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Today on everyone’s favorite podcast for conspiracy, the paranormal, & the all around fringe:

Alright Higherside Chatters, weather you’re driving to or from that soul sucking job, hunched over a cubicle keyboard, or actually listening to the show in one of your rare moments of freedom- I think most of us look at our sick system, and see it’s no way to be:

We have a debt based banking cartel that trains us to obsess over scraps.

An “education” field that excludes anything that might go against said backwards system

And as unbelievable as it might sound, we still greet our criminal class politicians with applause rather than arrests.

Yes folks, the illusion is persistent – but the centuries we’ve experienced under top down domination via the Vampire Squid- are nothing compared to the roll out of the all encompassing digital grid.

And of course I’m sure many of us feel frustrated with our situation, but one of the big questions to ask, is how complacent have we been in our own enslavement. I don’t see anyone raising a fuss?

That is of course with the exception of today’s guest, Max Igan. Max is an artist and musician who has really left his mark on the alternative media.

He’s not only hosted his own radio show podcast called Surviving The Matrix which is now been in action for a decade, but his popular website contains his art, music, show archives, short films, articles, book and more all for the low low cost of absolutely nothing.

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A few valuable resources from the interview:

Official web-project of the scientific direction new chronology:

Was there a 19th century mud flood in across Europe?

17 Out-of-Place Artifacts Said to Suggest High-Tech Prehistoric Civilizations Existed:

The Quick 8: Eight Out-of-Place Artifacts:

Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens:

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This episode’s Plus content includes:

-Are our bodies covertly being prepared for something?

-The war crimes in Gaza.

-Why the battle against the capstone cabal is a spiritual battle at it’s core.

-A.I. And the prospect of an inter-dimensional invasion

-The Flat Earth & the deceptions about our environment

-Magic, language, & social media

-The positive side of gaming communities

-The Full Circle Project

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  1. Awesome!! I’ve always loved Igan’s material and am happy to see that you were able to cross paths with him. Can’t wait to listen to this one. Keeping my fingers crossed you can get my local man Mark Passio at some point too.

  2. I would like to proudly announce this is my first new show since my + membership. A loyal YouTube follower I took the plunge and couldn’t be happier. Woo!

  3. Some of us have experienced social crediting for a while. We have experienced every financial move blocked, job steering and travel restriction. China has just implemented the system that was trialled upon the few. No one listened then, we were loons or categorised as criminals, as where there is smoke, somewhere there must be fire.
    There is no standing up as there is no one to stand up too. It is already to late, the collective legal system has been challenged seldom successfully.
    Sorry to be so cynical and pessimistic.
    I’m a noncompliance advocate, which creates a target. The only thing I have found helpful are Magick technologies. SATOR squares, Talisman’s, sigiling and a Damn fine collaborative Spirit Team. I suggest everyone get enchanting and sprinkle that magical shizz everywhere. (If they are not already)

  4. Oh my, I think I’m in heaven. A cup of coffee, a lovely Druid Hat to make, a little something to smoke, and Greg is gonna chat with Max. Thank you sooooooooo much! ????????????⭐️????

  5. I was loving the interview, until I realized he can’t do math, because the US tax revenue every year is enough money to pay the debt of China alone.. He was being very empowering, and then he turned arou d and said it’s unplayable, unfixable, it’s all a game and we can’t win.. WTF happened to the optimism? LOL I am someone who loves my personal liberty. But, I feel like the world does need government at a macro scale, if we want to ever be a species who accomplishes more than we have so far, I just think the way were governed needs to change.. No governance works, when you just want to grow crops in small villages and and don’t want to look outside your perimeter at the rest of the world.. if you want to trade with other villages, you need representatives, you need security, and you need standardized way to trade value.. if you don’t want people from other villages coming into your town, you need warriors, someone to organize their shifts, someone to grow extra food that they can’t grow because they’re on the wall, someone to pay them and so on.. same for engineers, and farmers and so on.. no governance only works as long as you only need enough skills that everyone is capable of learning.. once you have skills that everyone doesn’t know, then you need specialists and support teams for the specialists.. anyway, if love to debate it further, bit really I have to say that the picture is not so bleak, and we’re not so helpless.. a small change in consiousness has already started an awakening in the world.. and the pace is picking up.. I think we are headed towards a new world of governance based on the best model we have.. The constitution.. he said, that in all wars, they never destroy the government buildings, Well I can think of one.. they tried to stop out America, while it was still just colonies, with every resource they had.. they tried to put out the light that America was shining as a beacon of what is possible under fair governance.. so America must have been on to something.. we just failed to keep true to our own ideals.. I don’t think we’ll have that problem much longer

    1. Aaaaaannd, he redeemed it LOL further along he spoke about his positive outlook for the future, and no I think he just sounds drained and beaten up by the truth his been finding.. I feel his pain.. the road to truth is so painful and ugly that few continue on past the point we are now.. probably is part of the plan.. overall Greg, I’m not bashing the interview.. he was a great guest.. I guess I just feel more positive about what’s coming.. Also, with the next update to the site, can you please make a more familiar and user friendly comment section? I really love engaging with other listeners and guests, but I hate this comment section structure LOL thanks for all you do.

  6. Oh my gosh- this show was incredible! Just went over and subbed to Max’s channel.
    The guy is amazingly succinct and so rational! Looking forward to
    Hearing more of what he has to say. New favorite THCplus show!

  7. Another great episode, so nice to hear Max anytime and you had some unusual questions for him! I must say though, I disagree with your wife that we are much different here than China and that the same social credit system not only could work, it already is being slowly injected into our culture. It’s very easy to implement such things through the youth, especially incrementally. With folks having so few life skills (and dwindling with each generation) and such enormous dependency on government and modern conveniences here, they’ve got us just where they want us. Turn off the grid for 3 days and you’ll have 85% of folks at their mercy, willing to do whatever required to stay alive. I also disagree with one other little thing Max said about ‘it doesn’t matter’ all these other topics like flat earth. I do get it’s divisive and a psyop and not as important foundationally as the smart grid/5G/technocracy, etc. I do think it’s up there with topics like ‘the life of Jesus’ or outer space, the moon, historical accuracy of our timeline, or other culture-shaping questions b/c it does matter how deep the deceptions go, who is perpetuating them and why and ultimately, WHERE WE REALLY LIVE. This is important to me! I want to understand my own environment before I die! 🙂 Love your work, thank you for the info, the platform, all y’all do! Great work!

  8. Facebook is the beginning of social media controlling our lives. People are fired for their Facebook comments and we loose friends and more. Of course they are ready to extend those powers. Max Igan was very compelling in this episode. I was holding out the hope that Trump was trying to do good, but I thinking I’m finally letting that fantasy slip away. I’ve always been leery of bitcoin, but now I’m convinced this is a controlled by the control group and further evidence was from a NASA sourced document I’ll link later. This only furthers my suspicions that Cliff High is controlled opposition.

  9. guess i ll be the buzzkill on this one…I like Max and he made some great points about the tide of “social Capitol” over taking industrialized society.
    However, his figures on the US held debt by China are just crazy. US debt to China could be handled by annexing a few useless states like California, and dealers choice…That’s what we call “talkin out yo’ ass”. Max your better than that.

  10. Max’s maxim that the whole world is run by criminals reminded me of the author Douglas Valentine who has written extensively on The Phoenix Program. You should totally check out his books and think about having him on the show. He tells astounding stories about CIA disclosure and the reality behind the veil. No aliens, demons, or mandela effect required. He provides a very helpful reality check that empowers the individual and body politic, rather than driving us deeper into fantastic imaginations. I think Doug would be a great guest.


  11. Great guest Greg! This is a great platform for guests to air their views! Love it mate you have a yearly subscriber till they de social credit me and I can’t get a wi fi connection in the jungle! Hey but there’s satellites! Surely… narr. Thank the carlwood.

  12. As a fellow Aussie I’ve always loved Max Igan, and totally agree that it’s what you do with your life that truly matters; not what theories you know or discover or debate…
    But I gotta disagree with him on the idea that ‘it doesn’t matter where we are and what shape this earth is cause no matter what we’re not leaving’. If we figure out this place is far bigger than we’ve been told, or it’s got a boundary around it or if indeed it’s flat – than that sure as shit means we’ve got a chance of getting out of here! You can’t escape a prison if you don’t know where the escape routes are.
    We can keep running around our cells trying to fix the problems within this prison system; or we can find the exit and potentially walk the f*ck out!

  13. This interview is almost two years old. I listened to it when it came out, as I think it was just before his Tartaria nonsense. But recently he has made numerous comments denying the Holocaust. That is unacceptable, in my opinion, and I thought it should be shared.

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