David Noakes | The GcMAF Cover Up, Doctor Deaths, & Big Pharma’s Sickness Agenda

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CEO of Immuno Biotech, David Noakes, joins THC to talk about the GCMaf saga, Big Pharma’s suppression and cover up of this information, and the campaign against real cures. David’s own facility was raided and shut down as well as several clinics of his colleagues, many of which were found dead in the days following the raids. Obviously, following these events, a well-oiled media campaign has been working to destroy the reputations of those involved and justify the actions of the police and regulatory agencies. Thankfully, here David gets a chance to answer questions and talk about these events more freely.

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      1. Yeah Seems To Work For Me! keep Doing What You Do Greg! I’ll Be Subscribed For A Long Time To Come! Referring More People to Plus Whenever I Possibly Can! Few Family Members Signing up After I showed Them A Couple Episodes! Peace Good Sir!! 🙂

  1. First of all, the Vegetarians ASSUMED that Animals are alive and Plants are NOT!?? This is already a false assumption.
    If you read the research of Dr. Cleve Backster and Prof Jagadish Chandra Bose, you’ll learn that plants are very much alive, feel fear and pains.

    The New Ager loves to talk in one breath about eating meat “lowers” your vibration and in another breath they loves to talk about Dolphins and Whales are sentients and HIGH vibration beings. Well… guess WHAT? Dolphins and Whales are meat eating predatory beings (not to mentioned your Golden Retriever sleeping in your bed right now). So which is it New Agers, are Dolphins and Whales high vibrational beings or eating meat lowers your vibrations, you can’t have both! Neither you can make up “facts” as you go along to support your pet believe systems!

    I can rant and argue all day about this issue to vegetarians, but I’m not gonna.

    1. First of all, I’ve never met a vegetarian who thinks that animals are alive and plants are not. Maybe they exist, but I’ve never met one myself.

      Second… life feeds on life. That is probably one of the most basic natural laws.

      I can’t really speak for what New Agers believe, but I can speak for myself as a vegetarian… and I will say that I think the way animals are farmed is completely unethical, and to treat any life (plant or animal) in the disrespectful way we currently do is, I believe, soul crushing. Collectively and individually. But most people don’t really want to think about that, or where there food comes from… For me, the thought of eating some random slab of some steroid ridden and tortured McBeef or whatever… shit, I can’t support that.

      To be honest, I completely agree that it is natural for human beings to eat meat. And I have also spoken to many hunters who believe that hunting is a spiritual activity. I can respect that. They know where there food comes from. They looked into the eyes of what they’ve killed and, I hope, they understand its significance. I’m sure a hunter would feel a connection to nature, the life they take, as well as system that surrounds them and that they are part of.

      But in the end people are going to do what they’ve got to do and I am not trying to convince anyone of anything. But I just don’t think you can assume vegetarians aren’t making an informed choice

      1. If Vegetarians believe plants are also alive as much as animals do, then WHY they are against eating meat on the basis on killing living beings? If what you say is right, then don’t they “know” that eating plants are also killing??? And I’m not talking about animal cruelty (even though that is a valid and important point), I’m talking about vegetarians againsts eating meat period!

        I don’t know where you lived, but here in Australia, most of farm animals are free roaming on grassland. Nobody get caged and forced fed GMO corns! And btw, there are farms in USA that treat their animals (and plants) in humane ways. Just check out farmer’s market near you.

        What my point about vegetarianism is, you may not realize it or not, or care to admit. That most vegetarians that I spoke to, they base their choice on “superficial” values. Deep-down, the reason they are against eating animals are because there is “cute” factor with animals, animals are often cute and furry and move about and make sounds, in other words, they “look” alive. Where as plants do not. Nobody look upon a bag of carrots and call them cute! Even though BOTH the acts of eating meat and eating plants are equally killing! I never seen anybody being a MEAT-TARIAN, on the basis on eating plants are killing.

        Vegetarians may be “know” that plants are also alive but they may not consciously think about that when they eat. That knowledge lies buried somewhere deep recess at the back of their heads. They can’t shake the idea that eating cute furry animals are distasteful, but they don’t look upon vegetables the same way as animals. Like I said, deep down and if you be honest about it, vegetarianism is mostly based on superficiality.

        1. It seems to me that you’re clumping all vegetarians into the same category, and trying to say all of them have the same values and reasons for why they do what they do. This is also pretty superficial, seems to me. Personally, in this case, I don’t think it is appropriate to stand in judgement of another persons values anyway. Whether they base their choice on what they consider to be cute or not… but I do think carrots are cute myself.

          However, I do think there are different levels of complexity to life. Animals and plants are both living beings, and both feel and interact with the world and us in different ways, but an animal is a more complex physical system. I can’t claim to know what a plant feels, but I am pretty sure they don’t have the complex nervous system of an animal.

          Also, you do realize that many (if not most) plants can renew themselves? They provide their fruits, nuts, and vegetables without killing the plant.

          Its a good point you make about free range animals. If you’re going to eat meat, I’d hope you’re at least conscious about it and can feel good that the animal was treated with as much respect as possible.

          I’d also point out that, myself, I know very well that the vegetables and fruit and plants I eat are alive and think about it. Every time I go out to my garden, I thank them for the food

          1. I don’t understand the logic behind vegetarianism. Many of them reject eating meat as a way to “escape” killing in order to live, but let’s be truthful here we cannot escape killing one way or another, whether you kill animals or kill plants in order to live it’s killing nonetheless. I feel choosing to kill one thing and not another and claim to have higher moral standing, is bias.

            When you eat fruit, nuts and legumes, you are eating the plant’s babies. Nuts and seeds are the babies of the plants. At least with animals most of us do not eat their youngs. Who’s to say that animals feel more pains and suffering than plants do, the only reason why we judge so to be the case is based on visual observation alone. Animals are interactive and animated, they are able to show pains and suffering by movement and sounds, it impact us more on emotional levels, where plants cannot achieve. I feel this is where many if not most vegetarians based their decision on.

            I really encourage you to do more research on this subject, read “The Secret Life of Your Cells” by Robert B Stone and “The Response of Living and Non Living” by Jagadish Chandra Bose. Do you know that a single Cucumber has more pain receptors than an entire human body?

            I never said, vegetarians are not making “informed” choice. All I was saying is, vegetarians may made their choice based on bias and skewed information. Afterall everybody made their choices based on information of some kind. I’m pretty sure George Bush launched his War or Terror based on “informed” decision, albeit a twisted and bias one.

          2. It seems we’ve maxed out maximum number of times we can reply to each other. This reply may appear before your last post.
            BTW, I did love your interview and love your show, Greg, and apologize for going off on a little side tangent on an off-hand comment…

            bernardchu, what you said was vegetarians are making a “superficial” choice. I don’t agree with that at all, but it sounds like you’ve met many who may be. But even if they are, in the end, what does that matter if they choose not to eat something that they think is cute.

            My girlfriend doesn’t like bananas. Do you think it’d fly if I told her that her preferences in color, taste, texture and smell were just superficial and she damn well better rethink her preferences and eat the banana?

            Many plants actually seem to want us to eat “their babies”. They seem to be saying, “Hey you! See my fruit? No? Let me bump up the contrast and make it a bright color so you can’t miss it”. When an animal (like us) eats the fruit, and later drops the seed or excretes it, that actually is beneficial and spreads the seed further and benefits the plant.

            I have read a bit about plants and what they may feel. Very interesting stuff. I’ve never read the specific books you’ve mentioned but they sound interesting and I’ll add them to my reading list.

            On some level, life is life, and all life is sacred. Its true, all life is sacred and should be respected. But its also true that not all life is the same, in complexity, consciousness, whatever. If all life is equal and exactly the same, then why does nature diversify at all?

            My opinion is that nature creates diversity so that the creatures it creates can have the capability to experience, think, feel and hold more consciousness than their ancestors (yes, I believe in evolution, although I also believe the current understanding of evolution is probably incomplete).

            So, at least from a human perspective (which is what we all are, I assume 🙂 ), we appear to be the most successful and complex being to appear in the animal kingdom. This is debatable, but it appears to be true. We’re able to think and feel more than the animals who came before. Other animals appear to be more complex, think, feel and interact with their environment more than plants. It could be said and has been said that minerals exhibit signs of life too, and plants are more complex than minerals.

            So yes, from my human perspective, there are degrees to life and what an organism can feel and think. A cucumber may have more pain receptors than a person, but how and where does it process that pain? I can’t really say. But, from my human perspective, it doesn’t seem like a cucumber can feel as much as an animal. And since we are humans, that’s really all we can go on, right?

            Maybe on a cosmic level, it doesn’t really matter. I don’t know for sure. Life is life. But then again, the nature seems to be spitting out new and diverse forms of life for some reason…

    2. It’s what comes OUT of our mouths that matters- not so much what goes IN to it. On a spiritual level I mean. Y’all can fight it out about the physical side. Our meat industry is so completely fucked up and cruel tho, that I’m sure we end up eating those animals pain and suffering. We are doing it all wrong ( if we are going to do it at all). Sad to live in a system where for one to have life, one has to take the life of another. I hate it. Yer right about plants. I think we should be very grateful for the Lives we consume and we should eat with this gratitude in the forefront of our minds. I would also suggest that when we take a life ( of an animal or a plant ) that the food would be far better for us in all ways if we’d thank the Life-Giver before or right after harvesting them. As I understand it, even some more negative beings on a higher ( invisible to us) plane use our negative emotions for their food. Ew. But I wonder, does anyone know if our goodness and loving emotions feed the Higher, Positive Beings? Hmmm.

  2. Until GcMAF become mainstream and readily available publicly. Those of you looking to cure Autism, Mental Illnesses, IBS, Food Allergy, and a host other mental/physical problems please look into the work of Dr. Natasha Campbell Mcbride. She’s a Russian doctor living in England. She cured hundreds of Autistic children and other conditions with diet alone! Her GAPS diet is being used and practiced by hundreds of nutritionists and naturopaths around the world. Just look for GAPS practitioners near you…

    Look her up on youtube, where she explains the cause of autism and how to reverse it. It’s very enlightening, many autism researchers don’t understand what autism is and they look in the wrong place!

    1. Wow, I just want to add my own personal story to the gaps diet. I have been having digestive issues, allergies, and eczema for years. I went on the gaps diet for three months and I lost weight (over 30 pounds), symptoms decreased, and have a better sense of well being. My diet has been a lot more lax recently, but I still stay away from the sugars, carbs, starches, and processed foods. I recommend the gaps diet book to everyone.

      I’m going to definitely research gcmaf.

      1. I fixed my IBS and Candida overgrowth with GAPS diet. A female friend of mine fixed her hypoglycemia and chronic fatique with GAPS diet. Her husband lost his beer belly from GAPS diet. Her sister fixed her hypoglycemia, IBS, overweight problem, food allergy with GAPS diet. Her mother fixed her chronic fatique with GAPS diet.

        Now, her entire family and some of her extended family is on GAPS diet.

  3. Just listened to the show Carl and all that you had to say at the end. I gotta say that I felt pretty bad for you and a little bit pissed at your listeners for giving you such a hard time about things, particularly when your site was down when you left the country. Also don’t like it when people complain about guest and some shows. I mean come on, really? Have there been a few shows that I did not particularly care for…of course there has, but it is obvious that you are all about doing the right thing and that you are truly passionate about this show. I just don’t get why anyone should give you a hard time, things can’t be perfect all the time. I for one have your back my man, keep up the good work and I appreciate all that you do.

    Brian Murphy

    1. Word up Brian, I feel the same way and I put that in the comment box when I signed up for Plus. I’m more than convinced that Greg’s heart is in the right place and I want him to take the show in any direction where he sees a more expansive view point, any direction that gives workable intelligence and leads out of the shithole we are being steered down into. Keep up the great production quality Carlwood and don’t let the haters slow down the train you ride.

  4. Thanks Greg, great episode! Keep up the good work – just coming to the end of my first 3 month subscription and will be re-subscribing for sure, the quality of your programmes are amazing and regardless of whether a particular guest’s ideas resonate with me or not, I have loved every show and appreciate all your hard work and research.

    Regarding the link between sugar and cancer, I lost a close family member to cancer a couple of years ago. After his first operation he was advised by the doctors to go on a low fibre/high sugar diet. Basically cakes, cookies, ice cream… as the cancer progressed he could eat less solids and was prescribed high calorie “nutrition shakes” which when you looked at the ingredients, the main ingredient was, yep, you guessed it, sugar. It was feeding the cancer, but he wasn’t going to go against the doctor’s advice. The whole mainstream health system is messed up and broken.

  5. Love your show Greig!! Every one of them!!

    I was just glad that you were ok when you were on vacation because the fact is that you are also bringing all of this information to the public which is what people get hurt over all the time!!!

    Thsnk you for your dedication.!!!!!
    The Micks

  6. Ur the best Greg c.

    I have just tryed going to the gcmaf website and I get a warning saying it’s unsafe. They may be trying to steel my info.

    Anyone else get this I’m using my Google browser from my phone

  7. As a type 1 diabetic I am so interested to try and get my hands on this. 3 people in my close circle of friends have auto immune diseases, which is insane. SO many people in my area. My meds cost thousands a year to live. I need to try this.

    Thanks so much Greg, stuff like this excites me but causes so much anger about the world.

  8. Doesn’t this also make you wonder how grain is at the bottom of the food pyramid? Not meat or vegetables? Feed me that sugar.

    I wish more people would look into vaccines, everyone has hopped on the you’re a monster if you don’t get your vaccines because “science” tells me so, mean while they know nothing about them. To my knowledge measles & mumps aren’t even deadly in most circumstances.

    My one doctor keeps pushing the HVP vaccine on me which makes me not trust him at all.. after saying no more than once he has written me out the prescription saying I can get it anyways leave it in my fridge for then I want to. No thank you.

    I really wish to try the GcMaf so much.

    Thanks again.

  9. Great speaker great interview! What a brave gentleman! And how knowledgable – he really sees the big picture of how his area fits in with all the others which was amazingly refreshing and good for my blood pressure -so he’s already provided health benefits for me! Many thanks

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