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J.M. DeBord | Dream Interpretation, Symbolism & The Subconscious

Topics Covered: Dreams, Magical Toolbox

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Join The Higherside Chats podcast as host Greg Carlwood talks dream interpretations, Carl Jung, and more with guest, J.M. DeBord.

While many of us spend our time contemplating our reality, and dissecting possible scenarios to help us explain and understand this mysterious experience of life, we may be overlooking a critical piece to comprehending the consciousness puzzle: the Dreamtime.
Not only are sleep and dreaming crucial components required for survival that consume approximately one third of our overall lifespan, but deciphering their symbolism and significance can help us to better understand our unacknowledged subconscious desires.
And fortunately, today’s guest, J.M. Debord is not only the leading dream interpreter, learned man, and author of books such as “Dreams 1-2-3” and “The Dream Interpretation Dictionary”, but he can also be found on the forums of Reddit as moderator extraordinaire at r/DreamInterpretation.
3:10 J.M. begins by divesting what sparked his interest in dream interpretation, the use of dreams in understanding the bigger picture and their symbolic language. His fascination of the mind, both conscious and subconscious, the work of Carl Jung, and his exploration of psychiatry, helped lay the base for DeBord’s continuing education and exploration of dreams and his publication of books such as “Dreams 1-2-3” and “The Dream Interpretation Dictionary”. He also discusses the reasons we dream ranging from biological and physical, to emotional and spiritual.
13:00 With very few things connecting all of humanity, dreaming and death are universally experienced by everyone throughout human history. J.M. discusses insights gleaned from moderating Reddit, the role and purpose of our dreams, and how we can use our dreams to more deeply connect to our unconscious desires. DeBord also breaks down the sleep and REM cycle, the importance of recurring dreams and how we use dreaming to process our memory.
25:00 Greg and J.M. discuss the various ways we can improve our reception of this symbolic form of communication with our subconscious, otherwise known as dreaming. DeBord familiarizes listeners with the dream template, the processes used to unpack the subconscious mind, and ways symbolism can be successfully applied in dream interpretation.
32:42 DeBord dives deeper into the symbolism interpretation by expanding on some of the more popular themes, conventional scenes and symbols in dreams. He covers the common motifs including: vehicles, homes, school, zombies, ex-love interests, aliens abductions and UFOs.
47:20 Continuing with their conversation regarding alien abductions in dreams, Greg and J.M. discuss one of the more extreme examples covered by DeBord, the infamous “fisting” dream.
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– falling in love in dreams with people that we never meet in waking life, and cases where we do

– increasing dream retention

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Reddit- r/DreamInterpretation:
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Under userrname RadOwl:
Or, grab one of his books, including “Dream 1-2-3” and “The Dream Interpretation Dictionary” for a deeper look into the symbolism used in dreams and their function of bringing the subconscious mind forward:
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