Marty Leeds Gematria Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast

Marty Leeds | Gematria, The Mathemagical Code Of The Universe & The Alphabet Cipher

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The Mathemagician, Marty Leeds, joins THC to talk about the backwardsness of the school system and the damage it causes to the path of true learning, the art of gematria, the magic of Pi, the hidden code in the English alphabet, and the road map to sacred knowledge one can decode from the King James bible with Marty’s cipher.

In the plus show, we talk more about synchronicity, more examples of this code in the Bible,  the history of language,  the code in music, the astrological connection and the mathematics of the Zodiac.


Check out more of Marty’s work and music at:

PLUS Content

A deeper dive with our guest! If you liked the first hour, how could you not like more?

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      1. Well Greg I have to say love the show, absolutely hate the non mobile friendly plus. Yet another show I will not listen to because each time the phone screws up it starts over. I have listened to the first 20 min of all of these u shows and given up. Sorry but I guess I’ll pass on the plus until I can play it on my iPhone without wanting to throw the phone out the window I know it’s the phone too as well as the user. But I have to believe this could be easier.

        1. Have you read the listening FAQ page? Here it is:

          If you have an iphone, there are several options:
          1. Get the downcast app and login using the RS format that includes your Username. IPhone users tell me is the best option for most people.
          2. Download the .mp3 file to your phone to listen to later or offline or as you would any other .mp3 file
          3. Download the mp3 to your PC or Laptop and sync it with any usb media player.

          Sorry you feel that it’s so inconvenient. I obviously want to do what I can to keep people on board. Hopefully one of those options works for you!

  1. hi
    Amazing show!
    I have a iPhone as well.
    What I do is: I made a playlist on iTunes called THC+. When a new show drops I download the file to my desktop and drag it into the playlist.

    works with the the older shows too

  2. Virtuoso! Seems like everything is connected to something – especially if you turn it inside out and stand on your head while squinting your eyes.
    I wonder if any internally consistent system can’t be used to measure or map our holographic universe… For sure though mathematics is the foundation language of navigation – doesn’t matter how they butcher the language with lol-speak etc., as long as our ruler stays the same we’ll always have supreme objectivity. What I find really fascinating is where the quantity of relationship meets the quality of experience.

  3. Wow, that was an episode that was packed with information. It’s tempting to write a book of a response to it, but I just want to touch on a couple of points.

    I really enjoyed the description of Marty’s experience looking at a trillium flower. I’ve had nearly that same thought at times over the years. The direct experience with nature is really like a conversation with the universe. It actually talks back if you get out there and just do things. It almost doesn’t matter what it is as long as you’re interacting with reality. Look at a flower. Float in a lake. Refinish your floors. In every one of those things, the world will actually talk back to you.

    Learning is really discovery of things we already know.

    I think the natural twin of this episode was the “information universe” episode a while back. I think that’s what “the word” of the Bible is. The world is information encoded in vibrations and the arrangement of matter.

    Great episode, thanks!

    1. I was wondering the same thing, what’s the plan here? A new show every 2 weeks, once a month?
      Greg Carlwood, a kind reminder: if you’re going to compare the monthly price of your show to that of Red Ice or Coast to Coast, please keep in mind the great frequency and massive archive both of those programs offer. If you’re going to expect people to pay to listen to your program you’re going to have to up your game, not ease up once they start subscribing.

      1. Fair, but I’ve been saying 5 shows for $5 a month and there have been 5 shows this month already…but that said, my guest had to push the interview back a few days, and was based in Bali. The internet connection and all the background noise on his end is taking some extra time to edit. It should be up today!

  4. Another great show, Greg. Way to completely rebound from the week before!
    Marty was awesome. Contagious enthusiasm. I love these shows that get pretty weird without having to throw science completely out the window.

    Your questions were great too… way to never take your eyes off the puppet masters!

  5. I really loved this episode and plan to check out more of Marty’s work. I do have to say there were a couple of things he could have fact-checked a little better, linguistically. Example: The word “piano” doesn’t have much to do with “Pi”. It’s a shortened version of the Italian word “pianoforte”, which means soft-loud. This is a reference to the fact that on earlier hammered instruments, such as the harpsichord, you couldn’t modulate the sound much in terms of the degree of loudness. The “new” pianoforte was an improvement which allowed the user a much broader degree of expression in terms of soft/loud.

    1. Ah, thats a bit of a buzzkill about the piano thing. Interesting though. I always get a bit of a guilty feeling when someone points out bad information that came out in the show. Sometimes I catch things and take them out, or worse, realize in the deep research phase that a potential guest’s entire schpeal is bullshit….and then I’m faced with a tough decision: Cancel the interview, which I’ve done maybe 3 times- Or push ahead and go “full weird” and just walk the guest through their material as out there as we can in the hopes that people just find it interesting even if they don’t believe it. Some shows are more about delivering information, and some are about just going on a wild ride. Letting the audience figure out which is which is something I get a bit of enjoyment out of on a personal level….although I wouldn’t say I try to intentionally deceive. To me, anyone with a good head on their shoulders can obviously separate the two, and everyone’s line is different which is interesting to see….but all that said, this was more of a serious show. I really like Marty and think he’s really on to something, so it bothers me a little to hear your comment because it tarnishes some of the other content. Nobody’s 100% though, I suppose. Still one of my favorites overall. Thanks for listening!

  6. Hey man, I’m a relatively new listener and by that I mean I’ve listened to every episode to date in the last two weeks. Needless to say I love the show but this one in particular blew my mind to pieces. Keep doing what you’re doing brother. Great job.

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