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Charlotte Iserbyt | The Education Conspiracy, Dumbing Down America, & The Order

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Alright Higherside Chatters, we know the political, corporate, and controller classes have never had our best interests at heart and we live in a world awash in weaponized campaigns to keep us down: fluoride in the water, other chemicals in the food and sky, and most recently pulsing radiation waves throughout the so called civilized world.

And as dire and obvious as these problems might be to us enlightened few- we have to remember to have patience with our friends, family, and fellow citizens because one of the most effective and longstanding campaigns we’ve been victim to- is the finely tuned, systematic brainwashing by think tanks and behavioral scientists – that have taken over the education system. Because of you want to control a people, start with the kids, and in a generation you’ve got the indoctrinated, flag waving, authority trusting, obedient worker class you’ve always wanted.

That has been the goal the capstone cabal has been working towards longer than any of us have been alive, and today’s guest Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt knows this all too well. If you’re not familiar with Charlotte’s background, she served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, for the U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America’s classrooms called Project BEST: “Better Education Skills through Technology.”

She is also a former school board director in Camden, Maine and was co-founder and research analyst of Guardians of Education for Maine (GEM) from 1978 to 2000. She has also served in the American Red Cross in Guam and Japan during the Korean War, in the United States Foreign Service in Belgium and in the Republic of South Africa.

Charlotte is also a speaker and writer, who has been taking on the education indoctrination issue for most of her life- best known for a 700+ page book that I consider probably THE best resource for this conspiratorial campaign, entitled The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America: A Chronoligical Paper Trail.

She also has some incredible insights into the Skull and Bones secret society of Yale University, as her father and grandfather were both members of The Order.

A fascinating woman who’s been working on our behalf for decades, a whistleblower in the truest sense of the word, and a real education advocate- Charlotte Iserbyt

PLUS Content

The coming quota system. Charlotte’s experiences with Bonesmen as a young girl. Her grandfather’s involvement with opening up gold mines in South Africa. Does Charlotte thing magic is real? The forbidden books. Her son Sam’s belief in aliens. The Heritage Foundation and the Council for National Policy.
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Hey Greg would love to hear you talk to Michael Jack. He was a DEVGRU (SEAL Team 6) operator as well as Blackwater contractor and I’m pretty sure he worked for the CIA in a direct or contractor role. He wrote “Intuitive Warrior” where he describes some intense psychic, remote viewing, and magical experiences where he was able to use his abilities to ward off terrorist attacks. He also had some entity contact, OOBEs, etc.

Another SEAL who is all into the intuitive world is Mark Divine. He runs the Unbeatable mind Podcast and runs SEALFit. He too has had some pretty wild psi experiences.

I think both these guys would be great guests cause they both have a very positive and uplifting attitude. Sometimes your show can be a bit depressing due to the nature of peering into the darkness.

Keep up the great work greg


Michael Jaco sorry

And yea sure people will object, but he seems like a stand up dude… plenty of good people in The military


The Carlwood,

Speaking of possible guests… with all the censorship and shadow banning as of late, how about having Abby Martin or even Alex Jones on as a guest?

Just an idea!

Thanks for your consideration!


Some happy, go lucky professional psycopathic hitmen to lighten the THC mood? Please don’t pollute




Haha read the book before you criticize


Michael Jaco


Luckily i left my YouTube notifications on so I get a ding when the new thc drops! Yeaaah!
Thanks again greg


Yay-yer!! Oh happy day!! Love you Mr. Carlwood!!


As always, I’m so excited to see a new show. So happy you let us join in on your awesome learning adventure. Much love brother. ✌️⭐️????


Great insight to the workings of the education debacles. “Have you ever heard of a Ouija board?”
Lol some people’s “…brain doesn’t go there.” I bet she would enjoy THC, in more ways than one. Lovely woman. Too bad she didn’t recall more of her family history. Great shot in the dark with the magic question.


It sounds like her son would be a good guest for THC. Great show,Great insight.


Her Father and Grandfather were both Bonesmen, she has held high positions within the Federal government and has worked for the American Red Cross abroad, which as far as I’m concerned is a CIA front…..well, nothing suspicious about that.


Nacci, do your homework before making assumptions. Someone that’s sacrificed more than you could ever imagine deserves a little more respect than an ignorant comment like yours.


It might be the 20 years of being out of the country that allowed her to keep true to values of the divine design of humanity. It’s not easy to be as shocked by all the shocking stuff and not shut down.
Love it Carlwood, “state sponsored job placement and no choice for the individual.” Excellent description best 140 character summary ever. or roughly speaking – did I paraphrase or get it right.
Maybe its the Maine sea air, free from all the geoengineered deposit and microwaving life all around that’s gives her such a strong spine.
Not to mention love for kids and grandkids.


lunatic guest


rosalita1906 – Irrefutable evidence by a whistleblower from the most important position in the world regarding education and she’s the lunatic. Everything she says can be verified and is available free to the public on her sons website ”American Deception”. This site contains more than 150,000 pages of testimony, citations from government plans & policy documents, articles, important books and original unique documents the public were never meant to see. One of these documents is the 1954 Reece Committee findings regarding the influence of tax-exempt foundations in education, politics, social science and international affairs. A predominant theme found in the Committee’s findings is the desire of the foundations and those behind them to create a system of world governance. The only public copy of the almost 3000 page Reece report is owned by Charlotte Iserbyt and can be found at American Deception. She paid $1 a page for this report after the owner declined an open cheque from the foundations.

Since you’re so convinced she’s a ”Lunatic” take Charlotte up on her long standing offer of $1000.00 for anyone than can prove her wrong. Should be the easiest $1k you’ve ever made, i’m sure others on here besides myself would be interested in how you go.


I hope that after listening to this woman talk about our education system that you will go back and research the people that created this current Heliocentric Global paradigm we are living ( slaving) in. Love your work and appreciate you Greg


Many Blessings to this feisty ole gal. Not to many fighting this war we are losing every day. Loved her insights as a real insider, very interesting. Incredible memory. I wonder what made her become a “Patriot” so different than the people of her social class. This brings to mind the Kentucky eighth grade test examples from the 1890’s that float around the internet, they seem so difficult by today’s standards. Unfortunately people are really getting dumber and dumber, yet we are led to believe that people back in the day were ignorant. Whenever I have the opportunity I will buy “school reader’s” from the 1800’s and early 20th century. These were books for grade school children, it’s incredible to compare those books to what they teach kids today ( I also like to read how the official “history” changes from these books) Thank you for this interview. Her exposing the contemporary conservative movement was also refreshing.


I understand from my neighbor who is homeschooling her kids that there is a “one room school house” curriculum program available that more mimics those to which you refer.


Good info regarding the education trap. Although I’m a bit surprised she hasn’t cut off her own left hand out of pure vernacular spite at having something that leftist attached to herself.


Being thusly disfigured and handicapped while experiencing ghost limb sensations might actually awaken some leftish empathy within her.


I hope that the next guest is Gatis (AKA “Sv3rige”), he was born to be on THC.

Another great guest for THC would be Tristan Haggard of Primal Edge Health. Here’s a link to his conversation with KasumiKriss (youtuber & ex-vegan):

Looking forward to the inaugural THC Joint Session!


Good info regarding the education trap.Although I’m a bit surprised she hasn’t cut off her own left hand out of pure vernacular spite at having something that leftist attached to herself.

Obviously the left is a useless necessity

Trojan horse on the right, but at least theres the carrot of less tax

Interesting and eye opening and in an area no body can avoid


Good info regarding the education trap.Although I’m a bit surprised she hasn’t cut off her own left hand out of pure vernacular spite at having something that leftist attached to herself.

Obviously the left is a useless necessity

Trojan horse on the right, but at least theres the carrot of less tax

Interesting and eye opening and in an area no body can avoid

Makes sense Simpsons principal is Skinner

Hugh Johnson

I like her, but I do find her quite naive. The capitalist ruling class is obviously not communist, and it is unlikely they (Trump) or their puppets (Reagan) would ever do anything but support capital.


I do wish Greg had interviewed her instead of just letting her reminisce. It was interesting on a personal level but it didn’t inform me. Often I wasn’t really aware of the concepts they were talking about. Would have been nice to have someone (interviewer) guide us through the subject with the guest.


If I’m not mistaken, Josh Reeves has totally exposed this hag.


Wow, methman, what a valuable contribution to this discussion. Are you mistaken? Who is Josh Reeves? She’s a hag? Do you mean that she’s ugly? Does that matter?

Ok, she’s been totally exposed… Like, you mean, the personal anecdotes about her life in the education system are lies? Do you have anything to back up your trolling? Can’t wait…


unosimpson, never understood what trolls like methman hope to achieve with comments like his. It would only be those of the same mentality that could take him serious.

rosalita1906 called her a ”lunatic” so i pointed out she has a long standing offer of $1000.00 for anyone than can prove her wrong, i’ve confirmed with her it’s still valid. Do you think methman & Josh Reeves will take her up on this?


That was FANTASTIC! This is the kind of ‘real history–real time’ I so love hearing and think it’s so crucial we chronicle them in whatever ways possible while we still have a chance! My career was in higher education, though I never really made it that far before quitting, few do, most of us were ‘career adjuncts’. She is probably one of 3 very early influences that I don’t care if her background looks suspicious, I don’t feel it. I think she’s a wealth of knowledge she is freely sharing for decades however and wherever she can, and my goodness, to think she’s 87 and sounds this great, this lucid and down-to-earth and just damn loud and opinionated and I LOVE it! Clearly she’s not drinking the fluoride! If you have her back on Greg and I so hope you do, you had such an easy rapport together, would you please ask her more about her thoughts on the Steiner/Waldorf type schools. Great work, thank you! Looking forward to listening to your new edition Joint Sessions, sounds very cool and I hope it works out well!


I love THC+!
While Charolette is very passionate and knowledgeable of the educational system that is forced on Americans she lacks the ability to educate us about all the aggendas going on behind the scenes.
She never answered your questions. She went off on her personal attacks on individuals. I was left with wanting more knowledge of details of the education now. It is important to know the base of how the education system became corrupt 50+ years ago. I wanted more as of recent .
I respect Charlotte very much for her work.

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