Max Igan Tartaria History Mud Flood Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Max Igan | Fabricated History, Tartaria, & The Mud Flood Reset

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Max Igan is a musician, artist, and a very bright mind for our troubled times. Max’s ongoing work can be found at The CrowHouse. Be sure sure to tune into his podcast Surviving The Matrix too. He was first on THC in 2018, and has since become one of my favorite conspiratorial commentators.

Max’s website:

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-Old maps with hidden or missing land on the planet. -Max’s advice for the journey of life. -Why Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings are impossible. -Max’s experiences with ayahuasca. -How backwards is the story of WW2? -the strange qualities of granite. -the water crisis in Australia. -The latest on the YouTube crackdown and COPPA

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  1. Fantastic show! Where can we get more info on the old maps and missing land he mentions. I couldn’t sort out where to locate those on his site. Mudd flood images?

  2. Really enjoyed this one Greg. Haven’t commented in a while but have been faithfully listening. These late December podcasts have been good company on my solo travels. Cool that Max is a fan of Pewdiepie. I lol’d at the ‘teletubbies for adults’ line. Pewds is super great at dropping sly alternative knowledge and criticism of the establishment. I saw he is taking a break from youtube too. I’d say he’s so tired with youtube’s policies. Happy and prosperous new year to you all anyway!

    1. With regard to comments further down regarding Max’s delivery: Max’s philosophy is to rattle your cage. He wants you to wake up and look deeper into what is going on around you and how it will restrict you. Like he says, don’t take my word for it, go find out for yourself. In doings so, you may find that some things he said are purposely overstated – after all, his technique is to shock you into action – but what you will find, is, what you thought you knew has been purposely misrepresented. From this knowledge we start to free ourselves.

  3. Such a great show to end this year with! Greg, have you considered what a wealth of knowledge you are assimilating? Especially for one so young. You are going to be a force to be reckoned with by the time you’re 50. 😉 Please let us know when the next Joint Session is. Happy Everything to All!!

  4. I’m all for conspiracy theories – that’s why I tune in to all of THC. Max, from what I heard, simply makes stuff up.

    I haven’t found where Max gets his “information” on Da Vinci’s impossible painting technique but Italian researchers, using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) have. This is what researchers do. They are not all controlled by an unnamed “elite”.


    Using a scientific device to analyze Leonardo’s “Madonna of the Yarnwinder” painting, researchers at the University of Florence said they were able to pinpoint virtually every stroke made by the famous Italian artist on the oil masterpiece.

    That showed the Leonardo avoided mixing colors on a painter’s palette like his contemporaries did. Instead, he applied thin layers of paint directly on the canvas in different colors one on top of the other to create a rich texture.

    “That Leonardo used the “velature” technique is already known, he himself wrote that in a treaty, but for the first time we have managed to reconstruct his work step by step, like as if watching him while he painted,” said Cecilia Frosinini, one of the researchers.

    “We have been able to understand what type of painting materials he used, how many layers of colors were applied and in what thickness and sequence.

    1. I would agree. It seems he makes lots of stuff up, or if not he should really explain why he proposes idea A or B and where do they come from.

      For example, he says « soil is really easy to liquify » well sorry It’s not. Not all soil can liquify, and not everywhere soil is prone to liquefaction (I have studied and worked in the geotechnical engineering for more than 20 years).

      His take on world war 2 is chocking to me. I could understand that coming from an isolated place (such as Australia) you could make that claim. But as for me, being French and my wife German, all it takes is to speak with our grandparents who leaved during WW2 where the conflict was to try to understand what was their lives. I understand and agree to some extent that there is deception in the official story of WW2 (or even history in general) but it is not a 180deg flip as he mentioned.

      On tartaria, I think Sylvie Ivanowa was making a better case I would say.

      Despite that he seems to be a nice person, I don’t think the show was very solid as he should have stated where came his statement and I rarely mind about out there ideas (really like Fomenko new chronology or inner earth for example).

      1. Agreed. History is written by the victors (and the powerful). That being said, not EVERYTHING we read is false.
        I graduated with a degree in geology but am not an expert in soil liquification or Max’s other speciality, granite formation but what he says has zero credibility.
        “The SS were zen masters”. Uh huh – they were real sweet hearts Max.
        “If you lay something down in sediment it can fossilize quite quickly, if it’s covered in mud”. Uh – no – it will get hard but fossilization is a different thing.
        “Was all the mud in WWI caused by soil liquification”? NO! It was MUD not liquified soil – they are dramatically different things.
        The guy drives me crazy. Just say anything and it’s a fact.

          1. We all know what mud is. Soil liquefaction occurs when saturated soils (not mud) loses internal cohesion. Usually caused by an earthquake the water pressure between soil grains increases to the point that the soil medium behaves as a liquid. Not good if you live on or below a hill. WWI battlefield mud was the result of human activity. Soil liquiefaction is the result of natural seismic processes.

        1. Yeah, I’m leaning your way on this one. I made it to about 25 minutes in before I found it too difficult to keep slogging through the bullshit. I found his ultra-confident delivery of his ideas, and instant dismissal of anything that didn’t fit with his ideas, nearly identical to listening to some crazed Christian YouTuber ranting about the end of the world next week.

  5. Max Igan on oil production –

    There’s never a well that’s ever gone dry.

    If Max wants to make a shit ton of money he can buy up production rights on thousands of “depleted” oil wells in Canada or the United States. There’s a simple process to get the license. Go for it Max – just take out the plug and “et voila” a never ending supply of abiotic oil production.

    I worked in the petroleum industry and worked with many reservoir engineers. Now I find out they were tools of the unnamed “elite” and have been living with their lies for decades.

    1. I completely agree. I like your suggestion a lot. Jump on it Max, you could be wealthy beyond your dreams!

      His instant dismissal of peak oil due to abiotic oil really had me rolling my eyes. If I remember correctly, he claimed oil wells never go dry because the abiotic oil is always refilling them. Seriously? We’re spending piles of money drilling all of these low EROEI fracking wells when the old high output wells are just refilling with oil awaiting our return to them? And petroleum geologists themselves are too stupid to understand this or are lying to us about it? Really? Oh, wait, let me guess, they’ve been compromised by the owners of this place so they are forced to lie to us. Which scenario is more likely, all petroleum geologists don’t know what they’re doing and none of them have figured out this abiotic oil thing, or they have been compromised by the elites and forced to lie to us, or this guy is suffering from a serious case of Alladin’s Lamp fallacies? Personally, I’m leaning toward old Max rubbing his lamp waiting for a genie to pop out.

      I remember my undergrad professors in geology who had worked in the field. Max should meet some of these guys if they’re still alive. These guys were dead-eye, straight shooters and knew their game well. If I had to guess whether those guys or Max were blowing smoke up my backside, I’d hands down choose Max as the bullshitter.

  6. Thinking of the sink holes around my dairy ag county. As a student of Mudfossil University with the DNA found rocks are made of and Roger’s theory of the size of people and building, as well as his theory of Atlantis and the dragon in the desert. The timeline is way off, truly. Now I’m wondering about the Chinese warriors unearthed, they were the real life people once I bet.
    I digress. The Biodynamic and Permaculture farming practices are such good teachers. I just made a remedy to spray for the new year around the perimeter of the fields that is for the elementals. Call it whatever, this is energy and undoubtedly benefits the earth energy. It is tangible. The instructions for it is so touching for the care of the invisible.
    What if we are immortal life and are not here to die. What if we are here to breath. And that breath is food. Hope you can followup with the lady he visits in February.

  7. 0) Great show !!
    1) The issue about oil wells is that the channels that feed the wells with oil get obstructed and then the well do not produces anymore. There are techniques to recover a dry well. And, yes, Russians had demonstrated the abiotic origin of petrol.
    2) How so to talk about the “new chronology” without mention Fomenko?
    3) Mud slides can be used to explain specific cases in space and time, but it do not explain ALL geological anomalies around the planet !
    4) Australia, in general, is a problem to the “powers that be” (with parallels with Brazil) so the “elites” have been hitting hard on the people there… Best world group about Free Energy is there:

  8. If you are interested in what Max said about blacks who were born here and did not come over on slave ships, James LaFond is your man. He has authored many books, and is featured on a podcast called “The Crackpot Podcast”. It is available on youtube also.

    1. If you talk to old families in the U.S. South and the (French) Caribbean this is a common story. Loads of blue-eyed blacks all over the Caribbean too. If you actually talk to folks, with genuine curiosity about their heritage, you might be really surprised what you find out!

  9. Max Igan is delusional; a master paranoid; a man of great ego; a hoaxer and charlatan; and a Holocaust denier. I have watched his videos on the whole Tataria mud flood hoax but admittedly was only able to make it a half-hour into this episode. I think Max is the worst guest in the history of the show. He may be the most ignorant. His concept of history seems to come from the school of Eli Cash (the FICTIONAL character from the Royal Tenenbaums), who stated, “Well, everyone knows Custer died at Little Bighorn. What this book presupposes is… maybe he didn’t?” Let me just get right to the issues:

    False claims made:
    * multi-continental mud floods in the 1840s that killed off adults on the planet, causing a need for children to populate this reset of history, with the use of Orphan Trains to provide the labor needed to clean up the streets of these pre-existing cities.
    * Greco-Roman style architecture already in existence when explorers and colonists came to the “Western” world — history books and records do not say this in the history of the United States.
    * most of the major wars of the past 3,000 years actually occurred simultaneously at a somewhat recent date
    * oil is abiogenic (and not organic based) and is thus infinite in supply
    * Orphan trains released 200,000 children a year in the United States
    *Urban photographs from the 1840s showing unpopulated streets prove that these cities were unpopulated due to the mudfloods earlier in that decade
    * The slave trade is an exaggeration as many black people already lived in the United States

    Let’s start with the photographs of “barren” cityscapes from the 1840s. Does Max understand the history of photography? Does he know the shutter speed of cameras during this time period? Shutter speeds were around a minute. Action shots and movement, in general, were nearly impossible to capture. Thus, busy cityscapes from the time period would have to be painted by an artist as motion would not show up on said photographs.

    Let’s talk about orphan trains as some deep conspiracy in numbers and purpose. His quote on 200,000 orphans per year (or “per annum” as he says) in the United States is factually untrue. He is simply lying. As someone who has actually written about this history, using primary documents at a time period well before the existence of Youtube, I KNOW that the numbers are 200,000 TOTAL — over a 75 year period. That is an average of less than 2700 “foundlings” per annum. These children were not sent out to clean up floods — they were sent out to join families in the Midwest. You know who made up a very large percentage of the population of the Midwest when this program went into operation (1840s to 1910s)? Farmers and their kids. My mother was raised on a farm. She had twelve brothers and sisters. Many had more than that. This was necessary for successful farms. Some farmers were not able to conceive. Some got a late start. Some farming families had epidemics that killed off many of the children. This program was instituted by various church groups to get kids out of the slums and into good “god-fearing Christian homes” and was actually the precursor to the foster care system in the United States. There were a lot of problems of course. On some stops, it felt much like a slave-auction with inspection and allegedly even bidding at times. There are also some great success stories. I even got to meet a pair of former Orphan Train “foundlings” that became successful farmers of their own. I have met older people that remembered these trains stopping in their town. Why doesn’t Max read a history book about this phenomenon? Plenty of history books have been written, many of which are not written by “Them.” Some are quite good. The good ones even use primary sources, including diaries, newspaper articles, advertisements, interviews, census data, etc. But Max knows better because he watched a Youtube channel by some Russian guy.

    And Max wonders where these kids came from? I don’t know if Max has ever taken a health class, a history class, or had children of his own; but let me make this really simple (and I do this not to make fun of Max, but to show how sloppy his thinking is). People have always fucked, had sex, made love. During the 1840s and well into the 20th century, it was quite a stigma to have a child out of wedlock. Abortion was illegal and extremely unsafe. Birth control revolved around the rhythm of the natural cycles, and people in heat didn’t always pay those cycles much mind. And there were no social services set up by the government or any institution that could help poor people with expenses. These children came from the East in the United States because that is where the concentrated urban areas were located at the time. This is not that difficult to figure out.

    Let’s talk about his idea that most of the wars of the past many hundreds and thousands of years were fought simultaneously. If that was true, why didn’t everyone use bazookas and guns and rifles and tanks and grenades? See how silly this is? Did opposing forces (many times there were more than two) shake hands at the beginning and agree to only use Bronze Age weapons for this particular twenty-year war? Did they decide, okay, the people over there are using bazookas and grenade launchers and stealth bombers, but I think we should be more civil and use sabers, revolvers, muskets, and rifles? This isn’t just ignorant and sloppy. It is stupid.

    Let’s talk about Tartaria or Tartary. This was not usually (if ever) used by the inhabitants of the countries that made up this region. In fact, it was an ignorant (and often racist) term used by Europeans (and occasionally Americans) to describe a region of the world they knew little to nothing about as their colonies had not infiltrated the areas around modern-day Russia and especially China and other Asian countries. Once again — people living in Western Empires mostly used this term, not the people that lived there. As the regions became more known to Westerners, the term fell by the wayside. I have seen globes that use the word “Negroland” for parts of Africa. Did Negroland really exist and was it some major empire as well? C’mon Max.

    Max then tries to say it was more than simply a region full of various states and tribes and countries because they had a flag (they actually didn’t — various incarnations of Tatarstan did, which is still a region of Russia — but let’s roll with it anyway). That proves that it was its own country? The United Nations has a flag. McDonald’s Restaurant has a flag. Alabama has a flag. Organization of American States (OAS) has a flag. The Caribbean countries have a flag. Freedonia in Duck Soup has a flag. Should I keep going?

    *Oil is abiogenic and peak oil people are hoaxers. That must be why the United States is now getting its homegrown oil from nasty and hard to get (and extremely expensive) shale or from miles out at sea. Max does not see the actuality of energy decline on this planet. He doesn’t know that discoveries (even of shale) of underground reserves are at an all-time low all over the world. He knows nothing about the Law of Diminishing Returns and how this holds true for one oil well in Ohio or Texas, for the oil reserves of a region or country, and for the entire world. But hey — oil wells never die, right? Max also acts like Peak Oil is some mainstream issue that economists take into consideration. Most mainstream Rockefeller-funded economists (much like you) cannot take peak oil seriously because market economies, and especially American capitalism, runs on the premise that an economy must grow infinitely. If we have a finite amount of resources on this planet (we do), this sacred economic system we currently operate under, would have to be called out as a lie and a hoax. Religions are hard to leave, especially if you benefit from them.

    Now, I could delve into his ignorant comments on the American slave trade (it is actually much worse than what most history books state — not better) or his comments on how the Holocaust did not happen, but why ruin the fun? I can let someone else do that.

    1. Nah, don’t ruin the fun. It’s a New Years Eve party and Max is fun at a party. I agree with most of what you said. This is guy who seems to have created his worldview in a vacum. He seems to latch on to a ‘concept’ and then create an alternate allegorical history theory around it. In fact I agreed with everything Max asserted until he opened his mouth and started talking. I’m not mad. Its a conspiracy show, like Greg said. And I can think for myself.

      1. Omp,

        It is fun if you don’t believe his theories. I get it. Unfortunately, many people do believe his theories, including people I care about very deeply. Looking through the Max Igan lens really changes people’s personalities and helps foment even more polarized thinking. His worldview is so bleak that it takes away our agency and only seems to rile us up emotionally. I don’t want to live in a world where the Holocaust and the Atlantic slave trade are now lies. I don’t want to live in a world where Nazi Germany is considered a place that had things figured out spiritually. We should question the mainstream narrative but we should also question charlatans that wish to exploit the insecurities and emotional needs of the masses. I am done rattling. People can draw their own conclusions to why believing a Max Igan can be dangerous to self and others.

    2. Great rebuttal. I still find the mud flood idea fascinating — it has mythic resonance. And it definitely seems a viable contender for “most outrageous conspiracy theory ever.” But yes, by all means, let’s make sure it passes a basic fact check.

  10. I wish to be clear, as my last paragraph above almost seems like I could be pointing a finger at the audience. That was not my intent — I was only intending to single out Max. At one point I say, “Most mainstream Rockefeller-funded economists (much like you) cannot take peak oil seriously because market economies, and especially American capitalism, runs on the premise that an economy must grow infinitely.”

    What I am saying is that Max seems to agree with the mainstream Rockefeller-funded economists (and Big Oil) in that peak oil is fear-mongering or a hoax. I believe the evidence point otherwise.

  11. DAY-UMM! That’s great stuff. It really pushes the limits back to where we can move around some. The blinder bunch won’t look at any thing outside the official box and their Torretz Temper Tampons are a riot to hear. So effin what if it sounds outrageous…ever see square wheels!? Right there on www for all to see. Gonna be the same paradigm shift taking place in all other aspects of traditional thinking I’m saying.
    The Great wall of China was built by giants, just because I can’t prove it right now doesn’t make it false, but the howlers will absolutely shit.
    Thanks for all the fun Gregg
    Happy New Year all !

  12. They are digging in the middle of Seattle, tho. 😒 This guy needs to focus. I appreciate the push back to some of his theories. It just can’t be everything, some of the time.🤷‍♂️

  13. About granite:
    – No bronze object would survive the temperature of lava !! Some bronze object has been found encapsulated in coal, in geological strata very very old, outside the main stream paradigm. Sufice to point the book “Forbidden Archeology” of Michael Cremo.
    – After some search i was unable to find any leads about palladium glowing and noting about palladium in association with granite. Maybe he was confused about elements, etc…
    – The Jew Holocaust is indeed a a constructed Mythos. People die, obviously, but that narrative is part of a industry, not the truth.
    – There was black ppl in America before the slave trade. Just look the Washitaw peoples.

    1. Geri,
      So, when Republicans went nuts during the 8 years of Obama, does it mean Obama was “onto something?” When Democrats went nuts during the Trump presidency, does it mean Trump was “onto something?” When citizens react to Neo Nazi thinkers preaching white nationalism and fear of the Other, does it mean those Neo-Nazis are “onto something?” What should someone do if an individual with a platform is preaching lies and polarization and sloppy ways of thinking? Should we ignore it and let that person continue to grow a fanbase without any pushback?

      1. Goodness, you are definitely making my point for me. You seem very irate about a person who is simply stating his point of view and not asking you to believe it but to research and think about it for yourself. You are saying that anybody who does not agree with you is “thinking sloppily” or lying. Why can’t all points of view be available for anybody to make their own decisions without relying on you to determine what they should and should not hear. You complain about the “Neo-Nazis” but you sound far more fascist that Mr. Igan. And what exactly do you mean about “push back”? Silencing them? Dragging them off to jail or a mental hospital like they did in the Soviet Union? Why not just respect the intelligence of other people and their ability to decide what they believe without your “help”.

        1. “Wow! I just noticed I got three thumbs down! Must be some kind of record. I’m definitely onto something here–a group of people who cannot bear the thought of someone disagreeing with them.

          1. Geri,
            Calm down. No one is angry at you, certainly not me. I don’t know if you are projecting or what. It doesn’t matter. I have worked for justice and truth my entire life. I call out bullshit as I perceive it, especially when it steers people down harmful rabbit holes. If you think Max Igan is some kind of great figure or guru, so be it. That is your opinion. My opinion is that he is a potentially dangerous man, preaching lies and even hate. We can disagree on this. And if people praise Max and push his agenda and beliefs, I will be there to counter the ones I disagree with. Deal? And before you make more emotional appeals, go through my longer post above and refute my points. Please. Then we can have a debate instead of sitting around talking about how big our (metaphorical) penises are.

            1. I am not at all angry–not sure where you got that from. You are the person who seems genuinely angry about this man who is just giving his views. I am not going to waste time debating with you because my opinion of him is not the question here. Freedom of speech is.. You don’t seem to understand that Max Igan is not trying to take away your freedom of speech–so why are you trying to take away his? Trying to rob other humans of their right to give their opinion–THAT is truly preaching “hate.”

              1. When one counters another person’s claims, that does not necessarily mean they are angry. In fact, I found a lot of fun and joy in countering many of his claims. It is you that has said the following about me: “cannot bear the thought of someone disagreeing with them” … “You seem very irate” … “you sound far more fascist” … and then acted like I might be okay with, “Dragging [those who disagree] off to jail or a mental hospital.” Do you talk to everyone like this? When I make comments, I do my best to act like the person is sitting right in front of me. Try it!
                If you would like to debate the issues … great! But please refrain from these attempts of free speech suppression. I am entitled to my opinion. So are you. So is Max Igan. Greg gave Max a platform to speak his beliefs. I have responded in the comments section. That is what the comments section is for. I welcome ANYONE, especially you, to have a CONVERSATION/DIALOGUE about the statements Max made during this interview. That is what grownups do.

                1. That is the most pathetic thing I have ever read in my life–accusing your accuser of what your accuser has accused you of. I feel like I’m arguing with a fifth grader. I love THC but I’m done here in the forums.

  14. For anyone thinking this is ridicolous, Check out Subtropolis, a 55,000,000-square-foot (5,100,000 m2), 1,100-acre (4.5 km2) artificial cave in the bluffs above the Missouri River in Kansas City. Then do your best to find out by whom and when it was done. And off you will go yourself ,-)

  15. Controversial! Great to hear about mud flood here — I’ve been following that line of research/speculation for a while. I still can’t decide whether mud flood is a piece of the ultimate truth of our situation, or a wild fantasy based on a series of contrarian misunderstandings of basic facts about archaeology and cultural history. But, I love it! Even as a thought experiment, the mud flood/Tartaria hypothesis is one of the most interesting in years. And Max hits the key points with panache. Including the spooky “orphan trains” — yikes! The perfect show for our weird world!

  16. Is this guy a white makes right guy? I’m opened to new concepts. Even to the point of doubting the nazi narrative. So I’d like to know this man’s perspectives if anyone has any feedback.

  17. Amazing episode! Would love to hear more on Mud Flood and Tartarus with focus on Reset Theory and Tartarian views of government. It lends a lot to the view of why Russia and China, both large in population and land Mass, walled themselves up under the communism veil and have had major ethnic population purges. Overthrowing Tartarian rule? Tartarian cleansing? Max Igan is absolutely easy listening for me. Anyone with zero formal education/programming and a high level of awareness and logic is a threat to the establishment and therefore a threat to the Pied Piper’s tune. Great work Greg… more like this please.

  18. Max Igan is full of it! Unfortunately. Napoleon and Alexander the 1st were allies for a long time, then enemies. Max’s ignorance of history, his weak evidential sources and assertions really undermine him. He’s not a serious person in the conspiracy-sphere, sad to say.

  19. Greg,
    I highly recommend this YT channel: Sergey Ignatenko .
    He has loads of videos about mud flood (global flood), Tartary, Napoleon wars, forgotten technologies etc. He is very accurate with his videos, he reads english and french, he finds very old books and documents in libraries and show plot holes in official history and also debunks many youtuber’s fantastic (believable but provably wrong) ideas.
    PLEASE let me know when you have read my comment. Thank you!

    1. Actually, in hindsight I suspect you’re right. After his last vids it’s obvious he’s been compromised, and he knows it. “Voice to skull made him do it” he says with a Cheshire cat’s grin. And maybe it did, not saying otherwise. But once that claim has been made, there’s no going back. If it happened to him once, it will happen again, or every time he talks it will be suspect, is that him, is that ‘them’, does he know the difference, is there a difference?. Such a shame, another one bites the dust, eh.

  20. V interesting turn for Max now, eh?! Just saw his FE vid, and after this interview it’s particularly relevant since he says he’s never before said ‘something is’. I still say ‘the map is not the territory’ but that doesn’t mean I deny Max any level of his latest epiphany, deep respect and looking v forward to more. I think the mud flood is a thing, but I don’t think he’s right about the ‘no toilets’ might be sign that our ancestors survived on ether alone. What I do know about that is, shit was once a commodity (commode-ity, hehe). The hotels and castles had ‘chamber pots’ and ‘ stool attendants’. “Not a pot to piss in” was an expression that recollects this era, b/c even the poorest of the poor could sell their urine for $, this was used in tanning and other crafts lost to the industrial revolution.

  21. Max Igan is the man! I loved this episode and was so happy he was able to explore some very touchy and controversial subjects. Thanks Greg for allowing a free platform for people to say the things they are censored everywhere else for!

  22. A clear cover-up regarding ”Underground Seattle”, but no conspiracy.
    Seattle’s original wooden buildings were built close to the waterfront on tide flats in the mid-1800s. In 1889 there was a fire that destroyed a large portion of these buildings. Because they were built in an area that used to flood they decided to build the new buildings on higher ground, and to avoid future fire damage, to use brick instead of wood. Fill was brought in to raise the street level 12 (and in some places up to 30) feet higher. The original buildings were also covered with the fill. Today it’s not uncommon to find remnants of the old buildings during excavations for new foundations. The “Underground Seattle“ tour is a popular tourist attraction that takes you through the old buildings and clearly documents theIr history.

  23. I always listen on iTunes and forget to come comment, but I had to comment on this one since I was here making a guest suggestion. I loved this interview! Thank you so much for all that you do. You were the first podcast that I ever became a paid subscriber to and it’s worth every penny!

  24. Completely disheartening to hear Max speak about many African American people actually being Native Americans and didn’t really experience slavery, as if the Native American genocide caused no epigenetic damage. It is completely mind blowing that the only time I have ever heard a person acknowledge the Black Native Americans is to negate the damage of slavery. Nevermind all the Terrorism perpetuated against Persons of Color in the centuries that followed. Willy Lynch Snydrome is in full effect.

  25. With all due respect… Igan needs to do much better research. Blanket statements like more wars since the UN then all before combined, are just blatantly ludicrous on their face. How on earth does one count all wars prior to the founding of the UN? And so many more like that. He is entertaining yet so full of baloney it is ridiculous.

  26. Really Greg?! Oh come on. Max Igan just generalizes all kinds of broad strokes. People want to believe so this is just pulp, like professional wrestling. It’s like eating cotton candy, tastes good, but just dissolves away to nothing. The problem with people like this man is he steals real details real facts from all across the board so as to keep the listener off center from any sense of a real narrative. Oh well we all take a quick read of all the trash rags on our way through the check out line. So much bullshit. 

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