say that We are illuminating the Moon, through identification with our emotions. Most of us aren't truly living on Earth, ie fully embodied, but on the Moon, outside ourselves in mental-emotional orbit.

I believe the One Ring in LOTR symbolises the Moon, which is the local proxy of its master Sauron, or Saturn. Remember when Frodo wore the ring, he was invisible (not authentically present) and in a kind of wraith world? That's what it's really like living in our mental-emotional world, compared with being fully embodied and present. 

When we are limited to the past reflective world of emotion, we are literally giving our life force to powering a phoney movie like existence. As the Moon waxes, its influence strengthens and people become more emotional and less authentically present.

In the Truman Show movie, the producer Christof was based in the movie set Moon. Truman's island surrounded by water represents living completely within the controlling orbit of emotion.

There is nothing wrong per se with the Moon. It's our knee jerk devotion to the chemical reactions of our emotions which keep us enslaved. The Moon is simply casting a net of self-reflection around us, which until we see through it, harvests our precious bodily fluids!


came to compliment our host on the awesome intro, before plunging into the rest of th episode, and read your post along the way. also awesome. it will be some time,tho before i can process the topic of 'bodily fluids' without 1st thinking of the crazy base sargeant character in dr strangelove and laughing a little derisively on th inside- but i can totally appreciate the spirit of what you mean by that term. maybe listening to the rest of the ep might helpcool

Jasper Beechwood

Ha, I was having a laugh about precious bodily fluids. That came from Brigadier General Jack D Ripper in Dr Strangelove, paranoid about the sinister intentions of Soviet Russia. I really meant that if we're not conscious, the Moon will siphon off our energy. Crazy sounding stuff perhaps, but there's more to life than meets the eye.


absolutely. don't get me wrong, i'm totally grocking what you're saying just a little predispositioned to scoff at 'bodily fluids'. i'm workin on that tho

Anthyony Caron

Hey Greg I can tell u my family owns a holistic naturally choice dog food store and yes dogs can live a lot longer with out ever seeing a vet and I mean an easy ten years please don’t feed your animals super market foods it’s not for them feed them raw if you don’t wanna buy good food


Clive lost me when he claimed Steve Jobs next computer created the internet. I was there when the internet was created as a DARPA project and I was also around when the next computer came out. It was short-lived and the internet had been around for more than a decade when that computer was on the market.


I think he meant the World Wide Web. A lot of people seem to confuse the WWW with the Internet at large. I looked around and found this:

(In 1990) "A NeXT Computer — created by NeXT Inc., Steve Jobs’s computer company during his ‘wilderness years’ — was used not only to host the world’s first web server, but to write the first web browser."


  • World’s first website and server go live at CERN, running on Tim Berners-Lee’s NeXT computer, which bears the message “This machine is a server. DO NOT POWER DOWN!”
  • Tim Berners-Lee develops the first Web browser WorldWideWeb.

But was he using a NeXT computer in 1989? when:

"The World Wide Web begins as a CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) project called ENQUIRE, initiated by British scientist Tim Berners-Lee. Other names considered for the project include “The Information Mesh” and “The Mine of Information."

Kara Craig

Greg.. My 14 year old dog has never eaten dog food, which is basically Fritos with no nutritional value. Never any health issues, only one time I think from sniffing fertilizer on a walk when she was 3-4 years old. :). She's mostly a carnivore 90/10 %


My mom died from chemo two years ago, after a two-and-a-half month stay in the leukemia ward. During her time there, the staff was loading her up every day will all kinds of drugs– painkillers, antipsychotics, etc. After some weeks, her immune system was destroyed and her liver became incredibly toxified. I did a little research and found that not only did papaya leaf extract clean the liver, but it also helped your body to generate white blood cells in the bone marrow. 

I bought some and asked her oncologist if I could give it to her. She told me I couldn't, because "Papaya is not FDA-approved, but I'll give it to my pharmacist to take a look at." After a day, the pharmacist got back to me and reluctantly gave me his approval. I gave her the papaya leaf and each day, her toxicity levels dropped dramatically. After five days, it was as if her liver had fully recovered, despite all the other problems she was having.

On that fifth day, her oncologist came in to inform her of her various levels, and when she got to her liver she remarked "and your liver is looking great. I have no idea why." But she KNEW I'd been giving her the papaya leaf extract all this time.

Long story short, while doctors can be incredibly knowledgeable people, they are also incredibly blind, due to their years of conditioning and institutional biases.

Andrew Copenhaver

Hey Greg do you or anyone here know of any trustworthy/credible sources for Shilagit? I’m like you I have a cabinet full of supplements trying to narrow it down for what my main symptoms are and it just seems that Shilagit would be a great way to acquire fulvic material AND trace  minerals…Magnesium etc…kind of kill many birds with a single cheap stone as it is pretty cheap.

Supplements are fast becoming the new big pharma in a sense though (nowhere near the breadth of that industry but I think you all know what I mean) with many people catching wind of the latest craze and then, whether it’s C60, Kratom or Shilagit, they may start off pure and then gradually begin to cut their products with god knows what and one just isn’t quite sure of the safety/ purity anymore. 

It takes much discernment and diligent research to weed out the vampiric vultures that circle the wagons of the “new magic potions and superfoods” for  as we well know, the bottom feeders in the zeitgeist are not only donned in suits and white lab coats but come also disguised as counter culture with promises of well being only out of self interest….And in this new endless zoom meeting of reality where opportunistic cottage industry pose as big legit business propped up on paid antidotal response and anonymous testimonials, it is becoming more difficult by the day to tread the algorithms and pierce thru the tech-clad armor of the snake oil charlatans that walk amongst the “authentic” that do this out of love and true altruism.


Thank you for mentioning the sk8 parks. I didn’t see any sand in the big “T” & “W” stores… Ouch… keep doing what you do Greg! Yewww!

Steven Sopaul Lal


Doreen Stelton

Is anyone else having tech issues listening?

Timothy Clark

It sounds good on my end.



Not only a great interview, but priceless health advice. Greg, your interviews have enriched my life, I won't speak for anyone else, but I imagine I'm not alone. 


Cutting 100% of the white sugar out of my diet has changed my life. Sugar is a drug. 

Ramzi Shalabi

did we get an answer on what brands of vitamin and mineral supplements are the best quality?

Jeff Dolgos

Great show, very informative!
Clive got it wrong on the dental information, though. 
I've been a practicing dentist for 25 years, the last 15 of them I've been holistically-oriented, following principles of Weston Price and Hal Huggins and others. 
Tooth enamel is the only substance in the body, as far as I know, that CANNOT regenerate. 
This is because the cells that create enamel, called odontoblasts, are contained within the follicular membrane, which disintegrates as soon as a tooth erupts into the mouth. 
So if someone has a cavity  (rotted or softened enamel creating a hole in the tooth), that enamel cannot grow back. 
I'd be happy to provide much more information if you're interested. 
Keep up the great work!
Your show is one of my favorites.


Love this episode! So glad that Clive was on the show again – I recently listened to this first episode, so insightful & so nice to hear from a health expert with reasonable perspective.