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John le Bon | The Hoax Hierarchy, The History Conspiracy, & The Wireframe Mesh

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, New Chronology

Show Notes

Alright Higherside Chatters, when we dig into the details of many subjects that are generally taken for granted, we find a great deal of manipulation, half truths, and faulty premises in which entire fields are sometimes based- and this goes for an increasingly large chunks of history and science: Materialism, Darwinism, The Apollo Moon Missions, Columbus discovering America, Mass shootings, 9/11, the cover up of exotic technology and alternative fuel sources, genuine medicine, historic time lines, and maybe even some major elements of our Earthly system itself….

Everyone draws their lines differently, but these are just some of the examples we’ve examined in the past that actually encompass huge portions of popular worldviews and to see through even just a few of them – leads one to reflect on not only what else we take for granted that might have been concocted by the Capstone Cabal- but just how powerful and all encompassing are the nefarious few? What kind of world am I in? Are we as blissfully ignorant of our true situation as the cattle grazing on the farm?

Well, when the Big Club goes back longer than we can trace our own family lines, and we’re forced to go through the brainwashing education system that has been cooked up by these very same untrustworthy tyrants- good luck getting it all worked out. As the theme song says, we know they’re lying to us, we just don’t know to what degree- well today we’re blowing the barn doors right off and torching every sacred cow left inside. Because today’s guest John Le Bon pushes the needle firmly into the red, as he tackles some of what seem to be the most controversial and tightly held so called “truths. John is a self described “real skeptic” from Australia, just asking questions about what we take for granted. He runs as well as a popular youtube channel- and I think this is going to be a pretty wild ride.

The controversial questioner, ful-spectrum skeptic, and conspiratorial thunder from down under- JLB.

The Library of Alexandria Story Flowchart: 

If interested in reading more about John’s perspective on this saga, the whole article can be read for free on his site, after registration:

PLUS Content

-The importance of getting sunlight and grounding. What does that say about our environment? -Jon’s thoughts on the work of Anatoli Fomenko. -Catastrophism. -Casting doubt on the Library of Alexandria. -Casting doubt on the existence of Nikola Tesla. -L Frank Baum. -Spiritual sources for technology.
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