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Joint Session Bonus Show | March 2021

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Another community cast in the can: Aliens among us, Hollow Earth, the Rosicrucians, & the Siren. Oh my!

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Nicee! Thanks Greg

Jasper Beechwood

Great to listen to my first Joint Session. Really appreciate being part of the THC community and thank you Greg for being our amiable eloquent host.


Hi Greg,

My son is almost 15 years old and he has had zero vaccines. He’s gone to public school his entire life and very rarely has anyone really given me any flack about it. 

When I was pregnant, I sought out a pediatrician that was conservative Christian (in the south, it’s Church of Christ).  I told him the first visit that I planned to “delay” vaccines until he was 2, he was fine with it. At the two year check up (and checkups after that) they’d offer the recommended vaccines and I’d just smile and nonchalantly say “oh – I really appreciate it but we’re good for now.” The nurse might push it a little and I’d just smile and nod during her speech and say “I understand and appreciate the offer, maybe another day” 

At school age, I asked the doc for the form for school – he went out of the room to get it, came back in, checked the religious exemption box, signed it, and that was it. I think his conservative religious beliefs prevented him from getting judgey and pushy about another family’s decision making. 

My son never gets sick while everyone at school is constantly sick with allergies, colds, ear infections, viruses, etc. If he does happen to catch a bug, he’ll spike a little fever and he’s right back to himself in under 24 hrs. He hasn’t been sick for more than a day since he was 5-6 yrs old. Now, he goes to a general family doctor and no one bats an eye, zero push back. I’ve never shown up to appointments with any anti-vax publications or “proof” or ready for a fight. Im always really relaxed about it and just politely say “no thanks!” and quietly, peacefully, nicely stand my ground. I also don’t advertise it with friends b/c it’s no one’s business. I don’t preach to other parents or try to sway people or get into the weeds about it. 


(Sorry for the long posts) If you do decide to give your child even limited vaccinations, look into ways to support their systems in unloading the toxins and chemicals. True story: a friend of mine that I met at work, masters level social worker – has a son and daughter vaccinated on schedule. She said she didn’t know any better. Her two children got very, very sick as toddlers, lost their ability to meet developmental milestones, speak/socially  interact, both were put on the autism spectrum, developed debilitating allergies to wheat, dairy, you name it. She went on a frantic search to fix it, read 40 books on vaccines, chemicals, hyper immune response, immunology, full research mode. She was able to reverse their injuries over several years with detox, vitamins, minerals, etc. Both kids now (15 and 13) physically healthy, honor students, no longer on the spectrum (still allergic to everything). So you can do things to protect and/or counteract the effects or damage. 
My son is at the age where he’s asked why he isn’t vaccinated and I basically told him that after weighing the risks, looking at federal vaccine injury court payouts year by year, (his dad was injured by the smallpox vaccine in the marine corps) it wasn’t something I felt I could decide for him. If he wants to get vaccinated as an adult, it’s his choice. Same with the circumcision thing. For me, it’s an ethical line I can’t cross. I don’t feel I have the right to make that choice for another person. Same as I wouldn’t sign him up for a clinical trial for medical research that would involve the risk of injury or bodily harm. Thanks for coming to my TED talk haha 

William Christie

I realize that personal experience is very important. But we cannot evaluate the efficacy of ANYTHING based on just your experience. That is why statistical analysis of large numbers of people are necessary. Speaking from a person’s own experience and extending this to a “truth” is a recognized logical fallacy. I appreciate your experience but it doesn’t prove anything because we cannot generalize from 1 person’s experience.

Todd ryan

Awesome joint sessions! I've been a member a handful of months and this is the first one I've listened to. Thoroughly enjoyed hearing everyone chime in. If ya don't mind I wanna share a 25 minute video presentation by a Dr. Ryan Cole my gf sent me. I feel like it's a good contribution to the sessions.
Cheers Chatters and happy up and coming 4/20
Thanks for all you do Greg, excellent show and guest selection.


Man, I live in the Appalachian mountains, and that would have been an interesting show.


Thankyou for persevering! It's sad that all your friends are "too compliant"..but as you say, is there really any need for them 'de-friending' you! I'm a crazy, old cat lady in Yorkshire. I come from a very different era to this one..dunno if that's a good thing or nay? Mixed & worked with all! From both ends of the "social spectrum"! Different politics & again from 'far left…far right'..& a lotta betwixt incl. those who were, erm? Insane!! Had much to discuss! The idea that anyone of us would 'be angry enough to fall out'? Never occurred to me..I presume same for my friends..nobody did tho'? 
I've been an 'outsider type' all my life & I'm thought of as a "Conspiracy Theorist"..& that's only since those "wonderful" CIA types created the term to 'dismiss' those who like me? That the "Lone Nut Explanation" was..well?Bollox! We thunk JFK's 'assassination' was probably? Definitely! A conspiracy! Before the Spooks helped out? Excentric…oi! Heard you think that! Haha! Sorry?

During this "WuFlu" Bollox? Despite being "Ancient but Justified"? I've not complied with any of the 'instructions'? Bojo et al's..BoZo Jo & the Clown Car Passengers! I've never heard any of the 'agitprop'. But I've been told! (No TV & no radio…keeps me sane!) & so do you! Keep on…keeping on! And never..NEVER! Stop sticking to the man!

As for your friends? They'll be back! But it's often hurtful & all I can say is. It's in times like these that you get 'a glimpse' into 'who'? Your friends really are! And see some of them? You should cut loose! I'm sure you have seen & pruned your "mates" down to those you now see are really! Your friends? Won't ever be as numerous as those 'FaceBoot Friends'..& you wouldn't want it to be! Haha! It really is ok to be a white male! Ok too! To have boundaries..& stand your ground! Not offending people? Will never be something they'd accept your apology for if you try! You! Are the boss of you, now! &..or not? When your missus tells ya? I'm a widow..but I know that when I was "her indoors" I'd take up being a tiny bit..Absolute & Powerful..but only when I needed to be! Haha! Btw..I didn't kill him! Tho' there were times..? Haha? Take care & remember! "This too will pass!" Now..where's my stash? Got  10 crazy cats..& it's not bloody 'catnip'..but they all love that herbal smokin'..haha!

Thankyou! Lurve & Peas! ;Qxxx

psst. Slanté! (Oirish forCheers!)  surprise x


Hello from me, a mad middle aged cat (and pig, sheep, dug, turkey, quail, cockerel) lady a couple of hours up eh road in forgotten (thankfully) south-west Scotland!

Dash Dash

Hey THC,


I am very intrigued by your chats I honestly can’t get enough. Do you have anything interesting to say on India supremacy and India culture, many people believe that’s where it all started, people think people from India colonized the American and what are know known as native Americans. You know those Hare Krishnas are tied in real good with the kabal , deep state and the Jewish new world order. I got involved with a Hare Krishna cult out here in California and boy, they have ritual abusing me to the fullest. You wouldn’t believe their jubu philosophy is on another level!


Loved this episode! It is so fun to hear from listeners. The 2 & siren connection is very thought provoking. I wonder what 2022 will be like? 
Personally I have always felt a strong connection with my birth date: 22 of the year 92 & most of the other friends I have born on the 22nd day of other months are females also.
Good luck to all – Chloe

Christina Danley

Hey Greg,

Just wanted to follow-up on your vax-free-kids comments/questions. Awesome to hear you and your lady are wanting to welcome some life into this place. My daughter is almost 11 and my son is almost 9. Parenting is unquestionably the hardest and best journey I’ve ever taken. Now that you’re familiar with Sally Fallon/WAPF, I highly recommend the pre-parent diet for you and your lady as described in Nourishing Traditions. I think especially because my wife spent her teenage years as a vegetarian, and me on a high-protein/low-fat diet, we spent a couple years trying to get pregnant. After both switching to a WAPF-friendly diet, the first biscuit was in the basket within a month. Our daughter was born at a midwife clinic, no shots, no eye drops, nothing. We mostly used the Hypnobirthing method in prep for and during birthing and it was great (easy for me to say!). My wife had some “burning” at birth (we sang Ring of Fire to lighten the mood), but other than that it was a great experience for everyone. Baby went right to mom’s chest, nursed, kept her cord attached till every last drop of goodness was absorbed. When nursing challenges came, and they inevitably will, I made the raw milk formula in Nourishing Traditions, which worked great. Two years later our son was born in the backseat of our car at 2am on the way to the midwife clinic. Fun times had by all. Not too many dads today can say they “caught” their son entering this place! Anyway, same story, neither kid has ever had a shot or medication of any kind. Our diet isn’t perfect, but we limit sugar, eat non-GMO and/or organic, pastured meats/eggs, and unhomogenized grass-fed whole milk (we’re now in NV, can’t buy raw), keep masks off their faces, etc. We have struggles just like everyone, but I couldn’t ask for two healthier, and mostly happy, kids.

As for school, both kids have always been in charter or private Montessori (and homeschooling). They were born in Nashville and TN vax laws are pretty easy to maneuver. Then we moved to your backyard (Encinitas) in 2013, so obviously that got harder, but we found a great doc on Coronado Island that wrote the needed exceptions so it wasn’t a big issue. Their private Montessori (where they were going at the time) pushed back, but we stood our ground, and it was never brought up again. We moved to Reno in late-2018, and I know CA laws have changed. My understanding is that the religious exemption has been cut, and the state is cracking down on docs, but I know parents are still getting around it. I know it’ll sometimes feel like you’re the only ones, but I can 100% assure you that you’re not alone…lots of parents, even in CA, would lay down in traffic before sticking a needle in their kid’s arm. Really just have to find those parents and a good doc. Happy to help with that, if you or your lady are interested. Awesome that you’re already buying from your Oceanside farm and that you can buy raw dairy at Sprouts, Jimbo’s, etc.

Hope this helps, keep up the great work, and hoping to get back to SoCal soon!

Chad (using Christina’s account)


Hey Greg. I highly reccomend the home birth, and the Bradley method. Boob milk is the absolutely most wild medicine I've seen in action. Always trust the mama's instinct. My 2nd boy is due in just a couple weeks.


Our older daughter was vaccine injured when she was 3, this was 14 years ago. We were already against her getting yearly flu shots as I always have believed they are useless at best, and were vearing away from other childhood vaccines(besides the ones she had first two years we had stopped). My mother in law got her a flu shot without our permission, and she develop a fever a started getting sick. That same night we took her to the hospital because she just didn't seem right. We are in a smaller town and our hospital was not equipped or skilled to care for her, she was unconscious a few hours after being admitted and they had pumped her full of antibiotics(had no idea it was from the vaccine at this point) and we had to demand she was transfered to a children's hospital 70 miles away that first night. She would have died if we hadn't. She ended up being diagnosed with viral encephalitis, could not speak, eat or breath on her own.  And we were told she more than likely would be like this permanently and to get ready for that reality, of having our intelligent vibrant child being in a semi vegetative state for life. We were in the hospital for 1.5months with her in this condition with a team of neurologist who really had no answers, besides it was more than likely the viral load from the vaccine that she had an allergic reaction to(they would not definitively say but they all strongly suggested). One day she just sorta snapped out of it, it was like she started to wake up. She started pulling the tubes out of her nose. The doctors said it was a miracle, but we had months of PT ahead of us. They sent us to a different children's hospital the next day for her recovery and PT. When we arrived this hospital thought there must be a mistake, she was starting to speak and trying to walk on her own. They released us the next day, she was able to walk out of the hospital on her own with only a little help. We were very lucky. Our second daughter has not been vaccinated, she is 9 now. She rarely gets sick. In Texas you don't need a doctor to sign the vaccine waiver, you just get the forms on the web, get them notarized, take to school. We have not vaccinated either child since the oldest was sick. I dont argue with people who bash anti vaxers, but I know if any of them had their children go through even a small percent of what we did they would change their minds. 


Nice joint session Greg!  I really appreciate the way you manage the show, including your interview style & editing.  Honestly you are one of the best interviewers currently doing such, including npr radio and late night talk shows.  You do research, connect other guests' work, ask really thoughtful questions, and let the guests talk.  You can tell they feel comfortable and are willing to open up more.  And you lead them all the way through their thoughts, so we can get to the details & nuance.  
The editing is great as well.  I really appreciate that you & your editor clean up everything.  The conversations are long (which is great) and it's much more efficient without the pauses & umms.  I can really tell the difference listening to your show compared to others, and that's part of the reason I subscribe.  

And yes if for some reason you had to change subscriber methods I'd follow along and make a new account wherever.

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