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Peter Moon | Ancient Secrets, Radu Cinamar, & The Inner Earth Tunnels

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Hidden History, Hollow / Inner Earth, Mysterious Places

Show Notes

Peter Moon is the man behind Sky Books USA and a previous THC guest from way back in the day. He’s best known form his work with Preston Nichols and his books on The Montauk Project, but a close second would be the books from Radu Cinamar that he’s translated from Romanian that describe an ancient underground chamber of high technology found in a joint operation between the US and Romanian governments. This chamber is attached to several tunnels leading inside the earth and to places around the globe. Today we talk about the 5th book in the series: Inside The Earth: The Second Tunnel.

PLUS Content

-Apellos The Crystal City. -The work of David Anderson. -Time travel technology in ancient caves. -A bizarre antennae that emerged in Antartica. -Had Admiral Byrd’s mind been messed with?
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