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Greg Paul | New Earth Nation, Transcending The System, & Building The Future

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Greg Paul, the Director of a bold, global, initiative to bring humanity together, called “New Earth Nation” joins THC from Bali, Indonesia to discuss alternative models to society that work for the people rather than against, new technologies, new energies, motivation for breaking from the oppressive system, and all the encompasses New Earth Nation and their philosophies. Greg is also very well versed in law and dealing with law enforcement and gives listeners some tips for dealing with these, sometimes tense situations.

In the Plus show, we go on to discuss more technologies, building materials, fractal building patterns, and structures proposed by New Earth Nation as well as several options for how to go about buying one of their domes in an upcoming community and extract yourself from the system! Greg also elaborates on his person journey, trusting the Universe, and going years without money.

Check out New Earth Nation here:


PLUS Content

Hear more from our guest in the ever-deeper 2nd hour!

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  1. Such a great show. Even though the audio was choppy the information was wholesome and uplifting to the core. I will be reading more about New Earth Nation. It sounds amazing. Keep up the great work bro.

  2. Another stellar show. Great choice of topic. Found out about this movement a few months ago, read through most of the documents. Wonderful stuff, if the programming can be broken this type if “intensional community” would be ideal. Right around the time I was researching the New Earth Nation, I was also made aware of the OPPT filings and all that might imply.
    Recently a quote from the late great Samuel Clemens was brought up in conversation. The gist of which was the fact that it is just plain easier to con someone than it ever is to convince them that they have, in fact, been conned. This is one of the fundamental problems preventing the dawning of awareness for the majority. Try convincing an atheist that “science” and money are as faith based as any religion.
    Someday, somehow, all will come to an understanding. If violence could be thwarted and avoided, well, that would be a plus.
    Keep up the great work. Keep hope alive, and don’t take guff from those swine!

  3. Hmm… well I’m happy to see others got more out of this interview than I did. 🙂 Maybe I missed all the good parts? I can’t wait for the next show!

    1. Every show on the “THC” domain is a Plus show, and every show on the regular “” is a regular show. Most of them so far are closer to 2:15-2:20 but 2 hours is the time I schedule interviews for. In this case a lot of audio needed to be chopped up and edited heavily, so it ended up a bit shorter. The free show was about half the length. I hope that clears some things up. Sorry for the confusion!

      1. Oh, thanks you for the reply Mr. Carlwood!

        That’s alright, this is without a doubt the best 5 dollars I spend every month, keep up the good work.

        And more spiritual podcasts please, you should try to get someone like Lee Caroll(Kryon) or Daryll Anka(Bashar) on, but that might be a bit deep in it for some of your listeners, haha.

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