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Patrick Harpur | Unpacking The Paranormal, Our Daimonic Reality, Myth, & Alchemy

Show Notes

Patrick Harpur is a novelist from West Dorset who has also written some exceptional books on the nature of paranormal experiences, the imagination, alchemy, & the soul. Today we talk largely about the ideas in his books, Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld The Philosophers’ Secret Fire: A History of the Imagination.

View the rest of his work on his webiste,

PLUS Content

  • Anthropology & The Paranormal.
  • Witches & Orbs.
  • Science & Myth.
  • Conspiracy, Paranoia, & Ritual Magic.
  • Virgin Mary manifestations.
  • The ancient myths that seem to be manifesting in today’s era.
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It’s good to be first sometimes!


Looking forward to this one, and the last many months of plus shows. Finally got my account back after a crazy year. Any plans for another Chris Knowles show? Definitley one of my favourite guests alongside The Legend Gordon White.


Thanks Greg you were a breath of fresh air asking those questions! However, it did show me how difficult it is to frame questions to people who are coming from a certain viewpoint which they have arrived at through hours and hours of study even though they may seem to have not much ego invested which he didn’t seem to. It seems obvious to me that the power brokers are more than willing to invest generations of energy (I mean it is OUR energy not their’s after all!) into twisting this magical creation. This guy seemed intelligent but had obviously never thought about why our education system, media,medical , financial , etc etc is the way it is to keep us in the dark and also done on a spiritual as well as material (if there is such a line) level. How about the ammount of organisation whch had to go into 9/11? And are we to ignore or disbelieve what we hear from whistleblowers about MK Ultra and the abuse of young children to harvest the energy then given off to use against us magically?
I have trained in aboriginal healing and having seen what was done to their culture they are clearly aware of the demonic nature of what was done to them. For example being made to walk on the magical lines they had laid out in the landscape over centuries chanting catholic catechisms! Even the outlawing of being able to speak in native tongues as was done here in Scotland shows something other was going on than just wanting our resources. Anyway this compartmentalisation of alternative thinkers gets me going and thanks once again for taking that pressure off by asking those questions. xx


Haha yeah I did just tweet Greg, “brilliant – the guy who believes in literal faeries thinks conspiracies are a bit far fetched”. Hehe. Of course your comment has a lot more insight. I sort of would have said “WELL WHAT ABOUT 9/11 THEN DO YOU BELIEVE THE BOX CUTTER BULLSHIT DO YOU?!”, but that’s part of Greg’s genius (and why I don’t have friends).


Insightful, friendly, humble & knowledgeable- great guest, great show!


As we all seem to agree, the guests understanding of conspiracy, or lack thereof, is curious given how well he’s informed on other topics which are far from conventional. Nevertheless, he was a great guest. Really appreciated his humour, self-depreciation and expertise in other fields.

Gregg, well done for espousing your worldview so fluently, you do us proud. As you know by now, you’re not alone in entertaining such ideas! Needless to say, there’s ample evidence for entertaining such ideas.

One of the better interviews of late.


Patrick’s interests flows from having seen the Little People himself, I value witness testimony above researcher’s, without the witnesses there’s not much to research, although both are shaped by their own biases.
I tend to agree with you Greg, that the elites have contact with entities with their own agendas, but of course that’s only based on what I’ve heard and the evidence presented, and the elites evil twisted state of mind.
The one true magic imho is that we are all literally completely connected while being also completely separate.
Everything is a duality, there will always be a struggle between opposite forces in this material reality because that is what reality is, a constant metamorphosis and symbiosis with everything.
In the infinite creation there are places where love has achieved ascendancy, we will be there in an instant when we allow our souls to.


Thanks for this, Greg. Love the areas you’re covering lately, man.


His thoughts on American demons was interesting. I really think it comes from the Protestant Christian roots of American culture. We don’t have a rich history of stories about Fae people and the such. All we have are stories from a Christian perspective, and that perspective makes anything not angelic to be demonic. In this sense many see supernatural things as evil automatically instead of exploring what they really are or explore further. I think it’s all about perspective. Plus creepy background music doesn’t help on those shows.


Really enjoyed this one. Great guest Greg!


Absolutely delightful. One of my favorite episodes!


Bugs Bunny trixter God huh? Bugs bunny tormented me one night when I was a kid by chasing Duffy duck around the living room. I assume they came out of the TV. Not sure if this is a fabercation at this point but I still feel the fear when I think of it.

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