Lon Milo Duquette Magick Occult Tarot Interview on The Higherside Chats Podcast 1

Lon Milo DuQuette | Magick, Demons, Sex, & The Infinite You

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Singer-songwriter, recording artist, and humorist, Lon Milo DuQuette is also the author of 19 critically acclaimed books (translated in 12 languages) on Magick and the Occult. Critics have called him one of the most respected and entertaining writers and lecturers in the field of the Western Mystery Traditions. Today he returns to THC on the heals of his latest release, Allow Me to Introduce: An Insider’s Guide to the Occult.

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PLUS Content

-Why demons and aliens seem so interested in our sexuality. -The infinite applications of cracking human sexuality and life creation. -Angel sperm. -Magic money. -Magicians and the elite. -Lon’s thoughts on the death process.

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  1. Off topic.. but.. shit is actually hitting the fan. Violence is happening all over my neighborhood, Screaming, gunshots, weird blackouts (one side of a street here, another block or two there). Anyone got any real fucking info? Please and Thanks.

  2. I am downloading it now, so haven’t listened to this one yet. But from Western Australia, our shops are being bought out every day now and our govt has gone crazy with measures…. so either they are lying to us with numbers of deaths, or this thing is blown out of all reason and Proportion
    Of the 375 confirmed cases in Australia, 27 have recovered and 5 have died from COVID-19.
    189 cases were considered to be overseas acquired. Most of the overseas cases were acquired in the USA, Iran, Italy and the UK.
    52 cases are contacts of previously confirmed cases.
    The likely place of exposure for 115 reported cases is under investigation.
    The source of infection for 19 cases is currently unknown.
    Further information regarding the epidemiology of cases in Australia is provided in the weekly epidemiology reports.

  3. @thecarlwood

    Yo Greg! I need some alternate sources for info, can you email me or message me your favorite or most trusted sources for info, website, YouTube channel, discord… anything! Thanks.

  4. Greg,
    I understand you’re not a fan of current events and no longer a fan of political/economic agendas of the secret control, but at a time like this, we need exactly that kind of show.
    There is some obvious bullshit and misdirection going on. The way they’re reacting and locking down everything, you would swear that Ebola has gone airborne and we only have one more day of life if we catch it.
    This feels like a setup. It feels like they’re clearing the streets, so to speak, to provide themselves with some opportunity. It could be as simple as an effort to create another recession in order to destabilize the lives of citizens, as well as make another land grab like in 2008; or it could be something far more direct and sinister. Whatever it is, it feels truly artificial and we need someone with insight and access to at least address it, if not actually answer our questions.
    I like all of these obscure topics and health related shows you’ve had lately, but considering what is going on right now, this last show felt downright fluffy. Shunning a social debacle like what is the handling of the CV and what really is likely behind all of it feels like simple stubbornness. Sometimes what is current does in fact dictate what must be addressed.
    You have always shed light on so many things with your show. It’s why we’re all here. We look to you (and your guests) for answers and insights, and I believe there is some responsibility in that for you to address an issue this far-reaching, impactful and all-encompassing.

    1. While it’s certainly suspicious as to what is going on, I think some partial resolutions to the issue at hand could be found in a couple of previous episodes, namely the ones with Dawn Lester & Dave parker ( and also Gordon White ( We as the seekers have the rationale to interpret and apply the information given and not simply wait for someone else to chew up and process the info. It is our responsibility to be wiser.
      IMO, it’s a public manipulation of some sort, most likely a distraction from some other events, and definitely an opportunity to pass some horrible new bills in US (like the EARN It bill)…

    2. Yes, my only point in the wrap up was that THC shows are recorded in advance. I have 3 interviews I’ve recorded before any of this hit. I can change the conversation with guests I have scheduled, and scramble to plug in some others, but the next couple shows as it stands just aren’t about this. I don’t have the sort of turn around that a YouTube streamer does unfortunately. I’ll do my best.

    3. I spoke too soon. I had listened all the way until right before your wrap-up, where you actually addressed the CV. So foot in mouth, but I appreciate your commentary on the subject and look forward to a show where we can go deeper.

  5. Yes…. that was bloody good… ….
    ps; I think also Sacha Stone has a few great words interview with a chick called Angie.. Re the cvirus ..

  6. Seems like we are descending into a troubled time of real uncertainty. Stay grounded and share good will. I pray we are collectively able to keep our internal worlds from becoming so chaotic it manifests on the streets. The veneer is peeling. Unless you are in immediate danger please lean on love to get you through the storm. From one nobody dreamer to the crew of intrepid explorers in here I wish health and grace to all of you.

    Thanks for the skillful word smithery and everything you do Greg.

    1. Agree 100%. So many now, including me when I’m not mindful, are acting from fear, not from love. This is causing us to make the wrong decisions in almost every case. I think if we can act from love, regardless of what we are facing, our path will be clear and our decisions will be right.

      Greg, I love what you do, and I just reupped for another year subscription. Let’s keep this wild ride going!

  7. I think this episode has much relevance to the current state of the world, as do many past episodes including Mark Stavish on egregores and living ideas.
    Magic is a living system of communication between the internal and external, and it touches every aspect of our existence whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.
    Do you not think there are sorcerer/scientists behind much of what is happening?
    Do you not think magicians everywhere are scrying to discover the “spirit” of this “virus”?
    What about meditation and prayer against this situation? Is anyone trying that?
    What about a worldwide spontaneous mantra to eradicate the egregore of this “virus”?
    Freeman just did a great interview with James True about mass placebo effect/belief.
    The only fact is; none of us have all the facts right now.
    We’re doing the best we can with what we’ve got, and yes we do need to act out of love not fear.
    I would rather see more people putting out verifiable content of their own before deciding to bash hosts for not delivering the content they want to hear at that moment.
    Great show Greg. Keep fighting that good fight!

  8. Hey Carlwood – great show!
    Thoroughly appreciated DuQuette and his unique perspectives. Especially liked his Girl’s School Exorcism story!
    As for those disappointed that you’re not jumping all over the bullshit-du-jour: there are plenty of other radio shows, podcasts and YouTube channels that specialize in events-of-the-day.
    Keep doing exactly what you do, Brother

  9. I loved this show. 5 stars. I’m reading ancient egyptian graeco magick by steven skinner and i feel like lons books would help bring more clarity to the world of magic.

  10. I agree that there is something more sinister and clandestine going on here. I told a friend last week that it feels like we are being conditioned for something. It feels like we are cattle being forced through the chute. We all know there is an occult undercurrent at work here. In fact it’s blatantly obvious. With that said, I look forward to some off topic stories, just to break the ongoing, nonstop, nonsensical drone of everything CV. So, go easy on our friend Greg. He’s doing his best. FWIW, As a homeschooler, I have always told my son, if something doesn’t seem right and you want to know more about what’s going on; or want know more about anything, then it is your responsibility to find out, not someone else’s. Seek your own truth. Never rely on anyone else. Just saying.

  11. I’m holding onto hope that all of this madness will lead to the people electing Bernie Sanders. Reality seems like it was just turned on it’s head with Mitt fucking Romney pushing Yangs UBI idea and Trump appearing to embrace socialism! Of course the middle class will be the ones getting screwed over AGAIN just as in 08.

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