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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as Greg Carlwood hosts Illuminati defector, Leo Zagami. As a former 33rd degree Freemason, ranking member of the p2 lodge and born from a lineage of aristocratic Illuminati blood, Leo has acute knowledge of the powerful network consisting nefarious elite and and exactly what their future plans entail. After years of grooming by the powers that be, in 2006 Leo dissolved many of his alliances and started exposing their members and agendas. Author of works such as Confessions of an Illuminati Vol. 2: The Time of Revelation and Tribulation Leading Up to 2020, Leo offers an authentic insights into what we can expect in years to come.

We know that only a privileged, nefarious few truly make the big decisions of the world. Referred to as the Illuminati, they are a powerful network made up of royal bloodlines, secret societies, occult orders, shady banksters, and corporate oligarchs.
2:10 Greg and Leo start by breaking down his story for newcomers by defining the Illuminati and elaborating on his history with them. Listen as Leo describes how the Illuminati is a fragmented group of secret societies that recently unified their intentions to work together for the dawn of a new era.
6:00 Listen as Leo explains the barriers and challenges he’s had to overcome in order to bring this information to the public. Listen as Leo outlines his works and details his aristocratic family lineage.
15:42 Listen as Leo details the Masonic roots of the Rastafarian movement, dating back to the Ancient Mystic Order of Ethopia.
16:50 Leo elaborates on another theme found in his book, the rise of freemasonry throughout China, or what he calls the rise of the dragon.
20:00 Listen as Greg and Leo discuss the ethnicity of the power pyramid. As Leo states, when you come from these bloodlines and view it in your daily life it becomes very obvious. And for a person in his position, gatherings with these people can become quite controversial. Leo goes onto describe a manifesto written by a new movement of Rosicrucians that emerged in the early 2000s and their core belief in the resurrection of Christ and that true Christianity it not merely a question of but racial karma.
26:00 Leo discusses a past interview with Project Camelot in which he mentions both Zecharia Sitchin and Balducci. He brings us up-to-date on where his most recent level of research into this topic has led him.
28:30 Join Greg and Leo as the detail for listeners that the Vatican is hiding what they’re doing in Mount Graham and how the New World Order is hiding the alien agenda because of their involvement in it.
34:42 Listen as Leo details how the worldwide conspiracy is happening now with the US elections. As we all the the Clinton family in conjunction with friends such as George Soros, have created an unstoppable machine with far reaching tentacles.
38:50 Greg and Leo dive into the meat on the bones by discussing the elite’s use of occult magic. Leo walks us through the specifics of the relationship between the elites and entities they use as well as tips for psychic defense.

44:42 Join Greg and Leo and they detail the sighting of the Holy Mary of Medjugorje.

With bizarre circumstances circulating around these visions, the Pope has dismissed any notion of it’s legitimacy, and several mysterious disappearances, including a priest have started happening.
47:00 The United Nations building in New York curiously has a room for mediation  which Leo contends is where the New World Order occult direct their egregore as  part of a project for the New World Order. Satanism and theosophy are deeply entrenched beliefs of many elites in the UN and Illuminati.
56:00 Listen as Greg and Leo elaborate on the future calamities humanity faces. As Leo states the dice has been cast with plans set into motion we must prepare to endure these tumultuous years leading up to 2020. With an assortment of catastrophes on the menu, Greg and Leo chew on what the elite plans to serve.
1:01:00 Leon contends that “not only human thought forms exist within our universe and power can be generated in our universe and planetary bodies by harnessing what the ancients called the music of the spheres.” Listen as Leo and Greg try to untangle why the Illuminati may be using these radiations of a powerful magnetic nature, and how they are wielding the power of astrology against us.
1:06:00 Sirius hold particular importance and is a recurring theme throughout the Illuminati because of it’s linked with the energy and entities with which the Illuminati communicate with.
1:10:00 To offer some insight to listeners, Greg and Leo help sort out the history and involvement of reptilians in the Illuminati. Although we sharer similarities to the reptilian brain, occult practitioners take things one step further by building relationships with reptilian entities of a demonic nature.
1:117:00 No episode of THC is complete without a trip to the Hollow Earth. Listen as Greg and Leo discuss the Thule Society and it’s Nazi involvement. Leo contends there are entities from other dimensions seeking refuge underground.
1:27:45 Join Greg and Leo as they speculate what could lay beneath the Vatican such as alien artifacts, the history of humanity and bones of giants. In a newly released documentary, The Unholy Sea, listeners can get a better understanding of all the details.
1:38:50 Greg and Leo discuss the variations of magical practices from the East to the West. As Leo states, the Eastern practitioners are most likely more skilled and refined in their summoning of spirits.
1:42:20 Listen as Leo details how Hollywood and the Illuminati work in conjunction to spread Satanism n and push the agenda of the New World Order. Leo details his experience in Hollyweird and the symbolism that smacked him square in the face.
1:49:00 As the interview begins to wind down, Greg and Leo discuss the possible solutions including the creation by the masses of a positive egregore steeped in good intentions and good will.
Want more Leo Zagami? Check out his books Confessions on an Illuminati Vol. 1&2 on Amazon, as well as his work Pope Francis: The Last Pope? Money, Masons and Occultism in the Ddecline of the Catholic Church.
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  1. I do wonder if the reason people like Leo are allowed to speak out is because they have been led along a certain path to divulge info which suits the aforementioned illuminati. I get a bit fed up of being told we have not developed enough to know certain things at the same time as we are kept from developing by a huge edifice of education, religion, medication, media, black magic blah blah and so on. He talks about democracy in a very naive way when most of us know it is a con and false choice. He did not mention about them using our energy to create what we have and the technology which helps them to harvest that energy – he does want us to buy the book obviously but that is a pretty important facet to leave out! Once again we are given the saviour meme and praying to – what? Giving away our power – AGAIN! Anyway he was abreath of fresh air compared to shane! Your summary as always very candid and down to earth! Thanksfor all the thought provoking subjects x

  2. Engaging, interesting and a well versed guest – and for me, a much better story some of the last few guests, barring Mark Devlin who was excellent, as at least Leo left breadcrumbs and trails to follow. However is this true? Who knows. Perhaps truth is what ever we believe it to be.
    Cheers Greg and Leo.

  3. Greg, really! Bringing this guy on at all, let alone after having Mark Devlin – is disappointing, to say the least. A complete thumbs down. Better not to have an episode, than to have this clown. He says absolutely nothing. He knows less than us.. This guy is a joke.

  4. Im getting the Mandela Effect here, this was already an episode i thought. I am trippin, right? Beyond some cultural meme i felt real de ja vu. Ugh…. Creepy

    1. Just another show about the “illuminati”, and “new world order”. Same old type of shit. Id really like to see a guest who is an expert on the extent and reasons for the ongoing geoengineering of our atmosphere, and it’ s devastating side effects on the environment and our health. Not to mention the right to breathe clean air. It seems to be a pretty big “conspiracy” and it certainly deserves some more looking into.. There are so many connections with geoengineering; the military, nano technology, agenda 21, illuminati, new world order, bill gates, biological warfare, Morgellons disease, Clifford Carnicom institute, terraforming of the earth, depopulation, and big pharma to name a few. There is a huge disinformation campaign that has even targeted the youth, with NASA handouts with fake new clouds. The other topics I would like to see discussed more is underground bases, missing 411, and any insight on the debate regarding the shape of our earth, which I personally am on the fence, but don’t see proof of what they’ve been teaching us our whole entire lives. Ancient history is also a topic I will never get sick of. Michael Tellinger, Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, Lloyd Pye(r.i.p.), Zacharia Sitchin, and other great minds like Nikola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich. The Mandela effect thing is also a fascinating subject, Cern’s possible role and the fact that Berenstain Bears is the new reality..

  5. Downloading now, haven’t listened yet but my first thought was, “This Guy?” I’m going to listen with an open mind but hope that the next show isn’t with David Wilcox.

      1. Ill bet ya 20$ that you’ll never hear tsarion on this show again. Greg simply cannot or willnot get him back on. Personally i think its the ladder. Anyhow Hava good one my fellow highersiders!

  6. Great show once again.
    But you made my day at the end with your thoughts on prophecy.
    Bible prophecy bugs the crap out of me. We know the Jesuits wrote it. They’ve been calling the shots ever since, so it stands to reason that they’re plans will unfold as long as the majority believes it’s supernatural and beyond them to change.
    Not mention, if your not completely 3rd eye blind, foresight is relatively easy if you take the time to observe your surroundings and events. I’m sure you’ve listened to Alan Watts predict where technology will take us based on how early painting portraits led to photo which led to television which led to virtual reality which has to make you wonder are we living in a virtual reality now?
    It’s not like he had a psychic power. He just observed the past as it flowed into the now which gives a good indication of where we’re heading.

    1. I This is where people mess this up. No, it is impossible the Jesuits wrote the bible. The bible isn’t one book but a collection from over 40 with 40 different authors. Half of those books are proven to have been wrote 1,500 to 300 years before the year 1ad. They have been proven to exist that much before because we have some originals. This cannot be used as an excuse, the Jesuits wrote it. Unless they time traveled back from the counsel of Nicia. That counsel only decided which books to combine into one book. Period. its like you arguing that the Jesuits wrote homers Iliad and odyssey. It’s impossible. I actually never heard that argument. The Jesuits wrote the bible. Maybe it could be argued they wrote the New Testament….

      1. Take example the book of Enoch, they found in a cave. It starts with in the first couple sentences that it is the book “for the final generation”. Call it a synchronicity or a coincidence, but it’s just the strange fact that these predictions are found in books as old as 3,000 years. Now we have a weird problem to deal with. Supernatural or man made, what’s the difference in the end? It was in a book long ago predicted for now. All this stuff is suppose to happen in the next few years. On tv you see that there have been massive animal die offs around the world. Hundreds of whales, penguins and birds. It’s just strange that it was in that book that 1/3 of the oceans die off. The earthquakes are in the book. All of it is suppose to happen 70 yrs after Israel becomes a nation. Talk about synchronicitys. I think we give the elite too much credit to be able to line this all up like Billiard balls. Even so, it’s in a book. Why would they want to create these prophecies for people to believe? When in fact the majority 98% of the world already does not agree with it. Just to control 2% of the world? I Think I’m awake, not controlled. Thanks to shows like this

        1. I see a lot of people, including Greg, throwing the baby out with the bath water when it comes to the bible. Some people just had such a bad experience with organized religion that they can’t bring themselves to believe there is any truth to it. If anything I believe that the epistles are what is false. If you read the gospels and the Esene gospel of peace you come up with a very different picture of the man Jesus and his teachings. He is much more in line with a healer/alchemist. Modern Christianity is largely based on Paul’s writings who the more I read the more I think was an infiltrator of early Christianity. His writings do not line up with what Jesus is recorded as saying in either of the books I mentioned. On the prophesy subject, if you read the book of Daniel the prophesies line up with what we saw in history concerning the world empires. Not ready to buy that man made it all happen.

          1. Yes, dismissing the Bible out of hand is a kind of misplaced rejection of the more negative influence of derivative control mechanisms. While there are aspects of historical and societal continuity within, it is impossible for this to be entirely accurate, as that would assume some sort of supreme objectivity which is an idealised and largely irrelevant delusion of the type perpetuated by Scientism today. Rather it is better thought of as echoes and reflections of truth, as a map compiled by others that can potentially aid in navigating your own experience.
            The greater benefit of the Bible is it’s use as a tool for allegorical understanding in the finest tradition of the Mystery School teachings passed down from prehistory. Knowledge is best transferred through sympathetic understanding rather than defined quanta or “answers”, and as such must be unlocked by the inquiring mind in service to the humble soul. Wholesale adoption of dogmatic interpretation is optional.

  7. Great episode, a lot of good info. The planets being alive, and there power being felt, and tapped into awesome thought that I tend to believe, just as the sun itself being alive.
    The reptilian idea as some bloodlines being much closer to the reptile brain than the rest of us explains alot, why the elite who are all close in blood are more psychotic than the rest of us.
    Then sex Magick as well, I think the easiest form of Magick for people to understand considering it literally had the power to create new life.
    Now I don’t believe everything he has to say, he’s really big on the Messiah idea, which I hope if the end times are coming he’s right but Idk man.
    Overall great stuff, he seemed to push the books alot but I don’t blame him it’s alot of info he’s trying to explain in 2 hours.

  8. I must stress a coupla things. First, the Powers That Were have beliefs that may sound really strange to many of us. But the important thing is that THEY believe them.
    Next, I am convinced that Leo talks about his books so much because he wants the information in them dispersed. Not to make $.
    It ends with the most vital thing we human beans can do~ raise our vibrations. We do this by keeping our thoughts loving, having a forgiving and understand attitude, and by being helpful to those other human beans in need. If most of us can do that, we will drive this rocket earth UP above such complete crap beyond words. We will win. Just be nice. ❤️

  9. His remarks about abrupt change for eg a $ crash in the same time frame as the war on people arriving in much wider areas are a concerns I share. Even Suadi princesses and Gary Null last show are presenting the reality of Geoengineering into mass consciousness – so for me sense of acceleration seems a fair conclusion
    Leo is deffo Italiano and not shy ,once a year I can listen. I can take Michael Tsarion too but do wonder about the rumours he is an Mi5 plant disinfo’ing on cultural matters concerning the origins of western history, he just arrived fully formed into the scene with the narrative he speaks so well and forcefully on …somewhat prone to being THE true source

    1. Tsarion has been around a LONG time. His formation is there. Don’t listen to rumors and repeat them w/out first checking if they’re true. In Michael’s case, is easy. Go to his website or YouTube channel. I don’t believe that everyone on earth are from his view ( I think there were 7 different humans spread around the earth in the Far Far Long Ago) but most of the stuff he teaches rings true to my more than 25 years of studying EVERYTHING I could get my hands in. Especially when he talks about how we are all being controlled. Excellent stuff. Click on the dude above’s link and enjoy hearing Hreg at a very early stage and a real good podcast. I wouldn’t lie to you.

  10. The Qurans mention that God maintains the brightest star is in the context of all the other verses that cover his power. There is no specific dark meanings. Similarly 2 bow lengths is the closest distance that the angel of Revelation approached. Nothing to do with Sirius.

      1. yeah ok, God maintains Venus. He is the creator of all things, not giving a special nod to Sirius.

        Also nice of him to conflate Muslims and ISIS, already makes him suspect.

  11. Huysmans is my ideal antipodes, the decadent’s point of no return. Mastery of the esoteric is all that matters. The rest is folly, surface, storm… ‘Better to be robbed than have scarecrows about you.’ (Nietzsche)

  12. Awful. This had nothing to do with you Greg, you did your best to try and get this guy to talk about anything.. The whole show was “well I go into depth about that in Book 2” or “you can read about that in my next book”. The things he did touch on, he really had no explanations for. It was a really frustrating show/listen- which was a first for me. Keep up the good work Greg.

    1. Pretty much felt the same. Greg gives time at beginning and end of interview for guests to promote whatever they want. Doing so throughout the interview is just plain annoying and wasting my time. Anything interesting quickly summed up with I go into that in detail in my book. Of course the obvious question; how does one defect from the illuminati, reveal all their secrets and stay alive? I’m sure its all covered in volume 1 and 2. Can you guess whose books I won’t be buying?

  13. 10/10 – Actually has a plot which ties in research that parallels corroborating evidence from over ten different subplots? When you are on a path of truth the evidence is all around you. Where there is smoke there is fire.

  14. I`ll pass this one. I`m tired of all that “Exposing The Illuminati & The New World Order”, I do not listen to that stuff anymore. I just don`t give a fuck, this is my world, my reality.
    I hope that you, Greg, will put out some more episodes this month than usual, it`s just too many shows I`m not interested in these days 🙁 .

  15. Does this guy have references aside from his book that he can recommend? I’m wary of people who only reference their own work. How am I supposed to trust your word, when anyone could be a disinformant? Overall I liked the episode, and it talks about a lot of things I have come across in my own research, but there’s a lot here that I have continued to remain skeptical on, because I have so far only found resources on youtube for them, and very little corroborating real world evidence. The jury is still out.

  16. I’m confused. Does this guy have any books for sale? I couldn’t gather from the interview if he has written a book or not. Even after Greg asked him to stop referencing his books and asked him another question, the start of his next sentence was, “Well, in Vol. 2, if you’ve read my book you will see. . .”

    1. Lol! I got irritated by that too. Getting a straight answer out of this guy was impossible. As P.G. Wodehouse once wrote: ‘Many a man may look respectable, and yet be able to hide at will behind a spiral staircase.’

  17. good interview, the guest has a lot of info to share, but also wanted to sell books, which is not a crime, it is just the way things are when it comes to money. I do agree with him on the importance of the DNA and the ruling elites having a particular one, I think that’s the reason why most of them are evil

  18. I really appreciate your battle with Leo to stop the promo of the book a actually say something … It reminds me of those late night get rich plans that go on for an hour selling the package and actually saying nothing I’m only half way down this rabbit hole but I don’t have much hope he’s pretty polished

    1. This kind of goes with the territory of “alternative” guest. No matter who it is, someone, somewhere, believes they are a disinfo agent or working with alphabet agencies. Hell even down to folks I used to (still do?) put stock into, like Terrance McKenna. All we can do is take in as much info as we can from as many different voices as we can, and carefully and decisively try to fit all the pieces of the pyramid together. The sad part (sorry to get cynical here) is we’ll never figure it out. The more I learn, the deeper it goes. Oh well, time for a hamburger.

  19. When Greg and Leo were discussing the possibility of positive egregore, I noticed a slight hesitation in Leo’s voice and a hint of apology. Instead of answering yes or no, Leo says that he would “like to think” that directed egregore would be positive. I’m wondering if this right here is the point of misleading. Hasn’t the cabal been harvesting group egregore for centuries, including all the good intentions behind the group? I bet Leo knows for SURE whether it would work, or if the cabal still has the ability to siphon off that egregore energy and use it toward their own means.

  20. Where oh where is the next episode. I thought for sure we’d get one on the 31st. Then I was like “oh well for sure the 1st”… Nope.. When is it dropping? You’re killing me man!

        1. Holding back?? Really!! This is the best podcast around and Greg puts so much into it. I know we all are “chomping at the bit” waiting for the next episode, but I think Greg deserves much more respect and appreciation for doing what he does- so beautifully and so well!

  21. I can tell this guy is full of shit from the things he says about the Manson Family and Kenneth Anger.
    I briefly lived in Echo Park in LA in 2004 and Kenneth Anger was known as a harmless old alcoholic in the neighborhood who had been reduced to living on a friend’s couch. How threatening and powerful can that possibly be?
    Here we have another guy buying the exploitive bullshit of Vincent Bugliosi’s ridiculous ACTUAL CRACKPOT CONSPIRACY THEORY “Helter Skelter” and doing podcasts with his half-baked/ignorant take on it.
    I know I’ve said it before, but please get Nikolas Schreck on the show.

  22. The guy spins a good yarn, but I have heard a few “grand unified theory of conspiracy” ideas floated out there and I just can’t buy it. This guy might be totally correct but every time I hear a unified theory proposed, especially if reptile creatures are involved, all I hear is milhouse in the reverse vampire episode of the Simpson’s. Maybe I’m judging too harshly but none of us would be here checking out this show if we weren’t inclined to be critical.

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