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Clive de Carle | Big Pharma, Natural Cures, & The Sickness Conspiracy

Topics Covered: Big Pharma, Conspiracy, Health, Solutions

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host, Greg Carlwood, talks Big Pharma, Natural Cures, and The Sickness Conspiracy with guest, Clive de Carle.

With nutrient deficient food, toxic chemicals sprayed in our atmosphere, a tainted water supply, and the mainstream medical establishment flooding our system with prescription drugs- the quest for a symbiotic relationship between us and our environment seems more daunting as the days pass. Surviving in a system aimed at keeping us weak, malnourished, and insufficiently fueled, requires a commitment to our health and environment that has been lost throughout the last 100 years of industrialization. As companies like Monsanto and DuPont continue destroy our food supply and leave our oceans polluted, we slave away at our jobs, only to return home and fill ourselves with poisonous provisions.
Fortunately, today’s guest, Clive de Carle, joins The Higherside to help us better understand the ways we can escape our incredibly flawed system. As he puts it, “A patient healed is a customer lost”, and today’s show aims to flip the script on the mainstream medical system and re-instate our individual dominion over our health and well-being.
2:30 With many of us in agreement that the food supply has severely damaged our health, it stands to reason that education is the key ingredient to creating lasting change through a complete overhaul of our current system. Clive begins by detailing his own harrowing journey from outright incapacitation to perfect health, the total incompetence he experienced with doctors in the medical field, and the lifestyle changes he underwent to completely turnaround his own health. Greg and Clive also discuss the three culprits de Carle attributes to ailing health: toxicity, physical damage, and mineral deficiency. Clive also explains the importance and value of Magnesium.
11:00 Another powerful mineral that is totally overlooked by many in the mainstream medical establishment is Vitamin C. Clive explains how since the 1960s, studies have shown Vitamin C can effectively overcome viruses such as cold and flu, but unfortunately most of today’s Vitamin C is sourced from GMO corn, rendering it useless and ineffective.
18:00 Continuing with their discussion, Greg and Clive cover other known cases of parents reversing autism and Asperger’s through changes in diet, and they also dive into the other end of the spectrum of miraculous recoveries of Alzheimer’s patients. Greg and Clive also cover toxins in the water supply such Aluminum and Fluoride, how they displace Iodine, an important mineral, and ultimately disrupt our systems.
28:00 Considering that most modern-day medical issues have sprung up of the course of the last 100 years, and depending on the school of though you prescribe to, opinions regarding the progress made in our overall health and well being differ greatly. While there is no denying that the introduction of chemicals into our water, a nutrient deficient food supply and the pharmaceutical industry have certainly caused more harm than good, Clive breaks down the nuances and complexities involved in understanding the bigger picture.
36:30 Greg and Clive continue to break down the damage done during the birthing process to both mother and child. As de Carle explains, even the language used by doctors has a negative hypnotic effect.
42:00 Clive elaborates on the idea that infants have five sounds that they make when born, and each one signifies something different. These can range from one that indicates they are hungry, tired, or sleepy, to crying because they have air trapped or defecated. Clive details the work of Priscilla Dunstan.
51:00 Although the natural components such as proper vitamin and mineral amounts are important pieces to the health puzzle, Clive elaborates on some of the cutting edge technologies that are making a positive impact on our health and well-being, from VIOME testing and predictive bio-markers to delayed allergy testing and Dr. William Walsh’s biochemistry to heal the brain.
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– strange stories from Clive’s childhood
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– Kerri Rivera’s “Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism”:
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