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Merrily & Patrick Harpur | Mystery Big Cats, Daimons, & The Otherworld

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About Today’s Guest:

Today we’re talking Merrily & Patrick Harpur about Merrily’s book Mystery Big Cats. It’s a book that covers the phenomenon of strange, almost spiritual encounters with what are sometimes called Anomalous Big Cats or British Big Cats. A branch on the cryptozoology tree that doesn’t usually get the attention it should, because of the resemblance to known animals. A deeper look shows that conventional theories and conclusions do not match the strange encounters and experiences of those who have them. Maybe these manifestations, now the most common unexplainable encounter in Britain, are part of a larger Daimonic Reality?

Guest Links:

Patrick Harpur | Unpacking The Paranormal, Our Daimonic Reality, Myth, & Alchemy


What’s in the Plus Show?

  • Merrily’s insights from the Sasquatch Chronicles show.
  • Grimalkin and the notion of accidental summoning.
  • Fairy whistling.
  • Hermes, Silicon valley, & Roast beef.
  • Their Grandma’s psychometry abilities.
  • dealings and reciprocal relationships with the Daimons.
  • the food of the gods.
  • the Daimonic Spectrum.

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PLUS Content

  • Merrily’s insights from the Sasquatch Chronicles show.
  • Grimalkin and the notion of accidental summoning.
  • Fairy whistling.
  • Hermes, Silicon valley, & Roast beef.
  • Their Grandma’s psychometry abilities.
  • dealings and reciprocal relationships with the Diamons.
  • the food of the gods.
  • the Diamonic Spectrum.
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Charles Anderson

Been listening since 2015, became a plus member at the start of this year. Money well spent! Keep up the great work, Greg. I especially love the esoteric episodes like these.



Very interesting episode Greg. Always love learning about something new and supernatural. Been a plus member for over a year now and love it! 💙

Also a huge congrats to you and your wife about the exciting baby news! Exciting and (sometimes challenging) times a head. But so incredibly worth it! 🥰🎉👶🍼


Super weird because I had a big cat in my yard last week. It was creepy for sure and especially since I lived in the hills for 12 years and never saw anything like it, and now 6 months in the city I see a big cat?!? So weird lol. It was sandy brown with spots, and it’s back legs were mega muscles. It reminded me of a creature on a scary movie, not a cat. Anyways weird coincidence hearing this from you so soon after. Thank you!


The epiphany of glossy shiny big cats! 🐈‍⬛


Summoning with whistling was interesting. I’m a brit who has lived in Peru for 16 years and attended many medicine ceremonies, mainly with Shipibo tribespeople. At the beginning of every ayahuasca and huachuma (San Pedro) ceremony the maestro or maestra always whistles into the bottle of plant medicine brew to call in the healing spirits.


Last edited 2 months ago by Alan1361

These people have a very calming NPR vibe about them. Fun topic too.


Lol! I am still listening right now and can confirm this NPR vibe! 😉


Such a great discussion. Instant classic


I can’t listen to chicks these days. Too many important things going down to deal with their confusion

Moshe Diane Ramsay

if others can get past the “misogyny” labeling of that. Strangely, I know what you meant. And I’m a woman that has noticed that, too..

But, Merrily wasn’t one of “them” here.

Last edited 2 months ago by Moshe Diane Ramsay

I loved this episode. Nice to have a topic that takes me away from all the day to day strife and discord.


I’m a Brit, at around 6 I was in class, daydreaming, then out in the distance, walking where a railway track was, I seen a large cat, long and slow, very big ears and tail, brown but unlike anything I’ve ever seen since. Strangely my dad told me he seen an enormous black cat. Strangest thing about the experience was my paralysis, I really wanted to shout it out but couldn’t, afterwards I felt nobody would believe me so I didn’t tell anybody. Best I could find was something about a big cat escape around the early 90’s in the UK, I put down to that but I’m no zoologist. My UFO experience was far more impactful because I wasn’t alone. What is it about being young and having these experiences! Nothing interesting happens anymore.


on a side note, big cats aren’t native to the UK yet Englands football team badge is three lions and there’s lots of pubs and architecture with lions incorporated. The royal crest too. There is a big resonance with big cats here.


I love a good, specific, deep dive show. And it opened up & linked back to all the other daimon encounters; it’s all the same stuff. Didn’t really mind the audio issues, nbd.


Interesting episode; I love Cats 🐱 so I would love to see a big friendly spirit cat in front of me !!!!

Steven Sopaul Lal



Greg you are an absolute legend – all the work you do is very much appreciated!

Kieran Foley

Audio, content and the song at the end were all great!


For me this is a landmark show. I’ve been reading Joshua Cutchin’s Big Foot books and also the “Trickster and the Paranormal” by George Hansen and now the Harpurs’ work gives everything an even deeper dimension. Greg, your hard work on the show is very much appreciated.

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