Magnora 7 | Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, & The Suicide String Conspiracy

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Alright Higherside Chatters, weather it’s Imperial Expansion on the global chessboard, the media’s fake outrage over the latest chemical weapon attack claims, the deaths of high profile celebrities, or nearly any other story of importance- we know the sagas cooked up for public consumption are always missing some major ingredients. Because the oily appendages of the nefarious few are nearly everywhere and after decades of shoveling shit into the propaganda pipeline that feeds straight into the living room boob tube- we must examine every angle, of every thing and resist the temptation to take our facts and latest arguments from the Big Machine itself.

Well ever since the Pizzagate dust up, pedophilia among the Master Class and child trafficking networks throughout the world have bubbled up to the forefront of our collective consciousness. And of course this darkest of dark secrets can’t be the subtext for every story, but we are finding a lot of threads cut from the same cloth and many roads that do lead back to some sort of turmoil related to these entrenched powers and their highest crimes, that for the longest time – seemed untouchable.

So today we’re going to talk about a lot of things, but chief among them is an exploration of recent high profile suicides and the argument that these were calculated killings carried out by those who wish to keep their boat from rocking. And here to help lay out the breadcrumbs is the Hellraiser of Reddit himself, Magnora7.

We had him here almost exactly a year ago, to break down the Rothschild family and the details behind their carving up of Africa and how several African countries only really exist to keep their oil and diamond trades secure, and to keep the local people properly suppressed. It was one of my favorite shows of 2017, which covered Zimbabwe, Chad, Botswana and more….and while we will get deeper into that study and what Mr. Magnora has uncovered in the last year- he’s also turned his sleuthing skills to the string of deaths involving Anthony Bourdain, Kate Space, Avicii and the Dutch Queen’s sister- and I’m super siked to get into it.

The Regulatory Capture Professor of Reddit, the Diamond Empire Deconstructor, and now the celebrity death detective: Magnora 7

PLUS Content

We revisit Magnora 7’s research into Rothschild dominated resource extraction across Africa, noting many African nations existing just to service the corporate takeover of their diamonds and oil. Magnora 7 profiles: Angola, Nigeria, Algeria, The Democratic Republic of The Congo & more.

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  1. Halfway through and I’m loving this, despite the fairly horrific implications of these rabbit holes… Classic THC+. Stimulating in the best and worst ways. Viva!

  2. Great show!
    It would be interesting to hear from someone who has been following the issue involving the claimed child trafficking camp found in Arizona that has been labeled #backyardbrawl and is being displayed and updated with information on the Facebook profile VOP Alpha Co-Team Pulaski. Very interesting story.

  3. Asia is a witch? Honestly, I’d fuck the devil out of her little sexy gothic ass! Anyways I dug this one. It seemed like he was stretching at times. Like with Avicci video that had been out for two years. Now everyone who hung themselves is in this conspiracy? Plenty of weird shit with each case without reaching.
    He did say that it could all just be unrelated suicides.
    Spade wearing that mask was very odd though.
    So thanks for another great month. Don’t sweat the price increase, I have faith that it will go smoothly.
    Love ya G.

  4. great show. one note. Alaskans don’t get 4k a year more like 800-1500 pending the year. and there are many restrictions. anyways just being a critic.

  5. Great show! Much thanks as always. Please don’t stress about price increase. Your shows are worth it. And you’re inspir8ng me to raise my prices. Sending good vibes.

  6. Asia Argento has gotten a lot of pushback from her own fans on social media for her seemingly unsympathetic posts after Bourdain’s death. She spent the following weeks posting livestreams of her and Rose partying and driving around dancing to music, lots of posts about how she’s a strong feminist and basically no mention whatsoever of her recent bf’s suicide. One would think she would be quite broken up by a self-inflicted death of your romantic partner. But she seemed fine. It wasn’t until 3 weeks later and tons of her followers commenting on her party pics that she finally posted an artsy picture of her crying with mascara running with a vague mention of him. By then, a lot of fans weren’t buying the act.

  7. Alaskans do not get $4000 dollars a year just for living here. When you say exaggerated stuff like that you really detract from any truth you have to offer. Permanent Fund Dividend is usually about +$900. That dosen’t even cover half the cost of my firewood, stuff is expensive here.

    1. Thanks – I was going to say the same thing. Happy this error appeared in the Plus portion, or we’d have thousands packing up to move north and get in on the goodies. Personally, I’d rather see the whole program go away. We’d lose a lot of crime, gangs, drugs, homicides…

    2. Thanks for posting this – I was going to do the same, but you got there first. Happily, this appeared in the Plus portion of the show or we’d have thousands packing up to move north and get in on the goodies. Personally, I’d like to see the whole program go away – We’d lose a lot of the crime, drugs, gangs and homicides.

  8. Great show, calm discussion of straight facts- zero emotion or speculation- just facts in these habgibgs. They are the elephant in the room.
    Thanks, Greg. Gotta go check out last year’s Magnora 7 episode. I’m a new fan of his & continuing fan of yours!!

  9. Regarding the story of the long underwear hanging on the clothesline, that reminds me of the Freemason signal at psy ops and/or false flags am— photos of people with one pant leg rolled up.

  10. That thing about cremation in France within 5 days of death is normal. My uncle in law died there recently and was the same deal. France has all sorts of weird laws. For instance, it is mandatory for males to wear a speedo in public pools. No exceptions. Not even for a 2 year old. The state polices EVERYTHING there.

  11. Keep swinging Greg, the crafty openings and catchy musical renditions get skipped now , the price increase is fine- there is value in your production , let’s dial in and do the work. Use the papers to write some critical analysis of the 21st century timeline and not for rolling doobies down by the river! You aren’t the only one . A lot just turning bandwidth into whipped light fluffy cream. Throw some heft and meat in there broseph. You can get catchy and cute too -while Rome burns. Dig in or skirt comically around our demise grazing Podcasting it’s time to take the $$ and turn it up to 11. Go one higher! Get higher baby! Don’t ever come down. You’re increase should be analyzed against the $57 million dollars a day that N As A steals for instance. How long we going to eat that shite? Ramp up – bolster the fortress for battle , we do not need another t m z of podcaster blasters. Work it bring it. Go at it. Give er!

    Take a good look at where this Mason Astronut’s or not’s hand is placed when asked by this 6 year old ,”why haven’t we been back to the moon?” Telling , don’t you think? This was scrubbed every where but producer of it – presumably the father copywriter it so hopefully it don’t get black cubed! Good luck Greg. Ramp up, comfortably numb, is for numb nuts! You’re from Mizou! Show me! Peace out. ✌????

  12. From a post on another podcast comment section – private , so not going to reveal total because didn’t ask to repost. But just gets you worked up with the total mind screw being worked against the populations of the world. The ones with low birth rates that won’t be catching up and will cease to exist . Just controlled borg, trannies and the rich in breads eating from their seed banks, like they can do shit with out us Slaves! Oh wait they are making trannie robots to do our shit. Next. We are boiling frogs. Laugh and splash while our ass gets cooked . Yippee! Here is inciteful re-post:

    A week ago TEDx Talks YouTube channel uploaded a talk where a woman tried explaining that “pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation, just like heterosexuality”. The video went viral and got 6 bagillion thumbs down, and the comment section was full of people sharing ideas for how to construct gas chambers to commit a pedophile holocaust.

    They deleted the video, trying to quietly sweep it under the rug. After they did that, a video mirror was uploaded and the video had almost 15k views in under 24 hours. It had gone viral and outrage was spreading all across the Internet. It was waking normies up hard, civic nationalist cucks were even commenting on the video saying things like “I didn’t understand the whole nazi thing, but I get it now. We need to stop this.” The fire was rising, fast.

    Youtube just completely deleted the video at the request of representatives.
    TED Talks are all licensed under the Creative Commons license, which means it is not a copyright violation to reupload and share them, which many youtube channels regularly do.

    This is a clear indication of censorship and an attempt to scrub this pro-pedophilia TEDx Talk under the rug. It’s time to unleash the Streisand Effect and let the world know that TED is helping push a pedophile normalization agenda that includes reclassifying pedophilia as a “natural sexual orientation”.

    Here is the Scrubbed clip or should we call it blck cubed? Clip?
    Here is the dtube.. interestingly,
    The “woman” doing the talk is a classic case tranny boy to girl.
    Note the browridge and male sloping-back skull.
    Women dont have a brow ridge and their skulls are more vertical and round in the forehead.
    I noticed recently at tye avengers movie how messed up it is…
    A “male” lead with a clearly female skull is having an intimate passionate face to face convo with a “female” with a clearly male skull.
    Male skulls are more like neanderthals.!/v/d0sofficial/rf4uf9cb

    1. Excellent – plus portion BTW- good information and research , a lot to cover but important facts , sort of a good survey or primer on NWO and their criminal behavior. Good info .

  13. Great episode. Easy 5 star for me. Regarding the stuff about Dan Harmon, it’s killing me because I love Rick & Morty, too. Hopefully, if Dan get’s canned, the show can continue without taking too much of a hit.

  14. hmmm, so, hung on a door knob, but we must doubt there’s a conspiracy?! WOW! Stop couching, shatter some glass, it’s pathetic. This young man has huge potential, if he stands stronger in his instincts. So inspired and grateful for your work, wrote this poem during this episode, I don’t write poetry often or well, but I do think it was completely inspired while listening to this episode, in the moment. And I did not yet hear the whole thing, especially the out-take, and was shocked actually how close I was to where this went!

    The Big Sleep

    Amused the crowd, the sheeple sleep
    For their lord, or their drug, or their lover to meet

    Trump-ettes, dancing feet
    March and scurry and keep the beat

    What will you say when your children are grown?
    When you laughed, slept and bowed
    as the soldiers came down

    Poisoned the food, the water, the land
    Pointed his gun in your neighbor’s face
    Plopped her fat ass on your baby’s fate

    For what will you stand?
    When might you wake?

    Though the Guillotine does love if you skip all the way
    Apathy and corruption are sure here to stay

    The Emperor naked now 10,000 miles
    all minions and jesters in lock-step, too
    and the distracted masses still haven’t a clue

    I watch them aghast as they watch TV
    Belching and crooning, happy pigs they be
    Fingers tapping to the tune
    Toys in the sky better than the moon
    Seduced by sport, science, sex
    Vaxxed and pharmed while white coats dissect

    Walk away, walk away, walk away, I say!
    Or your soul they will milk til the very last day.

    Mishelle Shepard

    1. What complete nonsense! Have you ever killed an animal? An injured duckling has more life force than anyone could possibly imagine unless they have had to do away with it. By mistake, what utter bullocks! Try it, seriously, try hanging or strangling a lamb, then you will understand what absurd nonsense this is.

  15. I’ll have to take your word for it mishelle as I’ve never killed a lamb. Although Joe Rogan claims he can make anyone unconscious in under 10 seconds with a jiu jitso neck squeeze?

    1. I’m sure he thinks he can do a lot of things! 🙂 Of course, not everyone needs to kill an animal to understand this, you can also look at it from a logical perspective. Why do to all the trouble to create the gallows and the gun and the guillotine if killing a man is as easy as a doorknob? And I really don’t want to be crass or insensitive, but folks really need to understand that the violence they see everyday so much in media is not reality. If the average Joe, Rogan or otherwise, can kill that easily, it’s b/c he has been highly trained for this, it is a true craft and not to be underestimated is all I’m trying to say. Thanks for reply in any case! 🙂

  16. listened to the YT version earlier…why is the assumption throughout that he did in fact die? is it even possible for a man of that size to hang himself on a doorknob? highly suspcious.

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