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Gordon White | The State of Conspiracy Culture, The Empire’s New Pivot, & Bilbo Baggins

Topics Covered: Conspiracy, Movies, Solutions

Show Notes

Drinking a little drink, smoking a little smoke and dusting off the old opener to kick off a new chapter in the THC journey- on the 4 year anniversary of my personal chain breaking and yolk off-loading— I hope you’re all making similar progress….because the oily appendages of the nefarious few and their slow roll of total control are wasting no time in the constant bombardment on your mind body and soul…and their technocratic, electro-static is aimed at making us more erratic….but Dr. Suess style rhymes, aside- I’m serious when I say that we sit in a place where the human condition has been changed- because we spend an increasing number of hours each day merging further with what is actually a highly tuned surveillance and data collection network…..with a not so altruistic goal of ratcheting up everything you don’t really want in your life:

-Monitoring your movements under the watchful eye of Google.

-Controlling your brain chemistry and happiness levels with little red notifications

-Learning to make marketing and advertising more effective that it already is.

-Controlling the information you see, and shoehorning you into worldviews that suit the machine…..

-and pulling us further away from the natural world and the best medicine we have for this encroaching digital death machine.

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s all pulsing radiation into our bodies like a silent jackhammer subtly sending us to our early graves In this context, it’s no wonder we can’t think straight. But put on your mental jockstraps, sweatbands, and ankle weights because we’re going to work it all out today with the reigning champion of THC appearances my friend and yours- the Great Gordon White.

Making his most magical, 9th appearance on THC……we’re going to try and talk through some frustrations, properly orient ourselves a midst the chaos, profile the important ways the world is changing, and offer up some ways to armor ourselves from the Big Bombardment. Halfway through the first year of cultivating his farm at the edge of the world. One of my favorite esoteric explorers to wash up on our earthly reef, a useful teacher in an era of free-range totalitarianism: The Tasmanian Devil himself, Gordon White.

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