Michael Joseph | The Many Esoteric Elements Of The JFK Assassination Ritual

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks about the many esoteric elements of the JFK assassination ritual. with returning guest, Michael Joseph.

There are only a handful of tragic events throughout modern history that have left an impact so deep, people will forever remember where they were on that day, and the sorrow that swept the nation. And most of these events have captured the attention and skepticism of ardent researchers willing to question the official narrative.
Today’s returning guest, Michael Joseph, has spent an incredible amount of time pouring through the occult symbolism and ritualistic elements related to many of these events. From the assassination of J.F.K. to the brutal death of Princess Diana, Joseph joins The Higherside to shed some light on the dark esoteric practices playing out behind the scenes of many tragedies still affecting the American psyche today.

NOTE: Michael worked really hard on a companion video, and of course a ton of supplemental material and resources in the form of slides. Do check them out if you’d like to see where he’s getting his information from or want to dig deeper into the complexities of the whole thing:

Link to a companion video Michael made specifically for this episode and his resource slides:

Link to resource slides themselves:

Become a Plus Member at to hear a second hour of all THC episodes. This week’s included:

-The Princess Diana Parallels

-Square to globe alchemy and the King.

-Why conclusion the esoteric elements bring Michael to, in relational to the guilty parties and the truth behind the conspiracy.

-The idea that some high level players in the simulation are NPCs, to use a video game analogy.

-The chariot as the symbol for the world soul

-Reflection between the King and the Kingdom

-A wider conversation about who’s at the top of the pyramid, and how it’s structured

-Esoteric symbolism in technology, and what that indicates about some of man’s crowning achievements

-Symbolic and numerological connections between the Trinity Test and the Apollo Missions

A few valuable resources from the interview:
Michael Joseph on The Higherside Chats-
“The Hidden Hand, Elite Bloodlines, Root Races & Occult Religion”:
“The Occult Religion Of The Elite & It’s Influence”:
Michael Joseph’s “33 Occult Aspects Of The JFK Assassination”:
Carl Jung’s  “Mysterium Coniunctionis (The Mysterious Conjunction)”:
“The Golden Dawn” by Israel Regardie:
“Morals and Dogma” by Albert Pike:
Jonathan Swift’s “Death and Daphnes” poem:
Michael Joseph’s video 28.1 “The Vatican Sea & The Templar’s Ressurection”:
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22 Responses

  1. Hello all,
    Just wanted to let you know I did a bunch of short videos making a synopsis of each of the esoteric/alchemical components of the JFK material. They are all roughly 10-30min long as I described in my YouTube video which Greg provided a link for. These videos are in the resources file along with all the slides/source info. To watch them in order go to the “all slides/videos” folder, or you can simply find them individually in each respective folder for any given topic. The Carl Jung alchemy writings on the King’s transformation has its own video section labeled 6.0 through 6.16. This is probably the most interesting and application information to the discussion.

    I had to record the videos differently than usual so the volume is a little lower than I would have liked, so you might have to turn up a bit. Sorry about that. Also the link to the folder Greg provided gave me a ‘warning’ when I clicked on it, suggesting it might be a ‘corrupted’ site. So don’t be afraid of it, its just a dropbox link 🙂

    Thank you for listening and enjoy.

    1. Your videos helped me recognize an ‘aha’ moment in the numbers 7-11.
      Sept 11 is 7-11
      Sept Oct Nov Dec 7,8,9,10…
      My wedding day was on July 11 and the numbers hit me like a ton of bricks.
      I really appreciate your work, glad to have you back for another discussion.

      Another line of research that enhances your studies are that of etymology and language.
      In addition to your observations, I’ve contemplated on the application of language and found some valuable speculation here also;

      Both of you have added value to my interest in the esoteric.
      Thank you!

      1. Yes those numbers are Latin. The Romans ran a 10 month calender. Septem, octo, novem and decem. That’s simply the numbers 7-8-9-10. Septem literally means 7. It’s like saying seven.

  2. Michael Joseph is a fucking badass. His voice is oddly comforting to listen to as well. Thanks Greg and Michael for another excellent episode! Happy Holidays to you both!

  3. I feel like I say this all the time, but this WAS a great fucking show! All the numerology shit blew my mind. All the aspects of the Zapruder film. MM. I’m definitely gonna check out this guys 911 stuff.
    Bravos hollering flat earth argument was pointless, although slightly entertaining.
    Greg gives us waaay more than we pay for. I don’t understand how people could be bitching about anything. The best 5 bucks I’ve spent in a long time.

  4. This was such a GREAT i/v
    Michael is an encyclopedia, and such a decent human being
    Sign me up immediately for one of his astrology readings
    I hear him loud and clear about the amount of dissent and enmity and anger in the community
    It’s a real turn-off
    I really hope he finds a way to apply all his research in a positive way…
    Thanks Greg for navigating us through some complex concepts.
    Bloody brilliant!!!

  5. I so enjoyed that! Thanks to you both. Interesting sync in the JFK/Diana link, it was rumoured (in the tabloids!) that Diana and John Kennedy Jr had an affair in the 90s. They both met unfortunate accidents too, within a year or two of each other!

  6. Michael- you must read ‘The hidden king of England’ series, by Greg Hallett.
    God, I wish you could finally get him on Greg 🙁

    The Shin, the forbidden secret = 777 = 21
    MM = Marcos Manoel, “the prize”

    I agree that the whole thing could be a cruel trap.

  7. I found myself re-winding constantly to get the meaning of Mr. Joseph’s talk. Half-way in and i’m done. Sounds more like word and number jumble than esoteric truth. Maybe i’m too simple to receive this as truth. Maybe not. Just not feeling it Greg. Thanks for your efforts. Always a champ.

  8. Layers upon layers upon layers! Mind blowing as always and opens up more and more questions! Did JFK know what was going to happen, was he prepared for it just like Jesus knew who he was and what his role was. Did JFK play his part. Make me wonder about Judith Vary Baker and her astrology in relation to Lee Harvey Oswold. Sign me up for an astrology chart Michael!!!

  9. Thinking of the Freeman hypothesis: Akhenaton/Obama fake birth certificate claims his birth in 1961 but could he have been born in 1963 on the day of the assassination as part of this rebirth ritual?

  10. Awesome interview.. can’t wait to hear the extra hour for this one.
    Just signed up for THC+ today after blasting through the ENTIRE THC free archive in just over 6 weeks..

  11. A lot of goodies in this one. A few small points id like to bring up. Around 1:09 into the show, he mentions again Marilyn Monroe as the whore of Babylon. He said in Latin mare means whore or something. Nope, I remember from studying Latin in college for 2 years, Mare means sea. It can mean lakes or ponds but it 99% means sea. The book of revelation said the whore of Babylon sits on many waters (or seas of people). It eerily reminds me of the new Chris knowless show about the song of the siren.

  12. I empathized with Michael as the show was winding up, it’s quite difficult having one foot in both worlds…It seems we all have to go through some tough times, some dark nights of the soul, trying to find that place where one can interact somewhat normally in the mainstream world, making a living or surviving, while simultaneously dealing with the horror of so many of these rabbit holes we’re compelled to travel down. I know of more than a few casualties from that ongoing battle.

    I had no f-ing idea zapruder was a 33 degree!

  13. Why are some things “predestined” (such as a birthday) by what that date means astrologically and numerically — yet other events (such as assassinations) are thought to be “manipulated”? Why does there have to be a manipulator???

  14. Greg, could you ask Michael Joesph to comment on the Jay Parker of interview? Are they talking about the same thing or different overloads? Who is the top dog? The illuminatii of the United Nations or the pedos and satanist?

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