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Alright Higherside Chatters, as time goes on sometimes it seems like we spend so much time in the alternative, we nearly forget what’s really holding up consensus reality.

Because the idea that the physical is all that exists, that consciousness is nothing more than a trick of the brain- has been proven false without a doubt, even in my limited experience.

Not to mention the mountain of research done on remote viewing , near death experience, pre-cognition, dymethaltriptamine, self-healing, and many other phenomenon we can clearly say exist- yet somehow remains completely ignored and dismissed by the gate-keeping “priesthood from on high” of what we call Sciencism.

And that goes for the realm of geopolitical conspiracy too because we have plenty of information to show that our regulatory agencies are more “for show” than safety, we know false flags have been used to start many major conflicts, and it’s clear to see that powerful people almost without exception come from the same old network of interlocking secret clubs and think tanks such as Skull n Bones, Freemasonry, Bohemian Grove, the CFR, the Bilderberg group, and the like…..but ask any person on the street and they’ll tell you it all amounts to nothing because it wasn’t on the evening news.

Well these are things today’s guest Alex Tsakiris knows all too well, in that he and I really are on parallel journeys. Alex is the host of the popular Skeptiko podcast and the author of Why Science is Wrong About Almost Everything and he saw the cracks, crevasses, and gaping holes ignored by academia and instead of finding a spoonful of sugar to help that “medicine of denial go down” – he embarked on a podcasting journey to dig into the weirder data and talk to the bright minds and brilliant researchers that were just outside the box, that could tell the stories carefully kept out of the mainstream.

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The Skeptiko Forum: http://www.skeptiko-forum.com/forums/discuss-the-show

Book website: http://whyscienceiswrong.com/

Alex on Twitter: https://twitter.com/skeptiko

A few valuable resources from the interview:

Dean Raden: http://www.deanradin.org/

Dr. Henry Bauer: http://henryhbauer.homestead.com/

Dr. Bauer’s Amazon Page: https://www.amazon.com/Henry-H.-Bauer/e/B000APW6N4/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

Rey Hernandez & The Free Group: http://www.experiencer.org/

Dr. Leo Sprinkle: http://www.experiencer.org/advisory-board/dr-leo-sprinkle/

Dr. Jeff Kriple on Skeptiko: https://skeptiko.com/jeff-kripal-erotic-and-mystic-religious-369/

Sex & Rockets: The Occult World of Jack Parsons: https://www.amazon.com/Sex-Rockets-Occult-World-Parsons/dp/0922915970

Jeff Long on Skeptiko: https://skeptiko.com/jeffrey-long-god-and-the-afterlife-science-329/

Ian Stephenson’s consciousness research: https://www.near-death.com/reincarnation/research/ian-stevenson.html

Dr. Jim Tucker on Skeptiko: https://skeptiko.com/239-dr-jim-tucker-database-of-past-life-memories/

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-The proverbial tap on the shoulder

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