Plus Member Bonus | THC & TFH Live Show #2 w/ Eddie Bravo & Shaan Joshi

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Eureka! Many of you probably remember hearing me mention a second live show with the guys from Tin Foil Hat was occurring, and it has occurred!

I think we’re going to continue to do these, because they are a ton of fun, even if they’re a little outside of the THC norm. Personally, being a part of live shows in comedy clubs is pretty surreal. We’re still working on the structure, as you’ll be able to tell, but we’ve decided to keep trying to get them recorded and put up as bonus content for subscribers of either show.

Big thanks to our guests,  Eddie Bravo and Shaan Joshi as well. Enjoy the chaos!

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    1. Trippy! I did not know you guys did a 2nd one of these in S.D. & you’re right – the first one went much better but, like Styme aptly puts it below you were “..the tulip in a pile of shit.”

      Please,please,please for the love of all things good & right in Conspiracy podcasting, please DON’T TURN OUT to really be like EDDIE BRAVO or Alex Jones IRL! **vomits profusely

  1. OMG, fiber-optics don’t work through refraction. They work through total internal reflection. The boundary of the fiber acts as a mirror from the inside and photons bounce back and forth down the cable. That guy who was claiming that fiber-optics work like the ship going over the horizon was full of shit, and I’m not even a flat earther. I wish I would have been there to call that jack ass out.

    1. It’s Eddie, the most intolerable person to ever speak on the face of the planet. The guy is a pretentious egocentric airhead with zero respect for his peers. And most certainly no respect for the audience, many of whom took the time out of their schedule to attend and support this panel!

      This “bro” jackass mentality has no place in our community. We should neither tolerate bullies nor allow them to hijack our platform. It’s hard enough to be taken seriously by the outside-world without the addition of ignorant douchebags.

      P.S. Craig, you rocked the show like always.

      1. Yeah, I see it gives a bad name to all things conspiracy, but Eddie is Eddie, with a huge fan base, because he does act like that. Conspiracy+MMA= heated convo. I get why people don’t like him, but eh, oh well what can you do.

    1. I understand the comments about Eddie. Truth is, I haven’t had a lot of say in the guest line up for either live show. That’s really Sam’s world, his connections. The first one clearly went better, but that was in LA, where comics live. This was tougher because it was San Diego.

      These are shows with comics, in comedy clubs, so they sort of have to feel like that. Personally, I love being a part of them because this was my dream 10-15 years ago. Also, from a work perspective, what I do with THC is very solitary. I book guests alone, prepare alone, etc. It’s nice to get out of the house and do group things sometimes. It’s also just general live show practice for me, where I don’t really have to do any heavy lifting. Think of these as training wheels for something you might like a lot better down the road, but unless you’re a real crossover comedy fan, they probably don’t appeal to a lot of THCers. I get that, but the good thing is it’s just extra content. It doesn’t interfere with the typical 5 shows a month.

      If you speed ahead 30 mins to where I actually gave Sam my topic cards, it started to have a nice flow going. The back and forth with Shaan was fun. I wish he would have gotten more time.

      1. Love these podcasts as well; really appreciate your work. It’s nice to have a change of pace with all these different voices and heck for those who don’t like it they can just skip it.

      2. Hey Greg,
        Thanks for putting yourself out there like this. I get what you’re saying that this may be a warm up to other great opportunities and concepts down the road. I could see THC turning into a video podcast maybe, or even have another style of show that is more comedy oriented in addition to THC. Kinda like an additional show on the same “Network”. Just a thought. As far as Eddie Bravo goes, you can see how he loses his shit in the same way on Joe Rogan’s podcast where literally millions of people are tuning in. He’s just not that aware of how he comes across. Or he doesn’t care. I would be willing to bet that he doesn’t watch much of the stuff he is featured in. If he did then he would likely chill out a little bit. Although also some of these comedians think that acting like an asshole to the crowd or yelling loudly saying stupid things to drown out all other voices is funny. It is not. It is just frustrating to watch, particularly when intelligent guests are in attendance. Such as the Tin Foil Hat podcast, or in this video where you, Greg, are there able to discuss a wide range of topics coherently.

        Thanks for the effort to make more content for plus members. I’ve enjoyed many of the extra features. I have to go and read Crrow777’s editorial pieces. Did you see that he was taken off of YouTube?

        Thanks for all your dedication and hard work, THC always brightens my day!

        1. I’m a huge comedy fan and couldn’t be happier to see you being able to get into that circuit, I think it’s a great platform for you and could be a way to spread these ideas to the masses a little.

          You’re doing great Greg and I’m sure we all can’t wait to see this new chapter of the show unfold, keep fighting the good fight sir!

  2. So a few things… Eddie Bravo needs a ban because he totally hijacked this and the last show… maybe you guys should try running it in an actual podcast format with a topic or several topics and some prepared questions… Can you guys put out some new or less known info I feel like we just keep hearing regurgitated stories and facts… Lastly can we see the standup portion too?

    Keep up the good work Greg, you were great for how little you got to speak.

    1. I first read this as “The world would be much better without Bravo”, and I was like damn man, I didn’t like it either but fuck, can we just let him live? I mean sure everyone loves a good witch hunt, but I’m not a violent person…. hahaha

  3. Greg I live in Napa California next to the first sight of the fire out list fire the news used my video during the fires I can personally tell you it was not directed energy weapons it was a handful of arsonist that never got reported as well as PG&E power lines falling down in 70 plus mile an hour wind storms that we do not have in this general area

  4. Loved it man, top to bottom. It’s live comedy so it’s never gonna go to plan and that’s the beauty of it. Flat earth’s a sensitive topic, but once you accept no one has the ‘magic bullet’ to shoot either side down, it’s kinda funny watching the debate unfold. Maybe we’re on the tip of a ball earth with multiple suns but who fucking knows right?!

  5. This show was definitely not a plus, more of a stain on your otherwise excellent lineup. Didn’t like the first free-for-all either….hope you’ll stick to research and find a place for the ‘comedy’ elsewhere.

  6. No, not Eddie again! I sincerely tried to give him a chance and listen without being judgmental or biased in any way towards his presentation. The guy is beyond obnoxious!

    A new term needs to be coined to describe Eddie’s personality. We should consider contacting the editors at Merriam-Webster to assist with this task!

  7. Eddie Bravo is Great!!, i know how he feels when trying to talk common sense about flat earth to brainwashed globers that use Pseudoscience to prove their point…All Theory and no facts. i bet everyone slating Bravo are Globers and that is the real reason they have slated him.I loved it Greg thank you 🙂

  8. Eddie bravo is a microphone hog. And quite annoying. I’m sorry he didn’t let the brighter minds speak. I’m sorry the time was wasted listening to his babble.

  9. The second half was good, the first half gave me a headache due solely to Eddie ‘relax’ Bravo.
    I would go to one of these live shows though, potential is there for a great format, just needs tweaking a tad. Keep at it x

  10. This was unwatchable. I really tried, but the show was hijacked and completely ruined. It’s kind of sad that you guys probably had to go out of your way to get some scientists on this panel, and they were kind enough to show up and participate, but you have one guest who is totally disrespectful of everyone else–audience and other panel members. If he wanted to hear himself talk for an hour, he should have just stayed at home.

    I do have an honest question. Do they ever have any serious debate about flat vs. round earth? I gave up trying to watch this, but if someone could point me to the correct time point in the video to watch, I’d appreciate it!

  11. True re: EB monopolising the show. On the other hand, to the extent that flat earthers seem to be the ridiculed underdogs of the already-fraught and ridiculed snow globe that is the conspiracy sphere, there is at least something ‘aestheically satisfying’ about an MMA fighter representing the view. Something to do with ‘poetic justice’ maybe? Now I’m reminded of the lyric, “I hear it’s all just a horizontal myth, so stop your cruising, start your criticising…”

  12. I enjoy different approaches to this information and I view this as a sort of spoken word open mic rap.. not pre written and arranged but spontaneous.
    The only ‘scratchiness’ I feel is the chap who is CONSTANTLY yelling his point. Its abrasive and doesn’t really give anybody else a chance. But hey, its live and he’s passionate and I appreciate that.
    Hello from Australia! 🙂
    I appreciate your creativity and I appreciate your obvious respect for your guest’s work reflected in your thoughtful questions. You obviously prepare well and it shows in the questions you ask and the subsequent development of the interview. And I like it that you don’t interrupt so you can get your opinion across.
    So thanks Greg, I think you do an awesome job and the people you interview are really interesting and have opened up further rabbit holes for me! Have you ever thought of interviewing Mark Passio? He has some interesting things to say, along with Paul Levy and Neil Kramer.
    Many blessings brother, Julie

  13. I ‘ gave up at 20 min. Eddie bravo, and others with his I can yell louder mentality is keeping flat earth from being taken seriously. The… effect flat earth has on people on both sides is fascinating in its self. Programming exposed.

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