Peter Moon Romanian Inner Earth Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Peter Moon | Ancient Secrets, Radu Cinamar, & The Inner Earth Tunnels

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Peter Moon is the man behind Sky Books USA and a previous THC guest from way back in the day. He’s best known form his work with Preston Nichols and his books on The Montauk Project, but a close second would be the books from Radu Cinamar that he’s translated from Romanian that describe an ancient underground chamber of high technology found in a joint operation between the US and Romanian governments. This chamber is attached to several tunnels leading inside the earth and to places around the globe. Today we talk about the 5th book in the series: Inside The Earth: The Second Tunnel.

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-Apellos The Crystal City. -The work of David Anderson. -Time travel technology in ancient caves. -A bizarre antennae that emerged in Antartica. -Had Admiral Byrd’s mind been messed with?

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  1. Great episode, a lot of good content peppered throughout. Obviously a smart and connected man that’s not to say everything is is 100% accurate and Greg did a great job of challenging him. Peter also did a great job of sidestepping but giving some half hearted answers I suppose.
    Greg does a great job of offering a wide variety with an open mind while keeping things in the rails and maintaining a steady stream of reliable, educated sources.
    This episode is a great example of how someone can offer some great theories, provide some sources and evidence while telling a story that’s captivating to say the least…
    Thanks for the great year Greg, look forward to what will come.
    Cheers and tokes bro!

  2. I don’t know if I just don’t like this guy or if it’s that I don’t understand him. I don’t agree that people don’t need proof but have to learn to take it on faith. That strikes me as rather simple minded. I was also somewhat insulted by his comment that people have no need to know about the inner earth unless they gain that knowledge by taking a journey of self-discovery themselves. What is the point of writing 4 or 5 books if what you’re telling the readers that “I’m not interested in proving anything to you, you just have to believe what I say no matter how far outside of the norm it is?” Maybe I don’t need to know, but that doesn’t change that I want to know. Anyway, it’s clear I found his talk pompous and irritating.

  3. Well Greg after loving the last interview with Alan who sounded so genuine and hoping you would continue fhat way as I’ve not been too enamoured about most recent interviews I was very disappointed by fhis one. I did not think you were hard at all – I am willing to open my mind about most things including say the Bock Saga but this guy sounded a bit too much like David Wilcox for my taste. All this we have to be vibrating on a certain level crap. Also dreaming about the Queen being helpful I seriously doubt she is being helping to us on ANY dimension! And who is this Radu guy and is he really “channeling” this rather than getting it from a real person. People have to come out and not hide if they want to sell books and take lots of our money. When he spoke about getting a lot of young people together that sounded very cultish and wilcoxy. And when people say Einstein is great and nobody can understand him apart from this guy that always makes me suspicious I mean who can argue with that? However, from my early scientific training we had a principle called Occams razor which said the simplest solution was the truest and Einstein who I read when I was 12 years as his ideas fascinated me is totally overcomplicated and his theory has to have legs and feet on the legs and feet as time goes on. Black holes in the middle of our planet how can we research THAT? I think you do need evidence so Im not a flat eather but I do wonder why non flat earthers put so much energy into debunking it and are personally insulting to those considering it. It is not 2d but I can imagine he wants to go the hierarchical multi dimensional which one are you on nonsense?I can at least consider how a pressurised atmosphere can exist next to a vacuum but a black hole in the centre of the planet??!! Personally I thought he was TOO interested in the admin side and lacked the passion that I like to hear. I mean Icke isn’t for everyone but you can’t mistake his passion about what he is saying. Anyhow Greg I have invested my cash in plus for about 5 years now so maybe I’m getting picky and I know you wouldn’t want to get samey but don’t apolgise for questioning these people who are selling a lot of books to a lot of impressionable people. That is needed. Thanks for your hard work I really do look forward to your interviews but you keep out of it so much it almost seems like you are condoning the content always. And all of us here know they haven’t blocked up those tunnels for OUR safety! That’s it I think having listened to you for years we know quite a lot and can poke holes in arguements pun intended – it sounded like we live on a Swiss cheese there are so many portals around. Here’s to 2020 x

    1. Jay13 – I agree. I can conspiracy theorize with the worst of them, but Mr. Moon sounded like the second coming of David Wilcock and the Blue Chicken Cult without the music. As to flat earth crap, I have studied how the CIA rolled out the “conspiracy theory” white paper meme in 1967 hoping to head off truthers of their murder of JFK. Somehow they screwed up the FOIA request and the jpeg of the 2 page document is actually on the internet (as well as my hard drive). I think this flat earth deal is another ops of the CIA to brand anything under their CT rubric as ipso facto ridiculous. I listened to the best of the advocates and now regard them as (for the most part) absurd but well-spoken idiots or on the mockingbird payroll.

  4. The material covered in this one would make a great movie, but seemed mostly made of fantasy. It strained credulity one too many times. As always, though, Greg is a gracious host and interviewer. Best in the podcasting world, which is why I’m a Plus member.

    1. This is only one of two guests in the show I couldn’t bear to listen to anymore (who was the guy that said he was a clone?)

      Anyway, I’ve been aware of the story surrounding the Transylvanian Sunrise for quite some time, honestly love it, and find it intriguing whether fiction or not. Peter Moon in my humble opinion is a liar though. At least if he admitted this was all fiction we could hope it’d be made into a movie.

      Years ago, there wasn’t much on Peter Moon available. It’s clear he’s inspired by and admittedly involved with Scientology per his website and substantiated by another Scientology website I found. Fiction being sold as truth? So the trend continues. Also he seems to even be knocking of the blue chicken cult people.

      Excerpt from his own website:
      “Peter Moon reveals fascinating details of exactly how he became involved with Scientology and serendipitously ended up working in the personal employ of L. Ron Hubbard aboard the latter’s famous “mystery ship” which was called the Apollo. Included in this riveting account is the story of how L. Ron Hubbard, at the age of twenty-seven, clinically “died” only to discover that he could “remote view.” From this state of consciousness, which would later be called “exterior,” he was able to access what he termed the answers to all of the questions that had ever puzzled philosophers or the minds of men. Transcribing this information into a work entitled “Excalibur,” which is still under lock and key to this day, he developed one of the most controversial movements in history: Dianetics and Scientology. The truth and import of the above can only be evaluated by the all out war which was waged by governmental forces and spy agencies to obtain the legally construed rights to the above mentioned work and all of the developments and techniques that ensued from it. Thi is the personal story of Peter Moon which not only pierces the mystery of death and reveals fascinating details of his years aboard L. Ron Hubbard’s mystery ship but gives the most candid and inside look ever at one of the most controversial figures in recent history. 451 pages, $29.95, ISBN 978-0-9678162-3-4 The Montauk Book of the Living (More Details) A stunning new book by Peter Moon that tells how his research into the Montauk Pyramids led to the discovery of a mysterious quantum relic. This relic not only led to the Matriarch of the Montauk Pharoahs but has opened the door to understanding the greatest mysteries of history. These include the occult biochemistry of an Amazonian Blue Race “

  5. Not sure if im going to check out his book. Fascinating story but some of his reactions to greg questions were very odd. And peter saying the ancient biometrics to that specific person was a complete breakdown in rational thought.

  6. After listening, I wouldn’t buy Peter Moon’s books. I’m glad you probed him on the issue of evidence. His replies sounded childish and he seemed to lack the awareness that there are good reasons why people don’t believe any old thing that someone says. For an obviously intelligent man, he discredited himself. He should get some evidence.

  7. As a past Rosicrucian, the reference to a Rosicrucian going ‘within the earth’ would most likely be a metaphor for going within oneself, by means of relaxation and meditation, to find the truth.

    I know firsthand, that there are many benefits to this and have viewed many fascinating ‘places’ during meditation.

    An interesting show.

  8. You had me at inner earth tunnels!!!
    Plus people, Greg works hard to bring us content. Take it at that and everything is great. If you expect zero kooks in this genre you should look at every other genre and recognize they all have their crazy people and false prophets. Enjoy what is brought. Dream a little and keep on keeping on. We all are here because we know to question everything. Let’s stay united and not beat on Greg when some of the sketchier guests are given a moment to speak their truth.

  9. There is no such thing as a “black hole” PERIOD. Each time one see this concept as part of a theory… one can throw away that theory completely !! This “object” is part of the Einstein’s BS that is the Relativity crap. In the heart of this Mathemagic nonsense one find that for a black hole to exist noting more in the entire Universe could exist, specially other black hole.:
    Stephen explains this so easily that even a flat Earth moron can understand it…
    As Wulvena said above, this guy is in the business of sell stuff not really educate ppl. Mysteries are just fuel to boost the sells.
    Anyhow, there is pearls to be collected here as, almost, always here in THC.
    Kudos to GC for sailing those treacherous waters…

  10. You tried Greg… you did what u could. You’re an excellent interviewer, because in spite of what you had to work with, you tried to dig deep and get your questions in and squeeze what you could out of him.

    he was so old school…. “uhh i dunno – read the book though, this is how we put the book together”.
    Bro we get it, we will get the book… but please just have a conversation.

  11. Enjoyable. Thanks GC for doing varied content like this. All styles need to be covered. Guest Moon became nonsensical and molto evasive when asked for validation / evidence. Won’t be buying the books. I can get wacky fiction for free inside my head.

  12. In a world of top secret & hidden history, seek the evidence for yourself. One of my favorite guests due to this provocative subject. Ancient tunnels spanning the globe. The consistencies are out there, Kailash Temple (India), Longyou Caves (China), Tunnels connecting Saqsaywaman to the Coricancha. I bought Trans. Sunrise and plan on reading about the first and second tunnels. Keep ‘em comin’ Greg! Cheers

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