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Today on everyone’s favorite podcast for conspiracy, paranormal, & the all-around fringe:

Alright Higherside Chatters, as time goes on sometimes it seems like we spend so much time in the alternative, we nearly forget what’s really holding up consensus reality.

Because the idea that the physical is all that exists, that consciousness is nothing more than a trick of the brain- has been proven false without a doubt, even in my limited experience.

Not to mention the mountain of research done on remote viewing , near death experience, pre-cognition, dymethaltriptamine, self-healing, and many other phenomenon we can clearly say exist- yet somehow remains completely ignored and dismissed by the gate-keeping “priesthood from on high” of what we call Sciencism.

And that goes for the realm of geopolitical conspiracy too because we have plenty of information to show that our regulatory agencies are more “for show” than safety, we know false flags have been used to start many major conflicts, and it’s clear to see that powerful people almost without exception come from the same old network of interlocking secret clubs and think tanks such as Skull n Bones, Freemasonry, Bohemian Grove, the CFR, the Bilderberg group, and the like…..but ask any person on the street and they’ll tell you it all amounts to nothing because it wasn’t on the evening news.

Well these are things today’s guest Alex Tsakiris knows all too well, in that he and I really are on parallel journeys. Alex is the host of the popular Skeptiko podcast and the author of Why Science is Wrong About Almost Everything and he saw the cracks, crevasses, and gaping holes ignored by academia and instead of finding a spoonful of sugar to help that “medicine of denial go down” – he embarked on a podcasting journey to dig into the weirder data and talk to the bright minds and brilliant researchers that were just outside the box, that could tell the stories carefully kept out of the mainstream.

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-Wolfgang Halbig on THC

-Joe Rogan & The Deep State

-The proverbial tap on the shoulder

-Netflix and the sexual scandals of Hollywood

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47 Responses

  1. My two favorite podcasters in one episode! 🙂

    Skeptiko provided me all the material I needed to expand my metaphysical paradigm when both fundamentalist Christianity and atheistic materialism left me severely lacking.

    Keep doin whatcha do!

  2. Of course the free hour was really good, but you’ve been fucking crushing it in the plus show lately! Much respect Greg. I will admit that I was thrown off by the guests Trump support, but whatever, we all have our opinions.

  3. Wonderful show Greg. Do you know why? Because not only do you and Alex go over the Skeptiko stuff (the questions of consciousness), and the THC stuff (conspiracies of all kinds far and wide), but you show how, over time, you two in your shows and in your philosophies, keep inching towards each other. Excellent show: we get conspiracy, consciousness science, the in-betweens, and a humanization of Greg and Alex as changing human beings. You tackle topics big and wide and offer each other up as interviewer and interviewee. Thanks for that. You should guys should consider changing places for an episode (you do Skeptiko and Alex do Higherside)! What a hoot that would be. And I really hope neither of you get that tap on the shoulder. Just make sure to give us a really bad show all about the Mandela effect, or something of the sort, as a signal that you were given “the talk.” Just kidding. Cheers.

  4. holy cow. hands down the best episode I’ve heard thus far. Just amazing and on the nose. Everything the two of you talked about is exactly where all this stuff has led me. I especially loved the tap on the shoulder stuff. And everything else.
    Hard to even begin to express my gratitude for you Greg. I’ll certainly be tuning into skeptico!
    It’s just incredibly refreshing to hear the two of you talking over great points and asking the same questions I find myself asking.

  5. This deserves a repeat listen. I think there’s *something* about a conversation between two people that have their own show that treads slightly different ground between a standard interviewer-and-interviewee. Greg, top work, chap.

  6. Alex is actually dead sound and bang on the pulse of what defines our reality. I really appreciate his passion for consciousness research and sense of humour. You guys make a great pair.

    1. Yeah I’m just signed up as new member. I like Alex @Skeptiko . The main reason I joined plus was the FE , having listened to THC and Croww777 so I’m scratching head. And the whole hoax of NASA and the whole deal. It kinda is if you’re pulling this collarsall fake space shit 24/7/365 , they’re full privatization of NASA and Space. It was not even discussed. Really? I mean Crrow and Jason kinda make a very good points arguments. What’s up GC. Thanks ,

  7. A. M. AZING.

    making really challenging claims here about others in the community, which is important! I think the constant hue and cry of “REEE, SHILL” in the community we have all come to know is not wrong in concept — we have access to documents online detailing how TPTB infiltrate and corrupt online communities. but the way you guys spell out the “useful idiot” spectrum and the “tap on the shoulder” is probably a lot closer to the truth than the classical “shill” boogeyman. the intimation of power is equally as threatening as the actual demonstration of it — at least, enough to affect consciousness enough to maintain stasis.

    I also really appreciated your followup to the Halbig case — I know literally nobody in my personal life who would be interested in celebrating such a piece of evidence with me. that interview was actually what kind of… began to change my life (for better and for worse), back when I first listened to it in October.

    thanks for the show Greg!

    PS – I listened to another show around this time that had an equal impact on me. the interview actually ended the host’s podcast. it is Guy MacPherson on the podcast, Apocalypse Fatigue. it may be of interest to any fan of THC!

    1. Haha I’m with you, I think maybe when Ufology hit the scene, it was a lot more “this guy’s day job is to be on the UFO circuit with his story.” and once you do that for a while, people will parrot what they’ve heard enough that the “useful idiot” element spreads a lot further than a couple of 9-5 disinfo guys actually could. Plus, the internet makes it easier that having to have a guy on the ground too. As always, I think it’s a both/and rather than an either/or.

      Also, did you know Guy McPherson has been on THC?! It was right before or right after my interview with Michael Ruppert who was a good friend of Guy’s and apparently died of a suicide pretty damn close to after I interview him. He definitely sounded defeated and depressed, but he’s also on record saying he would never kill himself I believe.

  8. Yo Greg,
    This episode was awesome. Not because you guys delved deep into esoterica, but because it was a nice, candid conversation between two open-minded people that are riding the same frequency.
    I especially loved that you delved deep into the comedy side of it, with Bill Burr and especially Joe Rogan. I’m a long time Rogan fan (few years now), and I still listen to him, but it’s so freakin’ frustrating to hear him cut off conspiracies. Though his guests often bring up some interesting topics (Callen recently went deep on some Polanski and Hollywood scandals, scraping the tip of pedogate). I often wonder how Greg and Joe would turn up in an interview, that’d be f-ing wild! Also, I’d love for him to invite more insightful folks, rather than mainstream-induced scientists. He used to have Rupert Sheldrake a few years ago for christ’s sake. What happened to Joe!
    But I’m digressing.
    I just think that Comedians have such an influence, and contribution to the cultural fabric, especially today with the wide-reach of Internet media.
    All in all, thanks for another awesome show.

  9. What about that tinfoil hat with Joey Diaz where he says he was the one that planted the seed in Eddie Bravo his head I mean Duncan Trussell on the other hand he’s his own man but Diaz does say that on tinfoil hat the Bruce Lee episode

  10. THC’s on a roll! Great episode. A very interesting book on the near-death experience, edited by John Anthony West no less: The Dead Saints Chronicles: A Zen Journey Through the Christian Afterlife.

    Keep ’em coming!

  11. Absolutely marvelous! I found Alex only 6 months or so ago thanks to the Unslaved podcast and am totally hooked. You two are a great match and I’d love to hear more, regularly. The ‘name dropping’ is so important to me, I’m scribbling down constantly and have to listen once more so I can listen to all the varied viewpoints I’m still missing. Very exciting!! I agreed with all you said about the comedy angle and would add, while there is the negative side of normalization with comedy, there’s also the ‘approachable’ side–folks laughing is disarming, which means there will be those (even if only a precious few) who will overcome their fear of broaching tough subjects precisely b/c they are able to laugh about and see others laughing, including at themselves. I so appreciate how Alex said maybe even in as short as a year from now he’ll have found out how ‘fucking wrong’ he was about any number of topics. That’s the best sort of evolution as far as I’m concerned. But, and have to add in that but! The fact that y’all won’t help us navigate the Flat Earth thing is disappointing. Of course it’s a psyop, but to what degree? How can we get to the bottom of it if all we hear from are shills and disinfo agents? Can’t you at least try to syphon through it even a little? I tried myself and it’s very frustrating, I need a real guide! One way to approach it would be from the very basic angle of education, b/c we were all taught as children that the solar system was THE model, and there were no competing models presented and we were taught to laugh at our silly, stupid ancestors who thought the world was ‘flat’. In fact, there has always been pushback historically from experts in various fields and their voices have been marginalized or silenced as in every other conspiracy. Get it out of Bible territory and into the many other avenues that can be explored there, perhaps? I just don’t want to believe there’s a topic out there where y’all fear to tread! (I’ve said similar to Crrow in the past, and cross my heart, I’m not a shill!!!)

    1. Most of what I’ve seen from FE’ers is a bunch of basic physics questions at best or nonsensical questions at worst. For example, one basic physics question I see a lot: “If we’re spinning around on this ball at 1000 MPH, man, then why don’t we just fuckin fly off into space?!?!?!” And the formula for radial acceleration (which acts in the opposite direction as gravitational acceleration) is really simple: a = V^2/r. 1000 mph = 447 m/s and earth’s radius is 6,370,000 meters, so a = 447^2 / 6,370,000 = 0.03 m/s^2. Standard gravitational acceleration is ~9.806 m/s^2, so the radial acceleration at the equator means an object’s downward acceleration is .3% less than it would be at the poles… not a very big difference and certainly not enough to send us spinning off into space. For more:

      And then some FE questions are just too dumb to even know where to start… “how could someone be standing upside down on the other side of your ball-earth?!?! They’d fall off!!!”

      So I’m not interested to hear FE points contested or debated at all because I’ve been through highschool physics and I use physics every day as an engineer, but I WOULD be interested to hear any researcher who has looked into the possible psyop origins of the recent FE phenomenon and investigated shady folks like the dubious Dubay.

      I can’t say I’d be really upset at the guys running the FE psyop though… I mean… maybe they’re doing us all a favor? If people are going to fall for FE and not put in the minimal effort to learn the answers to their very basic questions… maybe they deserve to fall for that trap.

      1. Maybe I’m being a little too cynical there at the end… no one really deserves to be deceived… but looking at the human noosphere as something analogous to a neural network learning pattern recognition in images… it might be helpful while the network is in training to feed the network a tricky image to see where its weaknesses are.

      2. Show a picture from space or demonstrate curvature with optics not theoretical math. Use your 5 senses. I’m curious? Why you would make bold statements without even the slightest actual research?

      3. This flat earth nonsense looks like a full on PSYOP to me. It serves so many deep state agendas, it smacks of some kind of nefarious fuckery from the usual suspects.
        Of course, it’s also a handy gullible idiot detector.

  12. Really dig these kind of episodes where you bring on other podcasters. Never heard of skeptiko but I’ve been checking out his site since I listened to this ep. The one with the grimerica guys was good too (those guys need some website redesign love though).

  13. Amazing conversation. Much love. Well worth the measly five dollars I pay per month. Interesting ideas. Loved the stay on the fence mentality regarding beliefs

    1. I thought the same thing, he does like to go off, but that comment seemed to show something….ouch, I won’t go there. Voting is a joke, always has been a huge psy-op with the electoral college and the goons they put out there for us to argue about. Then he says throw out right and left. Well did he? No he pleezed his wife? what? Seriously? I laughed so hard. Greg, you not running parallel with Tsakiris, you’re way ahead, that is a compliment. Kudo’s

    2. Yeah , Alex you malaka , you and I have same problem , married with children. The same thing Zobra said when asked “Are you married Zorba?” Yes boss, wife, kids, the full catastrophe!” It gets you a little off the hook, voting one and if vote didn’t matter Hitlery?! Ella malaka pustee ti les ? ????‍♂️????

  14. Greg, I’ve been sending you the evidence that Elon Musk is a fraud, from the ground up (so to speak), yet not a word about it on your show — since Feb 6, the date of the ‘car in space’ launch. The space imagery was shot in a studio, as I show in two videos, and I’ve also found that the launch itself was suspect. I informed 25 alt media figures of this evidence, yet you’ve all been silent. How about your excuse:
    The above (which I sent you weeks ago) are the photographic proofs. Here’s my latest launch analysis:
    An overall analysis of Musk and the entertainmentbiz:

    I just want to know how you could fail to mention this stupendous fraud.

    Oh and suddenly you’ve figured out that FE is a psy op? Problem is, you’ve already done the damage with your promo of disinfo agents like Jeran, Crrow, Leeds, and all the rest. I’d say Wake up, but you know very well what you’re doing.

    1. allanCW,
      Please give Greg some more credit/love. He’s the best conspiracy podcaster out there right now — and he always makes it clear that he doesn’t necessarily agree with his guests. I appreciate that he trusts his audience enough to let us make our own decisions — and I feel like he’s just like the rest of us searching for the truth and willing to listen to various alternative views along the way. If you’ve listened to his podcasts regularly, you must realize that Greg often disagrees with his guests in his closing outros. I’m not sure what else you expect from him.

      Frankly, it seems like you are not a fan of ANYONE in the alt world — you call everyone a disinformation agent/fraud, which makes me wonder: Who are YOU working for, and what is your ultimate aim — do you just want to turn everyone away from the alt world? Do you just like to heckle alt media personalities? I used to read your blog regularly — and I really enjoyed your Water Time film, but once you started tearing every alternative podcaster/historian/personality down, it became pretty tedious, and more than a little suspicious. You don’t give anyone any slack or benefit of the doubt. So maybe instead of going after all the people you think are “frauds,” how about you tell us who you think is NOT a disinfo agent (besides yourself of course).

      And I know this isn’t the best source of credible alternative information, but I did just listen to a Tin Foil Hat podcast (with Eddie Bravo) where the group was discussing/ripping on Elon Musk and the fake launch….and there seems to be plenty of YouTube videos ridiculing SpaceX as a fraud. It’s definitely already part of the alt world’s rejection of the official SpaceX narrative — so not sure what your newest gripe is here, other than being a malcontent.

    2. As the saying goes, “Who needs COINTELPRO when we have people like you.” This horizontal hostility is simply doing the job they deem necessary so that the actual disinfo agents don’t need to do a thing. Thanks Allan! Way to be a team player for the opposition!

    3. Wow, Greg, I’m a first time sub here, but, oh and this is my third comment and reply! But ditto, what gives deep diver? what fuckin gives!!! I’ve been swimming around some pretty amazing life etc. fer long about 50 plus years. Why you no esplaine to Ricky why you no FE, or why when have a Criminal fraud in NASA and move to privatize , it’s SIGNIFICANCE? Jump in water is getting warmer by the second. Not trying to heckle either, it is central to my quest for WTF. Cheers happy bunny hunting day. Thanks for your solid platform. Keep going.

  15. Quick note on Greg’s point about guardians at min55, maybe we don’t need to know the names but we would need to know their powers and how to overcome within ourselves.
    Loved the episode though was hard to get through first ten mins. 😉

    Thank you both. I’m going to listen to some skeptiko.

  16. Great interview. Loved that Alex brought up life-between-lives. In case anyone else is intrigued by hypnosis/reincarnation, that hypnotherapist he was talking about is Dr Micheal Newton. His books journey of the souls/destiny of the souls have great case studies about the afterlife.

  17. Great interview. I’ll be adding him to the shows I listen to the most. I should say most likely since I haven’t listened to any yet, . The FE religion is very dogmatic and strange. They can’t accept that people have looked at it and then rejected it. The only way to please them is to agree with them. Then they will consider the FE “looked at”. It seems compulsively promoted.

  18. Really enjoyed that guys thanks!!

    I was fuck yeah’in and clapping out loud during that lol good stuff!!
    Listened to it at work too haha!!
    I just Love how down to earth the chat is. And fucking great to hear other people speak frankly about the stuff in my head!! What the heck there are others on the same page as I am on !! Lol just so good haha.

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