Join host, Greg Carlwood, of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks the occult religion of the elite and it’s influence with guest, Michael Joseph.

While we are all aware, to fully grasp the intricate, and detailed web of deceit woven by the elite, one must dedicate a lifetime of study to topics such as astrology, philosophy, Gnosticism and Freemasonry. And while we may not have the time to pour over primary texts, and scour through source material, the hidden motivations and secret doctrines of the elite are buried within this vast array of information.
Today’s guest, Michael Joseph, has dedicated countless hours combing through archives, compiling his findings into an impressive portfolio, and using it to enlighten others about the fundamental principles and veiled tenets of the elite.
2:55 Greg begins by discussing the transitions of life that set Michael on a tireless quest for knowledge. From his humble beginnings in astrology and an enlightening experience surrounding the Boston bombing, to the invaluable awakening after the events of 9/11, Joseph lays the foundation for what facilitated his research and investigation into the elite’s manipulation of reality through esoteric and exoteric symbolism.
9:00 After digesting a ton of dense material, Michael produced his own Occult Science Series, which he appropriately deemed “an exploration of the hidden religions of world organizations”. Greg and Michael reflect on whether the belief systems of the elite are extracted from one particular school of thought, or if they are more of an amalgamation of several ancient doctrines. Michael explains how exoteric, or outer religions can hold esoteric, or inner truths about the primitive religion of the cosmos. They also discuss the effects of entrenched academics such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan and their role in teaching the mystery religion.
15:42 After touching on the idea that perhaps the profane masses are attacking the visible problem, rather than the hidden one, Greg and Michael discuss in greater detail, the idea that Abrahamic religions may in fact worship a negative entity such as the Demiurge. They also discuss the role of the Vatican in science and constructing the Atheist paradigm, the dualism of science and religion, and the occult perspective on this school of thought. Michael also breaks down his thoughts on the esoteric and exoteric functions of the Vatican.
22:30 To stay the course, Greg and Michael continue their discussion on how Abrahamic religions are deceiving the masses by having them worship a materialist god. They also examine the role of the sacrificial, light-bearing, Lucifer- Prometheus archetype, the significance of it, and it’s adoption by the elite. Michael offers insight into the complex reasons the literature of the elite implies their righteousness, but their outward actions suggest something more nefarious.
30:45 While we may never really know the true intentions of the elite, and whether their role is complicatedly good or overtly evil, we can confirm that their secrets are well guarded. Greg and Michael discuss the Hidden Hand Dialogue, an inside account of Illuminati secrets, the possibility of an altruistic sacrifice preserving the freewill of the people, and the cosmic agreement of the elite. They also examine the perspective that America’s Freemason founders were attempting the noble act of ushering in enlightenment by trying to “restore Atlantis”.
37:00 Greg and Michael discuss his 9/11 ritual analysis, the symbolism of the collapsing dual towers and the significance behind the new single unified Freedom Tower.
43:00 While the debate of the elite’s motives behind 9/11 rages on, and the effects and depths of this illusionary trauma may be contested, the obvious connection of Saturn to these events is inarguable. Greg and Michael discuss the elite’s attempts alchemically elevate the black cube of Saturn, rather than worship it. From the oddities of flight 93, to the astrological and numerological synchronicities,  Michael continues to offer his perspective on the tangled web of symbolism surrounding 9/11.
48:00 What’s an episode of THC without a little flat earth? Greg and Michael switch gears and discuss how the flat Earth and globe Earth paradigms tie into this occult philosophy dichotomy. Michael explains how the Freemason compass and square represent the profane and divine nature of man and Earth.
53:13 Michael offers his perspective on how the mystery religions may be shaping our reality, which is an illusion, through framing human consciousness. He also addresses shedding the ego with unadulterated intention, and the possible perversion through implementation.
1:02:50 Greg and Michael discuss the Kabbalistic roots to the prevailing theory that the Earth’s core is made of iron.
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– the hollow Earth and concave Earth in esoteric literature
– and elaboration on the idea that we are trapped on a prison planet in the aftermath of a cosmic war
– the elite are attempting to “jailbreak” through various magical and scientific means
– the esoteric subtext and astrology o the moon landing ritual
-gravity in the context of the secret religion
– accounts of ancient schisms among the elites and the campaign of the knowledge seeders
– the esoteric symbolism around the death of David Bowie, the Jack Stephens element, and how that could be an example of a larger pattern
– the astrology of the JFK assassination and the numerous rituals that seemed to have been rolled into the single event
– the elite’s connection to non-human entities
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A few valuable resources from the interview:

Mark Passio’s “What on Earth is Happening”:

Helena Blavatsky:
Michael Joseph’s “Occult Science 10.0- Hypatia & the Alexandrian Gnosis”:
Michael Joseph’s “Occult Science 9.0- Bruno the Pythagorean”:
Lucis Trust website of The United Nations:
Michael Joseph’s “Occult Science 6.0- The Big Bang Theory: Primordial Matter & the Cosmic Egg”:
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Michael Joseph’s “Occult Science 2.0- Elaine Pagel & Gnostic Theology”:
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