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Happy Easter Higherside Chatters! A most appropriate show for today:

When we examine sacred sites scattered around the world, oral traditions passed down through generations and disjointed clues of our fragmented history buried by organized religion, the path to reconnect the dots seems daunting. And without the proper context, putting our past into perspective can appear impossible. Luckily, today’s guest, Freddy Silva, has spent his years studying a cornucopia of esoteric traditions from ancient societies ranging from extinct systems of knowledge and initiation rituals to Jesus and crop circles. Silva has written several books including, “The Divine Blueprint” and “First Templar Nation”, to help bestow “ancient wisdom for modern times.

2:32 Although many of us are aware that the Catholic Church has spent it’s existence absorbing the traditions of ancient Gnostics and mystic tribes, while simultaneously trying to eliminate their influence and integrate their world view into the broader populous, many of us may have missed signs highlighting their campaign aimed at hijacking and redefining the term “resurrection”. Greg and Freddy kick things off by discussing elements of the Catholic faith, that without the original, mythical context, seem to be a bit nonsensical. Freddy explains how through his years of travel and research, the common thread of the raising rituals continued to appear throughout various cultures of the world. Silva also breaks down the term “Living Resurrection”, mentioned in the banned Gospels of Philip and Thomas, and how it may in fact actually be a metaphor for an important ancient ritual initiation pre-dating the birth of Jesus, that was later perverted by the Catholic Church for nefarious purposes and crafted into what is now known as the Resurrection of Christ.
9:27 After providing a bit of background on the beginnings of this ancient ritual, Freddy elaborates on how this ritual differs from modern-day Shaman experiences with Ayahuasca. Silva explains how weekend retreats in the Amazon are feeble attempts to mimic a robust lost tradition that would commonly span over the course of three years and consisted of intense preparations by the initiates for a voluntary near death experience. Silva also differentiates the experience of Shamanism and the ancient art of the Living Resurrection, Shamanism used drugs to induce a state, whereas the ancient Resurrection ritual was the state itself.
14:20 Greg and Freddy discuss the specifics around the initiation process, the elements that intensify the experience, and how it goes beyond just the compound they ingested. Freddy details how ancient cultures designed megalithic structures located in close proximity to geomagnetic hot spots, constructed using very specific imported Quartz and Magnitite, arranged metaphorically to represent different levels of the initiation process.
24:42 Although, as Silva previously mentioned, there may be several ancient sites where this energy may be felt, it can be tougher considering many are heavily guarded and flooded with crowds, busy snapping selfies. Greg and Freddy discuss a few techniques to facilitate the channeling of this energy, the importance of a person’s mindset, and the lasting effects such sites have on the human psyche. Silva also details his own personal experience and explains how these sites are “alive”, and harness the energy surrounding them.
34:00 Switching gears a bit, Greg and Freddy focus on the other potential abilities people were able to unlock through these out-of-body, existential experiences.
37:20 Knowing what he does about the ancient past and our connection to the spirit world, Freddy discusses his take on the relationship between crop circles and otherworldly entities, or watchmen. He details their role as acting guardians, and enlighteners.
45:45 Greg and Freddy discuss the mystical traditions of the Tibetans. Although their culture is deeply rooted in ancient magical teachings, Silva explains how this isolated culture has suffered at the hands of China, and robbed of the ancient sacred texts.
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– the construct that life is a play and we cast our roles before manifesting
– how this construct influences the elite and how it can help shape our perception of them
– the story of Jesus, the initiate, in those missing years
– some of the forbidden or excluded gospel, the Nag Hammadi texts, and some of the exotic things they say
– how the “Morning Star” term originated with this living resurrection ritual
– the Amuru Muru portal near Lake Titicaca
– the ball courts of the Olmec and the Maya, correcting the gruesome narrative “that they played with severed heads”
– the true purpose of the ball courts of the Olmec and Maya: mimicking the “Game of the Gods”
– the Celts and sites such as, Newgrange, as well as this tradition in their culture
– the Wrigley family and the Giants of Catalina
– the Templars, how the secret tradition got to them, and Freddy’s outlook on them
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A few valuable resources from the interview:
The Gospel of Thomas, the brother of Jesus:
Freddy Silva’s movie “Stairways to Heaven: The Practical Magic of Sacred Space”:


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  1. Haven’t listened yet, my most convenient time to post is always while downloading. You are an inspiration Greg. I’ve said it to a few friends and listeners and I mean it – stop podcasting today if you need to but don’t cancel the PayPal service. I’ll keep my membership current until the banks crash. Thanks for doing what you do!

  2. Your guest alluded to another great topic. Shiprock new Mexico and the Anasazi. the Dine, or Navajo, believe they are in the 4th world, and they basically rode Shiprock, like an airship to where it is now. I think they believe they traveled through the water, fire and underground world’s to where they are today. They also are the main source of the ant people I believe

  3. Incredible show. Best one this year IMO. Now i just need to hear Gordon White’s take on the stuff Freddy discussed with you. I hope you have Gordon on again soon.

  4. oh ya!!
    this guy is awesome!!, like Icke… without the theatrics ! super cool, authentic. was reminded of Dubay talking about the pyramid chambers
    and other ancient temple structures having those circophicus, what were called burial coffins, were actually “float tanks” essentially,
    serving this exact purpose Freddy describes as “Resurrection” , thanks to you both, this will require a few listens!
    love and light

  5. Really great interview. I’ve read a couple of Freddy Silva’s books, and reading and listening to him always makes me want to go on a pilgrimage or something… to somewhere. Maybe a simple journey down deep into a cave will do for now (I’ve done that a few times and it really does transport the mind to somewhere else).

    Another resource that I didn’t see listed but may also be of interest:

  6. I wondered what had happened to Mr Silva. I first came across him with his crop circle book “Secrets in the Fields”. It is a shame that you couldnt get him to talk more about them, as like everything else he says, he is very certain about his views; I wonder what they are now with CC’s? He did hint that the the more “simple” ones are “genuine” sic. All crop circles are genuine however they are made (99.9% being human creations which is not to denigrate them). I find it ironic that he was talking about man made temples such as Stonehenge and so forth but didnt appear to be able to see that the “temporary temples” in the crop are also man made. Mental gymnastics there I feel.
    Also, it puts me off when people say it is “fact” and “we know” when it comes to quite obvious unsubstantiated statements. An example being the Jesus mythos that he talks about. Apparently it is “fact” that he visited Glastonbury and learnt from Druids and then lived a long life in India. No, the Glastonbury story is wonderful and it is one of the bedrocks on which the Glastonbury mythos is built as with the Arthur/Gwenhyfar story of them being buried in the Abbey. I dont think that Mr Silva is able to differentiate between mythical stories and fact. You dont have to believe a story literally in order for it to have otherworldy power and to pronounce on them as being literally true just makes it hard to take what is being said seriously.
    I’m not sure where he has got the idea from that Mithras originated in India 6000(?) years ago. Sure, there are plenty of dying/resurrection stories and/or visits to the Underworld; incidentally, the oldest I believe, being the Descent of Inanna from the Sumerian stories and that being circa 3500Bc (?).
    One last thing, Greg, I would really urge you to try and get a decent Crop Circle chap on-someone who knows what is going on with years of sane research on them and more importantly, the associated phenomena. The best chap for this would be Rob Buckle (check out his talks on the tube) who was a “believer” and then actually talked to the folks who made them and learned about the paranormal phenomena that often accompanied them.

  7. Great episode, very interesting and enjoyable to listen to

    A personal anecdote that ties into the episode:

    I had the pleasure of visiting the Neolithic site Bryn Celi Ddu (
    a ) in Wales a couple of years ago. Another alleged “tomb” with serpent iconography attached to it. I got to explore the site alone – which truly was a moving experience. I slowly circled around the site, trying to get myself into a receptive/meditative mind frame for the heck of it. On entering the structure itself I had sort of worked myself up a little and my heart was pounding (the site reaching out to me or me getting into my own head, who knows?). Once at the altar, I spent a good 15 minutes just sitting in silence, in awe of such an ancient place. While I did not have an experience as explicit as Freddy’s in Egypts on leaving the site I was suddenly struck by an intense feeling of…something. I stared agape at the sky as the world serenely blew past me, the world was a much more alive, interesting place for 20 minutes as the feeling slowly faded.

  8. Really,really sound stuff. And a great nod to the books of Dr. Michael Newton….”Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”.
    Thanks as always, Mr. Carlwood!

  9. My second plus show. The topics were very interesting to me but Freddy Came accross as rather complacent about the state of the world and the unecessary suffering. I have heard the “It’s all gods plan” argument many times but I just believe that’s a bit of brainwashing by the evil empire. I would have preferred less of a monologue and more details of the actual evidence that people have regarding these topics.

  10. About 1:02:45 he states he has been asked many times to join different masonic orders – B.S. – I’m calling B.S. on that one. “If you want to be one, ask one”. A mason will never ask someone to join – never, not once and certainly not “many times” as he states.

    And later in the show, did he imply Marry Shelly wrote Dracula?

    There was another questionable statement he made during the interview but I was driving while listening so I didn’t take notes.

    Good work Greg. Thanks.

    1. As one who has been “asked” to join the Mason’s it usually means that you’ve been invited to one of the dinners and your buddy mentions he’ll sign you petition and has others that can sign it too. It’s a bit of a wink-wink, nod-nod, as you’re right, you’re supposed to ask, but both one of my skateboarding buddies and my brother in-law have spent a good amount of time and energy “encouraging”, if not “asking”, me to join.

  11. Great show. I do take issue with the “morning star” being Venus. The ancients knew the difference between a star and a planet. The “morning star” is the Sun (son) the nearest star to us and which creates the morning light (christos). Venus had a totally separate level of importance. Cheers..

    1. Also, Venus is the Evening star. Inanna is the “original” Venus through Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite and then the Roman Venus. Then old Lucifer came along and had the title for himself although no one seems to mention Lucifera much (The feminine aspect of himself). In Northern Italy, according to Leland, the Witches were in league with Diana Lucifera; so there you go! 🙂

  12. I found this to be quite brilliant and enjoyable. The serendipitous nature of your visit and the book is a sign this was meant to be. Much gratitude.

    Joel A. from Colo.

  13. The living resurrection reminded me of the movie Flatliners and the tribulations and soul searching the characters went through after coming back from near death experiences.

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