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Michael Joseph | The Many Esoteric Elements Of The JFK Assassination Ritual

Topics Covered: Deconstructing Events, JFK Assassination

Show Notes

Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks about the many esoteric elements of the JFK assassination ritual. with returning guest, Michael Joseph.

There are only a handful of tragic events throughout modern history that have left an impact so deep, people will forever remember where they were on that day, and the sorrow that swept the nation. And most of these events have captured the attention and skepticism of ardent researchers willing to question the official narrative.
Today’s returning guest, Michael Joseph, has spent an incredible amount of time pouring through the occult symbolism and ritualistic elements related to many of these events. From the assassination of J.F.K. to the brutal death of Princess Diana, Joseph joins The Higherside to shed some light on the dark esoteric practices playing out behind the scenes of many tragedies still affecting the American psyche today.

NOTE: Michael worked really hard on a companion video, and of course a ton of supplemental material and resources in the form of slides. Do check them out if you’d like to see where he’s getting his information from or want to dig deeper into the complexities of the whole thing:

Link to a companion video Michael made specifically for this episode and his resource slides:

Link to resource slides themselves:

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-The Princess Diana Parallels

-Square to globe alchemy and the King.

-Why conclusion the esoteric elements bring Michael to, in relational to the guilty parties and the truth behind the conspiracy.

-The idea that some high level players in the simulation are NPCs, to use a video game analogy.

-The chariot as the symbol for the world soul

-Reflection between the King and the Kingdom

-A wider conversation about who’s at the top of the pyramid, and how it’s structured

-Esoteric symbolism in technology, and what that indicates about some of man’s crowning achievements

-Symbolic and numerological connections between the Trinity Test and the Apollo Missions

A few valuable resources from the interview:
Michael Joseph on The Higherside Chats-
“The Hidden Hand, Elite Bloodlines, Root Races & Occult Religion”:
“The Occult Religion Of The Elite & It’s Influence”:
Michael Joseph’s “33 Occult Aspects Of The JFK Assassination”:
Carl Jung’s  “Mysterium Coniunctionis (The Mysterious Conjunction)”:
“The Golden Dawn” by Israel Regardie:
“Morals and Dogma” by Albert Pike:
Jonathan Swift’s “Death and Daphnes” poem:
Michael Joseph’s video 28.1 “The Vatican Sea & The Templar’s Ressurection”:
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