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Dr. Paul LaViolette | Anti-Gravity Propulsion, Aether Physics, & Secret Science

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Today on everyone’s favorite podcast for conspiracy, the paranormal, & the all around fringe:

Alright Higherside Chatters, it’s no surprise that the public has seen the needle on rocket and jet propulsion technology move very little, in a series of decades that have shown rapid advancements in nearly all other technological areas.

Because we know the sciences have been highly controlled to leave out the roads that lead to anti-gravitic crafts and the true advancements in these areas are completely quarantined by black projects and at this point maybe even a breakaway civilization.

Yet we do have bright minds and alternative thinkers who have tinkered with the realm of ether physic, alchemy, and a more holistic systems approach- and have stumbled upon many of the world changing applications that the capstone cabal would rather we just not know about.

And if we dig a little deeper, I think we’ll find qualities and principles of space, the galaxy, and life itself have been altered in similar ways- to keep vital information from filtering down to the people.

And I don’t think I’m along in those thoughts because today’s guest Paul LaViolette has spent most of his life working against the grains of conventional science and has his own models for not only flying saucer technology, but also the cosmology of the Universe itself.

He received his BA in physics from Johns Hopkins, his MBA from the University of Chicago, and PhD from Portland State University.

He is the first to predict that “high intensity volleys of cosmic ray particles” travel directly to our planet from distant sources in our Galaxy, a phenomenon now confirmed by scientific data.

He is also the developer of subquantum kinetics, came up with a new theory of gravity, and has advanced a number of new ideas and theory on a whole plethora of areas related to space, the stars, and even the ancient world.

His books include titles like:

Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology

Earth Under Fire: Humanity’s Survival of the Ice Age

and Decoding the Message of the Pulsars: Intelligent Communication from the Galaxy

Want more from our guest?

Paul’s Websites: &

Paul’s Amazon Page:

A few valuable resources from the interview:

Dr. Paul LaViolette Presents Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion:

Antigravity on the Rocks – The T. T. Brown Story by Jeane Manning:

Galactic Superwaves Explained:

Aether Force:

A History of Aether Theory:

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This episode’s Plus content includes:

-The Galactic Superwave threat

-Paul’s work on Pulsars and the idea that they’re an intergalactic, intelligently designed signals or beacons for emerging civilizations to decode or respond to

-Crop circles and force field beaming technology

-The prospect of a “Federation” in the cosmos

-The exotic technology used to bring down the Twin Towers

-The technology we’ve seen in events like the Norway Spiral and other strange “ring of light” style rocket launches we’ve seen in recent years

-Bluebeam and Black Budget tech’s ability to create illusions

-Subspace…remember that term subspace…there’s an upcoming THC all about this idea of hidden spaces…maybe SOMEONE knows about them and keps them hidden?

-How ancient man dealt with the Galactic Superwave, underground tunnel networks and the Bosnian Pyramid

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Outstanding! More books to get. So many books…so little time.


So this is another of the “Hidden Archeology” team.
They are all getting really serious on the “Cyclical Doomsday”. There is no doubt in my mind, that one day, one of these scenarios Wil prove correct.

Cheers guys, a really good show.


Thank you for taking the time to be so well-informed for this interview. I was so impressed that you could carry on an intelligent conversation with this intellectual man of science. Be doing this, you gave us a wonderful, wonderful gift. You’re a rare bird, Greg Carlwood!


Very cool episode! Right up my alley. Thank you both! Regarding Dr Paul’s point on the patent office, my direct experience revealed the legal loophole that is “the inventions about anti-gravity and generally Unity related Technologies are not physically possible so it is not a new invention that works.”


Thank you Greg. Fantastic episode on one of my dearest topics. Free Energy and Tesla is really what got me started unto this journey (even though psychedelics would be the real inception. But I digress). I had read Paul LaViolette’s Secrets of Anti Gravity propulsion and was astounded on his claims that the B2 had the electro-gravitic system secretely embedded.
As you stated in the outro, I do feel he’s a bit pessimistic about the future of our planet, but can’t blame the guy for it. In the beginning, I was hyped about those inventors who had been able to recreate a free energy device, but soon got disappointed that they all seemed to keep it to their grave. We know by now that secrecy is their courtyard that’s hard to fuck with. Open-Source is the way. But who am I to make such claims?
All in all, I thought the interview went through a lot of interesting rabbit holes, including but not limited to, hollow earth, pulsars, ancient history, disagreements over Hawkins blackhole theories (which I think everyone who listens to THC concurs), as well as sun cycles and the value of systems theory.

My initial thought was, here’s a great mind who’s figured out a lot of incredible science, but who seems to lack the holistic background of consciousness-related phenomena. But I guess I was wrong (to my enjoyment!) that he’s dabbled into the occult with Tarot reading, and his theories on systems psychology (feeling tone theory, which I haven’t checked out yet).

So fantastic interview all in all. I’d love to put him, along with Nassim Haramein, David Wilcock, Graham Hancock and Greg together in a room for a conversations. We’re living in historical times for sure. Peace Out!


Researching the holohoax is what got me “started” so to speak but as a scientist it quickly led me to Tesla as well Enjoypolo and I had to explore the science to it’s logical conclusion and the journey was nothing short of fascinating. Sadly Greg is right in my experience as well very few people in the “conspiracy” community have much of an idea what any of this means and how it works, there aren’t many people that can discuss this kind of science and it’s implications.


This was a really cool episode. Touched on a lot of my interests. When he said, yes there were alien bodies in the craft, I was hooked in. I wasn’t sure how he would feel about Roswell. He did have to disappoint us on hollow earth though huh? As always, you asked really thoughtful and intelligent questions. That alone sets you far ahead of other podcasts.


I would LOVE to see a conversation between Dr. Paul LaViolette and Dr Eric Dollard!
Greg, please help make it happen!!! ♡♡♡


Both these guys are amazing, but I’d have a feeling they wouldn’t exactly get along. Would love to see it though!


Outstanding and yes another book to read..ThankGoodness!


So many great episodes lately, Greg. Thank you for all the amazing work over the years. You’re doing a great, great thing here!


Great episode! Love to hear him get into the nitty gritty and how it works. Great job Greg directing that conversation into so many great areas and getting him to explain some of the technical stuff! I’ll be spending my time reading his work for a while to come!

AK Froggie

Thanks for such an obviously well-prepared interview. I’ve long been impressed with Dr LaViolette’s work, and even struggled through Secrets of Anti-Gravity Propulsion, while being intellectually equipped to only follow about 10% of this highly technical treatise. It’s so nice to just listen to him boil it all down in a couple of hours here… Having said that, it sounds like his other books are more accessible to us lesser mortals, so I look forward to having a look at them.
As for the doomsday information, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone out there has determined that this current civilization has so bankrupted itself that it’s time to wipe the slate and start over, as may well have occurred multiple times in the past. These bodies of ours are just vessels – Maybe our eternal consciousness will continue to develop somewhere else in the universe long enough to give this planet enough time to recover from this latest matrix’s wave of physical and spiritual destruction.


Fantastic. Much thanks. Can’t wait til I can afford to buy books again.


love it. On my third listen…


Extremely informative show.
Does anyone think there could be a link between Project Skyvault and the coming 5G network? I was thinking along the lines of 5G being a power grid to support Project Skyvault. I may be way off track, but I asked Dr Paul for his thoughts via his website – picked up a few of his books at the same time. Unfortunately, being outside of the USA, postage doubled the purchase price! They get you at all intersections …
Thanks for what you do, Greg!
Great show.


Best $5 I spend a month, so interesting.


Great conversation, Greg. Interesting guest.

In your pre- or post-show conversation did Wal Thornhill, David Talbot & company ever come up? There seems a lot of overlap, with the one exception being extra-terrestrial humanoids. They also hold that the speed of light can’t be the speed-limit and tie it back to mythic archaic events. I suppose the Alien-delta means that they can’t really mingle their inquiries too much.



Mind blown! Had to listen 3 times already!

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