Gordon White | The State of Conspiracy Culture, The Empire’s New Pivot, & Bilbo Baggins

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Drinking a little drink, smoking a little smoke and dusting off the old opener to kick off a new chapter in the THC journey- on the 4 year anniversary of my personal chain breaking and yolk off-loading— I hope you’re all making similar progress….because the oily appendages of the nefarious few and their slow roll of total control are wasting no time in the constant bombardment on your mind body and soul…and their technocratic, electro-static is aimed at making us more erratic….but Dr. Suess style rhymes, aside- I’m serious when I say that we sit in a place where the human condition has been changed- because we spend an increasing number of hours each day merging further with what is actually a highly tuned surveillance and data collection network…..with a not so altruistic goal of ratcheting up everything you don’t really want in your life:

-Monitoring your movements under the watchful eye of Google.

-Controlling your brain chemistry and happiness levels with little red notifications

-Learning to make marketing and advertising more effective that it already is.

-Controlling the information you see, and shoehorning you into worldviews that suit the machine…..

-and pulling us further away from the natural world and the best medicine we have for this encroaching digital death machine.

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s all pulsing radiation into our bodies like a silent jackhammer subtly sending us to our early graves In this context, it’s no wonder we can’t think straight. But put on your mental jockstraps, sweatbands, and ankle weights because we’re going to work it all out today with the reigning champion of THC appearances my friend and yours- the Great Gordon White.

Making his most magical, 9th appearance on THC……we’re going to try and talk through some frustrations, properly orient ourselves a midst the chaos, profile the important ways the world is changing, and offer up some ways to armor ourselves from the Big Bombardment. Halfway through the first year of cultivating his farm at the edge of the world. One of my favorite esoteric explorers to wash up on our earthly reef, a useful teacher in an era of free-range totalitarianism: The Tasmanian Devil himself, Gordon White.

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  1. I really loved this one, and I’m hoping the feedback reflects similar feelings. I think some of us look at the mainstream narrative, say “that’s wrong…” and then we see the Q Anon counter-narrative, and think “Well, that doesn’t seem right either…” and we don’t have a lot left to go on. Gordon offers a great alternative for the Empire’s pivot, I think it’s sound with Empire-esque thinking, and seems like a natural progression from the last phase.

    What do we think?

    1. Insightful and upbeat episode.

      In a so-called “post-truth” era the most effective stance we can demonstrate as individuals will be by embracing nuance on all levels.

      The internet has overwhelmingly become a derision machine so greatly limit your exposure and dispense high levels of discernment when webbing. Why do think they call it The Net?

      Utopia is indeed an excellent motivator. If not an absolute destination in of itself, it makes for an honorable goal that improves the existence of all beings along the way.

      Keep it analogue baybee!

    2. I have been thinking about this topic for awhile now, and I agree with Gordon and you, Greg. This is all planned and there is an ‘agenda’…why wouldn’t there be after thousands of years? Right on the ‘pulse’ with this topic, as usual. That’s why I love THC. It’s Authentic, Fun, at times woo woo, yet grounded all at the same time. Proud of you for raising your prices…for what it’s worth.

    3. (my first reply went to a strange page somewhere in internet-land, so if this is a repeat my bad)… I agree, and have been thinking about this topic for some time now. There is a ‘shift’ happening and the global players have a plan or agenda, as always..why wouldn’t they? It’s just who now has the ‘reigns’ and will the World and Humanity move in a more balanced direction. Like CAFitts says, going from a UniPolar World to a MultiPolar World would be ‘ideal’. I found this discussion and Gordon’s thoughts and ideas to be very refreshing. You’re On the ‘pulse’ as usual. That’s why I love THC. Authentic, Fund, at times woo woo while keeping your Humanity and being grounded all at that same time. That takes talent and uniqueness. For what it’s worth..I’m proud of you for taking the opportunity to raise your price. That’s REALLY difficult for some people to do, and can see it wasn’t easy for you as well.

    4. (my first reply went to a strange page somewhere in internet-land, so if this is a repeat my bad)… I agree, and have been thinking about this topic for some time now. There is a ‘shift’ happening and the global players have a plan or agenda, as always..why wouldn’t they? It’s just who now has the ‘reigns’ and will the World and Humanity move in a more balanced direction. Like CAFitts says, going from a UniPolar World to a MultiPolar World would be ‘ideal’. I found this discussion and Gordon’s thoughts and ideas to be very refreshing. You’re On the ‘pulse’ as usual. That’s why I love THC. Authentic, Fun, at times woo woo while keeping your Humanity and being grounded all at that same time. That takes talent and uniqueness. For what it’s worth..I’m proud of you for taking the opportunity to raise your price. That’s REALLY difficult for some people to do, and can see it wasn’t easy for you as well.

  2. Thanks Greg, this show was definitely needed as a re-calibration. Especially with the IW and AJ news. And all the toxic shit online, from people I love.

    This utopia sounds awesome. It brought up the movie Young Ones (set in a dystopia), I haven’t seen it yet. But it seems cool as hell. Has anyone else?

  3. Hey Mate,

    I went through Gordo Whites website and couldn’t find anything about this Jason bloke.

    Would you have a link or somewhere to point me in order to find him?

    Have an awesome day and thanks again!

    Awesome show.

  4. Thanks Greg. This was really refreshing! Sorry to hear about people sending you activated sigils and dick pics, that’s fucked up. I guess that being internet famous has it’s pitfalls. Your last question to Gordon discussing what mental health looks like was excellent. I have had these thoughts myself. I went through a period of time where I got really obsessed with conspiracy research and really lost the plot in my real life. And what really got me was this christian conspiracy angle that the ultimate hidden hand behind everything is the devil. I would talk to my friends about Satan way too much, and I don’t even believe in any of that religious non-sense. So after freaking out a few friends, and chilling out on the drug use, I was able to slowly lose all these silly thoughts that the devil is behind everything. Haha. I’m back in charge of my own life. I’m taking care of responsibilities and I’m looking forward to an Ibogaine experience in the near future to really reset things. Much love and thanks for the good times!

    1. Your dissatisfaction with reality is admirable Greg – keep looking deeper and just a hint from a female human, follow your heart ❤️ not your head so much when seeking access to the mystery.

      It was nice to hear Gordon sounding so caring about humanity. Please ask him to include bringing real pizza to Southern Tassie, as part of his plan – surly he has contacts!

    2. Your dissatisfaction with reality is admirable Greg – keep looking deeper and just a hint from a female human, follow your heart ❤️ not your head so much when seeking access to the mystery.

      It was nice to hear Gordon sounding so caring about humanity. Please ask him to include bringing real pizza to Southern Tassie as part of his plan!

  5. Hey Greg could you get Wes Germer from Sasquatch chronicles on? He’s pretty turned on to your whole theme, and I seriously think you need to look more into that phenomenon.

    Also I would like you to have Daniel Liszt from Dark Journalist on (he had a spat with the Cory Goode crowd… called them out on some bs)

  6. Fabulous Discussion! Talking about ‘flat earth’, I never gave it much merit either…however, after listening to Dr. Shmuel Asher, Hebrew Rabbi and Scholar, claims the Earth is ‘flat’ or with a dome of some sort, according to the True unaltered Scripture (keeping in mind it is from that perspective). It’s a bit interesting to hear his perspective and I do not know much about his other work beyond listening to a few interviews of his. Plan on reading his books and think he may be an interesting guest as well. Thanks for all you do…Greg!! (zoom does work pretty well for those group chats). Timely song for what’s going on w/ Infowars right now. Would like to hear your thoughts about that situation. It must be something else and that he was not just ‘naturally taken down’ considering Dr.SteveP always claimed AJ/InfoWars will ‘never’ be taken down. Too much prep of the people for this to happen…but it may be real. Who the heck knows?

    1. Think of sigils as intention probability multipliers.

      So you already have your intention out there, a basic sigil amplifies the chances a little. A sigil done right, amplifies the chances even more so.

      Sometimes the intention alone is enough, so lucky you!

      1. Very cool! I really appreciate your insight and time. I would like to extend my thoughts about what your doing.

        Wanting a source for diverse fringe topic conversation i searched YouTube and listened and watched hundreds of channels and vids and I have to say your one of the BEST interviewer I’ve ever heard and you seem to have found your calling which is so inspiring considering your story is one so many can relate to. Your approach allows for the subject to progress naturally and you allow the guest to really take control while still having the hand on the wheel. Truely award winning work and not to mention the variety and depth. I was literally thinking to myself after watching Jordan Sather explain QAnon that Greg should interview him and the very next day you posted your interview. Mind blown! (Not a Qanon believer btw) but I appreciate your fairness. If I could vote for you or your Podcast for an award let us all know. Listeners as well as experts and professionals need to know what the Higherside Chats w/ Greg Carlwood is all about!!!

        Would love to hear an interview with a co-host. Although you really don’t need one with your style I do feel like a 3rd party will bring a certain balance I.e. Trialogues w/ Terrance McKenna.

        I would love some images or art work incorporated somehow in the show. I’m aware that adds another element of production but I think as visible based beings this will help many understand and resonate better.

        Lastly as a musician I enjoy the different artist and song intros you offered. I would love maybe a band name or artist info drop in the start or end of show.

        Thank you for raising your prices!!!! Your work is valuable and it’s unfortunate you started charging at such a low rate, understandably of course. I’m glad to pay more especially since your the only podcast I’ll pay for but maybe it’s becuae it was a low rate hmmmm you sly bastard lol good wishes Greg and thank you so much for really staying true and positive. I look forward to your next guest ✌️

        1. I agree with most of your comment, Erd3yeMind (and love the name!) however I must respectfully disagree with your criticisms of THC. I enjoy the intimacy of a one on one interview especially with Greg’s particular skills such as how you’d mentioned he will “allow the guest to really take control while still having the hand on the wheel”. We may not get as much from a guest if they are playing to two hosts. I know I have not enjoyed the few episodes with two guests as much as the usual format that often sounds like I’m listening in on two friends having a fascinating conversation.
          As to your second criticism, the point I’ll make is for Greg’s sake. This show is worth every penny without any graphics or images. Having worked in media, I know how much extra time and money visuals can take. Also, perhaps many people are like me and listen while driving or cleaning or doing other automatic physical tasks. I can’t listen to things that keep referring to images because I won’t often be able to stop what I’m doing and look at something.
          And lastly, I always want to get into the show asap so not before, and maybe he could say the artist’s name after but perhaps he doesn’t even know what song he’s going to edit in until the last moment. In any case, you can find all the info on the Extras->Music tab above and as members, we can download them, woohoo! Thanks Greg!

  7. Hey Greg! Congrats on the anniversary and new set up, I hope it works exactly, if not better, than you envisioned it. Just in case it doesn’t however – here’s my hack: Back to $5 per with only three shows every month;
    1. Gordon White
    2. Christopher Knowles
    3. Random Guest
    That would be all I would need! 😉

  8. This one was great. Same theme as Paul selig been channeling. I know how I serve The community. Our Devine self and our small self. Sounds like we are tuned in to the Devine wave ???? ✨????????????☀️????

  9. In my opinion we have passed the tipping point.Lots of good ideas shared but there are simply many people who are too lazy,asleep, etc. to make any of these ideas become a reality. At least on a scale that matters.
    The people who listen to these type of shows are the ones awake/aware, and it’s simply not enough. Not enough man power, variety of skills amongst us etc.
    If you want to do anything, concentrate on you and your family. What will happen will happen.
    Basically that’s how I see it.

  10. I really love you both so much. It’s so funny that you say Gordon is therapy/medicine for you. I have wanted to comment on so many episodes that your podcast is the best therapy for lifting my spirit. Out of the billions of people on the Earth right now I feel so grateful, inspired and that little bit more steadfast that I walk among you rare souls. Gordon’s Bilbo analogy/template is so cute and majorly appeals to my Tolkien fandom obsession. I think I should finally gather up my pennies and paypal them to Tasmania. 🙂

    “Bilbo saw that the moment had come when he must do something.”

  11. why is it so easy for people to ridicule ‘flat earth’ but so hard to prove it’s spherical! Nasa can’t even get a real image of our ‘planet’ with all their ‘tech’. Why? Then you look into the moon landing (absolute joke) how anyone could, after looking at that lunar module (with some discernment!) There is no way that thing could of done what they suggested it did! Now take these two points no real images and a hoax moonllanding! Why would the possibly of the earth not being a spinning spherical object spinning at 1000mph be so absured! Then you have this guy never done a minutes research into it being ‘flat’ or not being spherical! Why because he has a massive ego and thinks its beneath him and his intellect. My point being the people for instance nasa have been proven liars and are a secret society within a secret society (government) who’s employees back in the 60 and 70 were all Freemasons or related to Freemasons. Thanks for reading people! Wish you all well regardless if you call me a twat!

  12. You got me back to plus Mr. Carlwood. Same way as last time…Mr. White. Great interview! Loved the intro, though hard to beat the “Thrice Great” one. I think we both needed that discussion. “A Million Rivendells” is the “Tasmanian Devil’s” activation ritual that we are all now incepted in. It seems the Idea has now found a capable messenger. Love it! Ready to rush over to my neighbors to light a joint, form a secret cabal to shoal sigils for the wellbeing and prosperity of the neighborhood, and then fund a community improvement project with community-grown cannabis… I too have a little slice of river valley, and like Gordon, have become fundamentally altered by the power and enchantment of our river. I think his decentralized, rivershed/bio-regional organizational principles definitely point in the right direction. Greg, you had great questions as usual and are great at what you do! I fully support you and am glad to be back on plus, even at the higher rate. I get ground down working for the man every day but can imagine that the burdens of trying to effectively curate all of your content has got to be tough too… But I implore you to hang in there and don’t let the bastards drag you down!

  13. I’m listening to this episode right now, and Greg mentioned that there was an episode about Native American Engineering Abundance. I would like to know which episode that was. This Permaculture idea really resonates with me. My wife and I have decided to set our path to that end. We want to get as big of a piece of land as we can and Treat it right so it treats us right. Get to a point where if the grid went down we would have to adjust very little of our way of life.
    What you’re doing here is great man keep up the good work!!

    1. I believe he was referring to one of the Shamangineer episodes titled “Earth Alchemy, Plant Spirits, & Engineered Abundance”. It’s actually one of my favorite episodes and something I think about a lot now after listening when it first came out!

  14. That was awesome. I keep asking myself what the hell is going on these days and Gordon offered a compelling alternative to the narratives I keep seeing pedaled. It’s the first time in a while I’ve heard someone talk about the state of current affairs and actually make sense. On a somewhat related note, the new Rune Soup on Ursula K. LeGuin was killer, everyone should check that out. Keep on keeping on, Carlwood.

  15. The “racist” problem Gordon mentions is obviously being fomented by the media right?

    I’m still looking for a blatantly racist remark The Prez has made. Can someone help me?

    I hear blatantly racist language and action from black folks all the time.

    Being from New Orleans (which has been one of the better cities for African Americans since before the civil war), we have seen racism incited by the actions of our former mayor to take down confederate era monuments, in direct response to the Charlottesville incident, -even though its a thousand miles away. This action stirred up an unhealthy amount of pointless “marches against racism” and what have you. There are many white folks who are multi-generational New Orleanians that are quite saddened by this uptick in racial tensions because they see it being created -when there was a complete absence of tension since the civil rights era.

    10 years ago I was publicly criticizing these same monuments, but no one was looking or interested.

    I’m just so tired of the racist baiting bullshit! Its only dividing us.
    Even when you look at Charlottesville, most of the demonstrators came from far and wide to march under torches. But to assume that these people are some sort of actual threat is simply nuts.

    I’m just so tired of this, it makes me sad, especially when people like Gordon bring it up. On one hand he will go so far into fringe territory, and at the next he’s talking about racism being a primary issue. Really? He contradicts himself so much.

    I’m still looking for something in which the Prez has done which is racist besides government policies (which obviously effect people of all races and creeds negativley).

    I beg Gordon, come live in the south for a minute and stop rehashing media points.

    I know there’s much more in this talk but he comes off as an apologist to a certain faction when he brings stuff up like this.
    Go watch the Lil Wayne interview from ESPN a while back. A fellow New Orleanian.

    I’ve never supported Trump, and I’ve never supported Hatred from any Color!!! But all this has been turned on its head and its a goddamn boogeyman!

    1. There is definitely racism going on today. Just because some black people are racist, doesn’t mean that racism isn’t targeted against them. If you want to see an example of Donald Trump being racist, look no further than the central park five story. Also that’s just the tip of the ice berg. I’m not sure which interview from Lil Wayne you’re referring to, could you post a link? I’m not sure what he said, but rappers don’t speak for all black people especially a tool like Lil Wayne.

      I also agree with the racism baiting and that it is dividing us. I personally don’t care about confederate symbolism and talked to a lot of people who felt the same way. I honestly think that event was to stir up racist tensions as you’ve said. The state of racism (especially against blacks) has improved compared to say the 60s, but it’s still there for those who have the eyes to see.

      One thing that bothers me is when people are triggered from things that the media says on the behest of “All black people”. Some people are definitely racist against others regardless of their own skin color, but as history has shown us there was a coordinated effort targeted towards minorities. Let me know if you would like examples.

      1. I brought up Lil Wayne because I’m relating my experience as a New Orleanian to his, and what I’ve witnessed all around me for my life thus far according to race relations.

        I am in no way saying that racism “doesn’t exist”. I am simply trying to distinguish reality from MSM hype.

        Instead of counter-protesting the Charlottesville demonstrators, many onlookers could have stepped back, and looked at this group more objectively, and said, “That’s all you got? Wow, these guys came from all around the country to congregate in this (relatively) small group. That’s pretty sad.” (walks away -shaking head and laughing-goes back to not caring what others think)
        Instead, they came looking for a fight. It takes two to tango. Granted, I am not condoning violence or the views of any involved party, I’m trying to step back from emotions and look at this objectively to reach a consensus of what is a viable threat, and what is emotional hype.

        I’ve met a lot of people in my life who use racist language, but wouldn’t dare act on it against another. It’s almost a private racism which they harbor throughout there lives, but many would never know it because they don’t act.

        Hate. People hate other people for a myriad of reasons. To me, “racism” is an excuse to hate. Go check on any given day for the daily atrocities which are committed at a staggering rate. But you won’t find any lynchings with explicit racial objectives.

        Xenophobia. As far as the history of the world and present day is concerned, Where do we find minorities not being subjected to Xenophobic attacks? When you break it down, The United States is literally the best place in the world for minority groups. That’s why people come here in droves, trying to escape ethnic, racial, religious persecution.
        However, to me, this is a psychological issue above all. Pretend you are in a village of 400. 40 of the 400 are of a different ethnicity from the rest of the village. When a crime is committed in the village, and there is no one to account for it, and it remains unsolved, Xenophobia kicks in, simply as a group identity crisis.
        Again, I am not condoning such behaviors, rather pointing out that this is a “constant” across the world, throughout history, and there is mighty evidence to it.

        For Gordon to suggest that he has any experience of what Americans really think (on the whole) is preposterous. He is literally taking media talking points to satisfy his fan base.

        Institutionalized racism is a joke. The only color Capitalism cares about is GREEN. And we are all slaves.

        Do you live in the South? Have you driven across the rust-belt?

        Carlwood knows, we’re all slaves in the black-iron prison.

        1. Thanks for posting the link to the video! Lil Wayne may not have experienced racism in American, but me as a black man I’ve personally experienced blatant/obvious racism from police officers and other people in my life. Not only that, I know minorities (not just black) who have similar stories as well. Also, I’m one of those people that will hesitate to call something racist and chalk it up to other factors.

          I agree with the Charlottesville incident, that definitely could have been handled better. I really don’t have much to add to that.

          Institutionalized racism is real. Affirmative action came about to address the obvious institutionalized racism in America. I can bring up things like black wall street and the Tuskegee experiments, and those are just a few examples. Super predators anyone?

          I’m not saying that minorities in this and other countries aren’t being targeted. The fact that this could possibly be the best place for minorities (though I would argue that point), doesn’t take away any of the things that happened and still happens in this country due to racism.

          I’m from PA, I’ve been down south and stayed with family there multiple times throughout my life. I’ve also driven across the rust belt as well. Can I ask you a question, are you caucasian?

  16. I liked Gordon’s idea of becoming self sufficient and going back to small economies and markets.
    Another comment: I personally despise the left’s liberal agenda and their hatred for the US constitution, so i don’t want to be part of the left or the extreme right propaganda. I don’t think Trump is America’s savor, however , i think the left is worse than Trump, so i rather have Trump in the white house than any left liberal mouth piece !

  17. I find it rather telling that the people who literally go around casting spells and stuff are some of the most level headed and open minded. Gordon actually seems to do his own critical thinking without too much prejudice.

  18. As always, a great show with Gordon White. Loved it. Thanks Greg!

    About the only thing I can disagree with in this show is Gordon’s take on the economy and the comment about the US outproducing Saudi Arabia when it comes to oil. We are producing bitumen via fracking, which last I heard can be turned into gasoline, but not diesel fuel. This country’s industry runs on diesel. So, we are still net importers of oil and always will be until something major changes. Further, the EROEI of fracked wells is crap. They deplete quickly and last I heard they aren’t economically viable when gasoline prices are affordable for most people. Also, fracking has trashed quite a few fresh water supplies, increased earthquakes, and caused other environmental damage. You know, those free lunches for capitalism that get passed on to tax payers and future generations to deal with.

    These points do not mean that gold, silver or cryptos are the next wave to riches, but attempt to show that there are several complicating factors at play in trying to figure out what the hell is coming our way economically. One thing about which I am certain: unless we come up with cheaper energy inputs into our system, a decline in their standard of living is the path forward for most people. Yeah, yeah, free energy, suppressed technology, etc… Unless that shit shows up in reality fairly soon, the trajectory is downward.

  19. Pretty good stuff…but what is up with punchin’ down all of a sudden? I thought the point was to punch up…way up to the string pullers. Grateful for the loopy con artists that attract the early questioners. Grateful for a more mature and balanced approach as we grow, change and develop our ability to respond to each fresh moment.

  20. I loved the Bilbo Baggins way of life reference. Showing us how our humble little lives really can change the direction of our future and reality.

    On the ever ‘eye-rolling’ subject of Flat Earth, one thing that seems to be very misunderstood within the Conspiracy Community is what motivates us Flat Earthers to be so “noisy” about it. People reduce the subject down to the shape…”who cares what shape it is; we’ve got bigger issues to deal with first” is the general consensus.
    Our perspective however is that WE believe that it could be our way out of all this mess. I couldn’t care less about the actual shape.
    What I care about is ‘is there a way out’? ‘If It truly is Flat and enough people realized it, it could be the thing to set us free’…

    We are noisy not because we’re obsessed with spheres or flat surfaces, we are noisy because we see it as the key that unlocks the jail cell. We feel as if we are shaking the keys in front of others faces and they are oblivious, saying “it’s not important…we need to find a way out”.

    1. A way out of what? Believe me, many of us who roll our eyes at the flat earth idea are looking for a way out of the endless treadmill lifestyle. I’m not sure the flat earth theory offers that unless we get some true explorers willing to to start pushing the fringes and bringing back something worthwhile to compel your theory forward.

      Here’s a woman that crossed Antarctica alone: Where are the flat earthers stepping up to the plate to do such things to prove their theories? Any Go Fund Me campaigns to send up balloons, drones, rockets to photograph things and take readings? Any plans to send something up to bump into the barrier keeping us all in and prove their point? At this point it reminds me of Libertarians who complain endlessly about the simpletons who don’t understand their incredible freedom/free market theories, yet who don’t go forth and create Libertopia in a corner of the world with their own money and sweat to show us skeptics that they are right.

      Sure, presenting interesting questions and theories is a good start, but it’s time to go the next step and present something, anything other than theoretical YouTube videos and screeching contests. Boots on the ground, or in the air, is the next step. Until then, it’s just idealism.

  21. Hooooo boy this guy can talk… and talk… and talk… and talk… and talk… Interesting but, I’m sorry, what were we…?

    Put this in perspective: Should he be a guest? Sure, sometimes. Should he be the most oft aired guest? Absolutely not.

    This guy is supposed to be a magician and somehow he’s one of the shows chief political commentators. How did this happen? He’s more eloquent than me but he’s not more informed. Greg, I’ve thought this before: you seem to be very enamored with his political talk, and he is very flowery, but his opinions are his and they are clearly just built up from hours of watching YouTube like anyone else can.

    And another thing. If Gordon is so well informed, why does Greg send him the questions a few days in advance?

    1. I’m not a podcast host or interviewer but I think it’s pretty standard to send the guest possible topics and questions before an interview. Doing so doesn’t equal Gordon White not being informed…

  22. Hey Greg, just want to say, I’m less than 5 minutes in and soundly agreeing with your statements about social media. I recently also bowed out, as well as my wife who had 5,000 friends on facebook. We were under a bit of an “attack” as one would call it, just want to say, hang in there, we are stronger together as we share our experiences and stories.

  23. Did I really hear GW say ICE should be abolished !? Pfft ! Should we also allow mass migration into Europe to continue thus engendering its collapse. Just parroting mainstream media e.g. CNN and the Left, I would have expected better than to hear SJW rhetoric being regurgitated… Please GW, keep your regressive politics to yourself.

    1. The point is that America is overly militarized. We have many authoritarian police factions, that largely do the same thing.
      -VICE Squad
      -the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms
      -Probably a dozen more I can’t think of

      Saying we should scale that back, is the not the same thing as calling for open boarders, necessarily.
      It’s calling for less flak-jacketed douchebags with machine guns in tanks patrolling around. With that, I concur.

  24. Wow a lot of responses!

    Not to sure why this is not mentioned but adding to the Bilbo:
    Avoid amazon, avoid slave trade goods when you can, avoid gmo foods, buy directly from a decent farm, dont eat the shit they want us to eat (sorry meat, diary etc) stuff that has been pumped full of shit. Shop local when every possible. Boycott any company that goes against your wishes. Get off netflix or alike. Listen to your inner Will, do magick, raise hell 😉

  25. I usually like Gordon White, or so I thought. But with this interview I couldn’t be4lieve it that he started parroting MSM talking points by saying that Trump is obviously “racist”. This is absolute nonsense. A lie repeated endlessly does not suddenly turn it into the truth. Trump is an equal opportunity critic. People who have known Trump for decades have repeatedly claimed that he doesn’t have a racist molecule in his body but as soon as he was up against the Democrats that’s when the usual racist accusations started to fly because that’s how they attack everybody. Unfortunately the media practices Black Privilege and nobody is allowed to criticize anyone at all if they are black otherwise it is apparently racism.
    I’ve lost any respect I had for Gordon White after this.

    1. There is so much useful information for us as individuals in this episode, at least in my opinion.

      I would not get hung up on an irrelivant opinion about a person neither of you have met. I would think Gordon has said enough great things that it wouldn’t all be reduced to zero over that?

  26. Really good show, you both have so much of value to share and say. Love the general air of positivity. This is an eternal dance, within us individually and as a wider community (including other than human folk).
    It made me laugh to hear G take issue with folks who’s ‘life is so debased that they need Facebook to stay in touch with…’
    Remembering a few sentences earlier his description of communal backyards, and striking up conversations with the neighbours…- ‘Is your life really so debased that you need the excuse of potential worldwide techno-dystopia, apocalypse and environmental destruction to offer your fellows a drink, and discuss making your street a more lovely place?!?’
    A good few years ago the wind blew down the fence between us and our neighbours, we decided we didn’t need it after all.
    The world spirals toward the best possible future, always missing the mark and flinging back out toward one extreme or another… Perpetual motion.
    Have you ever read the work of Ron Rege Jnr? Amazing, spiritual Cartoon Utopias, flying machines and all.

  27. Also, this show made me think of conversations with my dad, trying to fight the corner over my animist, egalitarian, neo-luddite, appropriate technology, barefoot, odd ‘career’ choices lifestyle… Usually it’s better to just get on with living it instead.
    I can personally attest to the potency of the setting and rising sun as a catalyst for transformation. Something you just have to try for yourself though, and mind you don’t get fascinated on to the rocks!

  28. Excellent show, thank you! GW really does research thoroughly the stuff he talks about and not only scratches the surface as the majority of people who go around voicing their opinions in forums. The amount of (often hidden) violence and hatred people project towards each other and/or the interviewers/interviewees never ceases to astonish me. Maybe if all these people took heed of Gordon’s advice to be still and go to the nature for some time a couple of times a week they’d find out that spitting out all that anger is counterproductive to their own and the world peace.

  29. So… Just now, got back on THC Plus… Yay! Because I started a Gordon White vid, on ScrewTube… Then… that iNcOnCiEvAbLe man voice came out of no where… It just about scared me, to Lubbock & back…?? … Who let “him” in?
    Thennnn… The voice reminds me to go get Plus… #TheGeniusOfCarlwood gigglezz… So happy to be back, with the smart people at THC! sorry I’m late…. ~ Ok… I’ll settle down now….. {smilez}

  30. Here’s what we can do. We can put the illegal air mmigrants drug cartels gangs terrorists on ships and sail them to Australia. In keeping with the food bring protocols of that country.

  31. I found the advice about sunrise/sunset and red light really interesting. For many years I was pretty strongly anti-solar, for reasons that were not fully conscious on my part. I would sleep all day and work at night, and somehow this felt right to me. I still love the night, but my attitude is changing as I get older.

    Regarding maintaining a state of preparedness for the technological apocalypse — this seems to me a decent way to live. I’m also aware that many people over the centuries appear to have anticipated an apocalypse in their lifetime, and since the world continued, in some way or other, in their case, it will probably also continue in ours. Yes, we will die, whatever that means. But it does seem more likely to me that this situation will continue forever, than that it will roll up like a magic carpet and disappear. But perhaps living as if the end is near is more interesting, in some ways, than living as if it is not.

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