Michael Joseph | The Occult Aspects Of Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, & Blockchain Tech

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Alright Higherside Chatters- it’s no surprise to us that the world is steeped in an esoteric soup of numbers, symbols and rituals – that are of the utmost importance to some unseen occultists of the capstone cabal….and while I tend to think that our material plane is designed to be a canvass in which these things play themselves out- it’s obvious that the foxes have overtaken the hen house- some unsavory hands are on the steering wheel- and most of us “profane masses” lack the deep and complex context to properly unpack these threads or better yet- fight fire with fire- and use them to our own advantage.

But with the Empire’s recent pivot, the techno-cratic screws tightening, and some freaky harsh space weather- many of us seem to be erratically reacting out of emotion and wishful thinking- which is understandable, but not always that productive. And if this wasn’t enough, it’s pretty obvious there are many new threads on the conspiracy cardigan in the last few years: From Cryptocurrency to Q Anon and analyzing them properly also gets harder as the machine refines it’s tools.

Well lucky for us, we have a tool of our own and that is the esoteric insights of today’s returning guest Michael Joseph. Of course, Michael Joseph is the man behind the Schism206 youtube channel where he provides a deep dive into the esoteric and symbolic sides of many interesting things.

He’s been here 3 times before: First to go over the Occult Religion of the Elite, Secondly to compare and contrast the Hidden Hand saga with his own research and findings, and a third time talking about The Many Esoteric Elements Of The JFK Assassination Ritual.

He’s back today to help us better analyze things like Cryptocurrrency, Qanon, and the current state of the New World Order gameplan- by adding those symbolic & occult layers to our greater understanding. The Esoteric Educator Extraordinaire, one of the very few THC guests in the 4 times club, an elite class in it’s own right- Mr Schism himself, Michael Joseph.

PLUS Content

-Q Anon -The NWO Agenda Forecast for 2018 -The Saturn Cycle of the Twin Towers -The Pluto Cycle from the Declaration of Independence -The New World Order Pope and his riding of the Astrological Wave -The Source Family -The Whore of Babylon vs The Virgin Mary -Great power requires great responsibility
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Yes i have chained myself to the block by investing my current and or energetic potential into another saturnalian construct. The great arcanum is upon this fractal of totality by the vow of using the surplus of units gained through the transmutation of the baphomet and mammon to raise the collective vibration. Spoken into existence.


Lucky timing! I’ve never been this early to THC. Let’s get into this thing.


Another One. THC THE BEST!!
This guest is always great. He breaks down the astrology so that even I can understand it. I loved the Q breakdown and the Freedom Tower piece. Trump fans will probably hate it, but it made sense to me G.


Love it!


Wooooo Michael Joseph.

All time fave and love the schism206 YouTube series.

Can’t wait, Marchello.


You said” material plane”???? it’s always a plane of existence isn’t it ????


Weren’t the joint sessions originally going to be plus only?


Great discussion, many dots being connected for me, going to have to listen again.
People ( not a living human) think they are limited by how much $ they have, limited by an illusion if you will. The Masons have given birth to a false reality separate from nature and our creator, one where you will struggle and strife to give them your time and energy. They have us cornered into thinking their reality is the only way and they celebrate this with their Cornerstone ceremony. They have a hand in building all aspects of this physical reality. I believe crypto currency is here because AI can’t physically handle$. The way out of this is to return to the” law of the jungle” as Sr. called it in his speech 10 years to the day before the towers came down.


I live in Butte Montana and the head douche for a local crypto currency company is the Vegas murderer Rick Tabish….. I invite you to do some research into the topic. I work at a restaurant and he’s always coming in near close taking waitresses home. The old mans money disappeared but somehow Rick found 40 million to invest in Butte Montana after he got out of prison. Such fucking crooks but this episode has me thinking even deeper. Wow! I’m mind blown


I think some of the terminology, especially related to mining, is to HEAL those relationships allegorically.


This episode’s timing is perfect as I just got caught up on Michael Joseph’s Proud to 2 Be Profane podcast!

james deweaver27

The full two hour here you couldn’t put on YT that’s why I Subscribe!


Can you have Michael post an image of the book cover he mentioned with the white rabbit? Sounds a bit like Tracy Twyman stuff with the hidden pillars!


haven’t listened yet, but as an avid crypto investor/trader I can personally attest to the strange and powerful influence that sacred geometry has in shaping market structure. It’s so weird how en masse, humans, in their behaviour, conform to the same ratios that shape the micro and macro. It’s like a hack. I’ve been trying to apply it to other aspects of my life to achieve goals in both my career and personal life. I think this is truly magical. Can’t wait to listen, Carlwood!


As a fellow crypto-enthusiast I was actually really disappointed … Michael clearly only has a very basic understanding of cryptocurrencies or encryption, never mind the actual technology or mathematical principles it is built on, or the fundamental problems it solves (e.g. double-spending). It’s unfortunate as it kind of discredits the rest of his work. Some cringey moments in there for sure, but I’ll remain open-minded either way.

In saying that I’m also fascinated in cycles and being involved in the crypto markets has really got me thinking about it in a larger context. Reality seems to be a huge collection of interacting cycles at all temporal and spatial scales. Everything from heartbeats and circadian rhythms in our bodies, to global seasonal fluctuations, to the procession of the equinoxes. As you say, even our own lives and behaviours go through cycles, and understanding the timing and influence of these can be a game-changer. Understanding the power of cycles and how to work with them is my initial take from it. Murakami sums it up nicely:

“The point is, not to resist the flow. You go up when you’re supposed to go up and down when you’re supposed to go down. When you’re supposed to go up, find the highest tower and climb to the top. When you’re supposed to go down, find the deepest well and go down to the bottom. When there’s no flow, stay still. If you resist the flow, everything dries up. If everything dries up, the world is darkness.”
– Haruki Murakami, ‘The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle’

Do you have any resources or videos you’ve found useful??

Hugh Johnson

Fun fact: NLP trainers steal stuff from the occult all the time. Once of the used sigil magic process to teach people how to make logos along with some psychobabble about the subconcious.


Loved it!


I’m a blockchain developer and have been a practicing magickian and researcher of occult symbology for over 20 years so I’m far more qualified to discuss this subject than he is. He doesn’t seem to know a whole lot about either from my perspective… When it comes to “blockchain” the first thing I think of symbolically is the Devil card in the Tarot. http://www.esotericmeanings.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/15-bota_tarot_the-devil.jpg (from the BOTA deck mentioned in the podcast and I first learned this interpretation of this card from a person in the direct lineage of Paul Foster Case)
The relevant symbology here to me is the man and woman “chained” to the half cube on which perches the Baphometic figure representing the material world. However, what’s relevant to me is that those chains hang loosely around the necks of the man and woman and can be easily removed any time they like. This shows that is a choice the people have made to chain themselves to the “block” to get by in the material world but can remove those chains any time they like.

Compare that to the spiderweb theme present on dollar bills where the whole point of a spiderweb is that it is inescapable. Add to that the owl symbolism almost imperceptibly perched in the corner ready to swoop down and carry you away in the cover of darkness as soon as you’re stuck in the web on the dollar and the comparative symbolism is undeniable.

Yes, the “block” and the “chain” are Saturnian symbols but Saturn is not equal to evil. It’s a force of the Universe and has an appropriate application which is internally. Saturn = control… control yourself or someone else will control you. This is why Binance moved from China which is one of the most Saturnian (controlling) governments on the planet to Malta which has no regulations against cryptocurrencies. This is why I registered my decentralized exchange in Bulgaria… There is no crypto regulations in Bulgaria at all. In fact, we’re the first company (and I think still the only one a year later) to mention crypto “tokens” (we are the first so get to set the terminology in the Bulgarian language) in our company registration. We of course have to keep ourselves in control or we will force the government to control us. That’s the proper application of and the major reasoning for proper application of the Saturnian force.

Just a couple other things I’d like to touch on before I end my rant…. first, yes many of these crypto companies incorporate occult symbology (like all other companies) in their names and logos. However, “occcult” doesn’t mean evil in any way. I have incorporated some “occult” symbology into the logos my company uses. In my case, I use it to benefit all… I’m incorporating appropriate symbology into our logos to symbolize the intent of the project which is to liberate people from the corporate machine they’re currently being crushed under. It’s the use of the symbol that is important.

One last thing, they mention Steemit… Steemit, Inc owns over 51% of the stake in the Steem blockchain (though they hide this through a veritable army of sock accounts) which makes it more centralized than Facebook since no one person or entity owns more than 51% of Facebook. They’ve also admitted that they censor their platform. In fact, I caught them altering the databases that displays information (they couldn’t manipulate the blockchain itself but can manipulate what’s displayed) which is exactly what led me to develop my own system based on the same technology but implemented and distributed in a way that makes censorship almost impossible. Obviously, we have to take steps to make sure child porn and snuff films aren’t welcome and it was a bit of a challenge to determine systems that don’t give people censorship power but still keep things like that in check.

Was about to post this but after going to smoke and take a piss I came back and you were talking about saviors…. so full disclosure: I am not a guru, savior, or anything else. I just simply took the time to learn some things and are attempting to apply what I have learned for the benefit of all. I am simply a man doing what he can to make a better way for mankind. If I can create a system that helps people eat that wouldn’t otherwise without putting a different monkey on their back then my goal is complete.


Silly Saturnians… there is limitation upon falling into the infinite ocean. Infinity cannot avoid itself (total void… no drama or identity to chain yourself to). A mosaic… shattered but all parts still assemble ocean over whatever separation. The drop of water just cannot see beyond it’s shape when the Emperor is wearing it’s clothes. It’s OK if the world kills you, at least you didn’t commit suicide to assert control. That could turn out to be a real deception.