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Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he welcomes back Mark Devlin, author of the massive all encompassing bible on the crossroads of conspiracy and pop culture, his excellent work, Musical Truth. With several unexplored rabbitholes in this realm left over from his first appearance, Mark returns to pick up where he left off.

It’s no secret that most major industries that play a role in society serve some purpose for the string pullers:
The energy realm carefully keeps us on the resources that turn a profit, the education system is artfully crafted to keep most people at a level of mediocrity, and the entertainment world keeps us thoroughly distracted from reclaiming our own reality. These are simply the tip of the ice berg, and many of these slices can be broken down even further. But as we’ve discovered, few get quite as weird and deep as the realm of Hollywood and the music industry. With topics ranging from sacrifice and sorcery, to psychedelics and pys-ops, It’s a true cornucopia of conspiracy goodness ripe for the plundering.
1:50 Last time Greg and Mark talked about how the music industry is used for control of both the artists and the audience. Listen as Mark expands on the origins of this manipulation and who the characters are behind it and whether the music industry is as organic as presented, or if it is a military intelligence think-tank operation from the ground up. Listen as Mark describes how powerful influencers such as theTavistock Institute, Cambridge University, and Harvard, just to name a few, seem to have a stranglehold on all elements of culture and employ the weapons of culture creation. Mark also helps to clarify the role of the lifetime actor by chronicling examples such as Barack Obama, Bono, Bob Geldof.
8:15 Segueing from the false savior motif to continue with the theory of lifetime actors, Greg and Mark press deeper into the bloodlines of the entertainment elite, from Brad Pitt’s relation to Barack Obama, all the way to Madonna, Britney Spears and Hillary Clinton. Listen as Mark explains the arrangements and marriages made between these prominent lifetime actors and how they are used to further the elite’s agenda.
13:30 By following the genealogy of some of these elite lifetime actors, we begin to see that many have ties to the Jewish heritage. Mark details what are known as crypto-Jews, or those whose public personas have disguised their Jewish heritage by anglicizing their names such as the infamous Bob Marley.
16:15 Disney may not really be the happiest place on Earth. Listen as Greg and Mark examine the deeply Satanic roots of Disney’ s nefarious machine. Armed with examples such as Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus, Mark walks us through the typical tactics used by Disney like disarming parents and eventually evolving into something much more sinister. Another interesting example involving this clear switch in personas can be seen in the Beatles in 1966 when a poignant transformation begins. Listen as Mark widens our understanding of the Beatles’ impact by explaining their crucial role in social engineering during the turbulent times of the sixties.
26:00 Listen as Mark explains how many cultural icons of the hallucinogenic and psychedelic movement of the sixties such as Terence McKenna and Dr. Timothy Leary, were also controlled assets of the state with links to military intelligence, specifically the CIA. Tied into the world of military intelligence is the dark occult, Satanism and Luciferianism rituals and the secrets they keep about the nature of reality, how to manipulate energy and how the human psyche works.
30:42 Greg and Mark revisit the work of Dave McGowan and examine Jim Morrison’s father’s military ties to the Gulf of Tonkin incident. They also discuss the British musician Cliff Richard, his association to the Kray twins, his father’s employment for Thorn EMI, and their involvement in military defense research.
37:00 Greg and Mark discuss the elements that comprise hip-hop and what their modern interpretations of ancient cultural practice look like today. As Mark details the bastardization of hip-hop music he leads us to understand Jay Z’s role as head of this culture and his influence over social agendas. Co-opted by the royal couple Jay Z and Beyonce, hip-hop’s message has shifted to one of a darker imagery and violence.
46:00 Mark continues to demonstrate through example after example the appearance of violence throughout hip-hop videos. This depiction of violence coupled with race baiting in the news, Mark contends is helping to exacerbate racial tensions and fan the flames of the Black Lives Matter movement.
51:20 Greg and Mark investigate the music industry’s role in normalizing the trans-humanism agenda. Mark elaborates on the saturation of auto-tunes in music and how this helps further trans-humanism by subliminally incorporating electronics into everyday ways of doing things such as speaking or singing.
58:00 Listen as Greg and Mark revisit the 90’s hip-hop transformation into gangster rap, and examine this parallel along with the glorification of gangsters, the prison industrial complex and the war on drugs as one the most obvious manipulations to date.
1:05:10 Similar to the influence of gangster rap in the 1990s, artists of the 1960s glorified the use of drugs such as LSD. Listen as Mark outlines the progression of LSD from it’s inception by the CIA to tales surrounding frequent users such as Paul McCartney.
1:08:20 Listen as Mark describes the interesting parallels between what was going on in the late 1960s with what happened in the UK in the late 1980s. Referred to as the “Second Summer of Love”, this revolution of the dance music scene gave the UK the birth of rave culture and the rise of Ecstasy.
 1:14:12 Moving onto another hot topic, Greg and Mark talk about Prince. With rumors circulating about the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death, Mark breaks down what possibilities he thinks could be behind this mystery. Listen as Mark details the symbolism surrounding Prince’s death and its connection to the ritualistic ways the elite tend to make blood sacrifices.
 1:31:50 In one official police report released detailing a walk through of Michael Jackson’s infamous Neverland Ranch, the public learned of his collection of little boy mannequins, pictures of mutilated animals and a hidden bedroom. Listen as Mark and Greg discuss the circumstances that may have contributed to Michael’s rise to fame and consequent bizarre behavior.
1:42:30 A Vigilante Citizen piece proposes the idea that “the Neverland Ranch was more than just a creepy den for Michael Jackson, it was an elite owned programming site.” Join Greg and Mark as they analyze what is known as Peter Pan programming.
1:47:00 Blood sacrifices made in search of fame appear to be more common place than meets the eye. Mark contends this is a facility that is reserved for those that don’t come from elite bloodlines and families.
1:52:50 As things begin to wind down, listen and Greg and Mark discuss the landscape of the music and entertainment industry going forward.
Want more Mark Devlin? Check out his book Musical Truth on Amazon in hardcover, paperback and Kindle. You can also email Mark at and arrange for the purchase of an autographed copy. You can see his upcoming talk here, or listen to his conscious music podcast. Sounds of Freedom.
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  1. I repeatedly asked Dave McGowan how PINK FLOYD fits into this subject, never got a response. Wonder what Mark Devlin would have to say about it, being from their side of the pond. Nobody ever touches Pink Floyd when it comes to this issue. If the Beatles, Doors, Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Prince Michael Jackson, everyone else is involved, why do we cast a blind eye to Pink Floyd?

    1. Very true! That’s a great question.. It seems obvious based on their symbolism, but I like pyramids & the eye of horus too.. more out of irony than anything. I’d venture to guess a lot of the other artists who get fingers pointed at them do the same.. it’s either irony or they’re trolling.
      Floyd has sold more albums than any of the bands mentioned in these discussions other than The Beatles.. they certainly didn’t do that organically.. i just don’t have any hardcore proof they were coopted.
      Great question man. I’m going to dig in on that.. Wouldn’t be surprised to find out they have a lot of ties to the same groups/individuals as The Beatles.

    2. I have no doubt that there’s lots to know about Floyd given their meteoric success. As I think I mentioned in the chat, it’s not left to random chance who will become the very biggest names in the game. Syd Barrett’s father was connected to cambridge University, which is one of the UK hotbeds of mind control and social engineering, and researchers have suggested he may have been an MK-Ultra subject, hence his famous descent into mental illness. I do find it interesting that Roger Waters has been extremely critical of the Zionist state of Israel in recent years, however, as this is not a stance that celebs are generally allowed to take and to continue to be successful.

      1. Mark, good call on Syd. I totally forgot about him temporarily, but I’d agree with you on his fairly obvious MK breakdown. Given David Gilmour’s command of The Floyd & the way they shit on Syd, it would appear he was/is possibly an asset a la Jerry Garcia, Jim Morrison or David Crosby.
        Great interview, Mark. Take care, sir!

      2. Mark,
        this just hit me…
        if we’re saying the prevalence of auto tune in rap & hip-hop goes hand in hand with transhumanism, don’t you think it only makes sense to add techno & dubstep to that group?

        1. That would be a good explanation as to how those genres now have such a worldwide appeal, sure, and as to how artists such as Skrillex just appear out of nowhere and become household names overnight!

  2. Just got back from working at a festival for like 2 weeks, had 3 unwatched episodes and another new one now.
    In bed, smoking a little smoke, drinking tea, in recovery position with a butt load of higherside. Cheers Greg, you’re a life saver, mate.

  3. The one thing that we as a species have done, enjoyed and allowed to penetrate into our hearts, souls and mind… is music. Take a moment for the sober realization of that statement to fully sink in and take it in. Music is very powerful yet we treat it as harmless. What a great way to influence the masses on an everyday basis. We not only let it into our lives, hearts, soul and minds but in many ways we crave music to alter our moods, give us courage, support us in hard times, help us to mingle with others and change our personality.

    Seriously. Take a moment to soak it the true power of music in our lives, as it has been in our ancestors’ lives of antiquity and in every civilization, no matter their nationality or social status, from pre-history until today.

  4. Hearing the 1st interview with Greg and Mark absolutely blew my mind and since then I have had the pleasure of speaking to mark via email and going to see his talk live in Leicester UK and obtained a signed copy of his book. I highly recommend going to see mark if you get the chance, his wealth of knowledge is outstanding and yet again this interview is absolutely top drawer. Well done to both. Interviews like this is the reason I am a plus member. Outstanding.

  5. Judith Hill was with both Michael Jackson and Prince before they died. She was on the plane having dinner with Prince when she claims that he glazed over and slumped during a conversation. She was also with MJ right before he died, but I’m not sure about the details there. She sang at MJ’s funeral, and was to go on tour with him before he died. Prince had just produced her new album. I found it interesting that nothing was mentioned about this. Maybe he was nervous to possibly get sued by Judith Hill.

  6. I’ve never commented before the end of an episode, but wow! It’s entirely unsurprising to learn that connection between Tavistock and the Grateful Dead. I immediately thought of Mark Passio’s claim of what lower-level occultists call the general population… “The Dead”

    Droll, punny barstards.

    1. Great point. Grateful Dead fans referred to themselves proudly as ‘Dead Heads’, and Passio has always maintained that ‘the dead’ is the satanists’ contemptuous term for the unwashed masses who they see as no more than flesh robots. This could well be what was being communicated in the name.

      1. Oh well, I guess its too late for me now. But everyone else, save yourselves! Listen to…hmm…can’t think of anyone right now because so much of my favorite music makes me a mind controlled slave. I’m doomed! Its a good thing I don’t do drugs…

    2. Chuck, if that blew your mind, get Dave McGowan’s book, Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, if you haven’t read it that is. I was fortunate enough to get 3 signed copies from Dave before he passed. Just strap in & prepare to have your mind blown before you read. If you’re a fan of the bands that came from that era/location, prepare to see your heroes heads dashed upon stones. I still love Neil Young, but goddam Dave made it hard to do. Peace

      1. I’ll co-sign that by saying Weird Scenes is a truly awesome read and a really groundbreaking piece of work. I was so captivated by it that I’ll be taking a trip to Laurel Canyon next year just to see the place with my own eyes.

      2. Totally. Musical Truth and Weird Scenes are definitely a the top of my reading list now. Thanks for a great interview, Mark!

        The only artist wrapped up in all this that makes me cry out like Ray in Ghostbusters (NO! It can’t be! It can’t be!) is Captain Beefheart. His old pal Zappa? Sure, no real surprise there. I dunno… on the one hand he acted kind of like a manipulative cult leader with his musicians. But I also credit his music as being pivotal to de-programming my own musical tastes. He also said in an interview “Rock & Roll is a fixation with that bom, bom, bom, bom, Mama heartbeat. I don’t like hypnotics, you see? I mean, I’m doing non-hypnotic music to break up the catatonic state… and I think there is one right now.”

        So, if he was elevated for some purpose, I can imagine he was simply too wild to stick with the program. Guess I’ll have to start digging in earnest and see just how bitter the pill really is 😛

  7. Another fantastic show, I just have another spin on that letter about the “thug life” meeting written by anon, It would have to be fake for the fact that if he was escorted out of the meeting by gun point, everyone at that meeting would remember that happening and know exactly who wrote the letter and most like he would have been snuffed. He may very well have been killed and we dont know because he choose the sign it anon. Hindsight is a MFer. Just a thought, keep up the fire.

  8. I’m sorry but it most definitely is anti Semitic because you feel it necessary to point out.that famous people have jewish heritage. Jewish blood lines run deep all over the earth and you’re saying that people having jewish blood to any degree is suspicious? I’m sorry buts it’s bullshit. Tell yourselves what you want but its anti Semitic. We all have a mix of blood lines we don’t feel the need point out any other similar blood lines, but pointing out jewish blood lines is.necessary? Fuck that.

    1. When the entertainment industry is populated by a quota of Jewish people that is wildly out of proportion to the number of those in general society – and when that same dynamic applies to the financial, political and big business sectors also – it becomes pertinent to question why that should be. It’s not “anti-Semitic” to point these provable FACTS out, nor to question how they came to be. “Anti-Semitic” is a ridiculous term anyway, which doesn’t even mean ‘Anti-Jewish.’ It’s a term you’ve been conditioned into using through a lifetime of systematic programming. There’s another question – why does a politically-correct term used to demonise critics only exist for Jewish people, and not any other national/ racial group? Why not address the question instead of resorting to instant soundbite slurs?

      1. And what is the meaning of pointing that out? What are you implying? All people’s of all ethnicities and religions are capable of good and bad deeds. But, assuming all your theories on the industry are true, your saying that what ever part they have in said evil deeds, had something to do with them being Jewish. That’s my point. And you know what the Jewish have survived exile after exile, and a failed attempt at genocide. Tbh, I hope they do run the industry. For once they’re up, and not being stepped on and used.

    2. sorry, but who gives a shit if it’s anti-semitic :/ I’m so sick of people crying because they think their race was disrespected. if someone says something negative about caucasians, which I am, so fucking what? stop getting so wrapped up in this type of shit & focus on expanding your own field of understanding. peace

      1. If you did something terrible, and somebody said it was because you were white, and not that you’re a piece of shit, then it would be different. My only question is why off it necessary to point out? That’s all.

  9. I like Mark. Both interviews now have been a really fun listen. But it seems like he’s far too eager to believe anything that is arguably a conspiracy IS a conspiracy. In fact, once he mentioned that he’s stopped using the word “global” I knew what was coming. Well, what’s most important is that this was another great THC show – lots of info presented, and of course it’s up to each of us to consider what’s plausible. Thanks for all you do Greg man, keep up the great work!

    1. Why do you think I would nail my colours to the mast of any specific ‘theory’ if I hadn’t thoroughly researched it to see if it stands up to scrutiny when my reputation as a researcher is at stake if I get it wrong? In these interviews you only ever hear about the theories that I go for; there are plenty more that I’ve rejected through the same process of scrutiny that you don’t hear me talk about.

      1. Mark – fantastic interview thank you for your insight, dot joining and fact based narrative. Much appreciated – your voice sound familiar were you ever on LBC here in the UK? Ps re “Global” great stuff on your scrutiny it’s amazing what it reveals with a little bit of research. 🙂

      2. Hey Mark, great show! I loved Dave’s book and will definitely pick yours up. I hope to read some more
        research into the goals of Military intelligence and as to why they were getting so many kids to take psychoactive drugs.
        We see the crimes and reports of what happened but have so little information as to motive. You got into speculating a bit with frequency manipulation and I would wager that’s the ultimate goal. As for the flat earth I did some research on my own taking a picture of Toronto from 70 K away on lake Ontario with a telephoto lens. The skyline disappeared into the water as expected using a standard global model. I would be happy to send you the photo.
        I think that that there are multiple psyops out there that are being used to discredit the research that you and others are doing to reveal the truth. The flat earth is one and the Mandela effect is another. Be careful not to take the bait.

  10. Very close to cancelling. Antisemitism is antisemitism. The goal should be to navigate passed ANY researcher specific opinions on these theories. These are the places where ignorance and stupidity falls in. Greg I’m sorry but you shouldn’t allow these ignorant assumptions to turn in valid theories or opinions.

    1. Then should he not allow you to post your thoughts because it differs from his? Your opinion differs from others why do you believe yours is more important than his or the researcher of certain subjects?
      How is he supposed to be non-biased but then not allow people’s personal opinions on matters? If you only want to hear opinions that are the same as your current beliefs then you will never learn anything.

      How do you expect Greg to get interviews with people if he wont let them talk about their opinions? How many guests do you think he will have if he did what you want him to do?
      I think you need to realize theres a bigger picture than the things you are focused on.
      Grow up. He cant run a guest interview based, un-biased, alternative thinking, conspiracy podcast by restricting the guests’ specific opinions.

      1. I’m merely suggesting that it is an unnecessary connection to make. The opinion I disagree with is that pointing out that there are Jewish people in the insustry and saying “hey it’s a fact” like saying the mere fact that they’re Jewish proves something. Like what? why must it be pointed out? Most interviewees have causes for their researcher specific opinions but some times they don’t. If there is literally no reason to assume something than yeah all talk show hosts should have an issue with it. Never said all opinions should match mine. If I thought that way I wouldn’t pay for plus.

        1. The observations I was making should be crystal-clear from the comments I made in the interview, and the response I posted here yesterday. If my stance is still unclear to you, bearing in mind I’ve used the best plain English I’m capable of, there’s nothing more I can say or do to help you understand.

        2. I understand your point. I really dont care whether the fact “they” have a majority of “Jewish” heritage is spoken about or not, except if the person with the research time finds it important enough to mention in his/her opinion. Whether i agree with the statement or not, I think the interviewer should not be assulted with negative comments because he let the guest speak his mind and allowed the guest to voice their opinion.

          My point is that I don’t agree with your comments towards Greg about the guest’s opinions and how you hold Greg responsible for the guest making statements that you don’t agree with.

          Its my humble opinion that if you have trigger issues that you allow to affect you then you have to work on the issue within yourself or hold it against the person who hit that nerve, not attack the middle guy who provided a platform for the guest to talk. Its not Greg has a unique situation to which he provides a platform for controversial people and topics to be heard, and he did his part. His job is not to inhibit a guest from speaking about specific opinion based (or so you contend) conjecture. Dont you think that would completely go against the whole point of his show?

          So, in conclusion, I dont think you should hold ill thought or feelings towards Greg for allowing the comments and thoughts of the guest that you didnt agree with, reguardless of whether Greg agreed or disagreed with the comments.

          1. I love Greg, this literally the only conspiracy podcast I enjoy. Don’t really think I made harsh allegations towards him, only that he should call someone out if they’re gonna brand an entire culture with out any actual reasoning behind it. Mark on the other hand can fuck off.

            1. There are tons of wild theories put out on this show that’s why I love it. But normally they’re followed with, “and this is why I think so, and this is why it matters”
              The only thing I take issue with is him pointing out that they’re Jewish. And insinuating that that alone means something. But what? The mere fact that they’re are Jewish shouldn’t be considered a fault on its own. This focused towards Mark. Not apologizing for having an issue with his statement. If he had some reason to back that up, then that would be an opinion.

              1. GOG – I’m not sure i see your point – here in the UK we have positive discrimination to ensure that all races are representative in the workplace re the population as a whole and this is measured and reported.
                Therefore if it is a fact that a certain race/religion is prevalent then why is that an issue for you? If this is a fact then we can learn from this and understand why a particular segment excels – no?. I’m afraid Ghost of Gideon to me you are coming across a bit racist.

                1. I agree with Ghost of Gideon here. I would appreciate more depth to the arguments naming people as Jewish or crypto-Jews, as if this point alone is meaningful. Devlin has not handled this discussion very well in the comments either IMO.

                  I’m actually confused by the wrath that the community is showing toward Ghost of Gideon too. Is it possible that this Jewish cabal idea is a trap? Is it OK to ask that question? Plus, why can’t a person question how the guest has framed the issue? I think Greg does a good job, but Devlin got away with some very poor logic in this interview. If Greg was just overlooking Devlin’s poor logic so that he wouldn’t stifle the discussion – I can accept that to a degree. However, as much as I hate to say it – Greg’s silence on some simple mistakes (e.g. read posts by greyowl and MikeyBon22 below) makes me question him too. No I am not going to threaten to pull my subscription. No I won’t say Greg is a shill either. I mostly believe in Greg and what he does here. But I am not afraid to question his motivations when he does his job with too much silence.

  11. That was so good if very sad to think of all these talented young people who get swallowed up. Thinking about the 60s one of the major social engineering which came out of that was, I think, the division between one generation and another. Up till then you listened to your elders, at least in the UK, but your world as a young person seemed so different with inner journeys etc how could your parents understand? With their brown wallpaper and brown thinking.
    Another thing I have been thinking about is that energywise they wanted to associate the use of mind opening drugs with the paranoia of the possibility of getting busted – I mean really how dare they think to tell us what we can put inside our bodies? but they did and we let them! I think the drugs which could have opened us up to all sorts of experiences also left us vulnerable to negative emotions especially with all the other indoctrination stripping our confidence and selfhood away in education etc.
    As a young woman then with the pill becoming available I felt a lot of pressure to have sex when I was still too young and this led among my peer group to things like early pregnancy, making wrong choices of partners and added to the general war on the family unit.
    Thanks Greg and Mark for getting me thinking – you really do get to the root of things!

    1. We are in the same age range and when I read your post it got me thinking of those times. It’s difficult to relay the feeling of that era; everything was upside down. Anyone who dared try make a real social difference was blatantly murdered right in front of your face: JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X; crushing dreams the whole time shoving that “Might is Right” & Better Living Through Chemistry” mentality down your gullet.
      To no

      1. To now realize our music was just another tool for moving the masses is so disheartening. When you think back and remember all the great talents that died in very strange or icky ways. Choked on a sandwich or vomit experimental airplane crash, helicopter crash;the list is endless.
        Obviously the string pullers never tire of the weird &weirder.

  12. Brilliant episode! Thanks Greg and Mark. Very interested to hear the speculations on the rave scene in the UK which was going on when I was in my early 20s. Trip Hop and the Bristol scene of the 90s was more my thing. I recently heard that there was a link between Tricky (from Massive Attack) and Samantha Sheffield, who went on to become our ex PM’s wife, Samantha Cameron. I wonder if you look into Massive Attack at all Mark?

    1. I don’t have anything specific on Massive Attack, though I do remember a strange story of the BBC Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong having to get a restraining order out against Massive Attack singer Shara Nelson when she kept stalking him! I do intend to look into any possible Hidden Hand manipulations behind the UK rave/ Acid House scene for the next book, which I’ll be starting on in the new year.

      1. I remember Jan Irvin mentioning them in one of his interviews…unfortunately I can’t recall which one. I’ll definitely be checking out your books Mark, fascinating stuff.

  13. Super interesting. I remember thinking how it was super weird that every summer for the last few years we had a new blockbuster film about black oppression and they even came in chronological order: 12 years a slave, selma, straight outta compton. Not heard anyone else speak about this but it could tie into the whole race baiting discussion.

  14. We need to keep vinyl and cassette tapes alive. It was so easy to record audio on cassette and videotape. Digital can have better definition but it has it’s downsides as well. Great show Greg.

  15. Brilliant both of you 5/5
    I have a question for you Mark. What is your take on River Phoenix? Such a bright Nova! It’s his Birthday tomorrow 8/23/70. Is he someone that is in your book or next one? This may be in line with Zachary Hubbard too since we’re talking about the same gang of ‘good fellas’. I see a blending of this type of information.
    Thank you, clearly adding to my list of Awesomeness.

  16. wow amazing as usuall! im working on music created by plants andthis info is more than usefull for developing my strategy. think of being able to listen to the music a tomoto or your favorite strain of cannabis wihile consuming. Or the idea of having the medicinal value being transferred through sound and frequency. its the future of everything and Im working on making it part of our everyday paradigm. Cheers!

  17. Interesting subject matter, however I am unimpressed with Mark. Extremely fuzzy logic in places. When discussing the authenticity of the Rap conspiracy letter he stated that he tended to believe it was genuine because it matches so closely what actually happened. Now apologies if I have misunderstood, but if it was a hoax written in 2010/11 then clearly the hoaxer would know exactly what happened as it had already happened, so this is a completely moot point and proves nothing (other than the intelligence level of the person making it) . If you actually think about it, it suggests that it is likely a hoax as what plan spanning 20+ years could be executed so perfectly. Also the thing mentioned earlier with the guy getting escorted out took me about 2 seconds to realise, yet it did not occur to Mark, who as he stated above, only talks about things he has deeply considered and is sure of. This is really basic stuff and for me means I can’t take him seriously as a researcher. This kind of thing acts to undermine the whole area of research. Why would Tptb need to pay for shills to undermine genuine research when the likes of today’s guest do it for free. It didn’t surprise me therfore to learn he is a flat earther. Also just randomly listing celebrities who have lost loved ones as if that proves anything. Really?? Greg I have a lot of time for you and your show but you can do better than this.

    1. The real hole in that story is the guy claims he needs to remain anonymous but also relates that he was escorted out of the meeting at gunpoint which I am sure would remain memorable for anyone actually present at the meeting, thereby identifying him to the people he supposedly fears retribution. The post is likely bullshit but on some level I am sure this interplay was discussed and likely cleverly orchestrated to take place naturally as people chased the dollars and followed the trends as rap gained popularity.

      1. Agreed.. That’s what I was referring to when I mentioned the guy getting escorted out. And I’m not saying I doubt that Rap music was manipulated, just that I doubt that letter is legit. The whole thing seems fishy. I think the reality would be more about guiding events in a certain direction, using existing networks of inside men through secret societies etc.. Not holding some big meeting exposing your plans to the uninitiated.. This guy really doesn’t seem to be applying even basic levels of critical thinking, which makes me question him and his interpretation and conclusions, not the subject matter in general.

  18. This has been my favorite episode in at least a month, maybe longer. The guest is very well spoken and definitely comes prepared. The point that really stayed with me was how he reminded us that the music industry is just one spoke on a wheel that has many spokes. The other interesting take away was Barack Obama as a lifetime actor. I’ve heard all the rumblings about his past and how most of the information is questionable at best,but I’ve really never spent alot of time looking into it for myself. I think I will. My take away is like the guest said. This world is nothing like we imagined it is. Not even close. It truly makes my stomach turn. The deception begins everyday, as soon as you walk out of your front door.

  19. Hey Mark, great stuff!

    Regarding child mind control programming symbolism in movies, one movie that comes to mind that came out several years ago is Hannah… I’d like to hear an expert in these topics analyze it.

    And one thing I just have to ask: for the sake of sweet baby Jesus and everything holy …please don’t get suckered into the FE trap! 🙂

    1. I don’t know if Jay dyer did a article on that movie but he has some pretty interesting opinions on a lot of movies. Greg did a interview with him a while back and I have been following his work since then. Jays analysis is his site.

  20. Just chiming in here. Great show and I have Marks book which I am reading now. I have to say, I grew up with Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Fleetwood Mac etc…. Very disheartening but I do see Marks connections and their validity. Thanks for another great show of thought provoking material.

      1. Ah, good. I’m glad to hear that. I personally reserve judgment on what the link between the intelligence community and Hollywood/ music industry means but it can hardly be happenstance. I’m glad you are sharing the fruits of your labor. Thank you for the link as well.

  21. I always like the topic of conspiracy in music, especially when it’s related to hip hop. I was a huge Jay-Z fan at one point and played “reasonable doubt” among his other albums religiously. I have to pick up his book now.

    Anyways, another good episode. I’m looking forward to the next episode.

  22. Greg I just want to say that I hope you are keeping well and thank you for another great episode! You are one of the few podcast hosts where it warms my heart to hear your voice and know you are trooping along doing your thing. Rock on homie x

  23. Wow, what a mind blowing episode! I was hooked the entire time. Really informative and bone-chilling at the same time. Ha! Kind of depressing to think about all the music I have listened to and loved my entire life being part of a control mechanism :-/

  24. Hi Greg, fun show. I, for one, love my THC+ sub and have no plans to cancel. Is our intrepid guest an anti-Semite, a racist, or supremacist. I don’t believe so. What I believe we have is an excellent researcher of others work. That’s research right? As I’ve come to understand research, one of it’s primary uses is to develop and grow my own ideas to a personal conclusion? Possibly? So Mr. Devlin seems to be an information regurgitator. No new ideas persay, just polished old gems. I don’t mind so much, he’s got a helluva presentation. Keep the faith brother Greg. Peace.

    1. I’m apparently an “anti-Semite” for observing that a large number of Jewish people just happen to work in the entertainment industry. It seems that’s all it takes these days. As for an information regurgitator, if that’s a name for picking up on certain other people’s research, collating it so as to make it meaningful and explore common themes, and giving full citations and credits throughout, I guess I’m guilty of that too.

  25. Refreshing to hear Mark mention psychopathy and bloodlines. I’ve been of the opinion that the so-called Illuminati Bloodline or Sacred Bloodline has noting to do with Jesus, or a Jesus figure but it’s to ensure there is a psychopath born to every generation. And the child or children who show signs of psychopathy early on – “W” is one – get pushed to the front of the line because they don’t need any MK treatment.

  26. I remember dr. dre’s son dying around the same time he launched his extremely successful beats headphone brand. i may be wrong though. he’s was already famous but this brand made him a billionaire.

    1. Dre’s earned for more from his headphones range than he ever did as a musician. A reward from his owners for services rendered, it would seem. His half-brother died suddenly back in the late 90s, and his son in suspect circumstances more recently.

  27. I’m all on board with Mark. I was watching YouTube last night, just the random compilations of win/fails. But I came across world star hip hop vines. And 3/4ths of that is twerking and ass shaking. There in the lyrics of the rap and r&b is nothing but telling girls to drop it and twerk it and all this crazy shit. Nobody can tell me that music does not influence society. Social engineering, I can see it. It’s crazy just how devolved society is becoming. That whole scene is reducing people to basic animals. What benefit or purpose does any of this serve. Why is this mainstream music?

    1. Exactly. And the only subjects to have made the lyrics of any so-called “R&B/ hip hop” lyrics in the past 20 years now, with so few exceptions you could count them on two hands, involve girls with fat asses and titties, boasting about how big your stash or your gold rims are, or what corporate brands you’ve been brainwashed into buying. But try telling a 17 or 18-year-old today that there’s anything wrong with that, or that you remember more meaningful times, and you’ll be deemed ‘past it’, ‘boring’ or a square. The cultural programming of an entire generation can now be considered a highly successful operation.

  28. Wow, brought back memories. When you are in something, sometimes things don’t click. I remember in the ’90’s, working as a hooker and going to a hotel for a call out. The guy was a musician, a rock musician, I sang country songs to him underneath the Marquee of a four poster bed. We were just discussing how I was to meet him at the next nights show, if I could get away…when the “driver” burst through the door, brandishing a knife and whipped me out of there. My name is Annie, it has never ceased to amaze me that Americans Find the kiwi accent good to the ear, if a little hard to understand. Blessings

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