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Max Igan | Fabricated History, Tartaria, & The Mud Flood Reset

Topics Covered: Hidden History

Show Notes

Max Igan is a musician, artist, and a very bright mind for our troubled times. Max’s ongoing work can be found at The CrowHouse. Be sure sure to tune into his podcast Surviving The Matrix too. He was first on THC in 2018, and has since become one of my favorite conspiratorial commentators.

Max’s website:

PLUS Content

-Old maps with hidden or missing land on the planet. -Max’s advice for the journey of life. -Why Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings are impossible. -Max’s experiences with ayahuasca. -How backwards is the story of WW2? -the strange qualities of granite. -the water crisis in Australia. -The latest on the YouTube crackdown and COPPA
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